The Liberal Democrats

I’m failing to see how they can persevere with this name, as it is not an accurate description of the party, or it’s people, be them the cunts who represent the party, or the cunts that vote for them.

I’ve always considered myself as liberal, not in the political sense, but I’ve always believed that people should be allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, provided they abide by a few rules, that they do it on their own time, their own money, their own land, and primarily, that it doesn’t affect anybody else. Respect for others is the key. Opinions, and free speech are a given, but if people are minding their own business, and respecting others, let them be.

The Lib Dems have always been on the loopy side, and they were always dismissed as a protest vote, usually by clueless students, and hippy type middle class, middle aged bellends. However, in recent times, they have found a new popularity, for their stop Brexit at any cost stance sits well with a lot of the more deranged people who voted remain. Even washed up politicians, who failed in other parties are making it their home, making them an even bigger cabal of cunts.

These cunts don’t seem very liberal anymore, as they think that people must think what they think, feel what they feel, and do as they say. They also seem to have forgotten what the word democracy means too, as anyone who witnessed that crazy looking and acting harpie, Layla Moran on ‘Question Time’ the other day. She said categorically that if there was a second referendum that they keep asking for, and leave won it again, by any margin, they would still not respect the result, and carry on opposing it. This is not her opinion, it is shared by the leader of the party, Jo Swinson, and I imagine the rest of the cunts involved.

So, will they please change their name to better reflect their political stance? National socialism has already been used, but something similar would probably work.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

62 thoughts on “The Liberal Democrats

  1. Ebola is too good for these democracy hating,swivel eyed loons.
    Bunch of poofs and loonies.

    • I’d like to see them lined up on meat hooks, Texas chainsaw massacre style… especially that Ed Davey fuck.

      • Hey, watch what you’re doing with that boat hook. You’ll have someone’s eye out!

        • Not before I’ve split their nostrils.

          Afternoon Percy, you cunt. Regards to Bertie.

          • Afternoon Ruffy. No, this is actually me.
            I think I’ve just about managed to get him under control.
            Percy just wouldn’t shut the fuck up yesterday so I thought I’d punish him by leaving him in the fridge overnight.
            Came down this morning and couldn’t hear a sound. Thinking I’d killed him, I helped his chilled little body out from the fridge.
            His beak was chattering with the cold and he apologised for the cunt he was.
            All he could do was to keep repeating “just tell me one thing. What the fuck did the chicken do?”

  2. Good cunting, 50% of their MPs have no mandate. I can just about accept an MP rejecting the party whip and sitting as an independent for the duration of their term, crossing he floor and joining another party is not acceptable in a democracy, I don’t give a fuck if Churchill did it, it doesn’t make it right.

    The Liberal Democrat’s in Parliament are a symptom of our sham democracy. Very few people vote for their MP due to the individuals qualities or character, we elect our MPs based on who we want to form a government.

    Time for a new definition of democracy.

    Sham enacted on the people

    • 50% of their MPs must surely now amount to a packet of raisins and a “pre-loved” Walker’s crisp packet under the back seat of the Curzon fleapit.

      • On reflection, I was confused…I meant the ChuckUp UK Party…easy mistake to make, all a feckin bunch of bitter, twisted losers.

  3. The silly cow who “runs” them Swinson, looks like a jolly hockey sticks PE mistress at some minor public school, but there is even worse, Tom Brakes, who hopes to be Lord Mangledbum when he grows up, who seems to forget 17.5 million voted against his wishes. Not to mention the Tory turncoats.

    I daresay the LibDems will do, pro rata better than Steptoe’s mob at the General Election, but only because of the shower of shit on the Labour front bench – you would have to scrape pretty far beneath the barrel to find the equal of Thornberry, Abbott, Lewis and McDonnell.

    I am hoping that when Chuckaduckie moves to the City of London because he is too scared to face his older voters in Streatham, they heavilly defeat the pompou bastard and put an end to his political career. Mind you, he could join the Monster Raving Loony Party next…… no wait…. he already has.

  4. No surprise the LibDems vetoed an election, last thing they want is the people getting involved in democracy.

    Fucking NAZI like act that, the sort of manipulation of democracy Hitler used to form a government.

  5. The illiberal anti-Democrats should be arrested for treason. I’m not too clued up on legal matters (I’m just an electrician) but there should be new treason laws brought in to prosecute treason against the people, not just the crown….
    Far leftist cunts the lot of em…
    And don’t even get me started on the gweens. Fucking scabby cabbage munchers…

    • Agree Sausage,
      Treason should be back on the books
      and should be defined by a action that goes against your countrymen,
      At least the lib-dummies are honest in that they say they want to frustrate brexit, unlike the snidey shit that treason May tried.
      That Joe Swindler, shes got a weird face but dead perky tits, its distracting!
      Reminds me of Lena Zavoroni but with
      Decent jugs.

  6. Another one of the musical chair brigade has dumped Change UK for the Lib Dums, ‘the best party for getting the remain vote’

    Angela Smith, who described peope who were neither black or white as a ‘funny tinge’ is a self serving cunt, the only reason she had joined the Dums is she sees it has the only chance of holding her seat.

    Soubry (cunt) is loosing more MPs than Bojo.

    • Smith is a proper cunt, ideal Lib Dumb material. A Blairite remoaner caught out in the expenses scandal for claiming for 4 beds in a one bedroom flat. Employs her husband as her secretary on 40 grand a year. Lovely Jubbly!

  7. “ That crazy looking and acting harpie, Layla Moran” was arrested 6 years ago for slapping up an ex boyfriend in a hotel room. As a pacifist, I could never bring myself to vote for someone who tries to get their own way by using violence.

    • I agree.
      But there’s a limit to my diplomacy. When no-one will listen, I think their ear wax should be removed with a cricket bat.

  8. She and the Lib Dem’s must be defined by her clear statement that even if there was a second referendum that returned a leave result she would not respect the outcome.

    In other words if she was head of the government she would overrule democracy.

    She has no place in a democratic parliament, luckily for her she’s not part of one.

  9. If democracy is dead, why am I still following the rules and worrying about the brown envelope from the tax office stuck to the fridge.
    I’m at the burning torch and pitchfork stage….

    • Because the tax bastards will pursue you through hell and back no matter who’s in charge.

      The taxman is the Gestapo of government.

  10. The Centrist Skip Party. For people who are very comfortable with losing their identity. And increasingly a one-issue party. When it comes, at some future date, in or out, to setting out actual policy, they’ll still be colourless, flavourless cunts, who will ally with anyone else for the chance of some power, and they’ll be back where they started.

    I see Amber Rudd’s fucked off too, citing Johnson’s apparent concentration on no-deal and little negotiation on a deal. Hugely disappointed by this, would have supported her for the leadership if I’d been a Tory….but the message to the EU must be loud and clear by now! Also the pressure for a quick GE.

    • You would have supported arch remainer Rudd for Tory leadership K? Now that does surprise me.

      Cut from the same cheap cloth as Theresa May imo.

        • Amber Rudd is not cut from any cloth, she is cut from toilet paper. And used toilet paper at that, she is a shit stain on something that will dissolve the first time it has to face a test.

    • My terrible bad. Was confusing her with Leadsom, whom I think you also supported. Rudd wasn’t even in the running, as I remember. (All those wimminz look the same to me)

      Please read instead
      “I see Amber Rudd’s fucked off too, citing Johnson’s apparent concentration on no-deal and little negotiation on a deal.
      Hooray! “What’s my name? Sorry, you’ve got me there…(dribble)”

          • Savvy, and a (dangerously perhaps) sharp operator, indeed. Good at thinking ahead, which is not a very evident quality in the Commons. I haven’t written off Johnson yet, though.

          • Hope you’re right Komodo, I don’t have your confidence in the silly fucking fop.
            I have said all along he will fuck us over, I pray I’m wrong.

  11. Anyone jumping ship after being elected on a party manifesto should be jailed for fraud, and a by-election held to replace the cunt.

  12. At least the LibDumbs have always been open about their opposition to Brexit. Unlike the disingenuous Labour Party and half the Tories who pretend to “respect the result of the referendum”.

  13. Amber Rudd sounds like the name of a giant fish caught in a pond in a 1950s Ealing comedy. She would probably have been played by Katie Johnson

  14. It’s a shame as well because in my area they’ve actually done a lot of good locally, yet their cuntishness on a national level lets them down.

  15. Chuka Amhuna will end up leader of this shower of shit Mark my words The smugness is overwhelming People’s Vote what about a by election Chuka that’s democracy ?

  16. It’s just a cynical ploy to make themselves important again. Many politicians, Caroline Lewis notedly, feel irrelevant. Correctly. Now they are reported to be preparing to block a general election if one is called.
    We deserve all we get if we stand for this.

  17. That Layla Moran is the thickest MP i have ever had the non pleasure of witnessing and there are mountains of competition obviously.
    Did someone interview her and think ‘mmm, she’s intelligent with some sensible views, lets put her forward’.
    Snowflake to end all snowflakes.

      • That explains a lot. Perhaps that is why the popularity of the dums has increased lately, appealing to millennials, the ‘ I don’t know shit from clay, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks, but if I have a solid enough tantrum, I will get my own way’. She looks as mentally retarded as she acts, like a cliche sitcom character. Except she wants to run the country.

      • ‘I slapped him because I felt threatened’. Er, he’s the one who got thumped.
        I wonder if he’d slapped her ‘because she was nagging and abusing me’ would also have ended up ‘no case to answer’.
        What a fucking cow.

        • ‘Because I felt threatened’ only works for wimminz. If you identify as male, pre-empting a mugging or shooting someone coming to rob your house require cleverer defences.

      • I would have belted her just for being a lib dumb, know you’re place lady and keep your cakehole shut.

  18. The picture says it all. Not Liberal, certainly not Democratic. These cunts should be done under the Trades Description Act.

  19. I don’t understand why anyone would vote for these cunts. Have they forgotten when they were attached to the tories arse and basically were equally responsible for austerity cuts that we have had to endure. Also look at Swinson’s voting history. She supported flacking, was against a mansion tax, supported rise in VAT, voted for cuts in disability benefits, voted for the bedroom tax. Doesn’t she sound like a lovely Liberal.

  20. Seldom have I seen a photo that just seems to scream “CUNNNTTTT!!” as much as that one above of that Lib Dem cowbag. She needs a good boot in the cunt. Fucking slag.

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