The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is a scrum load of cuntiness, isn’t it?

It’s backs-against-the-wall time as the Sausage-fest that is a rugby tournament is unveiled. If you fancy viewing muscly, not-at-all homo men grappling with other muscly, not-at-all homo men in “scrums” then tune in.

Watch as these fat nancies do thirty seconds of running before standing around for a few minutes breathing through their mouths like Cro-Magnon savages. Be amazed as these unevolved “athletes” have a throw-in. Jump out of your seat with excitement when the “match” stops for five minutes and even the commentators don’t understand why. Stay awake as these gaylords indulge in a Truck’n’Load.

The way it’s talked-up is as embarrassing as women’s football. They simply cannot make it interesting. At least American football has cheerleaders.

Gayer than a Wizard Of Oz-themed pool party hosted by Elton “fucking” John and sponsored by BuzzFeed.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

83 thoughts on “The Rugby World Cup

  1. Great stuff Captain but I can’t see this nomination being popular with a certain Northumbrian landowner to whose sister I was briefly engaged.

        • Nah. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, I don’t think Nigel Farage voted Remain in the 2016 referendum, or is calling for a “People’s Vote”, or wants to keep us trapped in the Customs Union, or wants to take No-Deal off the negotiating table, etc etc etc…..

          • Corbyn doesnt know what he wants, only a halfwit would claim to negotiate a credible deal and then put it to a referendum.
            If its ‘Credible’ Jeremy just do it you twat, you have already had the vote to leave.

          • A bit like an old Hammer film, when you think the over made-up monsters (in this case played by Anthony Blair and Peter Mangeldbum) are finally dead, the coffin lids rise again to show that the decomposing decrepit remains are still rambling on:


            This of course comes as no surprise: the fact Mandy has been so quiet recently was a sign he was shit-stirring behind the scenes, and the fact that the rancid turd in glasses Tom Watson, so fond of impugning the reputations of the recently dead with false allegations of sexual abuse dreamt up by a convicted criminal, has put his fucking horrible head above the trench this morning tells you all you need to know about these fucking fascists. Fairy fascists many of them, but that is what they are.

            Now some judicial jockstrap has decided that the prorogation of Parliament was illegal – what the fuck has it got to do with a bewigged bugger, who if Sturgeon had anything to do with it, would be in a foreign country?.

            I just hope the public see and understand what a bunch of cunts the Labour Party now is and makes sure Steptoe and friends get the kicking of their lives in the ballot box whenever the election comes.

  2. May I also point out that the lezfest, known as The Women’s Rugby World Cup will, from 2021, drop the word “Women’s” from it’s title.
    Confusing isn’t it? Not really, we can’t have “gendered language” in this day and age! No doubt some commentator/pundit will make the obvious mistake of mentioning the politically incorrect word and be immediately sacked and ritually slaughtered by the libtard media and the BBC, on their wall to wall 24 hour coverage.
    Coming to the Wimminz Football and Cricket World Cups near you soon.

  3. Rugby is fucking shit. Our pathetic, hyperbolic media try desperately to tell us we are “a nation of 4 million All Black fans” when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. At best I would estimate a 50/50 split between lovers/haters of said crappy sport.
    The tournament cannot end quickly enough for me so I don’t have to suffer any more advertising for the yawn fest.

    Or watch the cunts doing their little dance.

    Fuck off to the showers you square headed fuckwits and give each other a reach-around.

    • Well yes there are far more popular participant sports in the green hills of the shakey isles, usually involving a cross country run in gumboots pursuing ewes.

      • My folks paid for school in Mackay which got me into league on Saturday arvo. Nine years old playing lock in bare feet on a field peppered with bindis, and Father McArdle shouting “run wide, run wide”. Several vectors for catching The Gayness right there.

    • Dont know fuck all about rugby!
      But seems to be played by big hard cunts, dont get whatd make it gay?
      Wouldnt voice that around Wigan or wales, rugbys a religion round there.

      attached video of players sticking their fingers up each others arses, strikes me as gay.

      • Wooolh!
        As i said know nowt about rugby 🏉
        But yes gotta admit that is pretty gay.
        Must be more naive than i tbought!
        Thanks for shattering my childlike innocence Admin.
        Where you off now?
        Tell kids theres not really a santa🎅?
        In the words of the great D.Duck
        “Your despicable.”

  4. Since rugby largely seems to involve ‘healthily’ built men grabbing and sticking their faces into each others’ buxom buttocks, I’m afraid I don’t share the sentiment of this particular cunting. Especially when compared with the poovery that goes on in the football world, for example when one of the preened primadonnas falls over and then rolls around the pitch wailing about having a compound fracture when they’ve just bruised a knee.

      • I have noticed over the last few years how long football players’ shorts have become, to the extent that they’re almost wearing bleedin’ trousers!

        Back in the 70s, 80s and 90s players wore proper shorts exposing thighs etc. But nowadays you’re lucky to see an exposed knee cap so long have shorts become. I suppose these mincing footballers don’t like cold weather and the threat of having the ball strike them hard against a cold bare thigh!

        Some Premier League cunts actually wear gloves in cold weather for fuck’s sake; while goal keepers wear what looks like lycra trousers under their “shorts”

        Bunch of soft fannies footballers!

  5. I hate all sport equally…be it football, car racing, badger slalom or this load of shite I hate it to the core of my being.

    The way we revere and honour jocks of all sorts while our veterans sleep on the street is a national disgrace.

    Fuck sport and fuck the fatsos who watch it.

    • Rugby is for fat knuckledraggers, and posh cunts who like looking at each others’ cocks at an after-match beerfest.
      I only do PROPER sports- snooker, fishing or darts.
      Or hunting Iron Curtains. On horseback.
      With a crossbow.

  6. Footballers spend their time pretending to be hurt.
    Rugby players spend theirs pretending not to be hurt.
    Brian Moore.

    • Haven’t seen him for a bit. I hope he has not been waylaid by vengeful ramblers, and that someone is feeding his hounds.

      • I think someone needs to go and do a welfare check on him but prepare to get your arse bitten by a hound. I miss my daily Dick.

  7. Brought up on Union – liked it but was no use as a player – but League is the better game. Pro Union’s overcommercialised and overhyped, and about as interesting as American ‘football’ these days.

  8. I cannot comment on the auld rugger, what! But I can comment on the women’s football angle…

    Chelsea hosted Spurs in the “Women’s Super League” last week to a record 25,000 crowd!

    This was after giving away 40,000 tickets.

    Now colour me simple, colour me stupid, if Liverpool’s male footy team hosted Manchester United’s male football team and gave away 54,074 tickets (Anfield’s official capacity), I’m pretty sure the attendance would be 54,074.

    But hey, supply and demand, and marketability has nothing to do with it! Megan Rapinoe deserves just as much as Lionel Messi, double in fact, because she’s a tuppence licker!

    Yay! Girl power! 🤡🤡🤡

    • I would agree with Megan rug muncher, when she gets into the Barcelona first team and scores 40/50 goals a season.
      Until then, keep your strap on in your shorts.

  9. Regarding the women’s World Cup, it was encouraging to see the England team playing a style of football most suited to them….unattractive.

  10. When the ref is setting up a scrum in union, he talking to these professional full time long term players. And he’s telling them how to set it ups as if he was broaching the concept and practice of a scrum to them for the very first time in their lives.

  11. Rugby? They made me do it at school for 2 1/2 PE sessions, some cunt took me down, winded me and stamped on me whilst I was in the ground gasping for air. When I got up and took the smug grin off his face with a right hook I was told I had the wrong temperament for the game and spent a week in the naughty kids unit.

    Fucking stupid game

  12. Rugby… criticised by those to thick to understand the laws and despised by people to weak and feeble to play the game.

      • I don’t mind a bit of rugby but,like cricket, you have to be doing something else simultaneously like chatting in a pub or reading the news. For the greater part it’s tiresome and dull.

        I’ve heard all the homo-erotic stories about the players. That swivel\eyed religious loony in Australia definitely painted the other side of the fence. Anybody who obsessively chomps at the bit that much wants to chomp on something meatier.

  13. I once sat next to Simon Weston at the wrestling.

    I was in between The Rock and a charred face.

    I’ll get me coat ☹️

  14. I’m gonna depart from most of you ISACs here. Not especially a huge fan of the egg-chasers but this promises to be a well-contested tournament with possibly 3-4 potential winners. England stand a decent chance. It’s also on free to air and will be shown in the mornings so not too disruptive.

    Best of all there aren’t too many tattooed preening cunts with stupid hairstyles compared to the idiotic mewling footballers.

    I’ve played both winter games to a reasonable standard and fuck me rugby is far more physically demanding.

  15. OT, apologies
    Breaking, the Jocks don’t like it up them. Again. The Scottish Court of Session has ruled that prorogation was unlawful. Confirmed on Twatter: look for @severincarrell – a Guardian cunt remoaner.

    (spam filter rejects full Twatter link – also carried by the Telegraph, but paywall. )

    Not sure if the Court of Session has the authority to influence events in the UK, but the chatter is that Parliament can now be recalled unless an appeal succeeds.

    Jesus fucking Christ, how much more of this lunacy?

    • Predictable though. Brexit is dead, it’s being starved of oxygen by any means possible.

      Boris’s big mistake was standing for the leadership. Poison chalice with poison chalice stamped on it.

      • The Telegraph (hard copy – bought one today as the Times is definitely going flakey) claims to have sources indicating that Mandelson is co-ordinating all the Remoaners, and that Blair’s been chatting to the Limp Dumps.

        Entirely plausible. The cosmic cunts are probably charging for their trivial advice too. Global Counsel for Mandy, and the TBIfGC for Bambi.

        • There used to be a name for the kind of politics where the political elite combined with industry and the judiciary to govern nations whilst devaluing democracy.

          Can’t remember it right now but it will come to me.

    • It won’t be reconvened unless the Supreme Court also rules against next week apparently. I dare them to do it and see what happens – we desperately need a sea change and this Brexit crap might FINALLY prompt it.

    • The Scots can start telling people what they can or can’t do when they start paying for themfuckingselves.

      • I support the jocks on another independence referendum and I will campaign for them to leave.

    • Don’t yer just adore all this cuntery? Fail in an English Court; appeal; Fail Again. Now let’s try the Jocks and hey presto succeed.

      Basically these highly qualified lawyer cunts can disagree all they like but all you have to do is find somebody somewhere who will eventually agree with you and you’re home and dry.

      They’d have been squirreling down to the Cornish Assembly if they had to.

  16. I wonder if they’ll have rugby with an equal mixture of men and women in each team.
    It might spice things up a bit.
    Some women are built like brick out houses.
    Then on special occasions when charity event mixed famous people. I imagine that bercov fella would go flying if Diane Abbott just lightly tapped him.

        • Imagine being in a scrum and having to sniff the rancid pissflaps of Dawn Butler, let alone her farts from the KFC bargain bucket.

          • Yeughhh, maybe that’s why she always has that look on her face as she sits nodding like a mong behind Corblimey..I thought it was cos she could smell the rancid sewer-like stench from Flabbot and Jess Horse Phillips, but maybe Dawn Butler reeks so much that even she herself finds it intolerable.

          • The Great British Minge Smell Off with contestants:

            Jess Snouty Phillips
            Dawn Butler
            Anna Sourberries
            Emily Pigberry.
            That Liberal unDemocratic crone.

          • Fucking hell there would need to be gas masks available for that, that stench will do more harm to the ozone later than a million aerosol cans.
            Imagine the aroma of a piss-sodden phone box outside a fishmongers. Oh yeah,and a great Dane has shat in the phone box. Something like that.

  17. Morning you chaps.
    Was forced to play ‘rugger’ for two years at Moseley Grammar in Brum in the 60s. I despised it then and still do. The rules are also about as comprehensible as that other cuntfest American football. Complete waste of time.

    • American football. In my view those players are cheating with all that padding.
      Too worried they’d knock an unnaturally white tooth out etc.
      British rugger. Now that is proper.

  18. Rugby (Union), a game that require’s little talent and largely played by middle-class tossers who weren’t good enough to compete in a considerably more skilled sport such as football.

    It’s up there with rowing and indoor cycling for elitist sports ring-fenced for the countries ‘betters’ so they can achieve some sort of sporting success.

    It can be a good spectacle on a rare occasion, but then so can the darts.

    At least it’s not the women’s rugby though.

  19. Rugger is a game for real men.
    Have any of you limp wristed turd bandits ever had a proper man grab your under crackers and stick his head four inches from your penis.
    No, though not.
    Don’t knock it till you try it.
    A proper game for real men.

  20. Played the second leg of a football match yesterday on a pitch that didn’t have one blade of grass, just stones, rubble and broken bricks.
    Won 5-4 on aggregate….

  21. Rugby is the sport. Union when I lived in Wales, league wen I lived in Manchester. How anyfucker can take football seriously is beyond me. Posing, faking overpaid cunts infinitely gayer than any other sport including formation mincing.
    The public school bit is the fucking hooray Henrys of England. And even England seems to put as many southern hemisphere players as possible in the team.
    This is an invalid cunting that has offended me. Admin, bar the cunt.

  22. One thing I do like about rugby is that the cavemen players cannot talk directly to the referee. Only the captain – presumably a toff and not a neanderthal – has that privilege. It´s not like football where every overpaid underachiever challenges every decision and at times the whole team surrounds the ref – whose only symbol of authority is his little whistle – to intimidate him. They have succeeded in frightening most refs who put up with it and let players touch them and managers harangue them.
    BTW if you want to experience a puke-inducing exercise in political correctness watch CNN´s special week about Racism in Football currently on.

    • Who are you to call the Captain a cunt cunt?

      Anyway it’s a blatant breach of ISAC rules.

  23. I’ve hated rugby since having to play it at school, like most people i am still blissfully unaware of the rules. What really fucks me off is the players doing all their “we’re shaggers on tour” bullshit when they love nothing more than jumping into a fucking bath together. Even the injured ones, who hang round desperately trying not to lose wood during the rest of the dull fucking game. And women who claim to like watching it should just be honest and go and see the fucking Chippendales then go back to their empty nothing lives. And I couldn’t care less over the league / union divide, it’s all shit played by benders.

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