Extinction Rebellion (3)

~Extinction Rebellion,
What a bunch of tossers and the closest thing we will get to the Greenham common women in our time.
Why? well individually they are either massive hypocrites whose husbands have crushed and polluted the masses to enable their “Ethical lifestyle”.
Then we have the smelly hippy, never done a days work but know a lot of stuff types, they make me fucking puke too.
so what are the cunts doing? Fucking up London again, although truth be known its pretty fucked anyway without their help, or perhaps I should say the working part of London.
I was watching plod clear them off a bridge earlier, not how I would do it I will say just chuck the fuckers over the side, they would soon think at least once before attempting that stunt again.
And fuck word fence too!

Nominated By Lord Benny.

113 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion (3)

  1. Self-righteous wankers who are quick to criticise but offer nothing in the way of a solution.

    Expect people to listen to them because they are always right of course, but won’t listen to rationality or anyone else’s opinion.

    A lot of virtue was signalled that day.

      • The last time I saw so many white faces in one place Blunty was yesterday, with the ‘Mother’s Rise Up’ nom.

        These cunts who enjoy disrupting ordinary people going about their lawful business with their stupid street jamborees always seem to be white.

        Even the Black Lives Matter cunts are mostly fucking white!

        Blacks and Asians have more sense.

      • I certainly think you’re right there RTC.
        “Blacks and Asians have more sense.”
        I’ve got to agree with that.
        You’ve pointed out something of great interest there.

  2. I see that luvvie whorebag, flavour of the moment, Olivia Colman, is lending her support to these hippy bastards. Is this the same luvvie bitch I saw on the telly advertising a fucking airline? No, it must be an imposter.

    • Yep Olivia Colman the very same hypocrite advertising British Airways you couldn’t make it up could you Fucking fat ugly slag

      • BA now running like pedaloes ? Or fart power, hot air and elastic bands ? Dozy slapper doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

  3. Looking at photos of these cunts in the press today, it looked like the audience of Glastonbury in the early nineties, before that bald cunt went corporate and built proper fences, and charged a fortune to get in. I never went then, because it was full of cunts like these veganesque CND wankers, and scousers down on the rob. And, I certainly wouldn’t go now, the cunt meter is off the fucking charts, both on stage and off. There is a look to these serial activist types, a dress code that seems unchanged in the last forty years. I love laughing at these losers, they spend so much time and effort to look alternative, and end up all looking the same. Add to that the whiff of piss coming from the crusty contingent, and I bet it smells like the drains are blocked. Fuck them, they are all hypocrites. And cunts.

  4. Looking at a few more. Stupid slags doing yoga, crusties laughing being put in police vans, as they know there will be no consequences. One twat was wearing an old WW2 civilian gas mask. I hope he keeps it on, the filters on those things had asbestos in them. Also, a couple of young bints with home made placards, one saying ‘we are the children of the future’ No you fucking ain’t, your the spoilt clueless children of now, you’re the adults of the future. And that’s why we are fucked.
    Also, some old bag on the radio moaning that she fears for the future, as she has seven grandkids. Tenalady too dumb to realise that she is part of the problem, by having a big family. Cunts, they’ve wound me up with their stupidity and selfishness.

  5. Middle class corporate-backed mugs blocking the roads for us plebs that actually bother to work for a living.
    Let’s see these cunts try picketing a stock car race meeting, or even better a motorcycle event.
    It’s not called the Bulldog BASH for nothing, you smelly fucknuts…

    • Not a bad idea but even better, let’s give them a one way flight to Iran. They can protest Iranian oil fields.

      We can watch on TV with popcorn.

  6. I would just love to see the cops deal with these irritating hippies the way the more (ahem) ‘aggressive’ cops from overseas deal with scrotes like these.

    Given a bit of THAT kind of manhandling. I imagine those hairy-pubed cunts would shit their knick-knocks and go hotfooting it very rapidly back to leafy Hampstead, or wherever the hell these almond milk-slurping fucktards crawl out from.

    I would pay good money for a ringside seat to see them get a size 10 straight up the anal ring. (Add in a bucket of sweet popcorn and a Pepsi and I’d be as happy as a pig in shite)

  7. Crusty fucking hippies.

    When they were protesting before I remember one of them was some gap yaah, trust fund kid, who had previously travelled all around the world. The fucking hypocrite.

    Wonder if they’ll pack up all their tents once they’ve finished. I think I already know the answer to that one.

  8. Cunts have fucked me off royally. We have client’s customers living in the area requiring specialist property surveys this week.

    These customers have advised us our teams might struggle to get their vans to their houses because of these fucking Extinction Rebellion dickheads. Selfish fucking cunts.

    Fuck them all and the shithouses they crawled out of. Watching this lot on the 10 o’clock news, these cunts seem to under the spell of some mass hysteria.

    Oh, and Mark Rylance is a fuckwitted cunthead.

    • Yes, where’s the pathetic peacefulls when there’s a fantastic opportunity to be proud of our ethnic brothers. Plenty of people they dislike spouting shit and fucking up the working population. Or are the peaceful attacks just a massive false flag operation???? Hmmmm

      • I applaud the underlying motives, disagree completely with their methods, and chuckle at the thought of these ECO wannabes getting the train home, then climbing in their polluting cars.
        They mostly drive guzzling 4x4s , or ancient Diesel auto people carriers, that get treated to a service only when they break down.
        The ones that drive Elec motors completely miss the point by having at least 3 sprogs that makes their Carbon footprint 10 times the average Joe. They buy kiwi fruit and goji berries that have to be flown half way round the world, and miss that irony.
        If they want to make a real difference, chain yourself to luxury jets, that ferry corporate execs & celebs round the world twice a week to go to Cannes, or Milan fashion week.

        Making people take old glass jars to supermarkets to have them filled with cornflakes isn’t going to save planet earth.

        Limit your kids to 1 hours internet a day & see how long you last before considering murder/suicide.

    • Is that the guy that sounded his horn at you when you were crossing the road the other week?
      If it is, consider yourself as having a very lucky escape!

  9. I couldn’t believe these hippies were setting up kitchens in Trafalgar Square and having a fucking gay wedding?! The police weren’t even wearing riot gear, they were just walking around in hi Vis jackets, hell, I’m just as well equipped as they are. They probably signed up to this in order to get out of doing proper police work, whatever that is now, given that rape, paedophilia and murder are not being dealt with properly, if at all, and the criminals are given Mickey Mouse sentences. Let’s not forget workers and businesses are being affected by this. It’s laughable to think we have hippies pissing about and alienating themselves through acts of stupidity, whilst people in Paris and Hong Kong are rioting over real causes like living standards and democracy and operating in an organized way, against armies of riot police no less. Also, the extinction hippies are protesting in London, as opposed to Russia, USA and China, who are far worse. What’s more cowardly is how they are not targeting oil corporations, knowing full well they would retaliate by sending the boys from private security around for a chat, or just setting fire to their rat ridden camps and blaming it on terrorism.

  10. This is why we should’ve never disbanded the SPG.
    Constable Savage and his mates would’ve had this lot off to the nick in record time.
    And used the cunts as a bouncy castle once they were there……

  11. I see Boris has laid into them. No we need the weak as shit, frightened of upsetting someone, police to start laying into the cunts with batons and truncheons. These fuckers were laughing when they were being arrested for fucks sake because they know nothing will happen to them. It seems to have been removed now but there was a comment on the BBC website from a 41 y.o. mother who had taken her two girls aged 11 & 9 out of school to “protest”. The fucking bitch should be locked up and her kids taken away from her. she might think twice about being such a selfish self absorbed twat in future.

  12. Trust some members of the gayness club to make it all about them by having a wedding in the middle of this shit show. I’m just surprised we haven’t seen them strip off and mince about at somebody’s funeral yet.

  13. The more I read this nomination, the more it cheeses me off.

    The police should skunks that spray, and have drones dropping fox poo on the protesters.
    Both those things stink to high heaven.

    Or send in the police from Hong Kong.

  14. These fucktards are going fuck the traffic up in Cardiff tomorrow,I hope we have torrential rain all day to drown these fucking vermin cunts.

    • There’s one of the dumb cunts on CuntionTime spouting a load of undiluted bollox and that fat tongued cunt Lisa Nandy hanging out of his arse, thank fuck Julia Hartley Brewer is there to tell them what UberCunts they are

    • Anyone who’s ever bought records by Radiohead, fuckin burn the lot. They’ve just donated £300,000 to Extinction Rebellion. That ugly cunt of a singer Thom Yorke would have been better using it to fix his face.

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