Selective Appropriation

Selective appropriation and those who practice it are cunts…

After the abomination that was the ‘Yesterday’ film, another cunt has jumped on the bandwagon…using the songs of a popular white artist to push a PC and box ticking agenda. That twat Richard Curtis using the legacy of the Beatles to peddle politically correct crap was vomit inducing enough, but now there is another piece of cinematic shite on offer: The film is called ‘Blinded By The Light’ and features yet another asian personage, this time using the words and music of Bruce Springsteen. Now, some would ask what’s all the fuss about, but I see this as blatant PC propaganda and they’re using the work of the white and western people and artists they so often demonise.

What also sticks in the neck is that this stuff is totally one way and only ‘OK’ if ‘they’ do it. Some hapless, harmless cunt has braids or dreadlocks and they get ‘Cultural appropriation’ screamed at them. Kunty Perry (cunt though she is) dresses as a Geisha and all hell breaks loose on social mong media. Some actress gets the part of a transexual, but she turns it down due to rabid hysteria about it not ‘being allowed’ by the LGBT Stasi (same said actress was also told she ‘wasn’t allowed’ to have any sort of opinion, as a ‘straight white woman’) yet lard arse, car alarm voiced Beyonce can have blonde hair and look ‘western’. That ‘Stormzy’ maggot can wear a Union Jack. The Beatles songbook can be nicked in order to tick boxes and make certain types look good…and now they are doing it with the legacy of ‘The Boss’. A bit like lefties turning a blind eye to peaceful rape and murder, it appears that certain things are only acceptable in this country if certain types of people do them.

Besides, nobody will ever better the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band version, so bollocks….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. really awestruck by Springsteen anyway. His songs usually consist of him muttering like Don Corleone through a story – bought a car, got a girl. Girl fucks off and car breaks down. Damn that car, it just won’t go, etc.

    Agree with you, Norm re Manfred Mann’s version of Blinded by the Light. A real belter. I didn’t even know that Springsteen wrote it until recently. Just goes to show that even Springsteen’s music can be made to sound good by other artists.

  2. I was never really awestruck. Fucking cropped cut and paste to get around Wordminge bollocks.

    • Bwuce Spwingsteen; Huey Lewis; Michael fucking Bolton, and that inane twat who sang about a wet cake more like soggy fucking biscuits. For me all part of the same ghastly procession. Oh Yair, and Phil fucking Collins, Jesus spare me.

      Ooh that’s better! Please return to normal programming.

  3. A spot on cunting Norman. Every other film is described as ‘feel good’ these days. What happened to movies that challenge the viewer? They’ve just announced a new Matix film as well. Anyone would think the movie industry has run out of ideas. No, my mistake, the new 007 is female and black. As a white male I cant help but think Kevin Spacey really let us down.

  4. Went to see the band ‘Elbow’ recently and a few days later saw an Elbow tribute band called Arse.
    Really good. Couldn’t tell them apart…

  5. Im gassed by this far out fantasy. Its way way far out I mean. I need a happening with the children of Eden….shoot some good life gel…and.
    Any fucker else remember this shit from the 60’s ? And fuck the deceased ( thank fuck ) Timothy Leary!

  6. Timothy Leary’s dead
    No, no, no, no, he’s outside, looking in
    Timothy Leary’s dead
    No, no, no, no, he’s outside, looking in
    He’ll fly his astral plane
    Takes you trips around the bay
    Brings you back the same day
    Timothy Leary
    Timothy Leary

    Legend of a Mind. The Moody Blues

      • True biryani he was a stupid hippie guru cult figure and apparently didn’t take as much lsd as he let on but wanted people to ‘turn on tune in and drop out’ Which I think the moody blues were saying about him in the song a hypocrite and a cult of personality

    • It is!
      The purists wont like it,
      God hates music!
      And punishes those who listen!

      • Afternoon Miserable. Have you bid yet for the contract to rebuild the Whaley Bridge dam?

        • Afternoon Bertie!
          No to be honest doing this bathroom up inbetween working is bit much nevermind bodging up the dam!
          But did take mrs miserable to whaley bridge at weekend for spot of lunch and a walk.
          You well? Hope your feeding that

          • Can’t complain but Percy’s been a right cunt today. Pissed all over Grandma when I let him out of his cage!

          • Itll dry whats the problem?
            Anyway old people are used to smelling of piss!
            Admittedly normally their own…

          • You should have heard the language he was coming out with today. It would even make most IsACs blush.

  7. Just another crock of shite to keep the pc , diversity bandwagon rolling.
    Like Dark Keys popping up in every period drama or historical tale.
    History is treated like plasticine, moulded into anything you want it to be , and in any colour you like, as long as it’s black.
    My hatred grows daily.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Cheer up Jack!
      Not got it all their own way, I’ve just auditioned for role as Gandhi!
      6ft 7in twenty stone northerner as the pacifist vegan!
      Nappie keeps riding up my crack, but got it down to a tee!
      “Int yours lass, touch my pie n I’ll smack fuck out o yer!

  8. Would it be alright if I rock up to an audition to play Martin Luther King?


  9. I read about this film. It’s about some peaceful kid living in Lutonistan in 1987 and his struggle against racism and his restrictive family life…….blah blah blah woof woof.
    Won’t be going to see it. Fuck off.

  10. The infamous Lammy is a prime example of a leftist tit who engages in selective appropriation. He’s constantly making statements along the lines of ‘Whitey evil’, yet does so whilst wearing Western clothing. I’ve seen a few videos from the US, usually at colleges, where someone has had the audacity to wear corn rows, only to have some hysterical black racist screaming, “CULTURAL APPROPRIATIOOOOONNNNN”!!!!!!!!!. At the same time, said hystericals are all wearing western clothing. Can you bitches spell, ‘hypocrite’? Apparently not. The truly pathetic thing, is that corn rows were originally worn by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Neither of whom were black.

    • The whole appropriation argument is just PC nonsense.
      If some academics are to be believed the wearing of western clothing by an ethnic minority would technically be acculturation not appropriation. Acculturation is where a minority culture adopts certain aspects of the majority culture when adjusting to a new environment (e.g. wearing a suit to work in the UK instead of an Umbongoland grass skirt and necklace of shrunken heads) while at the same time holding their original minority cultural values and traditions (e.g. marrying children, breeding like flies and eating rancid bush meat). Cultural appropriation is where a majority culture takes aspects from a minority culture and uses them outside of their original culturally significant context (e.g. Maori style tattoos – which traditionally reflect things such as ancestory and social rank – as worn by that cunt from Stoke, Robbie Williams).
      The Canadian psychologist Jordan Petersen best summed it up when he said “The idea of cultural appropriation is nonsense. There is no difference between cultural appropriation and learning from each other. They are the same thing. The idea that manifesting some element of another culture into your own behaviour is immoral is insane. It’s actually one of the bases of peace”.

  11. Can’t stand Springsteen. Just grunts and growls. Overrated cunt. Imagine an entire film based on him and his shite music. The words eyeballs and pins spring to mind.

  12. I’ll tell you who was a right selective appropriating cunt.

    That fucking kunta Kinti

    One minute he’s calling himself Toby and dressing all western then the next he’s getting himself horse whipped wearing a loin cloth.

    You can’t trust these cunts one bit. One minute they’re with you, the next they’re not. What’s the world coming to….

  13. True norman blinded by the light is literally the only springsteen song I like, mannfred band did a smashing job on that one but springsteens own version is weak in comparison i’m sure springsteen has maybe a few other half decent songs but i couldn’t get past his phony noi jersey persona. Springsteen is a fucking cunt and this film looks like dogshit and i fucking hate musicals

  14. Also whats with the racism angle in the film? when I think 1980’s england i don’t think of it as a extremely racist time period in history, and the skinheads of that time were mostly aesthetic they were just a bunch of punks nothing to be terrified or scared of. This is just whinging and looking for racism where there practically is none

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