Notre Dame Rebuild ‘Donors’

A first rate cunting for all of the billionaires that said they were going to donate to Notre Dame Cathedral being rebuilt.

Turns out not one of them has contributed one fucking euro cent and its been mostly crowd funding and French Citizens that have put their money where their mouth is and coughed up anything.

So just the usual showboating, dick length comparing, merde de chien then, non?

These fucking cunts boil my piss solar flare levels.

Nominated by Harold Steptoe

40 thoughts on “Notre Dame Rebuild ‘Donors’

  1. Rather like all those slebs and other wankers who were going to leave the US if the Orange Man was elected. Cunts are still there. Or the cunts over here who are going to leave when Brexit happens. ( ok, they’re safe, let’s not go on about it )
    Or the shitheads like Gary Taxdodger and Lily Slagheap constantly crying about the refugees and the poor people.
    If you can prise a single penny out of their overflowing pockets then good luck to you, that’s what I say.

    • Yasmin Alibaba-Brown didn’t fuck off out the country like she said she would if Boris became PM either. Maybe she foresaw the impending shitstorm and thought it wasn’t worth the plane ticket and Twitter arse crawling platitudes.

      • Alibaba couldn’t see a massive slimy bogie that lodged itself on the end of her nose. Another fucking foreigner constantly slagging off this country but won’t fuck off back to where she came from or piss off to the EU she loves so much.
        A fucking piss taker and a cunt.

        • I fucking DETEST that Alibaba Brownface cunt. She’s never off the TV squawking “racist” and “sexist” at every given opportunity, despite the fact that its highly unlikely that the comment(s) she’s yelping about featured any “isms” at all. She is a horrible ugly smelly racist CUNT and should be starved of the oxygen of publicity.
          Actually, she should just be starved of oxygen full stop.
          Fucking hateful bastard cunt.

          • Without doubt one of the biggest cunts walking around on the face of planet Earth. A pillar of the ‘Leavers are all racist xenophobes’ crowd.
            The sight of her smug little gerbil face makes me want to puke up. I’ve cunted the bastard before and I can feel another one coming on, but she’s REALLY bad for my blood pressure. I fucking loathe this gurning, racist hypocrite so much it’s not true.

  2. Virtue signalling of the 1st order!

    Shame Gina Miller was not in the cathedral at the time of the fire…

    Steptoe and Watson: Do they talk to each other?
    Emily Thornberry:
    We will campaign for a deal and , if we get into government, we will work against it.
    Deluded salad dodging munter.

    • You have to add Hilary Benn and Dominic Grieve to that list, pompous fuckwits. They both sound like old maids who have the most severe cases of constipation, having just risen from their commodes having taken the most painful shits of their lives – going up in Notre Dame would have been tantamount to a mercy killing.

      • REMINDER: You can hear the earthshaking insights of Hilary Benn every single day on BBC R4. Sometimes twice on the same programme. (His old man’s grave can be located by the whirring noise.) HB is such a poisonous treacherous mealy- mouthed cunt that, if I had him and Blair in my sights, I might well shoot him first.

  3. Welcome to 21st century hypercapitalism where the privileged rich express ‘virtuous’ opinions to disguise rapacious behaviour that would make the robber barons of the late nineteenth century blush. See also Harry Hewitt who “cares passionately” about climate change whilst making extensive use of helicopters and private jets.

    Private wealth, public squalor.

    • Hey CMC in 20years theyll have us like those cargo cults!
      Great god Hewitt landing in his sky chariot in the village bringing us wisdom and advice,
      The crops have failed sky Harry whats your advice? We’ll starve!
      “Always wear a seatbelt (sob) and reduce your carbon footprint!”

      • If Brexit doesn’t happen according to Project Fear, we’ll all be like the villagers in ‘The Wicker Man’ making human sacrifices.

        • One of my favourites that LL.
          Should bring those old pagan customs back, put the wicker man on kent coast to scare the immos off!
          Christopher Lee suited trannyism,didnt he? Lord Summer isle.
          Dodged the remake, that useless cunt Nicholas cage? No, Edward woodward cant be beat.

        • I’d waste a Swan Vesta on Gaylord Adonis – he thought he was a great man, but he met his match…

        • Now that would be a fitting end to Brexit. Leading them all in-‘But you don’t know what you’re doing ‘. Russel-Moyle, Thornberry, Letwin all pleading for mercy. But no Farage dressed as a Pearly King lights the bushels…and thousands of real Londerners holding hands in a ring as it burns…revealing the setting sun as it crashes to the ground.

          • A truly wonderful image, Miles. With Albert Matt’s “Fame & Glory” at full blast from the band of the Grenadiers.

        • I hope Hillary the poof Benn will be the first one to be sacrificed. Champagne socialist cunt. He’s never done a day’s work in his life & never will.

  4. While i couldnt give a flying fuck about quasimodos gaff burning down it is a bit ungentlemanly to not pay what youve stated you will, but thats the french for you.
    As a scrap metals merchant Harold it was a bit remiss of you that, id of been putting a bid in for the salvage!

  5. My sympathy is with the “donors”. I once bid fifty quid for the winning leek at our local show to piss off some Cunt who wanted it for seed. I told him that I was going to just make soup out of it. In the cold and sober light of day I had to admit to myself that it was a bit of a waste of money,but I was caught up in the moment and I enjoyed the way he flounced out calling me a Cunt.
    Perhaps these donors had also had a touch too much red wine and just fancied trumping their contemporaries and then regretted it when they sobered up? I know that I still regret buying that leek….especially as I never actually bothered do anything with it and ended up just chucking it in the bin.

    • Fuck em the show offs.
      And shame on you too fiddler!
      Leeks only quid in Aldi, and I hate food being wasted, dont you know people are starving in Africa?
      Well fuck them as well!
      Price you pay for being a fussy eater.

      • I also once bought the winning leek at another show,stripped a couple of flags off it and dug it into my leek trench before they came around to stamp them.Unfortunately the sight of one massive leek sat amongst 20 seedy little ones that were no bigger than spring-onions rather gave the game away.

        Morning MNC

        • Morning mate, cheating at a show?
          Tut tut.
          Talking of produce ive just taken the apples of the tree, apple pie for pudding next week or so!😀
          Like the yanks i love apple pie, so have a skip in my step, and be cheerful while it lasts, doesnt take much to keep me happy,
          Simple pleasures for simple people!👍👍

          • Most I ever manage is to gather a few windfalls and chuck them in to the horse paddock. I had a pair of pigs one year that I fattened for the freezer that I penned in the orchard bit…the Cunts gorged on apples and plums until I thought they’d explode….fucking lovely meat off them… strips of meat sandwiched in layers of fat.
            Trouble was keeping the Cunts panned in,I spent more time chasing after them than enough..never again.

  6. I like to do the same kind of thing with East European beggars. I stop,get out my wallet,take out a tenner, then laugh and put it away again before walking away.

    Fuck them.

  7. These so-called rich bastards like to brag . . . . the more money they have the more they wanna keep it . . stashing their wealth in tax havens
    etc & it’s down to us to pay for the 2008 bankers crash . . they eat cake while we eat shite & have austerity shoved down our throats. . bastards . . . ps I’m sick of eating spam & fucking haggis

  8. oh I forgot to say what’s happened to that ugly hunchback freak? did he go down with the ship lol . .

    • His daughter was prime minister for a bit but hes retired.
      Teresa may always looks like shes dropped a quid.

  9. To be fair to some of the corporate donors, it looks as if they will pay up (a) when there’s a better idea of what needs to be done and how and (b) with phased payments over the reconstruction and restoration period. Details here:

    Arnault didn’t get to be a billionaire by splurging on every good cause that came along without due diligence. That’s not how business donation works.

    Christ, I’m defending the cunts!

    Ok, let’s also remember that there will probably be a 100-metre high sign on all four walls of Notre Dame when work is complete, saying, in four languages, “Welcome to the Louis Vuitton – Moet – Hennesey Heritage Experience and Cathedral”, and it will still be possible to hate the cunts.

    • Hennessey is really just overpriced brandy yes its good cognac of course but I’d rather buy cheap brandy for cunttails an save myself 40 dollars

      • Did you ever try South African ‘Mellow Wood’? A hangover in every measure. probably a byproduct of the aftershave industry. Filthy stuff. Drink, 12 hours wiped from memory, ill for three days, never forget.

  10. It’s just been announced that when it’s all completed, the Maybot will be returning to her old job in the bell tower.
    She left the government with a lump sum and 20 years back pay.

  11. I’m sure once it’s built, the minarets and the speaker booming out the call to prayer, will make the money all worthwhile.


  12. You just knew those rich French cocksuckers would weasel out of coughing up once the flames had subsided. The cunts are taught from birth to avoid paying their statutory taxes so you can only imagine their shrugging shoulders and mouthing “Sacrebleu” when the begging bowl comes round.
    It’s the same in the EU. The French treat our disproportionately obscene contributions as their divine right to take the piss and indulge in long liquid siestas at our expense.

    The French are cunts, always will be, and the Notre Dame rebuild fund can fuck off.

  13. It’s like deja vu. Just like Live Aid, all the sleb cunts exhorting us pleb cunts to “give us yer fookin’ money, while giving fuck all of their own
    At least here in blighty, there’s contingency should one of our landmarks get damaged. The money rolls on and it gets fixed, plus we superior British cunts tend not to let our landmarks and heritage turn to shit.
    But the Frogs hadn’t done any work to Notre Dame, ever since Quasimodo donned a tinfoil suit and dressed up as the Lunchpack of Notre Dame and gave them the right, or is that, left, hump.
    The place has been in a state of disrepair and dilapidation for decades because les Froggiezzz are ze cùnts et bâtards lazy.
    Now it turns out that Micron is going chapeau in hand to Les Napoleons Nouveau en Bruxelles pour le money, merding zemselves zat le bâtards d’Anglaise are au-revoiring BREXIT, taking le dosh Bretagne with us and waving off de phuque to make our fortune elsewhere without paying for the privilege of being phuqued dans notre derrières collectif.
    En des mean-temps, Deux churches per jour are being vandalised by le Religion de Paix.
    Waiting for le glass and metal trop d’abomination pour la belle France moderniste nailed onto le building anciène.
    Oh dear, how triste, mind rien. Je ne givé le phuque rien…
    Quelle que qhunts phuquing.

  14. The sad truth its a religious building and as we all know religion don’t excise so shit loads of money for nothing

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