Glasgow University

Glasgow University has agreed to raise and spend £20m in reparations after discovering it benefited by millions of pounds from the slave trade.

How very virtuous. Right-on the noo.

How about its benefit from the Highland Clearances? The university and a lot of landowners including the Crown did very well out of it. No chance. The victims were poor white Scots, so fuck ’em.

The educational establishment in the UK is so mired in this sort of bullshit- slavery, race, gender, EU, Oh Oh Jeremy Corbyn that it has long forgotten it’s function.

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  1. I really pisses me off this shite. I’m fed up to the back teeth of twats apologising for being white all the bloody time. What about all our poor fucking ancestors, most of these were effectively slaves, most of them had absolutely no chance of any sort of freedom whatsoever. Also, if it weren’t for slavery all these black people would still be living in Africa eating monkey brains.

  2. I can only be thankful that I completed my education before this stranglehold of liberal fascism really took hold.

    To be sure, there have always been the left-wing socialist champions at seats of learning who, at least in my time, grew up to own two-up-two-downs in Putney, and stuck it to the man by commuting from Medway to Moorgate. Right on!

    The difference in the last decade (give or take), is that both unions and the academic establishment have fully absorbed the leftist doctrine and foisted it upon all comers – such as racial inclusivity to level 11, encouraged hatred of white culture, men being lectured on how not to be rapists, witchhunts for anyone left of Stalin – you know, the usual modern fare. When I studied, there were many such loons around but the crucial difference was that you could take or leave the lunacy. Now, it is compulsory.

    In fact, the indoctrination starts much earlier – school age, I’d argue, as witnessed by my very own infamous relative (who has admittedly piped down significantly, but remains a cunt). By 16-18, the real leftism rhetoric is kicking in and by University, these cunts are already hungry to trash paintings of WWII soldiers and vandalise statutes commemorating white men of note.

    I always wonder if the current stupidity in the academic sector had anything to do with the parallel dumbing down of teaching standards, again roughly across the last decade or more. I knew a disproportionate number of people, after graduation, who went into teacher training (PGCE). Among them was an ex-gf who achieved a 2:2 in Leisure and Tourism, now teaching english; a friend who narrowly got a 2:2 in chemistry and now teaches maths; and another who got a 2:2 in history and is now head of the fucking department in his school. None of them aimed to be teachers, but ended up there after such disappointing degrees.

    Now I’m not saying for a moment that grades maketh the quality in teaching, but there was a slogan in the 2000s, “Those That Can, Teach”. It was essentially a free-for-all for any cunt with shit degrees like Gender Studies, Communications, Transport (yes really) and other assorted tomfuckery to hastily board the gravy train to teaching and a public sector pension. Like University goers post-Blair, entrance standards for teachers has dropped dramatically since the 80s and 90s.

    I guess there is something quite haunting, all these years later, about Tony B. Liar’s ‘Education, Education, Education’ mantra. He fucking changed education alright, the fuck-faced arch-cunt.

    • Say what u like about B liar, The cum faced cunt is being played by Joaquin Phoenix in a forthcoming movie…

    • but there was a slogan in the 2000s, “Those That Can, Teach”

      which I think was a nuero-linguistic inversion (in true Frankfurt fashion) of the original axiom…
      “Those who can do, do: those who can’t, teach.”

  3. If cunts are going to start paying back people they have exploited in the past then some fuckers owe me a shitload of money. So which one of those rich bastards are going to start paying me first. Let’s start with Her Majesty’s fucking Government, the cunts.

    • Perhaps we should sue France, Italy, Germany, Denmark and one or two other European countries that fucked us over some 2 or 3,000 years ago!

        • You would not catch many Germans apologising for the Holocaust and you don’t get Muslims accepting responsibility for terrorism, so why the fuck are people apologising for actions of people from hundreds of years ago.

          • I’m hoping the Welsh start having a pop over the Scots re Marquis of Bute, creation of Cardiff, slavery and cruelty to the Welsh natives.
            I’d love to see Turdgun squirm at the hands of the Welsh.

    • I’ve not paid any tax for years, I’m always conveniently under the 11000.
      And always will be.
      Fuck this country.

  4. If we all were able to look back far enough. We’d probably find that out ancestors both benefited and suffered because of some form of slavery. In their time these practices were run of the mill and we cannot judge the past by our own standards…ever.

    Fuck all this virtue signalling and apologising. These people need to grow up, accept that it happened, as unfortunate as it is, and move on. Think of the good that £20million could do in academia rather being pissed down the drain on some jumped up Dark K£ys.

    • And the most convenient thing the anti-white brigade choose to pretend doesn’t exist is that slavery is still going on Africa in the 21st century completely Independent of any white influence. 2% of the population in the islamic republic of mauritania are slaves, TODAY! But who cares it’s only long-dead white slavers that we need concern our woke selves with.

  5. Ah, these millennial cunts… If you want to confuse a ‘Post-Millennial’ then try and pay for something with cash in McDonald’s, Starbucks, or wherever else they work….

    The confused look on their stupid faces when they have to put away the card payment machine and open a till is fucking priceless….

  6. So much for universities being starved of funds.

    Now every dark-key cunt and his offensive wife will imagine they’re entitled to “restorative justice” i.e. cash compo, for what a few rich white cunts did nearly two centuries ago, ably assisted by some black cunts on the continent of Africa (brush that inconvenient truth under the carpet).

    Afua Hirsch’s undercrackers must soaked with minge juice.

    • Have you still got backdated episodes of ‘The Pledge’ to watch Creampuff or is your sacrificing your sanity (and TV) not worth it?

      • Morning LL.

        I currently have 10 editions of The Pledge awaiting my viewing displeasure. No way would ditch the TV! I find it an invaluable tool and occasional source of entertainment.

        Unlike some posting here, I delight in being exposed to as wide a range of opinions as possible. Fortunately I have a highly developed crap detector when it comes to screening out propaganda, doublespeak and crooked thinking in general not unknown to emanate from the MSM. Am also highly discerning and selective in the programmes I choose to watch. I pre-record everything for later viewing, except for the occasional dip into the news channels and Parliament channel…

        I imbibe most entertainment in the form of DVDs.

    • Aye, and remember the black cunts were enslaving their own kind long before ( and after) the white cunts got involved.

  7. If this reparation shit takes off nationwide it will bankrupt the fucking country, because every non-white cunt and his horse will be sticking their hands out demanding a few grand compo for the trauma that their great great great great great uncle suffered while picking his nose in some white man’s toilet back in the day!

    It will also attract all the relations from across the globe to emigrate here thinking that they too should have a share purely because of the British Empire affected “every” non-white that ever lived.

    Then there will be reparations for gays, women, trannies and the whole LBGTBLAH club for similar traumas and abuse etc.

    This country is fucked

  8. Those Italian cunts still owe us an apology and some reparations for their fucking occupation a few years back. As for those Norman arseholes…

  9. If I put cocoa powder on my skin and dress up like a nonwhite person, (memories of being a red Indian in a school play), can I demand money? :-p

    • You’ll be arrested for cultural appropriation. In court explain that you identify as a transgender special breeds sheep and you’ll get off, though.

      • Cultural appropriation? What’s that? Is that just another excuse to moan?
        I know I moan about stuff but I just get it off my chest, I don’t sue anyone etc etc.
        Give me some money or I’ll do a rain dance, not that this country needs one.

  10. Glasgow University . Now there’s a thing. In Scotland it is the State that pays the fees, not the student. The fees are the contributions made by taxpayers in the UK. Perhaps now is the time to stop the Barnet Formula Dead./ And why not indeed ?

    • So – in Scotland, will an English person of colour get free edumacation, while a white English person have to pay? It’s so wwaaaacccciiissstttt……….

  11. The cunts who dreamed up this virtue signalling project are all rich fuckers right? So rich fuckers using other people’s money for their own benefit and advantage. It was ever thus.

  12. Fine university, fucked like all the rest. Cunts are going to have a major shock when they get their worthless arts degrees and find out what the real world’s like.

  13. Congratulations Glasgow University, I sincerely hope that every descendant of anyone the University benefited from during the salve era now lodges a claim.


  14. I come from bone poor Welsh/Irish stock. My forebears starved and were worked to death by landowners, pit owners and mill owners. Is there a difference in their lot from that of the African slaves, who were supplied by other Africans by the way.?
    Yes, the difference is colour and liberal bullshit.

    • My forebears were from Lancashire and worked in the cotton mills, in conditions very little better than the slaves who picked the cotton, who at least got healthy exercise outdoors in a better climate. Many of them died in the workhouse when no longer useful. Manchester U owes me.

  15. All 5 members of Sourberries’ mob voted against the election last night. Just making doubly sure they don’t have to face the constituents they so blatantly ripped off.

  16. Rejoice!
    Cressida’s Dick has been honoured for services to the safety of tube passengers and the wonderful job she is doing keeping down London crime. Pity the Krays have passed on or they too would have deserved to be honoured.

  17. May’s honours include peerages for Rami Ranger (dunno, but gave the Tories £1M)
    Zameer Choudrey (ditto, £300,000+) , David Brownlow Conservative vice-chairman (£3M).and knighthoods and CBE’s for every cunt who advised May during her grand clusterfuck. Notably for Ehud Sheleg, (£1M in three months) the (Israeli) Tory treasurer, currently enmeshed in investigations based on the Panama Papers into his and his brother’s business dealings…

    May’s still a hypercunt, then.

    • “Sir Simon Woolley, the founder of operation Black Vote, and Ruth Hunt, the ex-chief executive of Stonewall, were also made crossbench life peers.” (Guardian). That’s the BAMELGBT quota, then.

      And John Mann (Lab, but now whatever an “antisemitism tsar” for the Tories might be), gets a peerage – for services to smearing his party leader? Whatever. Here’s Mann on the House of Lords last year:

      Just proposed to Jeremy Corbyn that Labour ends lifetime Lords appointments off (sic) he appoints any new people. Start progression to abolishing patronage based House of Lords
      3:28 am – 21 Mar 2018


      A man of stern principle..

  18. Labour Remoaners have at last seen the light and are looking forward to voting through May’s EU dictated Agreement when Boris brings it back in October.

    “…the Withdrawal Agreement is far from dead. I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and wonder if I should have supported the agreement in the meaningful votes.”
    (Stephen Kinnock)

    Further reading:

      • That’s bollocks. If he brought back the hunchback deal Sir Nigel would fight every Tory seat and they’d get smashed. Besides, only the Tory traitors and the Blairites would vote for it. Corbyn’s mob won’t, nor the Lib Dumbs or SNP. Only an election, with one issue, will settle this.

        • What did John Lennon sing about? ‘Gimmie some truth’. Well someone has and what a blessed relief to hear someone speak it-‘You guys should get outside London and go to talk to people who are not rich Remainers’.

        • Johnson would only need 58 Labour votes to get a reheated May deal over the line. Are you suggesting there aren’t 58 Blairites currently in Parliament who would want to keep us tied to the EU’s apron strings in perpetuity?

  19. Another 22 hard working taxpayers picked out of the channel and given a safe ride to the Land of Milk and Honey today. I wonder what they do with those rubber boats? Do they put them on E Bay? Or do they just give them back to the French government to use again?

    • They can soon be seen on channel 5’s Nightmare Tenants series squatting or refusing to pay rent.

  20. The first thing that should be added to the balance sheet of any so called reparations bill is a massive subtraction for all the fucking aid we’ve thrown at africa, much of which has been possible thanks to universities disseminating the knowledge that let us be a modern prosperous country creating wealth from which taxes were drawn. Why the fuck should we pay more on top of those billions upon billions? Fuck africa it’s full of cunts, weak, idle, stupid parasitic cunts.

  21. I did my degree at Glasgow University and I was grateful to get to the end without decking someone. Hated every second and found it to be flooded with utter wankers. But then, that’s the case with most universities. Although it has always had a reputation as a good university, this recent shit has actually made me embarrassed to be associated with the place. Now I tell people I got my education while I was in prison.

  22. All universities are blameworthy. Just business models with left-wing rules. Naught to do with education.

  23. Are any universities immune from this lunacy? There must be some bastion of conservative learning somewhere for goodness sake. Its probably in India or Nigeria.

    Like Sir Jordan Peterson says, the human rights movement in the West has gone beyond demanding human rights and is now in the realm of demanding the right to be all kinds of silly bugger (paraphrase.)

  24. Universities? That’s a laugh, based on their inward looking, left wing view of virtually everything. They should be known (in descending order) as solar systemities, planetities, countritities or even citytities but not universities. I went to a technical college (university) near Edinburgh called Heriot-Watt. It was colloquially known then as Hairy-Twat University and typifies their need to appear better than they actually are. Bunch of cunts.

  25. They’re simply trying to compete with Cambridge in their cuntitude.

    So where do these monies go?

    These academics wringing their fucking hands over shit that no living person had any involvement in – it’s fucking ridiculous!

    It’s like the latest Grief-fell cash-cow but without the fire!

    Great Britain should petition Italy for reparations for the Roman occupation and enslavement of Britons 2,000 years ago!

    No? Why not? It’s the same fucking difference!

    Now FUCK OFF!

  26. Turn the halls of residence and every lecturer’s office into a bedsit for the English Channel Hoppers Society of Syrians.
    Fuck off.

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