Travels With My Father (Netflix shite)

I was just informed by my Mrs, who doesn’t live in the UK, about her next venture into the fucking awful world of Netflix.

I’ve never used cuntflix due to it being an absolute pile of wank with fuck all on. Anyway, her and a few mates club in for the subscription to while away the hours after a hard day slaving over a hot keyboard. I have a chat about what she’s currently watching (usually shit American drama), sometimes I agree with her choices and ‘stream’ (ahem) them myself. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Tonight she told me that her next series would be..’Travels with my father’. Ok, I thought. I’ll have a look and give an honest answer. Jack (unfunny comedian) Whitehall and his dad Michael? (agent to the stars) Whitehall get to fuck off to foreign lands on a fully expenses paid trip to make a series. Looooong story short, we fell out massively because my views on nepotism in the corrupt pile of fucking wank that is ‘the media’ fell short of her understanding of the British way of shite.

Fuck both Whitehalls, fuck media nepotism and fuck all modern “”comedians?””.

Edit as you please admin, cunts.

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73 thoughts on “Travels With My Father (Netflix shite)

  1. I would consider giving this series a go if their travels consisted of a ramble through the Korean DMZ or a road trip through Mexican cartel country.

    • Even better would be their travel exploits of clearing mines, left over from the war in Vietnam. While wearing tennis rackets on their feet.
      It is true like father like son, they’re both cunts.

      • Don’t really know who Michael Whitehall is but I trust your cunt radar CMA. Jack Whitehall however is a al-Beeb merry-go-round panel show wanker clone.

    • They should definitely visit the Sentinel islands, and appreciate ancient arrow and spear crafting up close. We would then be treated to bullshit about what wonderful people they were. Hopefully their bloated, arrow ridden corpses will end up online and actually make us laugh. Then his girlfriend Gemma Chan can come to her senses and start dating a real man.

  2. Excellent multiple cunting.

    Whitehall is a posh-boy cunt who dropped out of university to become a comedian, knowing daddy was a top theatrical agent. He also lifted material from Stewart Lee ( a fat irrelevant mong but stealing is stealing).

    He is aimed at people in their 20s and 30s but I dont know anyone who actually likes the cunt.
    He always comes across as a fuckwit on whatever panel show he’s been booked for, and never bothered watching anything where he’s been the lead.

    Netflix is largely wank. I have it but barely bother with their originals, unless it’s a comedian I like.

    • Are there any “comedians” left on TV ? I find a daily visit to isacunt makes me chuckle more than any of the liberal left cunts spewing their boring unfunny, safe not to offend anyone bollocks on TV. Real humour, old school style not giving a shit who you upset. That’s a bit of me. When someone says to me that “You can’t say that” , I normally reply with “well I just fucking did”. Whitehalls are prize dickheads, as correctly noted dad is an agent and son is a dropout. Neither are funny but felt the need to team up to not arouse suspicion that the pair of them are indeed talentless cunts.

      • U want to go online and watch george carling from his stand up shows .Absolute genuis!former activist/pot smoker/you will like

        • Seen Jimmy Jones, Bernard Manning and Chubby Brown all live, all good. I know we all have different sense of humour, but I knew what I was going to see and wasn’t disappointed. Seen Jimmy Carr a couple of years ago and although not everyone’s cuppa, he was superb.

      • I have to say the amount of times I’ve sprayed a digestive biscuit over my work chums at my 10am break for pissing myself laughing at the comments made by the regular contributors on here negates the need for any stand up comic routine on netfux. But I will give that bloke a go mentioned below.

      • You should check out the old recordings of the Opie and Anthony shows on YouTube, they are gloriously brutal.

    • In the meantime, she watched a couple of the utter shit and said ‘Wow that is fucking terrible, why didn’t you tell me?’
      Stupid cunt

    • He is the poster boy. I would love to see him have his face ripped off by a chimpanzee, and then see his world come crumbling around him as all his so called friends disappear. We could then be treated to the piss taking, mindboggling attempts at trying to make him look normal – “You must understand that the nerves were completely severed, look at what I have to work with” Cue smashed mirror followed by maniacal laughter…

  3. I watched two episodes of this on netflix, ive not that familiar with posh people growing up where i did,
    So find them a bit fascinating.
    I could watch Jacob rees mogg for hours, hes interesting to me, as never met someone that posh.
    Jack an his dad, i lost interest in, bit annoying and both bit gay,
    Glad i grew up where an how i did.

      • Afternoon Rtc,
        Already like you mate.
        Do you know what im trying to say though?
        Im fascinated by the upper class,
        Their manners, how they talk, what they do etc
        Was always taught to hate them as the enemy growing up, but i dont.
        Just different to me.
        Hate everyone else though! (Joking! Before someone gets upset.)

        • Yeah, no worries Miserable, just fucking around, I know exactly what you’re saying.

          Growing up I was fascinated by upper class characters on TV in the ’60s – Patrick Macnee in the Avengers. Roger Moore in The Saint and The Persuaders. The Baron (he was quite posh wasn’t he?). Even Adam Adamant, remember him?

          Then again I was into all those type of show e.g. Danger Man, The Prisoner, Man In A Suitcase etc, whatever class the lead character was.

          Personally I don’t really identify with any particular class nowadays. In fact I despise class politics of any sort. There are good and bad people in all classes. Am more an ideas man me.

          • Know exactly what you mean.
            Have always been really proud of my working-class roots, but as i got older realised, just because your working class doesnt mean your not a cunt!
            That rees mogg/bertie Wooster thing highly amuses me, not laughing at them in a orrible way, just find some of the ways they say things funny!
            Done jobs for footballers and tv people but proper posh not so much.

          • Hey Rtc, talking of class, i was a victim(😀) of class snobbery!
            Went for a walk with missus and the dog, and went to a little Derbyshire village called Ashford in the water.
            Its a tourist spot, beautiful place,
            Anyway, we walked into a pub beer garden and the whole pub just went quiet and stared.
            They were wearing panama hats, drinking pimms etc
            Went to order food and they said theyd stopped serving although still serving others!
            I had enough money on me to buy everyone in pub a meal if id wanted,
            What a bunch of snobby orrible twats.
            Was fuming.

          • Unbelievable shit!

            I don’t suppose you were blacked-up Justin Trudeau style with a Robertson’s gôllywôg escort or summat? Sounds like a scene out of Ken Russell’s Salad Days.

            Closest I’ve come to anything like that is when me and my brother wandered unbeknownst into a gay bar in San Francisco in 1981. It wasn’t until we’d ordered our drinks and started looking around that I noticed all these blokes staring at us in a somewhat disconcerting manner. “Why are they looking at us like that?” I asked my brother. “It’s a gay bar you cunt” he replied, “just pretend we’re a couple and we should be alright…”

            Being a nice looking chicken in those days I felt far from reassured. Fortunately we escaped without incident.

          • Haha! When the kids were little me &mrs miserable took them to manchester natural history Museum,
            Id loved it as a kid myself so wanted them to like it too.
            Had a great family day out and on the way back we took a different route to Piccadilly train station,
            This went through manchester gay village, and before i became a big bearded monster i like you was quite a good looking bloke, there was big group of gay blokes outside drinking,
            And some wolfwhisteled me!
            I was mortified much to the missus amusement!😝

      • Not been one in years mongo,
        Since the kids were little, yeah suppose i do like em!
        Remember as a kid being dead excited to go because they had a strongman,
        I’d seen this on granada reports and the guy bent a iron bar!
        Problem was that was his entire act!
        Bent a iron bar, eh..ill bend another!
        Cunt was panicking what to do after 40seconds!!

  4. Daddy dearest is a Producer and Talent Agent.

    Mummy dearest is/was an actress.

    Of course the deeply unfunny, public schoolboy tosspot that is Jack Whitehall’s career has absolutely not a sniff of nepotism about it whatsoever. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a vicious liar who will have the dogs set on them.


    • I went to a private school and I’m not ashamed. My Mum gave up a lot for it, and I’m grateful to her. However, in the year below was Adam Woodyatt. I don’t watch that crap Eastenders, so I don’t know what his character is called. But, what an absolute cunt he was. I remember his little, pleading face as some sixth formers put him in a little cage and kicked the shit out of him.

      • Oh yes,’Ian Beale’ himself. Why am I not surprised to hear that, M’Lord?

        I got great pleasure many, many years ago when my Mum related how her boss kept bleating about how his son was taking numerous O’levels at an esteemed private school and how private school education is so much better than state schools (where my sister and I went)……then once the results came out, the prodigal son achieved NONE of his O’levels and my state school sister achieved all eight of hers.

        A pupil lacking motivation or brain power will still be a pupil lacking motivation and brain power, be they in a prestigious public school or not.

        • You’re so right. A friend of mine spunked a fortune on his kid’s education at a private school – 1 gcse I think. I did tell him it was a school for thickos with plenty of cash. Sad thing is, he doesn’t have the cash.

  5. Cunts they are, both the Whitehalls and Netflix, but a little perspective. Netflix is optional. There is no threat of prison if you choose not to pay the subscription. If they want to pay to send two cunts on a jolly, it ain’t on my cash, and if I don’t want to watch it, tidy. However, when the beeb send it’s Minge du Jour, Sue cunting Perkins on a paid holiday, this time Japan, I do have to fucking pay for it. I would rather watch wild dogs eat my genitalia than watch that unfunny cunt do anything. The same goes for their other ‘stars’, like Winkleman, Lineker and Norton. Cunts.

    • Let’s hope Sue Perkins insults Japanese society and is introduced into the Yakuza work of dissolving bodies in bathtubs.

    • I watched it as I would love to go to Japan. However, after paying cunting tax and TV licence, and keep my kids as uni, I couldn’t afford it. Nice to see lesbo Perkins on a jolly though. I stopped watching as usual BBC shite – oh look, let’s do 20 minutes on a female sumo wrestler. FFS.


    • I quite liked Sue Perkins. I thought she did her travels in respectful way. She was polite and respectful of the local culture. I thought the Irish cunts fat and thin were the most disrespectful fucking potato heads ever.
      Fucking oirish cunts

  6. The standard of comedy these days is at rock bottom and you can blame the libtard snowflakes for that.

  7. Another ‘modern’ comedian – which means he’s about as funny as a terminal illness and bereft of any wit or talent.
    He’s usually a frequent rent-a-gob on panel shows.

    A preening, public school, Bertie Wooster type for the millennials. They probably can’t get enough of this cunt and would like nothing more than to tea-bag his sweaty ball-sack.

  8. They were both on ‘Who do you think you are?’. And was surprised how good it was. All about Jack expecting his pater’s ancestry to be horrible. And guess what they were. English overlords in the Welsh valleys. Terrible injustices and all the rest. Refreshingly the father totally unaffected, Jack sniggering. ‘I’m going to stick with mummy’s relatives from now on’. Funny.
    Refreshing because the participants are usually emotionally affected by some dead ancestor from centuries ago. Or pretend they are.

    • Hey Miles!
      What would you say your class is?
      And do you know any family history?
      Was someone on here awhile back saying about researching family history but cant remember who it was.

      • Coal in the bath working class Miserable. Not quite one of the four Yorkshire men but not far off. Love the upper classes. In fact I like the ‘class system’. It’s what gives or gave an unbelievable variety to English national life. All English humour derives from it.

        • I once met the Earl of Oxford at an Evelyn Waugh conference. Fuck me I nearly creamed my jeans I was so awestruck. Taken to Mells Manor (this is in Somerset the home of the Asquith’s) ( Waugh lived nearby). The Countess was there as well. Anyway, what you’re on about is true, that they are superior and impeccably behaved. The phrase is noblesse oblige. Because there was a malcontent there and he kept referring to ‘Little Jack Horner’. To the Earl. Who I noticed kept flinching. See the rhyme is a slur on the family that they got the estate in an underhand way. Too long to explain. Anyway this cunt kept at him. Until I heard the The Earl patiently explaining the case. Is that breeding?

          • The guy was a rude cunt to sit at another mans table, eat his food, drink his drink, then mock his family wasnt he?
            Wonder why he did it?
            The earl has better manners and more patience than me!

          • You cant polish a turd can you Miserable? I think I will do some genealogy research one day and look into some family history, all that to me is fascinating stuff.

          • Yeah interests me as well LL.
            My family had land in cheshire, (lost it now)and few place names in cheshire are our surname, apparently a ancestor fought at Agincourt, but details were sketchy so dunno how true, know my great grandad was wounded 5 times in ww1!
            Either a dozy cunt, brave, or just unlucky!

          • Where it comes from Miserable-

            A Kestrel for a Knave

            ‘An Eagle for an Emperor, a Gyrfalcon for a King:
            a Peregrine for a Prince, & a Saker for a Knight,
            a Merlin for a lady, a Goshawk for a Yeoman,
            a Sparrowhawk for a Priest, & a Kestrel for a Knave.’

            — Selected from the boke of St Albans, 1486,
            and a Harleian manuscript

          • Yes id read that before, and it wasnt just in our culture as well!
            Certain hawks for certain ranks,
            Im a big fan of birds of prey Miles!
            Me an dog sometimes sit on a hill in woods and watch the buzzards that nest there.

          • My last Mrs was a posh cunt, I was the person to sort her head out from the last fucking loser absolute cunt gypo boyfriend, and bring the 2 children from 2 cunt father’s up. I went to the millionaire houses, dinners, parties. My favourite bar when visiting the Bristol Clifton set was the Alma tavern. Keith Floyd stomping grounds. Long story short, she was and always will be a CUNT

    • Who do you think you are is nothing more than a fucking vanity project. This cunts disrespectful response is proof we need to end this fucking family Tywin Lannister style.

  9. Whitehall is an example to us all. You can get on in this world, especially the meeja, without any discernible talent. There is hope for even the most cretinous of us.
    I will be doing a Brexit stand-up at Scunthorpe Baths Hall. I will post again from hospital.

  10. Is it just me or does the dad look like something from “The League Of Gentlemen”?
    Another TV related puzzle- when Stephen Mulhern says “say what you see” on Catchphrase, why has no-one buzzed and said “A cunt”??

  11. Chris Evans and Zoe Ball are prime examples of this constantly name dropping their pals & encouraging listeners to follow their Twitter feeds.Most annoyingly they have their fucking kids on the show or drone on about their family life constantly.Radio 2 has gone to shit, 1 cunt for another cunt

    • Get DAB radio and look for radio stations you like there are loads of them. Luckily where I work they’ve started broadcasting the local community radio station on FM so we can pick it up at work and just about receive it all the way to my house when I leave for work. Plays loads of real music 50’s-90’s but mostly 60’s,70’s, 80’s loads of real rock, punk, blues rarities, and a couple of local bands every hour no real adverts apart from the odd one for the local motorcycle garage or tyre place. The DJ’s are unpaid amateurs and sound like humans on the whole a couple of wannabee Blackburns. I’m sure most areas have one so turn off fucking Heart or Capital or the ALBBC and give your local community station a go or start your own

    • Remember the great actor Oliver Reed? As well as being well known for his acting ability, he was famous for being a drinker. Everyone knew that he was a drinker, and he didn’t care. In fact, he actually died while he was drinking, a fitting exit.
      So, can we therefore presume that Chris Evans will perish in some sort of freak wanking accident?

  12. With Celebrity ghoul and all round shit actor Mads Mikklesen at the other end eating whilst drinking wine and listening to classical music.

  13. TV is so utter shite anyway why would anyone with even half a brain pay some huge corporation for more of it?

    Sky, Netfilms and all of it can suck my dick and suck it good.

  14. Jack Whitehall and his dad are a pair of oily cunts, if only you could go back in time and give the grand dad a condom but sadly not possible, the best part of young bobwhite Jack ran down home mum’s leg, that bit was obviously to much of a cunt to stay in the cunt, so now we are left with Jack and his dad that about as funny as testicular cancer, it’s sad that TV is this hard up that they show shit like this and have the nerve to call it comedy, God help us all……

  15. Rather embarrassed to say I’ve seen a couple of episodes of this. I can confirm that it is indeed a mammoth sized steaming pile of cuntitude. Not in the slightest funny nor remotely entertaining, fuck off.

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