Priti Patel MP

Can we cunt Priti Patel please?

She has decided that end to end encryption on messaging services should be banned, so that terror can be fought.

What a load of bollocks….really, what a load of big, sweaty bollocks. Whilst I understand the logic behind it, it’s just a smokescreen for being able to invade peoples privacy, along with that bullshit snoopers charter that Mrs May was championing.

Does she really think that all the legwork involved in fighting terrorism will be reduced automatically by reading messages, especially when the police and crime agencies are already bound up in red tape when it comes to tackling any kind of crime?

Those nutter terrorists won’t be that fucking stupid that they can’t just do a Google search on how to set up private servers and repel ddos attacks, or hire some 14 year old computer whizz to do it for them. Just look at the various piracy sites…they get shut down then they pop back up again.

If I remember correctly they already use the dark web to communicate and spread propaganda, so that makes public messaging redundant anyway. The police have had quite a lot of success worldwide in using the dark web to catch paedos and drug dealers, so why isn’t she just keeping her trap shut and letting them carry on down this route?

Like I said, a big smokescreen to invade privacy.

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60 thoughts on “Priti Patel MP

  1. Not sure about her being a cunt; it’s early days yet, but I certainly want a go on her cunt.

    • I’d fire one into her.

      (disclaimer in case Pritti or the rozzers are reading this, I’m talking about a consensual cumshot, not a bullet).

      • The Manchester City of cunts! Patel’s parents bought their way into Britain and as the daughter of Ugandan Indian immigrants she now delights in putting the boot into – immigrants!
        Patel called British workers “among the worst idlers”, quite ironic given that she has never had a proper job in her life and has been gifted a position in politics because of her ethnicity and the fact Boris Johnson will be enjoying a lot of “business trips” with her! (better a boffing from a fat sweaty old Etonian than having to trudge round the House of Commons in your veeeery well paid role as a tobacco industry lobbyist/MP eh Priti?)
        A huge fan of the death sentence, because she knows if it ever did get into law it will be the poor feeling the rope whilst the rich and privileged buy their freedom.
        And porky Patel appears to have been overdoing the free food allowance (currently £100 a week on top of wages, expenses and benefits – “we’re all in this together”, apparently!) or possibly she has a medical issue called “smugness retention”. I detest this grubby arrogant little chav, if ever a cunt deserves a cunting it is Priti Patel.

    • But in Priti’s defence she does have the best smug arrogant sense of entitlement smirk I have seen since Hazel Blears!

  2. I know naffink abaaaaaht this encryption guff. Otherwise she’s making all the right noises – strong Leaver wants to end Freedom of Movement on Oct. 31st, pro death penalty, anti criminal, hasn’t said no to giving me a blowjob…

  3. Perhaps she is looking to ensnare the Savile or Glitter types. Not sufficiently computer savvy but arrogant to think they will never be rumbled.

    They can read my texts and messages but will probably be bored after the first few anyway.

    Not sure I am on board with this cunting. Ask me again in a year’s time.

  4. Patel has a fat arse that I would like to slap,for starters.
    I expect her to be a usual politician and therefore clueless.
    Therefore arse.

  5. I’ll make doubly sure her “private communications” are invaded in all three holes!

    What a nice way to get a stiffy on a wet Friday morning: Priti on all 4s locked and loaded.


  6. As you say, utter bollocks… Terrorism? We know who they are and they know who they are: peaceful cunts…. So why should everyone else suffer because of those smelly camelshaggers? Clamp down on those cunts if they can’t behave, but not on everyone else…

    Still would mind… She looks very rude, as we say here up north…

    • Sorry Norman but Owen Jones/ Flabbot/Magic Grandpa have said that there is a massive danger from the the far right/Nazis etc.
      So it must be true.

      • If snowflake and Mojito pig say it then it’s clearly true – we should just obey our moral and spiritual leaders without question! Dissent is forbidden by order of the Porky Blinddrunkers!

    • Exactly. Save time and get results by profiling. Just last Monday the guy at checkin was sampling my kit for explosive residues. I told him ‘mate you know I’m not your target audience’, he just rolled his eyes.

  7. Really? The plebs can have no privacy? Cunters think this is sound policy? At the moment there’s too much information for the government agencies to process it all but once quantum computing really takes off the government will have the ability to pretty much live scan your data communications.

    You say something in a message the government don’t like that they term hate speech and it’s instafine. Citizen that’s 5 credits deducted from your allowance.

    The Chinese are way ahead on this, over there you get a digital citizen score and if you say something the government don’t like your internet access is limited or removed.

    Stopping terrorists? Pretty much every count that’s been involved in terror attacks in recent years has been known and on a watch list.

    The government has reduced police numbers to the point the majority of crime is not investigated. So excuse me if I find the governments need to monitor everyone anything but disturbing.

    • I agree. It’s from the same bunch who want to move us to a cashless society so that they can have complete control over our finances or advocate the increase of cameras to monitor everyone.

      All done in the name of ” the war on terror”. I’d have thought that targeting a certain Peaceful community would be the way forward in “the war on terror”.

      • What’s wrong with a cashless society Mr F?
        Is it because this would mean the end of cash in hand deals at Fiddler Towers? I’m not suggesting any impropriety here and realise that it’s just simpler for your creative accounting system.

        • A cashless society would mean that I would have to pay my “fair share”…Fuck That.

          Too much tax money is wasted on people of whom I strongly disapprove….fat people,old people,young people,minorities,foreign aid,sexual miscreants,the needy,the lazy,children,the Royal family,Save the Planet weirdos,charities,civil servants etc.

          In fact, if tax spending doesn’t directly benefit me,it shouldn’t be spent…if it does benefit me,some other Cunt should pay it.

          I tried to use this argument a few years ago to the tax-officer who was investigating my case…damn woman got quite uppity. I was forced to tell her that she would be better employed at home cooking her husband’s dinner….. she took that quite badly…. probably a Lezza.

          • The cashless society can get fucked. I still mourn the passing of £sd.

            When shopping I always convert the new fangled decimal prices into £sd, just to check the shopkeepers aren’t ripping me off.

          • Oooh – Royal Family abuse, but Meghan has a lovely smile, well worth a £750,000 taxpayer funded annual spend on clothes cos a pwincess gotta look pwetty!

        • Indeed it’s “Yes”…there can be nothing simpler and more satisfying than stuffing a wad of notes in one’s pocket and having a chuckle at the thought of some “needy child” having to do without the latest Adidas trainers because I have avoided paying my “fair share” towards it’s benefits.
          I like to spend my duty-free money on my favourite deserving cause…myself. I currently have my eye on a spiffing new Hunting Outfit…I deserve it. The last one got awfully stained with blood and no matter how hard I scrub I can’t remove the evidence of my involuntary emissions which occur whenever I tootle my little horn and bellow ” Tally Ho”.

          • I have a similiar problem but I relieve my frustration at the filthy working class by clubbing the fuck out of a hunt protester and then using my “association” with the presiding Magistrate to get the impertinent oik imprisoned for spilling his blood on my LeChampney wellingtons!
            Good form, wealth and influence are simply spiffing!

    • If you remember, all torrent shops were shut down in one day by a government stature stating copyright infringement or some other bullshit. They did it in one FUCKING DAY. At that time I was thinking, If they can shut down all access to torrent sites, why can’t they shut down all access to pedo sites?. I don’t fucking care anymore. VPN.

  8. In my days in charge I may have thought twice about publishing this as it seems to be a bit premature. Personally I think she’s doing ok so far.

    Remember what a fucking disaster Elmer Rudd was…

      • Far too early to say whether Ms. Name and Nature is any good but I am concerned about the amount of information being gathered from my computer browsing. It is scary how much information they have on you and how adverts are targeted.

        • Rest assured Wanksock, it won’t be half as much information as that gathered from Dr Creampuff’s computer!

      • What are you trying to tell us? Is it that there’s “something of the night” about her? Nudge, nudge,wink,wink.
        Morning RTC

        • Can Percy dance Bertie? There was a parrot on the news and he was boppin’ to the beat, hoppin’ from side to side, swaying to the rhythm. Does Percy do that when the feeling takes him?

          • Only when I give him a slap Miles! I wish he’d go and fuckin’ dance in the traffic but I fear he’ll outlive me.

  9. Junior Agogo: Ex-Ghana, Nottingham Forest and Bristol Rovers striker dies aged 40…

    Expect a mass of ‘tributes’ to this ‘legend’ and a strickenLammy to say he knew his window cleaner’s pet rabbit…..

    I remember his brother though… Hugo Agogo from Batfink….

    • Lammy will then demand an enquiry as to why this “ordinary” football player died, suggesting that it was a right-wing conspiracy by some brexit-loving whitey group with a leader called Boris!

  10. Don’t know why, but when I see Priti Patel, I always think of her in saucy duds, running around to the Benny Hill theme….

  11. She seems to make the right noises and I couldn’t give a fuck about on-line privacy. We have had enough fucking snowflakery recently.

  12. Ending freedom of movement, agrees with death penalty, seems ok by me,
    Encrypted massaging, think thats aimed at far right?
    Or just ‘terror’ in general?

    Anyway string em up!

  13. Terrorism? That’s a laugh when 70% of the honourable members want us to be governed by a foreign power. Sort your own house first, then shift 3.5 million goatfuckers before you come sniffing around me. Bitch.

  14. Personally speaking everyone is very welcome to look at my utterly boring messages, I don’t give rats arse. Sit on my face and tell me that you love me.

    • 🎵 I love it when you oralize
      When I’m between your thighs
      You blow me awayyyy! 🎶
      Sit on my face
      and let my lips embrace you etc etc

  15. If a home sec really wants to fight terrorism, all they need do is immediately ban any single moose limb not already here from entering the UK, then ban, close and bulldoze all mosques and madrassas.

  16. I don’t give a fuck what Priti Patel talks about infact i never listen to a word she says, all i want to do is fuck the arse off her.

  17. I do believe that Priti Patel is the Tory pin-up.
    Sounds like a few cunters on here would have a go with/at/on her, including me…..but of course, that is only if Mrs B says I can.

    • Can’t understand why so many cunters want to shag this. She may look good when you compare her with Theresa May, but then so would anybody.

      • “It’s not what’s outside that counts, it’s what’s inside a person!! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!!”
        (Wild Man Fischer,1968)

        Mind you, in the case of Priti Patel, she also has the looks of a goddess compared with 98% of the cunts in Parliament. And she’s a dirty cow to boot.

        • You’re showing disrespect to the lady there RTC, calling her a dirty old cow. She is of Hindu origin and as you know, cows are reverred and adored by Hindis. I just adore her!

          • I never said she was old Bertie.

            My missus is of Indian Hindu descent and takes it as a compliment when I call her a dirty cow. She enjoys the Jayne Mansfield connotation, makes her feel young and glamorous.

  18. Ashamed to say Allan I’d also give Treason a decent length up her chocolate whizzway. Beggars, choosers and all that. The mother of all hatefucks!

  19. Ok so she is not perfect ( she’s pretty) ….
    Notwithstanding I would remind ISACunters that;
    1) She never voted once for the May Bots rancid turd infested deal.
    2) She looks dead hot from the waist up
    3) She is tough enough to actually makes some noises that suggest she is not on the side of the criminal—- remarkable in these ‘woke’ days .
    4) Her family does not follow a religion that believes that all those who do not share their views should be killed.
    In conclusion I don’t really see this cunting at all. Sorry but that’s the long and short of it.

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