Naomi Long MEP

A well-earned cunting for Naomi Long, from unknown leader of the Alliance party in Northern Ireland and an MEP.

What has this ridiculous woman done? She’s reported Farage to the police for incitement to violence after he said they would take a knife to the civil service if they had the power to after an election.

Now for someone who’s leader of a political party, you’d think she would be familiar with the word cuts and the origins of the word.

What sort of hysteria is possessing politics? How can people like this continue in politics?

Cut it out love. Your politics are less attractive than you are.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

90 thoughts on “Naomi Long MEP

  1. Jesus Christ admin, you’ve shown some grotesque nom photos in your time but to to plaster THAT ginger monstrosity without some kind of NSFW/weak constitution/those of a nervous disposition type warning is totally beyond the pale. The fucking obese hamhog looks like a post-op Grotbags doppelganger.

    Her willful attempt at feigning outrage over Farage’s words are simply what most hysterical wimmin MPs are reduced to, in lieu of a comprehensive, conclusive contribution to the politics at hand.

    If they can’t beat Farage, they have to discredit him by any means necessary. Even down to attacking his grammatical faux pas.

    I don’t recall any similar outrage when Ed Miliband was repeatedly accused of ‘knifing’ his brother to become Labour leader – even, if I recall correctly, stated by David Cameron in the HoC during one feisty Prime Minister’s QT.

    But let’s face it, what else do the NI MPs have to do with their time?

    • Time we had trigger warnings before viewing pictures. I had to suck my thumb and pat my staffie after that one.

    • FUCK me what a fucking swamp donkey!!!! No wonder the gayness is spreading.

      Admin, Warnings please in future, the wife’s just had to do the Heimlich manouvre. F.F.S

  2. I don’t think Sir Nigel will be too bothered about this stupid cow and what she says It’s just a great pity she has nothing better to do like Her job?

    • I must assume that politics doesn’t interfere with her modelling career. That picture’s given me an erection. I’m going to go upstairs, push the cat off the bed, lie down and have a wank. The relief may only be short-lived, in which case I’ll have to do it again.
      Thanks Admin.

      • The only modelling she would ever do will be for outsize incontinence bloomers with a generous gusset – perhaps holding up a tube of that stuff for dry cracked pissflaps.

    • Mep’s dont have anything to do other than rubber stamping new laws in their ridiculous fucking “parliament” or sitting around in pointless committees. In short apart from Brexit mep s they all cunts.

  3. Christ Sixdog, is there any end to the cuntery of politicians in these blighted isles?
    This is nowt more than a bit of cheap, crude grandstanding, and if there’s one thing worse than that, it’s cheap, crude grandstanding by an ugly cunt.
    We’re fucking doomed.

    • We’ve long been doomed but I never imagined they would send the Army of the Grotesque to finish us off.

      This fucking walking contraceptive – kills all known erections (apart from Allan, who is currently wanking himself dry over Naomi.

  4. Too busy at Greggs to sort anything out apart from how to carry 37 sausage rolls.
    Silly outraged cunt.
    One year:lettuce.
    Fuck off.

      • According to Einstein, time passes relatively more slowly in her vicinity due to her sheer mass. Or something, it says here.
        Jeez, what a fucking munter. I think you’d really have to be seriously into ‘roly poly’ to fancy that.

    • She’s got a degree in Civil Engineering from Belfast University(true)
      I think she was finally asked to leave because of the stresses and strains she was putting on the building.

    • Ah, going for the Disney hag/witch look complete with gross spots, I see. Very well done.

    • Or what the love child of Lemmy Kilmister at his wartiest best & Mama Cass Elliot at her fattest would have looked like.

  5. Did this reeking pile of cunt report Jess Phillips to the police when she threatened to knife Corbyn in the front?

    No, of course not.

    These fat slags should be rendered down and made into candles for when the lights go out after Brexit.

  6. Naomi Long isn’t long. She is short and stout.

    What does MEP stand for? Mega Elephant Phallus?

  7. Fuck me, that is one ugly fat honey monster. Say anything against Boris or Sir Nigel and you are guaranteed your fifteen minutes of fame in the remoaner media.
    Wait until the election comes……they’ll be dragging up all sorts of cunts from the dim and distant past. “Nigel nicked my Mars Bar.” “Boris called me a gyppo.” Make up your own headlines.

  8. An extremely well deserved cunting. Thanks, Sixdog, I hate this fat ugly smelly bastard. Naomi Long-or Naomi WIDE, as she should be called, is a 100% gold-plated cunt. Not only because she is without doubt the ugliest woman in politics (no mean feat in itself), but she is also in Sinn Fein /IRA’s pocket, continuing to back them and the SDLP up on every vote, including the removal of the Union Flag from Belfast City Hall. After this ridiculous decision, Naomi received well deserved death threats and her Alliance Party office in East Belfast was attacked and petrol bombed. During these threats, she lost a TON of weight, probably due to shitting herself 24/7,however she was still a fat ugly cunt. And I see she still has those fucking Rice Krispies stuck to her grotesque face. Her husband is another cunt and, I suspect, a screaming bender.
    Naomi Wide-the most hateful cunt in NI politics.
    Horrible fat stinking ugly ginger cowbag.

    • “Rice Krispies stuck to her grotesque face”. 😀
      She’s probably got nicknames for them- Snap, Crackle and Pop.
      Allowing abortion in N. Ireland can’t come soon enough to prevent these accidents of birth.

  9. Dear Fellow Cunters

    Please accept my apologies for this cunting. Not because it was undeserved but because in my haste to cunt this cunt I neglected to remember Admin would post a picture of the cunt in question.


      • Cunting comes at a price, sometimes the price seems a tad excessive granted. If we are lucky admin will release another cunting prior to bed time, if not……….sweet dreams are made of this.

    • I’m going to put up a mock Gemma Arterton cunting, just so that Admin will have to find a picture of the gorgeous bitch. Norman will go into orbit.

      • Or even a nom for “Gemma Arerton’s minge” or “Gemma Arerton’s nipples” for some even better photos courtesy of admin! I think they deserve a cunting simply cos I ain’t seen them yet. As good an excuse as any.

    • It’s a splendid cunting, but one that requires some fortitude.
      I think everyone has responded with suitable verve and pluck.
      Imagine the size of her dimply arse!

  10. I wonder if this creature reproduces from spawning clones from the seemingly inumerate polyps on her face? Though she may be a reject albino clone of Abbott the Hutt.

  11. Whats that in front of her say? .Rtc?
    Rtc! You gave her that lolly?
    Poor Naomi swelling up due to you feeding her monogrammed lollipops!
    Think the term is ‘feeder’ for blokes who enable big heifers to maintain the half ton sexiness.

    • It’s Fake News Miserable – that mic was badly photoshopped on there by Percy in an vain attempt to discredit me in the eyes of my fellow cunters!

      • That Percy eh?
        Get you hung with his antics eh?
        Bet it was him hid Naomis massive knickers down the back of your sofa as well!

        The parrot must die.

        • Thanks for the heads up – I was wondering where that stench was coming from!

  12. Well at least we now know where Grotbags found work after her brief spell of fame as a TV witch back in the day.

    I think the Supreme Court should make up a new law called ‘causing offence by ugliness’.

    Retrospectively she’d be banged up for a 5 stretch and the rest.

    I’m sure there’s much more I could say on this swampy donkey but she’s so genuinely god damn ugly I can’t get past the multitude of moles of her face.


  13. Fuck me; its Benny Hill in drag, sporting a ginger syrup.

    Looks like she has been overindulging in the subsidised MEP restaurant.

    Eat all you can for a fiver.

    And she fucking well did!

    • Paul, It’s not often I’ll comment on a persons appearance but if you think that looks like a failed parliamentry drag act try the picture at,_Baroness_Stedman-Scott
      By the looks of it she(?) is developing sidies that the late Rhodes Boyson would be proud of and chin whiskers that would keep a laser clinic busy for weeks.
      The official picture of her(?) at is no less unflattering.
      I doubt even Allan or Cuntstable Cuntbubble could rise this challenge.
      If ever a remake of Cissie & Ada is made she’s(?) a ready made shoe-in for either part.
      Hard to believe but it appears to be a rug-muncher. Mans loss or a mans lucky escape?

  14. A picture paints a thousand words.

    Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt,cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt ………………………………………………..

  15. I genuinely wonder about the world today, or at least this part of it.
    How is it possible that such people still breath? have we overdone health and safety to the extent that darwins rules no longer apply

  16. Ugly wimmin find their metier in politics – Jess Phillips, Amber Rudd, Yvette Sugartits Cooper, Soubry, Merkel, Thornberry – all as ugly as sin and thick as pig shit, but they have found the one area where they can feel important – even if when they open their mouths they sound like total arseholes

  17. I can also confirm that the “gas leak” in the Morning Star pub in Belfast last June that left six people requiring hospital treatment was in fact the result of Naomi having extra beans on her Belly Buster Ulster Fry in said establishment. In fact, there’s STILL a smell now, four months later.

  18. I’ve just read her Twatter post courtesy of the admin picture and what’s really quite funny is how the camera is a proper lying cunt.

    In fact I could if I had the time cunt camera’s but I don’t, so I won’t.

    If you can dare yourselves to expand (blow up in this instance would be the wrong context and may get me reported for a hate crime) her picture and look at the difference a B & W picture with an angle looking down has against a colour picture looking upwards has.

    What’s the bet this moose is single and all over et al with option 1 as her profile pic.

    Fuck could you imagine being the unlucky cunt falling for that.

    If she were a brass you could sue the bitch for false representation.

    • Surprisingly, she’s married. Her husband Michael is also a member of the shite Alliance Party, is as camp as Christmas, and, I would presume, was born with no sense of smell. Another cunt.

      • probably another marriage of convenience to hide colourful private peccadilloes like Jess and hubby or Miranda and Cherie and gawd knows what woman got Lady Benn

  19. Off topic but I see that cunt Marcus Ball who tried to take BloJo to court is moaning about the 100k costs he’s been ordered to pay. Says it will ruin him.


    • But his team of Lawyers will be appealing and if they win Boris gets a big bill. Marcus raised over 500k via crowdfunding so his personal risk should of been negligible. Mr private prosecutor isn’t as smart as he thinks though is he.

      Message on his crowdfunding page

      “Message from Marcus: DO NOT FUND THIS PAGE.
      Please wait for an update from me, I’ve encountered a serious problem. Please await news. Do not fund for the time being.
      Thank you and kind regards,
      Marcus J Ball
      Crowdfunded Private Prosecutor”

      We know Marcus, you’re problem is you’re a massive cunt!

      This cunt is trying to prosecute Boris for misquoting figures during the leave campaign- boo hoo a politician bent some numbers to add weight to his side of the argument.

      Remainers are committed cunts I give them that.

      MMCM, you really ought to write up a proper cunting for this Gina Millar wannabe. He needs to feel the full force of a cunting.

      • surely there must be some obscure law about this – crowdfunding to take out a prosecution against someone else. I’m going to look into it. Be great if the cunt lost everything.

        • Isn’t there a crime called vexacious litigant? if you are declared as such no court will hear your complaint. Roger Moore’s wife of the day was declared one when she kept trying to fuck up his life with allegations of various sorts.

  20. and it was a fuss about nothing too, Farage explained he had slightly misspoken, he used the word knife when he in fact meant ‘axe’. i assume that would be acceptable to her? although these days one never knows.

    • But isn’t that “commoonity speak” for “ask”.

      Farage: “And the civil service should be axed!”

      Lammy: “Axed wot exactlee bruv? In’it!”

  21. Where’s my safe space!

    Well that fat cunt doesn’t leave much.

    Fuck me if it ever develops a taste for chips there’ll be another potato famine!

  22. More “hurty feelings” bullshit!

    These cunts literally have nothing better to do with their time, which is a shame as this oppressed one is on exactly the same click as Sir Nige, which is about £100k p.a., not to mention a £300 per day allowance for simply walking into Brussels or Strasbourg HQ, signing a register and then walking straight out again (and let’s face it, with cunts of the calibre of the Kinnocks in there, you know that signature is just an ‘X’).

    Add to this an extra £150 per day for visits outside of the EU and – if nothing else – after Brexit, I bet we see a fair few MEPs visiting Blighty to sponge an extra £800 a week from the EU coffers too!

    Even Helen Keller could see Farage’s comments were made in the vernacular rather than literal sense. And he’s right, the civil service – especially within Cuntminster – needs a total cull and be replaced with ordinary folk from across the UK, not just the W1 echo-chamber-bubble cock wombles!

    Oh, “cull” too strong a word for you Naomi, is it? Bringing back images of wickle seals getting their craniums stoved in via their eye socket with an ice axe?

    Tough, pay for a therapist out of your potential £200k p.a. earnings and GET FUCKED (in the vernacular sense o’course)!


  23. Still, when she’s feeling down, people will be able to shout out “chin up.”
    But what fuckin one? I lost count after four.

    • Don’t say the one about the Chinese phone book whatever you do!

      Apparently it’s anti-trans or summat these days.


      • If they don’t call it orientation, I shall be disappointed.

        Which reminds me, if you spin a Chinaman fast enough, will he be disoriented?

  24. So Nigel would grab their hair, pull back their head, place the knife against their throat ‘did you vote Leave or Remain?’ I voted Remain Mr Farage’ ‘ slits their throat. ‘I voted Leave Mr Farage’ let’s them go. ‘I voted Remain but I respect the vote’. No mercy slits their throats. ‘I voted Leave but now I would like to Remain’ slits their throats. Then marches out his day’s work done. Yes, that’s what he really meant. Nothing to do with cutting civil service jobs.

    • Hi Miles!
      Now that Nigels gonna get my vote and get things done!
      Kind of Nigel I like!👍

      • ‘We are cutting civil service jobs I don’t mean by that we are going to ”cut you people up” or slash you with a knife

        maybe I should use the word ”fire” I don’t mean by that that we are going to torch your house or set you on fire

        maybe I should use the word ”sack” I don’t mean by that that we are going to bundle you into a sack and throw you in the Thames

        maybe I should say you are to ‘stop’ working for us I don’t mean by that that we are like the Mafia going to ‘stop your mouths….’

        Fuck me Miserable you can’t use figurative language any more. I don’t think even Orwell predicted that.

        • Kill the lights…murderer!
          Chop chop..look out hes got a axe!
          In the dead of night…hes gone and murdered the morning!

          Tricky little monkeys trying to silence any dissent, censorship , Miles!

        • Control the language, and you control the argument, eh?
          Even ‘incisive wit’ is a rather dodgy phrase these days. Especially when used to get a concept “through your thick head”

  25. Now I realize during my time in Northern Ireland I never saw the sun, good excuse for the implementation of border controls or would she get over the border in the cattle truck, can’t see her raising much at auction though

  26. MEP? Hopefully jobless very soon. Saying that, are there any politicians in Northern Ireland that actually do work? Hasn’t their Parliament been sitting idle since the cunts couldn’t agree on something? Bet they are still getting paid. Useless cunts.
    Day two of those those lazy cunts bringing London to a standstill. I don’t mean the crusties, it’s the lazy fucking coppers I’m on about. I know they are busy, making sure all the protesters are ok, keeping them safe from harm, but what about the rest of London? Alright, so I know they can do little, otherwise they would end up in the chokey themselves, but our country is a fucking laughing stock. Putin must be thinking why spend all that stolen cash making better missiles, when we can just send pussy riot, and they would do more damage.
    The police should give them this warning tonight; At 6:30 am tomorrow, all police presence will be removed from this demo, and as it is determined to remain regardless of any illegality, it is to be declared outlaw. This means that any crime perpetrated against the demo will not be acted upon, and if the general public want to remove them by force, there will be no repercussions for doing so.
    Let the people decide,eh?

  27. Only 8 more cuntings allowed for Naomi. Any more than that and she’d be on the wall.

    • Youd better reinforce that fuckin wall if. Naomis on it, shes best part of a ton

    • Nah. She’s had her moment in the sun, you won’t hear about her again.
      Unless she goes swimming and gets harpooned by a Japanese whaling ship.

        • Not stinky at all LL in fact they will be fragrant after using the choicest of soaps, skincare products (the main ingredients sourced from the amazon) in the longest of baths (subjecting themselves to intimate contact with the hoi polloi). All very hygienic beneath the raggy clothes. Bring back Swampy.

  28. Looks like one of the MK-ULTRA SCIENCE-BEREFT 6TH Formers whose Stepford equivalents are currently clogging up the Capital. They are there in one place, their smug, self-satisfied faces contorted with supposed hate against every technical crutch they love. FUCK the UTTER CUNTS. Here at home I’ve been playing with a spider for the last hour, making him or her used to human contact because I want them to know that when I set them down, they’re welcome to scavenge all this abode. I wonder how Greta Thunderbird or Juliet Stevenson reacts when they see an insect in their proprty…

  29. Christ in a bike shop, she looks like a junkie’s used condom stuffed with stale walnuts.

  30. Very worried about losing all that lovely eu dosh when the UK leaves. From what I know about the eu parliament better results would be obtained by digging a big hole throwing all the money allocated to the eu parliament into the hole, shitting on said money then burning it. Even our foreign aid to shitholelestan is better value.

  31. The latest story this evening is that Brexit is going to lead to a shortage of toilet rolls! WTF?
    Frankly dear boy I couldn’t give a shit. 💩

    • That’s an old one obviously being regurgitated in desperation. No problem here in Londonstabistan. You just go down the supermarket and scoop up an armful of Standards or Metros.
      The best one i’ve heard recently is that Messi won’t be able to play in England because his dual citizenship will be threatened by Brexit. I can’t see many limp wristed remoaners worrying about that but it’s not those traitor cunts the scare stories are aimed at.

    • Apparently, research sponsored by Andrex has now been able to establish, through analysing people’s turds, whether they are Remainers, Brexiteers or Floating voters.

      • My toilet cistern’s so small I have to use a supplementary bucket to ensure a clean Brexit.

  32. Too many women in politics, feign offence and virtue signalling, rather than getting stuff done, and why are most of them so fucking fat?

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