Sharleen Ndungu

A Concours cunting is badly needed for yet another weak as piss snowflake cunt, Sharleen Ndungu.

“Who the fuck is that?” I hear you ask. She’s another attention-seeking mong who is now apparently “traumatised for life” after being served a sausage roll with (shock horror) pork in it because she’s a vegan AKA an easily lead “look at how cutting edge I am” cunt.

To quote: A woman claims she started having heart palpitations and broke down in tears after being served a sausage roll that contained sausage. Sharleen Ndungu, 20, is vegan and she went to get a bite to eat at Greggs in Canterbury, Kent. But when she started eating it she realised the sausage roll contained real meat. She said: ‘I haven’t had meat in two years. My belly started hurting and my heart started going crazy. ‘I was panicking because that only happens when I consume meat – this doesn’t happen when I have other food. I’m traumatised for life now – I’m never going to Greggs again.’

Traumatised? My arse. Fucking dumb millennial cunt. Mountain out of a molehill syndrome just to gain paper articles and soshal meedja coverage. The people who have experienced real trauma are those who are scarred from war and genocide, not by going to Greggs and expecting them to pander to the demands of an over-entitled Twattermong.

Fuck off.

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118 thoughts on “Sharleen Ndungu

  1. Christ alfeckin mighty.
    “Sausage Roll – May contain SAUSAGE” If, indeed, you are bloody lucky.
    ‘Walls have ears’; or, at least, that’s what they put in THEIR sausages, according to Victor Lewis-Smith.
    Just as well she didn’t accidentally have a tin of supermarket curry; one bloke found something resembling a cat’s anus in his…

  2. I reckon vegetarians and vegans will eventually get so full of vegetable dna that they will turn up to obs & gynae dropping 7lb. turnips.
    Nothing wrong with decent veg, onions are lush with mince and Lea & Perrin’s.

  3. And who’s the next person who craves their fifteen minutes of fame so badly that they don’t mind making a complete cunt of themselves to get it?
    Step forward, Sharleen Ndungu. You can tell why she needs the attention, ugly as sin and thick as pig shit. Complaining about sausage in a sausage roll? Her IQ must be in the 60’s. Human evolution is in regression. Whatever happened to survival of the fittest?

    • Jesus Christ !
      What an Olympic Gold medal winning, Super sized Uber CUNT !

      Pork in my sausage roll ! Fuck me – I’m off to Wilkos to tell them I’m shocked & traumatised that those Bryant & May matches they sold me CAUGHT FIRE while I was lovingly stroking one against the side of the box.
      I’ll need counselling, compensation, a page 7 feature in the Sun and a spot being placated on Good Morning Britain.

      Bring back Eugenics – or beat some sense into this horse faced fucking retard.

  4. Her name reminded me of something.
    I imagine if the Australian soap opera Neighbours, (is it still going?), was re-made today, I reckon Scott and Sharleen would look different.

    Bouncer would change from golden retriever to gender confused teenager. Probably.

  5. I’m confused here.

    Firstly, she goes to ‘Greggs’, that very well-known retailer of all things vegan (is she for fucking real here?) Secondly, what in the name of arse did she think a SAUSAGE roll contained? Did she think she was buying something else and was mistakenly given a sausage roll in place of what she actually wanted???

    I just don’t get this cunt….plus I bet she doesn’t mind a ‘porking’ of the other kind, by the looks of the chavvy hog.

    Traumatised for life? Go and get a life, dumbarse.

    • Apparently they do “vegan sausage rolls” which have a quorn filling.
      This fuckin idiot won’t have given it a thought that the pastry is probably stuffed with animal fat.

      • She’s concerned about what she eats but is probably unaware of what’s in the products she rubs on her little piggy face. Many of these Oink-ments contain pig products.

      • Ahh, that makes sense now, thanks BBU. Exactly! What the fuck does she imagine pastry consists of??

        Well she got her 15 minutes of fame, so no doubt the precious bimbo is happy now.

      • Too fuckin’ true, DCI.

        I worked in Resus as a student in 1997. I still remember the name of a 15-year-old brought in who was hit by a car and all of the horrific events that followed to this day.

        Some people don’t know what trauma is and need a damned wake-up call.

    • I was sitting on the back of a totters cart back in 1962 i was 5yrs old, some other cunt decided to throw an old steam kettle handle at my older brother unfortunately ( for me that is) it went over his shoulder and belted me in the left eye exploding the fucking thing ergo i had to have it removed! however it never ‘traumatised me for life you compo seeking fucking snowflake! i just got on with it, in fact i made quite a bit of wedge out of it, i used to take it out at school (me glass eye) for your 2/- dinner money (easy came home with a pound, lot of dough back then for a kid) so pull your head out of your fucking arse and wise up you compo seeking cunt!!

  6. Fuck it!

    I’ll take her up the arse and ejaculate all my meat-dna into her system. That’ll give her something to fucking moan about!

    (have just consumed 6 cans of San Miguel, so even Diane Flabbott looks remotely fuckable at this moment in time!)

    • and another thing what the fuck are you doing in Canterbury it is a splendid place fuck off as far away as possible, Londonistan should do it

  7. I think if you are allergic to food, you shouldn’t dine out ANYWHERE. Planes, trains, cruise ships. Why should the restaurateur bother with you? You’ve got the problem because you’re a freak of nature. A guest at my hotel last holiday had a swarm of chefs and senior management fussing about explaining how the food was prepared and what was likely to affect her. I’d be too nervous if it were my hotel. There’d be sign ‘if you are allergic to anything, FUCK OFF and don’t eat here.’

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