Scarlett Johansson (3)

The Hollyweird hypocrite is now spouting off about how she ‘knows’ Woody Allen is innocent of alleged child sex offences… How the fuck can she know if she wasn’t there at the time?

The arrogance and Noo Yoik hipster luvvie bollocks is astounding, even by her cuntish standards. Also, she’s all over Allen, believing him innocent without question, but she didn’t give James Franco the benefit of the doubt. She put the boot into him instead…

What a complete and utter cunt…

Nominated by Norman

54 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson (3)

  1. A cunt she may be but that husky, raspy voice of hers gives me the throb. That’s my early morning contribution. Good day.

  2. Don’t know who this scrubber is but i’ve heard the name. If she’s licking Allen’s scrawny arse it’s because she wants a part in a film. If it doesn’t arrive she’ll drop the cunt like a peaceful playing pass-the-parcel.
    She looks a bit too old for him anyway. I thought he liked them with a school uniform and a downy haired little fanny.
    I wish nothing but ill will on both of them. Cunts.

    • Didnt even have to read the nom too know this was yours Norman haha!
      You hate scarlett with a passion!
      Shes gonna get a injunction out on you if you don’t desist!
      Woody Allen his namesj ust underneath Andy porchester in the babysitters handbook.

  3. ” How the fuck can she know if she wasn’t there at the time?”……

    She’s a Celebrity.of course she knows. Celebrities know everything and we plebs hang on their every word. Global warming,famine,immigration etc. could all be solved if we just listened to some vacuous pop singer or actor….Don’t really understand how they come to have superior knowledge on every subject,but we should just be thankful that they are prepared to instruct and guide us “little people”.

    PS Woody Allen looks just how I’d imagine a “lover of young meat” to look…pale,weedy and creepy with an inflated idea of his own brilliance.

    • Yes we are lucky we have film actors and pop stars to think for us or the world would be in a right mess!
      Think how lucky we are to have these great minds working day an night to solve earths emergencies!

    • Like that super cunt Paul McCartney going on about Brexit – as if it affects that supercilious fuckwit. Anyway, we know he loves Liverpool as he lives in the USA.

      • Yeah hurts my head when I have to think of hard things, I feel blessed that some singer or actor takes time out from their very very important life to tell someone like me what to do about Brexit, climate change and all that hard to understand stuff. Just had an email telling me I have won the jackpot in the Nigerian state lottery! Would you believe that last night I prayed to St Paul the ex beetle for guidance so I can understand how a majority vote is wrong etc. You can mock but I put winning the Nigerian state lottery down to him smiling on me , just send off my bank details, passwords and all that stuff and I will be rich.

      • Biggest hypocrite on the planet Liverpool such a wonderful place always banging on about it The Fab 4 give it a fucking rest it was over 50 years ago who cares you stupid old cunt

  4. Apologies for off topic a moment, but, I get up early to watch a bit of the Rugby World Cup, and who have ITV got on their guest panel? Lawrence Daglalio, Michael Lynagh and that box-ticker’s dream, Maggie Alphonso. Oh, and some Scottish bird pitchside. For fucks sake, it’s not even eight-o-clock and my piss would melt plastic. As for Scarlett Johanson, I’d do her up the arse whilst listening to her heart beat like the clappers through my stethascope.

    • All pundits are has-been cunts. Invariably bald and fat.

      Right now they’re on their feet doing some re-enactment after the Argie game then Jonny kicks the ball into the studio ceiling.


  5. Mia Farrow said, “Allen was an “excellent father” because of the amount of time he spent with his children”.
    He wasn’t grooming them of course but went on to marry one of them.

    • He had them open jars and lids he hadnt the strenth for,
      Reaching stuff on high shelves etc
      Hes creepy as hell isnt he?
      Like Michael Gove hes a Woody type,
      Submerged in the ballpit like a shark.

    • Yeah, he’s called Woody for a reason. Where are all the woke Slaggywood wimminz to bring this cunt down? Too busy sucking cock and building up their offshore bank accounts.

  6. To this day it amazes me that people take what Tinseltown twats say as verbatim.

    Skanklet, J-Law (nice facial), Natalie Portaloo, Emma “two backs” Watson and the rake of dullard men-folk actor clones (Hemsworth, Evans, Gosling, etc.) are basically thick as day old porridge and are lucky to be in the position they are in as opposed to the 1,000s of equally “gifted” wannabes who are bussing tables in Hollywood/Broadway.

    You wouldn’t ask one of these cunts to perform brain surgery in the stead of a surgeon would you? So why their opinion on anything is given any more weight than someone’s off the street is beyond me!

    Fuck off!

    • Good idea for new show that!
      Bring in a celeb and assign em a new job without training!!

      Ringo starr driving express train London-Birmingham
      Woody Allen in beijing riot police
      Angelina jolie performing a appendectomy
      Jo Brand steeplejack

  7. Amazing what actresses will do to get film parts. Marilyn Monroe sucked cocks. Johansson defends old fellas who prefer bodies with no wrinkles. She’s probably thinking ahead because she’s no spring chicken herself. Ten years from now she’ll be paying men in their early twenties to give her a length.

    • That’s a very cynical view I must say. Very cynical indeed.
      Made me fucking laugh though. 😁

  8. Raking in the cash by churning out out three or of four instantly forgettable films every year.

    Can’t act to save her life but looks ok, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the part.

  9. Overrated and vacuous methinks. Her film career might just possibly be something to do with her voluptuous rack, but I could be wrong of course.

    In terms of Allen, she isn’t “after a part” as she has already made three films with the steaming old pervert, so was a shoo-in already. She appears to be just one of these blinkered arseholes who, because they think they ‘know’ someone and everything is all sweetness and light between them, that the person could not possibly be a sexual deviant with a proclivity for minors.

    What the fuck does she know??

    To go around making statements that someone is innocent when you have zero in the way of anything concrete to back that up is arrogant and presumptuous in the extreme, not to mention extremely insulting and offensive to the complainants. How many convicted paedophiles have been described as “a great guy who didn’t show any signs of perversion” by the people that supposedly knew him, or even were the closest to him?

    She needs to shut her piehole and concentrate on what she apparently does best….sexing it up onscreen for all of the desperado wankers out there.

    • Lindsay Lohan said the same about Harvey Wankstain, because he’d never propositioned her and look at how that turned out.

    • I guess Scarlett’s logic is “I’m highly fuckable, he never fucked me as a minor, therefore it must be bullshit”……. Which is still a very self absorbed way to think admittedly.

  10. They’re both Hollywood jews, and she got a payday out of him- of course she’s going to support him with zero insight or evidence. That makes her a whore as well as a cunt.

  11. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this cunt in anything approaching watchable!!
    It’s Obvious her talent doesn’t match that of her WIZARDS Sleeve sized cunt….

  12. These “actors” think they know everything but they know fuck all. They live in a insulated bubble with no regard for reality.

  13. The cake and eat it attitude of the slag is astounding… Openly savages James Franco and hangs him out to dry to big up her ‘Time’s Up’ shite, then she is up the crevice of one of the most infamous creeps in Hollyweird… Then there was her schmoozing with that cunt Polanski… For all her liberal and feminist bullshit this Clntonite cunt is no more than just a self serving and luvvie sucking motormouth who likes to act cleverer than she actually is, which isn’t actually clever at all… After all, she thinks the height of comedy and political satire is Saturday Shite Live… I’m also surprised Dylan Farrow hasn’t decked her one yet…

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