The Welsh (4)

I’ve gone on holiday by mistake. Wales is a beautiful place…misty mountains, stream crystal clear, hares in field’s, clean beaches. I like it here in Snowdonia.
But!…when walking the dog in a morning, I say ‘Morning’ to a passerby and I get blanked. After a while I’ve realised that the Welsh hate us! Us, the English!
Only people who say hello back are fellow Englishmen. Now racism is something I can’t tolerate(😭) and made that clear on ISAC, but the Welsh are dour, spiteful, ungrateful cunts with no manners! Think they’d be happy to see one of their overlords! Think another lesson in who’s boss needed – few land appropriations, few burning cottages, and few corpes nailed to trees might improve the manners?
Maybe ban the speaking of their gobbledygook made up language?

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

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  1. In 1872 the Welsh invented the condom, using a sheep’s lower intestine.
    In 1873, the British refined the idea by taking the intestine out of the sheep first.

    • A proud nation of fighters the Welsh are

      That resort to singing when there losing!

      Bunch of daffodil heads

  2. It’s a ridiculous place. The people are ignorant to the English, they have a massive chip on their shoulders despite needing us financially. The signage in two languages is just a waste of money, I doubt there’s anyone in Wales who only speaks and reads in Welsh, if there is then fuck ’em. I once read that the goings on in there little insignificant government was conducted in English then translated, at enormous annual cost, into Welsh so it could be then archived. Utter madness.

  3. I would agree with this if the nom had been “ the Northern Welsh” but Wales for such a small country is quite diverse. I find people in S. Wales as friendly as anywhere. Very few speak Welsh and they dislike the northern Welsh as much as the English, having more in common with the latter. I feel the Welsh dragon is going to roar back on this one. You can’t keep poking a dragons den with a stick without it eventually turning round and biting your head off.

    Anyway Mrs B told me to say all this and she should know cos she’s Welsh.

    • Yeah, have to agree the northerners are the cunts and they do fucking speak Welsh, and not just when the English are around so they can call them wankers behind their backs. It’s those cunts who got the Taffies the sheepshagging reputation.
      The South is a different country. A lot of snobby up their own arse shitheads up north.

  4. “Very few speak Welsh and they dislike the northern Welsh as much as the English, having more in common with the latter.”

    This should have had a ‘do’ after English or it sounds as though S Wales people hate everyone. They just might after this nom!

    Hwyl Fawr!

    • Have you been there Mr Puff? Crazy place and not easy to find.
      I stayed off the beach myself……..didn’t want to get covered in bubblegum.
      I am not a number…….

        • I heard that you and Lady C nearly had to flee for your lives the other day when a gang of angry locals descended on Creampuff Manor carrying torches and pitchforks.

          I’ll bet you were relieved to find out that it was no more than environmental protesters up in arms about your new wood burning stove?

          Btw. How do you manage with the language barrier seeing as your surrounded by Ivors where you are?

          • Afternoon RTC
            Great excerpt that one. When he says “by hook or by crook” it reminds me of what Boris said when he was asked “are we leaving the EU” with the emphasis on ‘crook’.

            The phrase “ hook or by crook” was featured in the opening credits to the 1960s British television series The Prisoner.[5] It appears prominently (as “by hook and by crook”) in the short stories “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway[6] and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.[7] It was also used as the title of a 2001 film, By Hook or by Crook, directed by Silas Howard and Harry Dodge.

            In Modern English, the meaning of the phrase is often understood (or, arguably, misunderstood) as to refer more specifically to a willingness to accomplish objectives using unethical and/or illegal (as in “crooked”) means, or having patience as with a fishing hook, or by using force as done in a robbery by a ‘crook’.
            Not a lot of people know that.

  5. You’ll (probably) find that the most patriotic of the fuckers don’t even live there. Welsh flags on their car number plates etc, despite living in fucking England. Same with the Jocks.

  6. I have Welsh roots and northern welsh ones at that , the fuckers would be talking in English gods own language and as soon as an English voice appeared they would start talking in welsh even for family like me.
    One good thing comes from my welsh roots that is my hatred and dislike for nearly everything. I still cant fecking sing though. Welsh is an excellent language if you have a phlegmy chest.

  7. I heard someone say the other day that a no deal Brexit would turn Wales in to a third world country.
    A bit far fetched in my opinion. I can’t see things improving that much.

  8. I asked a Welsh mate how many sexual partners he’d had.

    He started counting but fell asleep….

  9. Listen to me you English cunts.

    We voted leave
    We are not looking for independence, despite what the misfits in the Mickey Mouse assembly say
    Only in sport do we regard the English as cunts
    I live in England and spent 9 years as a missionary in fucking Yorkshire (waste of time, they are still grasping tight fisted cunts)

    An English friend of mine was holidaying up north, and couldn’t understand why no fucker would speak to him.
    He asked at the hotel and was advised to greet in Welsh, ‘Iechyd da’
    So next morning he smiled and greeted a stranger ‘Iechyd da’
    The response was ‘fack orf you Welsh caant.’

  10. Worked with a guy for 13 years in our London office. An Energy underwriter. Oil rigs and related stuff.

    In the 13 years NEVER went out with him for a beer after work. NEVER socialised with him outside of work. NEVER had a laugh with him about anything.

    Could never put my finger on it.

    In the last month I worked with him before quitting he accidentally let slip
    he was half Welsh.

    I knew there had to be a reason.

    • For clarification i dont hate the welsh, nom was obviously tongue in cheek!
      Love wales!!
      Just thought it was bit strange not to answer when someone wished you ‘good morning!’

        • Yeah but same thing! Either theres loads of welsh there or im just not a ‘morning person’!
          Wont work in Londonistan but do fair bit in wales, bit easier on the eye.

          • Ha! Backtracking on your nom, now you’ve stirred up racial hatred!
            Morning Miserable.

          • Morning mr Blunt! Like mr Trump im always being misunderstood and accused of stirring up racial hatred,
            No the dog has the opposite effect usually, people flock to ask about it, can they stroke it? Is it a husky?
            Whats it eat?
            Like being out with posh spice on a lead!

          • ps Have you ever thought people won’t speak to you because of that great feckin beast you’ve got on the end of that lead?

          • Yes, probably everyone you meet is a Welsh caant. I found it was full of Cockney sparrer types who couldn’t have been more helpful.

          • Yeah theyre always happy to give directions, stop for a chat, make you a brew down there, friendliest place in uk!
            And their mayors a nice fella too.

  11. Only 46,000 peacefuls in Wales, nearly all of them in the south.
    North Wales is suddenly becoming much more attractive.

  12. Can you blame the North Walians for not speaking to all the Mancs and Scouse cunts who invade their streets for the day before returning to their holes in the evening?
    Every evening the locals come out of their houses to count how many wheels are left on their motors.
    No wonder they’re not mad f’r it.

  13. as a traveller of distant shores I have a trick.
    Pick a language that they are more than likely not to speak, say hello to them in it and start a conflab.
    Me in France,” Gutten tag Frauline spreken ze deusche?”
    French tart ” Non Je necomprend”
    Me “Maybe little English?”
    French tart (Relived) “Yes I speak some”
    snookered! now she has put her hands up, we can do business, sometimes its best to pretend that you are not English and also you can chuck in some Borat type mispronunciations as well “Your mountain is covered in sheet!”.
    All is good

    • I use Afrikaans for the touts in Spain. Never fails to baffle the cunts and get them to fuck off.

  14. It’s not like the English expect unctuous thankyous from the celtic regions of Britain, thanks for propping us up all these years, but all the English get is hostility and resentment. The union jack is treated like the confederate flag is by blacks, and there’s this attitude that England is oppressing the regions against their will. Oh if only the evil English would stop oppressing us we’d be a proud thriving independent nation. Either fuck off you cunts or learn some manners.

  15. Usually it’s 50/50 with every nation but these wankers are probably 60/40 wankers.

    Not as bad as the fucking Irish or Australians but still fuckin chippy for no reason.

  16. Split the fucking UK lot up and then see what happens. Let em all have independence, Jocks,Taffs and please…..the Micks, when it goes tits up guess where the influx will be ? But we are already full. Some of the most beautiful places in the UK to live but are they happy? Are they fuck. I’m English and proud either accept me or fuck off. I’m sick to fuck of the Catholic/Protestant attitude that is smeared over Scotland let alone Ireland. Not sure about why the Welsh hate us but by God what a miserable bunch of cunts. They beat us at rugby and you don’t hear the end of it, but I suppose that’s all they’ll ever have. Best thing to come out of Wales was the M4.

  17. I like to embrace the Welsh (especially Mrs B )
    After all diversity is our strength.

      • Dai Versity had just got married and I asked him was he going anywhere on honeymoon.
        He answered “No” to which I replied. . . . .
        “I thought you were going to Bangor all week”?

        Trust me to try and mix it with the master. Where’s me feckin coat?

  18. Problem with North Wales is its infestation of scousers. Oh and burning homes (those of ex-pat English) was undertaken by Meibion Glyndwr, not the English by way of “showing who’s boss”

    I’d rather listen to Welsh (which I also speak) than the raucous white noise screeching of some lost scouser trying to find his way back across the M53

    Kid, indeed…

    • Hey La, that’s just not fuckin’ fair. Welsh people are quite happy to take our money when we’re there. De do doe don’t de?

      • Besides, Scousers do a great job policing Offah’s Dyke. If it wasn’t for Scousers, Chester and beyond would be overrun with Welsh raiding parties seizing every single sheep they could find. If the Welsh ever got independence then containment would be more important than ever.

      • Afternoon Blunty. You’d be hard pushed to find a Welshman to relieve you of your money ’round here. Of 15 neighbours (sheep not counted) residing in this community, a grand total of 1 is (part) Welsh. Scousers, Brummies, Southerners, Irish…

        • Afternoon Seymour. It does sound a very diverse community. The only peaceful is probably the GP.
          It’s beginning to sound more and more attractive!

  19. I really cant understand the hateful posts about Whales. I think they are beautiful creatures and I have seen Moby Dick 11 times. Ah, you mean Wales? Horrible place full of horrible cunts. The most depressing 1st world nation on Gods earth.

  20. I grew up on the Welsh border and never had a problem with the sheep botherers.

    The Welsh do however drive like cunts. So there’s that.

  21. They moan about the English buying there homes,if you don’t want the English to buy them don’t fracking sell them to them easy isn’t it
    Yer all cunts

  22. Two different countries. South Wales people are fine. Had some great times there.
    North Wales is different. Been 3 times and 3 times had some low level unfriendly incident.
    One lovely chap spat a throatfull at my feet when photographing the Mrs at Llanberris. Charming. Not keen to serve a group of us in a half empty pub.
    My mate said ‘look Taff, if you don’t want to serve us bloody English, just say so and we’ll gladly fuck off!
    Chips on shoulders there i’m afraid.

  23. Quelle surprise. Usual lazy-thinking anti-Welsh bollocks from some English cunt. I give you Phil Bennett’s pre-match team talk from 1977….

    “Look what these bastards have done to Wales. They’ve taken our coal, our water, our steel. They buy our homes and live in them for a fortnight every year. What have they given us? Absolutely nothing. We’ve been exploited, raped, controlled and punished by the English — and that’s who you are playing this afternoon. The cunts.”

    • What do you mean OUR coal, OUR water (of all things for fucks sakes). The UK is a union and the welsh are very happy to have their services paid for by English taxes but think everything on welsh land must remain theirs? Grow up or fuck off out the union you cunts.

      • I see a theme here Shagger. You said very similar things about Scottish oil and gas.
        You’re not going to say the same about N. Ireland?
        The only resources they’ve got are Pikeys and ships that sink.

        • Because the issues are the same. The northern Irish are the only region that acknowledge they have the money they do to spend on services thanks to English taxes and don’t complain about being oppressed unlike some morons in scotland and wales. Most people in the regions do want to stay in the UK, I just wish they’d stand up and tell the separatists a few home truths and to fuck off once in a while.

  24. I like to wind up any Welsh-speakers by telling them to stop speaking Elvish.

    More people in the UK speak Bengali and Polish than fucking Welsh.

  25. Like or dislike the Welsh (and I’m not bothered either way), they have the best flag in the Union.

  26. So what? The French have the best anthem and look what a bunch of cunts they are.
    Especially that granny shagger.

  27. I once worked for a debt collection agency that negotiated with banks. Very cuntish, I know. Better than being on the fucking dole though. Anyway, I had to call a Welshman to explain a payment plan and that I’d email the details… his response? “Email, what’s that then?”. 2015.

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