Russell Brand (11)

Russell Brand (yet again)

Very few of us will have noticed that this achingly tiresome twat is now begging for our attention on his own dedicated Youtube channel – ‘a place to unravel the media matrix’ according to his predictably pretentious introduction.

The ‘I aint no fuckin’ posh geezer, but I uses long fuckin words’, mockney twat has taken it upon his ‘dahn wiv da proles’ self to become a softly-spoken guru and commentator on any subject he cynically finks will drag in the Youtube hits on his seedy little channel, thus bolstering his bulging finances even further.

Calculatingly he seems to imagine that hoards of gullible, spotty, pretentious, uni bellends will flock to the channel to suckle at his ‘right-on’ lefty teat and absorb his opinions on subjects he hopes are close enough to their hearts to allow him to cash in like the greedy capitalists he effects to despise. In fact though, it appears – from a brief but stomach-churningly aggravating look at his ‘channel’ – that the same little group of ‘Anarchy’ lapel badge-wearing twats turn up to join in and nod enthusiastically, almost as though the sycophantic voxpops were his own shill accounts.

The pretentious cunt has even tied his greying hair back in a pony tail and grown a fashionable bushy beard – one step short of the cringeworthy man-bun and full moozlim beard look so beloved of the empty-headed and pliable Guardi-androids.

Even more shameful is that this self-styled ‘intrestin’ Essex geezer ‘wiv sumfink profahnd to say’ appears to record many of his videos in the privileged splendour of his multi-million pound hovel – of the type that his projected audience could never hope to own, and would quite probably be justifiably appalled to know that he owns given his left-of-socialist, ‘all proper’y is fefft’ politics. You wonder how many lives could be saved and how many empty stomachs filled if he abandoned his hypocrisy and sold it, donating the proceeds to starving and desperately ill people. He’s not unique in that respect of course, and merely represents most well-healed Trots.

I hope this awful, pretty-boy cunt lives long enough to wake up from his ludicrous, self-satisfied delusion to see himself the way the rest of us see him: a gobby, tedious, hypocritical cunt.

Nominated by Cunty McCuntface

Unfunny, pseudo-intellectual, smug, opinionated, nuclear-powered weapons-grade, rancid arsed cunt.

A cunt all other cunts can look to for tips on how to be a bigger cunt. A cunt guru. Multiple winner of ‘Mastercunt’, ‘The Great British Cunt-Off’, ‘Cunt’s Den’, ‘Strictly Come Cunting’ and ‘I’m I’m A Cunt, Leave Me In Here’.

Patron saint of cunts..

Nominated by G Buss

31 thoughts on “Russell Brand (11)

  1. He was and still looks like a smackhead. All smackheads are slimey, conniving, duplicitous, selfish, scamming cunts, even when they allegedly stop being smackheads. He is the king of smackhead cunts. Put him in a gibbet outside the tower of London.

    • I worked at MTV when Russell Brand was there. He got the sack for taking the piss with the taxi account. He ran up a bill of thousands and was ordering taxis for people to go and get him drugs and wot not. What a reprobate.

  2. Who gives a fuck what this cunt has to say.
    When he was a postman he stole money from children’s birthday cards to fund his drug habit.

    Premier League shitcunt….

  3. This can come back to the cunting of the fringe festival, another ‘comedian’ who used the stage as a front to get heard so he could slowly transform his comedy act in to peddling his own agenda to people. Not that the beta male cunt was ever funny in the first place, he should have never made it this far.

  4. Never understood why anyone gave this unfunny pretentious cunt the time of day. Who the fuck is he at the end of the day and what’s his purpose?

    Still can’t forgive him and that bell end Ross for upsetting Andrew Sachs.


    • Through all that interminable dabacle (Sachs) he kept saying ‘it was only a joke’ ‘I’m a nice person really’. He has always got that pathetic snowflake look of ‘please like me I am a nice person really’. I’m a nice person really until I’m a cunt.

  5. To think I actually chuckled a few times at his ‘Ponderland’ series… God I feel so ashamed! 😔

    • Afternoon RTC.
      I’m guessing that was during the ad breaks? I endured about two minutes of that shite.
      Laugh? I thought I’d never start.
      Unfunny greasy unwashed useless cunt. Fucking hopeless.

    • Ponderland was brilliant lol, that was before he disappeared up his own arse and went all weird after going to the spewnited states and going out with Kunty Perry.

  6. An amalgam of knobhead persona, should be slathered in lard and used as a pessary for a large Elephant. Fuckwit mockney cunt.

  7. I remember a few years back some journalist interviewed him.
    They were walking down the street in Laandaahn and a homeless bloke asked Russell Brand for change. He responded something along the lines of ‘sorry mate I don’t have any’. He’s a millionaire for fuck sake!
    He then guilt tripped the journalist into giving the guy a couple of quid.

    They then went to some independent coffee shop in Shoreditch. Where Brand ordered avocado toast (of course he fucking did) and then expected the journalist to pay.

    To summarise he’s a hypocritical cunt and keeps banging on abaaat equality and how we should help poor people but won’t dip into his own pockets. The dirty little smackhead.

    Any woman who’s been with him should immediately get down to the local GUM clinic.

  8. I’m pretty even tempered but Russell brand is somebody I would never get tired of punching!! The guys the worst sort of leftie pseudo intellectual wanker that blight our TV screens , I saw him on QT attacking farage a few years ago , repeatedly calling farage a” pound shop Enoch Powell” and incorrectly stating farage had talked repeatedly about “ sending them home “ ( immigrants)
    Farage challenged him to provide a single interview where he had ever said anything approaching that? Gobshite brand changed the subject!, farage then challenged brand to run for Parliament!! , brands answer was unbelievable “ I’m worried that if I did I would turn out like you and every other dodgy M.P.” ? Three words


  9. Lives in £2million home owned by a firm based in a tax haven
    Brand is said to live in a chic fourth-storey flat in a converted warehouse

    Pays around £5,000 a month for three-bedroom property in East London
    Called a reporter ‘snide’ after asking about his rent

    Flew into rage when it was suggested he is part of the housing problem
    ‘I’m so easily wound up. I’m a volatile person – I was a drug addict for a long time, because I have very, very strong feelings,’ he said

    What a CUNT!

  10. Russell wouldn’t be rich of he believed in equality, he would redistribute his earnings. The bleeding heart luvvies love to preach but find many caveats that exclude them from practising what they preach.

    Climate change………they use jets to travel more often than mr average.
    Refugee crises………………how many refugees do you have in your house Russell?
    Access to housing………….3.5 million mansion in Henley on Thames.

    In 2017 he was “living hand to mouth” after “giving away most of his money to charity and friends”, still got the mansion, Russell’s definition of living hand to mouth must differ a little from mine.

    At the moment I’m doing Ok, can’t say I have masses of disposable income but i know others with less.

    The world is not about equality!!

    Now I do believe there is no excuse for anyone to have to sleep on the streets or starve in this country, if we rate ourselves as being a first world nation we should not allow that shit. We can’t create a socialist utopia Russell, every time it’s been tried you end up with a smaller richer elite and and downtrodden population living in a concrete hell.

    • Prison may be a tad harsh but definitely dressed in an orange jumpsuit with “ Iam a cunt “ emblazoned on the back!! Whilst Doing some worthwhile work in the community like clearing my drain blockage with his tongue……

  11. This thing actually turns my stomach. That flea-infested roadkill on his head and the disgusting, gummy grin he has.


    From the moment he appeared on the scene on that shit fest after show, ‘Big Brother’s Big Mouth’, he became an annoyance reminiscent of herpes……you just CANNOT get rid of the fucker.

    How the fuck he has managed to get to where he has – making Hollywood films, marrying and divorcing Katy Perry (what the hell attracted her? Was it the bird’s nest hair or has he just got a big knob or something? Because I for one don’t fucking see it,) book deals, etc, etc.

    Don’t you just love rich cunts who preach about social injustice too?

    Why he thinks anybody gives a shit what he thinks is beyond me.

    Narcissistic fuckwit.

    • But he’s an actor, and they have to be intelligent to read a script and pretend to be someone else. Maybe we should listen to what he has to say.

  12. Before I clicked on the link I got confused about which Russell this is. I was thinking of that blonde haired Russell that was on Mock The Week with that Dara Obrein “Errrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm”
    Both Russells are twits.

  13. Cunters,

    I have an idea, (groans from the cunters) Drop the bellend into Mecca with a tee shirt that says Alans snackbar is a cunt. Problem sorted.

    Or the SAS rock up at 3 in the morning and put a silver bullet into the wanker.
    Oxygen thief, CUNT

  14. Why do people take any notice of this prick? I genuinely don’t understand it. It will be a good day when he snuffs it.

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