Gareth Thomas (2)


Scrum down boyos for a sportsmanlike cunting for this 45 year old attention seeking ex sportsman, and putative “Iron Man”:

Yes our gay rugger bugger, not content with *coming out* 10 years ago then writing a book called “Proud” about it 5 years later in case we had all forgotten (if we were interested in the first place), has now announced the sad news he is HIV Positive, and has been for some years, which might have come as a shock to his “husband”.

It seems, despite Mr Thomas protestations that he is doing this for the benefit of mankind (or at least those men who put on tight shorts and stick their backsides in the air for other players to fondle), that he was in danger of being exposed by a tabloid newspaper, so it seems he has got his retaliation in first. There is also money to be made: BBC Wales will be showing a documentary film about the Derek Jarman of sport later this week.

So discreet, this pundit, writer, social campaigner, cry-baby and sportsman.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

I put forward an arse injected, death sentence cunting for Welsh rugby starlet, Gareth Thomas.

Not only did we have to endure the cuntitude of this cunt on coming out as gay (so what??) and also being a top rugby player (and the surprise there being?? There’s more fudge packed in rugger clubs than Roundtree’s and Cadbury’s combined), but now we’re supposed to get all teary-eyed at the fact he’s now come clean as being HIV+.

I do not condone the way the media outed his contagious and life-threatening disease to his parents but sympathy… No!

This cunt may have endangered the people around him through not coming clean on his condition as soon as he knew. That is sociopathy at it’s worst. Last I checked rugby is a contact sport which can result in bloodied injuries. No doubt all those he participated with/against are equally blasé about his condition and wouldn’t have minded in the slightest.

If his parents didn’t know then it is likely that many of his other nearest and dearest friends and family didn’t know either. Friends/family with children, but instead of pillorying the cunt for his recklessness, the lefty-liberal lamestream media are heralding the cunt as some sort of oppressed hero!?!

No! He is a cunt pure and simple!

I don’t care what the neo-liberal globalist media say on either side of the pond, about AIDS bastards slinging their spunk/blood around unprotected, as being “no big deal anymore” – so long as they’re on their meds, of course.

That’s as may be, but I’d like the right to make my own decision about such things, thank you.

I may be a luddite and “old school” when it comes to my attitude on such things, but wouldn’t want me or mine to be in the same postcode as this cunt!

That has fuck all to do with him being gay, and everything to do with him being an unscrupulous and dishonest cunt!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

47 thoughts on “Gareth Thomas (2)

  1. Another snowflake princess who is under the illusion he is some kind of crusading SJW warrior, bringing ‘education and understanding’, ‘breaking down barriers and social stigma’ to the wider public. Newsflash Gareth, most people couldn’t give a tuppenny fuck about who or what you stick up your arse or what you have caught in doing so.

    • You’d give a tuppeny fuck what he stuck up his arse if you were in a scrum with him. He’d be caressing the Liquidator balls more quickly than you could say, “It’s a real Man’s game.”
      Come on duckies, time for your post-match shower.

      Ohh, the irony.

    • Top cunting chaps!!
      Particularly like the Roundtree/ Cadbury reference 😂
      And mr liquidator I couldn’t agree more….
      sounds like plenty of cunts have smashed between Thomas,s posts!
      That’s a choice he made so no sympathy here, and he’s definitely not a fucking hero for belatedly coughing up!!

  2. Is this the same cunt who got beat up by a 16 year old boy? (Maybe Gareth didn’t pay the rent?) Is this the same publicity hungry cunt who has appeared on all sorts of sleb reality shows?
    So now he’s back on the front pages asking for sympathy for the inevitable consequences of his sordid disgusting lifestyle. I hear he is going to team up with the SJW Princes for more libtard crying and hand wringing. He must be well pleased.
    Another desperate attention seeking cunt. Fuck off wanker.

  3. In this case I do have some sympathy for him. A paper told his parents he was HIV and were going to publish it so he got in first (no pun intended). Personally I don’t give a toss if he is gay or not. I don’t give a fuck he is HIV positive. It could of been me, I put it around when younger and none of the women presented me with a HIV clear cert and I din’t get tested until i hit my 30’s.

    The evil doer here is the fucking press and media, I don;t think people want to know this shit but once exposed to it some becoming addicted to sleb shit stain car crash gossip.

    We could do ourselves a lot of good by getting rid of the gutter press, they inject us full of toxic shite and then use that addiction to feed us propaganda wholesale.


  4. Off subject but I’m disgusted by Justin Trudeau and all these pictures of people from the past thinking it’s funny to wear ‘blackface’.

    What was it about coal miners and chimney sweeps that made them such racist bastards?

    • What about those Aborigines and their white face paint, not seen one progressive cunt make a fuss about that.

      The official line is if white people adapt black culture it’s appropriation but if BAME adopt white culture it’s integration.

      Not got an is sue with Aborigines as they seem pretty much to just get on with their lives and be left alone by the invading foreign cunts, we know just how they feel!

      • On the Beebisthan website this morning they were advertising a programme starring Sue Perkins in Japan. There she was made-up like a geisha girl with kimono and painted face. Surely there’ll be lashings of protests about that? Appropriation? Racism?

        Ohh no, pardon me. Perkins is a Beebisthan treasure as well as being a man-hating bülldyke therefore has a protective force field around her.

      • Sue Perkins-as funny as catching your old chap in your zip. Ugly cunt as well.
        Smell and Moo are easily the unfunniest duo since Fred and Rose.

      • Waiting for Wireless 4 to start PM (why? the silly schoolkid cunts are on strike again protesting about climate change – we must assume the climate didn’t change, or at least it didn’t worry the kids so much during August school holidays), anyway that fucking stupid programme that preceeds it where you have two wankers talking about fuck-all introduced by Fi Glover, they had a couple of typical Wireless 4 poofters:

        Not the first time they have done this pile of horseshit and no doubt not the last.

  5. After another example emerged of Trudeau wearing blackface, he has sincerely apologised.

    He said ‘I and I wan’ give respec’ to me bredren. Please don’t report me to the dirty Babylon’.

  6. Why do gays always manage to check out of hotel rooms on time..?

    They get their shit packed the night before….

  7. I don’t have an issue with him keeping his HIV status private. It is his health and nobody else’s business, unless he is KNOWINGLY putting someone at risk after his diagnosis. In that case he has a responsibility to let them know.

    I have tried to research exactly when this man was diagnosed, whether he was still playing rugby (I believe he retired in 2011) I assume it was after he retired and not that long ago, so I also assume that he DID NOT KNOWINGLY put anyone else at risk through blood contact, open wounds, etc.

    He is also ‘married’ and his partner is aware of his status, so I also assume they are being very careful, so to speak and that he is not irresponsibly fucking around on him…….BUT!!!….

    ….the biggest issue I have with this man is his disingenuous claim that he is telling everyone about his HIV+ status now to break the stigma….like some benevolent public service. That is utter bollocks and trying to paint him as some fucking HIV superhero.

    He is only telling everyone now to beat the media to the punch and put his own spin on it. If he REALLY wanted to challenge the stigmas attched to being HIV+, he would have done so after he was first diagnosed, feeling no need to keep that to himself, as a high profile man who could have some impact on the way people perceive HIV…..

    …but he didn’t, so to say now that that is the reason he is releasing this information is a total falsehood and simply trying to make himself look good and like some gay warrior. You just KNOW that his hangers-on have been telling him to profit from this and up his public image.

    I am so tired of hearing from gays, lezzies, SJW’s, gender benders, etc, etc, about what they think,feel, live with, challenge, protest about, blah, blah, blah.
    Personally, I really could not give a flying fuck.

    Why can’t they just fucking live their lives and shut the hell up, instead of needing to make a point all of the fucking time?

    • Spot on Nurse. There are tragic events in everyones life including my own.
      These may be discussed with close family/ friends now and again and a few tears shed after a drink or two.
      But these feel my pain celebs would get more respect if they just kept it more to themseves.
      Listen ‘celebs’. Fuck off. We all have our own pain to deal with!

      • Too right, SH. I could write a book on my personal dramas, not that anyone would be the slightest interested in my shit and why should they be? It is so conceited to think that you are important enough that everyone wants to know about your personal life and calamities.

        Like you say, SH…..this stuff isn’t exclusive to them!

    • Assuming you work for the NHS my dear lady & therefore your response is totally warranted.My oppo in our firms wife is a sexual health nurse at a clinic & she has told him verbatim that nearly 40% of their “clients ” are actually from outside of EU & they come here specifically for treatment as it’s free & once here through customs are entitled because of the EU human rights act have to be treated with insanely expensive drugs not paid for by AIDS charities, but us the taxpayer. 1- where does charity money go
      2- if it’s basically now treatable why the massive outcry about this filthy bastard being deemed like a demi god & has been quoted as saying “anyone afflicted with this life altering virus who is persecuted & not able to receive the incredible treatment he has should be given immediate access to the u.k. & cared for” is this the fucking twilight zone

  8. When my mate was given a year in prison his only concern was about getting raped, which meant he didn’t get to take a shower for an entire year….because he was so busy being raped….

  9. Used to be a fine player but now seems to think his career is as gay victim. Sick of the cunt.

  10. I hope someone with better writing skills is drafting a cunting for these climate strikers!

    How did they get to the protest points?
    How much carbon was produced making their custom made T-Shirts (save the planet use more resources?)
    Are they prepared to abandon social media, smart phones, no more music festivals, being fucking cold in winter, walk to school not in mummies fucking 4×4.
    Hopefully some Poindexter cunt will tally up the amount of carbon demonstrated by the protests world wide.

  11. We had a bloke with HIV where I worked once. All the libtards had the deepest sympathy for him untill one day he cut himself preparing his lunch in the canteen.. I have never seen so many staff move away from him at such speed. I did feel sort for him when they hurled the first aid kit across the room to him.

  12. “Why can’t they just fucking live their lives and shut the hell up, instead of needing to make a point all of the fucking time?”

    Because being a victim gets rewarded with victim points. Unless your a victim of crime where you get rewarded with a crime no and told to call your insurance company.

  13. Perhaps there could be a marketing strategy implemented here by the ‘Rugger’ men.

    What about a half-time show of dancing Ladyboys for the crowd? They could do songs from the shows, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Elton John classics, have talks by Owen Jones, Lord Adonis, Dom Grieveson. Let’s face it, anything that dresses up this dreary, dull-as-fuck game watched by podgy, bald, middle-aged loners has got to be beneficial.

  14. Welsh attention seeking puffta
    Just another shit stabba who’s been caught out otherwise he would have not said a thing about being HIV and just gone about his daily life boring us all to death Now he’s been lifted into sainthood.

  15. Reminds me of the old Bangles song from the 80’s…
    “All the poofs in the market place say ‘Gay-o, Gay-o, Gay-o gaayyyoooooh…’
    Walk like an AIDS victim… “

  16. Was once told by a teacher ‘Always think positive’
    Doesn’t apply when waiting for HIV results though does it?

  17. He must be the second biggest gay rugby player the world has ever known.
    After that Israel Folau turd burglar.

  18. He had very short crack at rugby league some years ago. First game in that well known liberal town of Castelfield. Dire warnings were issued to the crowd not to indulge in homophobic chants. On his appearance the locals launched in to an enthusiastic rendition of “Puff the magic dragon”.
    He was shite by the way.

  19. now I know what that rugby term an ”up and under” is;- taking one up the arse and now feeling under the weather

  20. My heart bleeds for the stupid cunt, if you cruise parks at night looking for sex I would imagine that you carry a pocket full of Monies, if you don’t I would imagine it would be difficult not to end up with AIDS, HIV or something like that, so our jizz gargling, arse bandit has HIV well boo fucking hoo, that’s what you get chrome come, now stop whining about it for sympathy and fuck off you cunt, it makes my skin crawl….

  21. There is something very suspicious about this story. Blackmail? More like black male…
    Dirty Welsh cock sucking cunt.

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