Michael Eavis (4)

Michael Eavis is a cunt…

The old fucker has been trying to shift tickets for his crappy ‘Mini Glasto’ festival by saying to the press that a ‘Big, big band’ with ‘lots of hits’ will be reforming for it. Of course, speculation went into overdrive with those (cunts) who do that sort of thing. Was it Pink Floyd? The Jam? The Smiths? Slade? Even Oasis? Nah, it was Supergrass… Fucking Supergrass!?!

Maybe the old twat is going senile, but if his idea of a big big band is Supergrass then he’s four cans short of six pack of lager. A sneaky trick to sell tickets and get publicity is more like it, mind… The old cunt….

Nominated by Norman

47 thoughts on “Michael Eavis (4)

  1. Most of the Cunts who go to ” Glasto” deserve ripping off.

    Good luck to the greedy old hobgoblin.

    • He’s getting very aeriated about farmers again Mr F? He needs to get out more. All that pressure living on top of people in the city is getting to him I believe. The answer to his neurosis is actually fresh country air. You would agree?

      • Oh,I suspect that type get plenty of country air when they’re crawling around in the dead on night leaving gates open to show much they love animals…

        I can see him now,weedy,veggy spaghetti limbs in lycra as he pedals away from his boxy little rabbit hutch of a house ready to teach those farmers who have so much more than him a lesson. He is,after all, a brilliant mind…how is it that those thick yokels constantly get the better of him,he wonders. He’d like to wish all farmers dead or call them all thick but that hasn’t worked out too well for him in the past and his too clever for mensa mind just can’t understand it.
        Of course,the trouble is that the countryside is DIRTY !!,horror or horrors….still at least it gives him an excuse to get in the bath with the kids when he gets home and give them a real rubbing down….” Filthy,filthy dirty” he mutters to himself as he vigorously rubs them dry….


      • Maybe he is one if those people you hear about constantly washing his hands, cleaning the house, trying to eradicate every last germ. There are these TV programmes who try to help people with this affliction. (He wouldn’t watch any of them of course being taken up with his learned reading for Mensa). But maybe this is the answer. Invite him up to Northumbria Mr Fiddler and he can get to work cleaning your farmhouse. I am sure once he’d got over the initial horror he would have it spanking clean in no time. And it would cure him of his neurosis.

      • Good idea, Miles.

        I’ll get some Tesco value lager in,make up a bed in a cheap B+Q shed to remind him of his home and shoot a few animals for the feast.
        I do hope that he doesn’t squeal too hysterically if he sees one of those animals that he “cares” so much about actually have a nasty, dirty, vile shit.
        Obviously I won’t attempt to engage him in conversation, I’m just a thick farmer,I couldn’t hope to bandy words with a man who believes that his musings are on a par with a barrister’s cross-examination.

        Might even take him hunting….see if his pasty weak legs can propel his pushbike quick enough to escape the hounds…

        Tally Ho…

  2. Another multimillionaire green hippy cunt!
    Do as i say not what i do type,
    Not enough money in the world for this wizened old twat.

  3. Perhaps the old cunt is raising money to have his head removed, turned back the right way and sewn back on again?

    • With that beard he has it looks like he converted to islam, his head problem will be sorted out right if thats the case..

      • Fucking hell when I seen that photo I actually thought it was an ageing Peaceful celebrating either a benefits upgrade or a successful afternoon’s noncing. I’ve never been to any of these festivals, the idea of standing freezing in pissing rain listening to some half-arsed performance by a jaded act that should have jacked it in 20 or 30 years ago doesn’t appeal to me. Speaking of which, I stumbled upon the Al-Beeb coverage of the Pet Shop Boys live at Hyde Park. Not the worst gig I’ve ever seen by an ageing electro-pop duo, but they were joined on stage and by some absolute CUNT by the name of Ollie Alexander, who is apparently the lead singer of some group called Years And Years (nah, me neither). Well, this screaming poof minced on in a silver costume and managed to make Neil Tennant look like Chuck Norris. Not only that, but this utterly hateful Ollie cunt is possibly the worst fucking singer I’ve ever had the mispleasure of hearing. Absolute shite. He’s immediately joined my own “cunts I fucking despise” list. I’d like to see a duet of Ollie Alexanders face and a fucking sledgehammer. The fucking talentless mincing shirtlifting cunt. Hope he gets a rare strain of AIDS that can’t be cured.

      • I’ll second that Beem.

        PSB are top class and have been so for getting on 40 years. Never had a problem with Neil Tennant being gay because at least he didn’t broadcast it and camp it up like an 80s Larry Grayson. His immense talent overshadowed all that nonsense.

        What the fuck was he thinking sharing a stage with this weak-voiced nobody….. a sort of millennial version of Sylvester.

      • My better half used to do Neil Tennant’s Mum’s hair. She was very nice but didn’t really want to talk about Neil if you know what I mean…

  4. All the festival s are shitty over priced giant corporation love ins . Nothing about the original idea of a festival survives, !All water down to the same bland level so as many cunt s will have a jolly good time.

    Should just drop a bomb on them and take out as many of the soppy cunt s as possible while they are all herded together like the sheep they are.

    • And the majority of the cunts are climate bedwetters and remainers, bank on it. What’s not to like about nuking the cunts?

    • I can’t fault him. Grab as much as you can. I went to Glastonbury once, got completely off me head on a shit load of white widow and me and my mate made shoes out of Stella boxes. Pyramid stage was full of pop. Other stage was great. Good bands not giving any single fuck about the pyramid bullshit. Great times. Alot of stages with great music. And the shoes .. dynamic

  5. Loads of hit records? Oh fuck its U2 isn’t it… Just joking cause to be hit records they actually have to be good an U2 fucking isn’t

  6. If you look at Micheal Eavis he’s a proper shifty old git Narrow eyed untrustworthy old cunt a candidate for someone who works for the BBC in other words a total cunt

  7. He’s always been a prehistoric, virtue-signalling CND etc etc zzzzz cunt but his daughter is far far worse. Emily Eavis considers Flabdelle, Sheercunt and Kylie Minogue as superstars!!

    Well fuck me guess what……they’re not fit to lick even Steve Hillage’s boots.

    • I saw him in the dance? Tent. System 7? Fucking great. Everything is fucking great with an ounce of weed

    • Michael Mansfield deserves a full blown cunting of his own. Amazed he’s flown under the ISAC radar for so long!

      Smarmy commie barrister has made millions defending enemies of Britain and related scum. Never misses an opportunity to denigrate this country. Maybe after this today he’ll receive a nomination or two…

      I think I would run that past legal before nominating it he is a bit international

      • What a cunt RT. That awful nasal ‘posh’ voice he has. Another fucker I am sure you know as well-Geoffrey Robertson. His fucking ‘posh’ voice. Mind you he’s a colonial so its put on even more. Two of the biggest cunts in the land.

      • I know what you mean Miles.

        Robertson is indeed an insufferably smug libtard cunt, but in my mind is still eclipsed by Mansfield, and more recently that Lord Pannick fuck – Gina Minger’s dissembler in chief.

      • Along with slippery cunt Cherie Blair they have raided the public purse with MASSIVE legal aid / human rights cases,
        Mansfield is without question a 24 carat cunt…….

  8. I cunted this hypocrite earlier this year and, in my opinion, he can’t receive enough flak.

    If you ever require an example of lefty hypocrisy look at this greedy turd. The whole of Glastonbury is a money-making gimmick designed so the pundit can relieve their conscience in the hope of “making a difference” while rapacious cunts like this gnasing capitalist here rub their hands and snicker. It’s Rebellion in a the form of a tee-shirt, rock’n’roll in a £4 plastic bottle while Cow-dung Eavis wipes the saliva from his chuckling mouth. There’s fuck-all difference between FuckFace Eavis and Richard Branson.

    Typical farmer, shit in his mouth and shit on his clothes. He probably only stops molesting his sheep to “accidentally” climb into bed with his daughters, and fiddle with local kîddies before structuring his Gary Glitter beard. Oo-aa 🎶 Oi’m The Leader, Oi’m The Leader, Oi’m The Leader of the Sheep…”

    • Sheep? hes a dairy farmer cap!
      Maybe he screws the moo’s? Dunno.
      You got that job as host of countryfile?😀😀

      • For all its finger-wagging and lecturing, Countryfile should be re-named Preachyfile.

        All farmer cunts keep a few sheep just to satisfy their slaughter urges and for when family members are absent for mòlesting. Why, I’m even certain John Craven fiddled with that collie when he wasn’t SHEP-herding future fluffy paramours.

        Farmers are just wealthy pîkeys. Fuck them and their gammon-faced pro-EU cock-sucking.

        Afternoon, MNC. Lovely day.

      • Afternoon Cap! Yeah no work on today so me n the dog out in the woods, playing in the stream (the dog that is)
        Nice day indeed!
        Me n Rtc an few others are adopting a goat as a mascot for ISAC if you wanna chip in?
        No ones allowed to bum it ive made that clear.

      • Hmm, I’ll pass on that MNC. One’s never too far from a bumpkin type and the poor thing’ll be fiddled,and diddled, and beheaded before you can say, “organic Glastonbury Goat’s Testicle Soup.” These cunts live amongst us, you know.

  9. You beat me to it Captain.

    Michael Eavis is cut from the same counterfeit hippy cloth as Richard Branson.

    Money grubbing Corbynista cunt.

    Surprised he hasn’t received a knighthood.


      • Afternoon, Ruffers.

        The behaviour is identical. One’s a money-grubbing, millionaire pervert who parades his insatiable greed like the smiling face of capitalism, while the One’s a money-grubbing, millionaire pervert who pretends to be the smiling face of hippydom. The only difference is that Branson has a constant shit-eating grin whereas Eavis has the shit-smelling trousers.

  10. I took my son to the IOW festival a few years back and it was fuckin awful. The vendors were charging a fortune for shit food . 2 big screens either side of the stage were advertising baby wipes and Tampax in between acts and it seemed like there were more Security than Punters.
    I don’t know if Glastonbury is like this diabolical corporate shite , I last went there back in the 70’s but I suspect it is.

    • I went to the stone roses Reformation at Heaton park. The organization and pricing was fucking awful. It being Manchester, alot of the lads ganged up and stormed the bar. Just started throwing the over priced crap out for fuck all. Great times.

  11. Wouldn’t attend any type of festival for free, stitched up from the moment you set foot inside, pissing and shitting inside a disease ridden box its Just a luvie get together for wanky BBC radio presenters and z list celebs trying to look bohemian.!!

  12. Supergrass a big band? I can count their hits on one finger. Eavis is a corporate sell out.

  13. Eavis is, and always has been, a cow-pat munching weirdo. Let’s hope there’s an outbreak of BSC on his land. The cunt.

    • think you mean BSE otherwise known as mad cow disease judging by the goldplated cunt fest that glasto is I would say it has already happened how could you explain it otherwise

    • He’d only grind up the herd and make them into £10 gourmet burgers for the ‘glampers’.

  14. I don’t mind Supergrass, not the greatest band in the world nor the biggest but alot more inoffensive as half the other cunts out there.

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