Overpopulation is a myth isn’t it cunters? I know you’ll agree. But here are just a few quotes to buttresses your arguments when you’re controversy with people.

According to the U.N. Population Database, the world’s population in 2010 w JJBill be 6,908,688,000. The landmass of Texas is 268,820 sq mi (7,494,271,488,000 sq ft).

So, divide 7,494,271,488,000 sq ft by 6,908,688,000 people, and you get 1084.76 sq ft/person. That’s approximately a 33′ x 33′ plot of land for every person on the planet, enough space for a town house.
Given an average four person family, every family would have a 66′ x 66′ plot of land, which would comfortably provide a single family home and yard — and all of them fit on a landmass the size of Texas. Admittedly, it’d basically be one massive subdivision, but Texas is a tiny portion of the inhabitable Earth’

Malthus was a lad wasn’t he?

In his Essay on the Principle of Population, Malthus calls for increased mortality among the poor:

All the children born, beyond what would be required to keep up the population to this level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the deaths of grown persons… To act consistently therefore, we should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavouring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country, we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlements in all marshy and unwholesome situations. (Book IV,

“But above all, we should reprobate specific remedies for ravaging diseases; and those benevolent, but much mistaken men, who have thought they were doing a service to mankind by projecting schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders’.

Let’s kill off the poor. They only get in the way.

Nominated by Miles Plastic

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  1. So there is no confusion I am cunting THE NOTION THAT THE WORLD IS OVERPOPULATED not that the world is overpopulated.

  2. Didn’t Jonathon Swift recommend eating the poor Irish some years ago? Ahead of his time.

  3. Population isn’t about land area it is about resources. The population is certainly too big for available resources and it is too big in the areas least provided with these resources. We are no longer hunter gatherers or pastoralists kept in check by available necessities.

    • Great Nom Miles!
      Bit confused though,
      Are we eating the poor or not?
      If we are i dont want any Dark key ones, same approach with jelly babies.

    • Very true Cunstable . Only around 10% of water is fresh and were coming close to not having enough in the near future.

      Same with land there is obviously loads of it about but much of it is not fit for cattle or crops . Soon we will have used all of that up to.

      Same with out waste it’s just to much really

    • This is more evident than here in Australia. The last country to be invaded by the Europeans and exiled the natives, who where there for 40.000, years, living in harmony with the, climate, animals. We turn up and the clock is ticking on yet another continent. Shit happens and we sit back and let the shit head eleate tell us what is right and good, fuck the educated cunts, common sense tells us that its going tits up, fuck the cunts we are paying the cunts wages, pension etc, put a stop to the shit now.

    • No, no bulldozing. We are eating em.
      Miles said so and its his nom.
      Ill have a nice plump one BBQ style,
      Bit of seasoning an chips.
      Knew all that poetry and religious mysticism was a cover for cannibalism and social cleansing of the underclass!

      • I always liked that Barbara Streisand number ‘People’ Miserable. Belting if out-

        ”People who eat people are the luckiest people in the world…’

        • That was from experience Barbara wrote that.
          Known cannibal Streisand!!
          Tried to eat Karen carpenter once but got her lodged between her teeth.

      • Before thinking about eating them, you should see and smell them.

        Feed them to rescue dogs, i say.

        • Be plenty to go around CP!
          Dogs will get fed as well.
          But your right need to check em out first!
          Not eating Gareth Thomas!!

  4. Don’t be sending more cunts to Texas. We have enough illegals already thanks.

    Killing Joke have been banging on about this for decades. Always ahead of their time and current affairs. Check out The Great Cull here:


    In other news, I’m so glad the school children of the world are protesting climate change today, as being reported in a completely factual, impartial and not over-the-top way by Al-BBC and Sly News. Isn’t it refreshing and reassuring to know that these children have all done extensive research, read numerous scientific papers, considered all angles and concluded there is a serious and immediate threat to our continued existence. Makes you proud that the future generations are this (ill) informed and not just regurgitating a social political mantra while being manipulated by their elders. You go kids!

    • Lefty teachers grooming kids to bunk off school on Fridays and regurgitate climate change bollocks should be gunned down on sight, cooked in a white wine sauce with shallots, mushrooms and garlic, then fed liberally to the poor.

      Afternoon IY.

      • Liked how you sneaked mushrooms in Rtc,
        No my recipe would be traditional english cannibalism.
        Slow cooked with roast spuds, thick onion gravy, yorkshire pudding and John majors fav..peas.

        • Mme… delicious Mnc.

          Me am having mushrooms tomorrow night with Spag Boll… and again Monday with prawn vindaloo.

          🎶 Yummy yummy yummy
          I got mushrooms in my tummy 🎶

      • Afternoon RTC.

        “gunned down on sight”…LOL. Nearly coughed up a lung at that. Ta muchly.

  5. Miles anger at the poor is right,
    They do get in the way!
    The other week i tripped over some lazy bastard in a doorway,
    Said ‘avent you got a home to go too!’
    “No he said pathetically.
    So he subjects me to a potentially lethal tripping accident because he refuses to get on the property ladder?
    …get him on Miles Bbq

    • Or he could just start making internets or something. There’s heaps of ways up the ladder the lazy homeless Twanks

  6. Had to go to Westfield today to the fucking Apple shop. All I saw in Stratford were flats being built. Not to house the indigenous population methinks. The whole world now seems to live in East London and popping kids out like there’s no tomorrow. There are not enough resources for them all.

    But, hey, it’s all going to be fine because EFDC has declared a “climate emergency”


    What a bunch of cunts – like the old “nuclear free zones” – they worked out well.

    • Stratford Westfield is all smoke and mirrors. Wander five minutes in any direction from the shiny Yank cathedral to consumerism and it’s an absolute shithole. Like Beirut without the nightlife.

      Evening, my Lord.

    • Fucking hell i’d forgotten about ‘nuclear free zones’ southwark the cunts were a ‘nuclear free zone’ back in the day ( fucking americanisms) as if a nuclear bomb is going discriminate between southwark, or that shithole lewisham what a bunch of nuclear cunts.

  7. Some shits going to go down, every so often there’s a mass extinction event, failing that we are going to hit another ice age which will pretty much resolve most man made issues.

    We are a very successful species but our time is finite, I would like to think humanity can overcome the hurdles we make for ourselves but I don’t think we can.

    Our genius is we can overcome most problems we are presented with, our arrogance convinces us we can overcome any problem we are presented with.

    In the great scheme of things on in an infinite universe containing infinite parallel universes not one of us matters a fuck for the minutest moment of time.

    If the solution to our current problems requires the death of untold millions if not billions none of us are more deserving to live than any other human being on the planet.

    Deep shit for a Friday just before works over for the day.

    Live well and have a good weekend, we never know when our time is up till it’s up.

    • My neighbours are more deserving to die than most. This much I know. If a cull is required, I’m locked and loaded, Smith & Wesson style.

    • In my opinion The Reason is: each soul gets his her chance to make their way in this wondrous world.

      If we hold to universal suffrage no one may say who is ineligible.

      If we truly believe in the hazard of overpopulation the ethical approach is to prevent excess souls from being conceived.

      I’ve been trying to encapsulate my thoughts on this for a while. Thanks to this August Online Agora ISAC for the opportunity to coalesce this idea.

  8. Yep weekends here, glad to of finished work, hard week, im exhausted!
    Chippy tea an some gold goblin ale for tonight, then playing out with family in the beautiful peak district rest of weekend.
    Have a great weekend everyone, we live in a beautiful country and we are British!
    What more could you ask for?
    Play nice!👍👍

  9. ‘We are dying Egypt, dying’. Famous line from a poem by Louis MacNeice. Haven’t a clue what he’s on about but that line stuck in my head. In this context.

    We are dying Europe, dying. Yes the indigenous peoples of Europe are dying off. I can’t be arsed to go into the statistics but we are dying. There is a crisis in the birthrate in Italy I know. Orban in Hungary is paying women to have more babies. The joke statistic actually states the underlying problem. 2.4 children for the average family is not enough to keep the population healthy. The population in Britain will continue to rise till about 2080 (because of the people living now living longer) but after that there will be a sharp decline.

    ‘You are dying Japan, dying’. I’m afraid it seems the lot of society that the richer it becomes the lower the birthrate. All those rich South Asian counties aren’t having enough children.

    Africa. Another Nom.

    Save to say there is enough food in the world to feed it many times over. There is enough land mass to house the world’s population comfortably.

    Its an evil creed. In line with Eugenics, abortion on demand. It comes from the same ‘progressive’ ‘enlightened’ thinking.

    • “Its an evil creed. In line with Eugenics, abortion on demand. It comes from the same ‘progressive’ ‘enlightened’ thinking.”

      Fucking solid good truth there. The people pushing this sort of thinking are the elite who know damn well they won’t be included in the cull. Sure the elite want to save the planet, save it for themselves that is.

      The average progressive liberal isn’t smart enough to realise they will be in the stack of bones.

      Margate Sanger wasn’t a humanitarian for sure.

  10. The world IS overpopulated, not by number alone, but by impact – the resources they’re using, the waste they create, the overwhelming demand for goods, etc not to mention the insane damage all this causing to the natural world.

    The ideal solution would be drastically minimise breeding and do away with the filth of the planet, namely; the poor, religious cunts of all kinds and caravan dwellers.

  11. Sod the environment Cuntflap, I’m mentally noting the local porkers for Brexit Day (pray) when the skies darken with a plague of locusts, it rains frogs and the crops fail.

  12. Yeah great idea Cuntflap!
    Always have a look for who gets it first on a plane, obviously the wheelchair types first, cant pull their weight in a survival scenario.
    Pays to choose at check in at the airport. Accidentally drop seasoning on other passengers,
    Its just salt an pepper it wont stain!”
    And take packets of sage & onion stuffing in your hand luggage.
    Now these are things Bear Grylls doesnt tell you, insider tips!

    • MNC I am close to being a wheel chair type, Mrs B is a spastic from birth (Oxygen deprivation of the brain due to a shit mid wife) .
      I fought the Gulf ( actually no I was stuck in a 11A call sign) I then fought in Croatia.
      My child hood involved my fathers postings round the world for an airline ( sit in the tail section is my advice) could you back off please?

      • Hi Lord Benny , sorry if I offended you pal, meant no offence, daft tasteless joke,
        Know your ex soldier and a brave man nothing but respect for you.
        But was part of a crap joke, sorry for any offense dont want you to think bad of me pal.

        • Brave? my arse! most of the time there was more chance of me getting killed if I legged it from the comfort of my own little hole (plus a possible shot for desertion) than staying it.
          Trust me I was bricking it and anyone who says otherwise is retarded.

  13. I’m not a massive fan of pork joints but I suppose, by definition, long pig should make excellent sausages.

  14. Hmm. Not sure about this.

    Perhaps more of an issue is the imbalanced distribution of people across the world and them landing en masse in certain countries, because THAT kind of ‘overpopulation’ is no more evident than here in sunny, yet unsurprisingly, still deeply depressing Londonistan.

    You don’t even need to venture into the heart of the city to see it. Here in Uxbridge (yes indeed, my fellow cunters, I live in BoJo’s constituency and no wonder he doesn’t spend much fucking time here) it is at times like being a stranger in your own country.

    And surprise, surprise, most of the fuckers you see pushing a fully occupied double buggy with a search party string of sprogs attached to it are those people of the ethnic variety. There are, in fact, more buggies here than there are sheep versus people in Wales.

    When I accompany my pensioner mother to get her hairdo done of a Saturday afternoon, her insightful eye has a way of putting things and typically does not mince words:

    “Fuck me, that lot have kids like they are shelling peas”.

    Indeed Mum. Indeed.

    • My mums family care from Uxbridge, I went to school there a a couple of terms in the early 80s, was born in Hillingdon. Wasn’t so bad then, Hayes, that was a shitehole back then but Uxbridge still had a touch of English left about it.

      • Small world, SV!

        Yep, Uxbridge is still a nice area but the even bigger shitehole that is Hayes is gradually bleeding into it, unfortunately. Southall isn’t a million miles away either, and don’t even get me started on that turdhole of the universe…..

  15. Given that over 30% of the comments on this thread alone, are from one source – Is it time to nominate IsAC-Addiction for a cunting ?

    Just an observation…

  16. If you mean me cunt away!
    Im in a top mood!
    Im English, got beer weekend to look forward too, dashing and winsome,
    Fill yer boots son.

  17. The top twenty countries by population growth are either goat shaggers or spear chuckers.

    And they are heading our way!

    • Yep and they’ll be welcomed by aging hippies, soy boys, muliti-coloured haired lesbians and Labour-voting wankstains. Cunts.

  18. Plastic and recycling is a symptom of over Population.
    The naivety of the lefty climate change wankers is astonishing.
    We are the virus on the planet and the more we breed the worse it gets. You can recycle as much as you want it will not make a scrap of difference. Every person that’s born needs to be housed and fed. More land needs to be built on to cope with the never end of humanity. Why dont these naive idiots get it ?

    • Exactly.

      Because breeders won’t admit, or wrap their heads around that they are part of the problem. Nothing worse than seeing climate change protesters who are parents. Oh the hypocrisy.

  19. Firstly I am pissed, so bare with me on this.
    Think of a county or patch of land as the fuel tank on your vehicle (hypothetical)
    so your car will do x miles to the gallon , good I am glad you can relate to this concept, but let me hold you there and please listen on to my drunk blatherings.
    There are certain areas of the world that suffer from drought and famine, and unfortunately infant mortality, (dont stop me it gets worse).
    Various organisations have come in to alleviate this, at this point educators become Translators and everyone gets tinned food, oh be joy infant mortality stops and who ever can have 6 or 7 children and the required herd of goats to marry them off.
    Great so we now have more people on a patch of earth that will only support a few, drought comes woopie doo new refugee chrissis and lots of pic on your TV asking you to give a £ of wich 20p goes to whoever.
    Now (going further off topic) when Jesus Christ walked the earth, his wisdom has come in to question, why did he not reveal the secrets of closed sewers ect, yes they keep disease down ect.
    I am ashamed to say that, bore holes, humanitarian aid, clothes are not the answer.
    Education is, I have lived in some of those shit holes where people sign with their thumb print, I also know they dont like us that much and will take consul from their JUJU witch, I also see a cross over where the salad I am offered in a supermarket comes from a water poor country.
    I hate it, I really do

  20. We’re overpopulated, if everyone is aspiring to a western standard of living. Which apparently we all are, by unvoted silent nod of democratic agreement – apparently we all love bullshit and clawing up the pile?

    The dirt eating dirt poor, which make up the majority of rutting exponentials, do fuck all in terms of resource depletion. Meanwhile some greasey blue haired landwhale super sayian-sexual in Brighton eats the equivalent of Rwanda’s total monthly calorie consumption in just one fucking morning.

    If we’re going to do some pruning I say Malthus has got it all backwards. BBQ the industrial cunts who keep the western dream alive and lets recycle the rotten corpse.

  21. I had five minutes to spare one day, so I used it to argue with some Hare Krishna cunt. He was banging a tambourine, and bothering folk with his bollocks. He strolled up to me and started his happy clappy shite. I told him the problem with the world is that there are too many people. He then starts that well worn argument about how much land is empty. I said ‘it isn’t empty just because people don’t live on it. Where the fuck is all the wildlife going to go after you cunts have paved over it? What about drainage, water has to drain into the ground, what about resources? Where is all the food and water to fuel these cunts? What do we do with the waste these cunts generate, when we can’t deal with the current level? But, like the god squad, you can’t argue with them, such is their desire for the crap they spout. Too many people, and too many cunts amongst them.

    • I had the same argument with a guy whom I figured was cool to begin with, but turns out he’s a fucking lefty fruitcake. He thinks we should be tearing up land to build homes for unwelcome mud cunts that appear on rubber boats with their hands and mouths open. Fuck that.

      • England has plenty of fields and meadows that can be built upon.
        According to some twat from the Green Party of all people…

  22. Near where I live in Brighton there is an area of green land called Toads hole valley .
    They are going to build 800 new homes for Chavs and other human excrement. Their will be no school, no shops and no Church. A recipe for a living hell .

  23. I can’t see why we can’t stop burying and cremating people. That’s a waste of resources. I’d have no problems sending my carcass to the dog food factory, safari park, zoo, crocodile or barramundi farm.

  24. In our desire to fight disease in itself laudable, but the crazy over prescription of drugs and resultant antibiotic resistance, may well curtail the population growth, if armegeddon is soon to be upon us I prefer the solution proffered in the Doctor Strangelove film middle aged white males hunkered down in a bunker with lots of young ladies in order to start again

  25. Heard on the radio that Ben Elton is to start touring with his stand up comedy again after a break of many years.
    Any guesses forthcoming regarding who and what the subject of his comedy act will be?

    • Packing metropolitan venues with old libtards like himself, spouting bollocks about Trump, Brexit, Boris with a bit of climate change bunged in. It’s a fucking licence to print money.

      • I thought we transported that spotty goon for crimes against comedy. His estuary accent was about as genuine as Jamie Oliver’s.
        “Eh, li’le bi’ o’ politics for yer, eh.”

        Fucking insect.

  26. Anyone thinking of putting a few remainers on the BBQ are going to be disappointed as they’ll be bitter as fuck.

      • Ram an apple in their mouths and an onion up the arse. At least then the remainer cunts will taste of something apart from bile and sour resentment…

    • Served with Fava beans and a nice Chianti – made from pure sour grapes!

      Ching, ching! 🍷

  27. If I ruled the world then IVF would be banned immediately along with all surrogacy shenanigans. If you can’t breed naturally then don’t force it, there’s almost 7 billion souls already!

  28. No Miles, the globalist mantra is the reverse of “kill off the poor”, it’s “kill off independent, free-thinking westerners and replace them with more dependent 3rd world migrants!”

    They do this with their propaganda machine of the on-message press and neo-libero-globo activists whose goal is to demonise and vilify westerners (especially the indigenous peoples of European ethnicity) into thinking *they* are the cause of all evils and that they should not reproduce in order to save the planet.

    They do this with overt promotion of transbenderism, same sex marriage, pre and post natal abortion, the feminazi lie that all western women are far happier pursuing careers rather than motherhood – which is fine until the dried up 40-something gets clucky and is then told they can’t have kids (and even if they can it’s usually with older hubby’s genetically degraded sperm which greatly increases the risk of autism and other related mental disorders), helping to combat climate change and – well – because meh!

    The fact of the matter is that westerners are falling well below their replacement birth rates and they have been in steady decline since the 1980’s but – as per the globalists playbook – the answer isn’t to promote our own having more children, with financial/social incentives, etc. No, no, no!

    Their answer is to import the 3rd world, who – in general – contribute fuck all and who are solely dependent on the state for their bowl of rice per day. The more dependent people are on the state, the more control the state (and their globalist puppet masters) have over them. They hate independence. They hate free-thought. Ergo they hate all states which still has any semblance of independence/free-thought which cannot be controlled.

    If overpopulation is an issue then these cunts should be looking further afield than Europe and North America.

    Locally we would have had no issue with overpopulation, and therefore resources – housing, NHS, school places, a bursting road network – had our numbers not been artificially inflated by over 10 million souls since 1997 (and STILL growing by 300,000 a year net) courtesy of Tony fucking Blair – another globalists’ puppet!

    Would our population have grown anyway? Yes but naturally and mainly down to life expectancy increasing, and at a rate that we could realistically cope with infrastructure wise.

    Well that’s not an option anymore with our imported race to the bottom by flooding our lands with cunts who neither want to integrate nor respect OUR way of life or traditions.

    And when the replacement is complete, what then? Why, these once green and pleasant lands will be transformed into the exact same shitholes from whence the imports came!

    And then the global elite – on their private islands, far away from the mess they have engineered – will have won!


    • I love this, however I will disagree with you on the part “the feminazi lie that all western women are far happier pursuing careers rather than motherhood”. my missus and I are almost 40 and neither of us want children, in fact, I know a few women do don’t want them and it has nothing to do with their career chasing, they’re happy without them and know they will sap their energy, freedom, funds, individuality and “zest” for life. And we fucking hate femanazi cunts with a passion – you don’t have to be a liberal or lefty to agree with abortion, either. Abortion is brilliant!!

  29. Ok so based on this, let’s use oranges as an example…

    You need 10 oranges but you only have 5. What do you do?

    You grow 10 oranges but when they’re ripe you now need 20 oranges. What do you do?

    You grow 20 oranges but when they’re ripe you now need 50 oranges. What do you do?

    You grow 50 oranges but when they’re ripe you now need 100 oranges. What do you do?

    Well eventually you realise that the only way you can achieve parity is to stop futilely throwing money at the supply part of the equation and start working on reducing the demand side of the equation.

    It’s the simplest economic formula in the world: the law of supply and demand.

    It all makes perfect sense when we talk about oranges, but when we talk about houses, NHS beds/waiting lists and school places, why, that no longer computes in the minds of the neo-liberal leftist fascists does it?

    No, it just makes me a transphobaracist for having the audacity to even dare point out what is basically common sense.

    And unfortunately that’s the “Nelly” in the room that no cunt wants to talk about.

    So no, throwing money at the supply issue in this case will never work unless demand is reduced in conjunction with it.


  30. ‘Miserable northern cunt’ quote; “Just eat the cabbages”

    This is a little hard on the Irish, don’t you think ? I mean there must be some intelligent ones, by the law of averages. 😄

  31. Suicide booths anyone? Failing that, find a volcano in the sea or something, and cause it to erupt. Wait several years. Afterwards, you have an island to put your chosen cunts on. I reccommend putting James ‘Obnoxious’ Brian on there. Downside, it would have to be a pretty fucking big volcano.

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