‘No-Deal’ Opponents

The illogical stance of the ‘No-Deal’ opponents.

They had their deal – Mavis’s BRINO. They kicked the fucker out three times.

Now they are having hysterics over no deal. The EU says Mavis’s deal is non-negotiable, so what the fuck do they want? It is the only deal. If the EU wont negotiate then no deal must be an option. It is May’s incompetence over this very point that got us here. What becomes clear is that opposition to a no deal bargaining chip is actually opposition to actually respecting the mandate of the referendum. And some cunt should have the honesty to admit as much. And some other cunt should call them out on it.

The cunts.

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117 thoughts on “‘No-Deal’ Opponents

  1. MPs respect the opinions of the few (themselves), and not the many (the rest of us cunts).

  2. The remoaner cunts were never going to vote for any kind of deal and they never will. Us cunts were never supposed to vote out. We were lied to , we were dumb. They KNOW that given another chance we will vote the other way. Of course we will, we MUST do. THEY KNOW THIS!!!
    There is no deal that Boris , or any other cunt, can come up with that will satisfy these cocksuckers.
    It really is that black and white. They will never give up. Libtards are always right and they know it deep in their souls.

      • Of course they have souls. I’ve seen them on the telly, crying about the poor people.
        The first time in history rich cunts have given a two bob fuck about the rest of us.
        We should appreciate them more I say.
        The worst acting you’ll ever see.

        • May the Lord have mercy upon their souls.

          Then they can go to a place of execution, and crank themselves to death.

  3. The cunts dont want no deal because the dont want to leave the EU, if Mavis had managed to get a gold plated all inclusive no restrictions brexit deal the likes of Lucas, the SNP, half the Labour cunts and Swinsons gay party they still would have wanted to Remain.

    Fuck the lot of them, if they were to go to queen to stop no deal maybe she will say fuck off, the people voted to leave.

    • But the tory cunts also wanna remain… Has last years betrayal by tory mps been wiped from memory already?

      • Us proper Tories were lumbered with The Maybot. Boris is THE TRUE FACE of the Conservative party – he WILL prevail, and fuck everybody else.

      • You are corect but the majority of the conservative mps voted for the May deal, of the ones who didnt most were full on leavers.

        • Ironically Barnier’s deal gave Labour Remoaners virtually everything they wanted:

          UK trapped in the Customs Union in perpetuity at the EU’s pleasure, unable to make our own trade deals and no say in its operation. A fudge on the Single Market allowing a continuation of Free Movement in all but name. Subject to the ECJ for a minimum of 8 years with extension periods that could be extended infinitely. What’s not for Labour to like?

          The only reason Corbyn and Labour voted against the deal was because it was a TORY deal.

          • Oh, and another reason you’d have thought Labour Remoaners would have jumped to ratify the deal: £39 billion (approx 4 years NET payments) to keep the EU in the comfort to which it has become accustomed… plus a further £18 billion every year the Transition Period is inevitably extended after 2021.

          • Yes its funny RTC but I remember saying a long while back in a post that in an odd way we might even thank Mavis one day. If she and her team of EU sycophants had not been so utterly inept and negotiated something just a smidgen better — the Labour MP’s in strong leave constituencies and weaker/party loyalists in the ERG might have gone for it. Then we truly would be fucked permanently. Instead it was so unbelievably rancid a deal that it got defeated and has now opened up from almost out of nowhere, the possibility of a real Brexit not a con trick BRINO. Sure a realistic deal had we adopted a grown up stance from the very start would have been preferable, but at least we now have a shot at avoiding utter humiliation. For a second time we all need to Brace for the remoaners going bat shit mad during these next 11 odd weeks or so!

  4. Top notch cunting CC. As you say, opposition to no deal is really opposition to the referendum result. They know it, we know it, but the cowardly cunts are too duplicitous actually to come out and say that.
    Fuck ’em all to hell and beyond. I wouldn’t wipe my arse on any one of them.

  5. No deal is what I always wanted.
    I’m not prepared to negotiate with a crowd of greasy dagos, gippos, frog eaters, wops, any Eastern, or any combination of the above.
    Here’s the deal. Trade with us in a sensible manner, or we’ll pay you back in spades.

    • Agreed, this is the same to deal situation. They’ll keep bleating in desperation until their dying breath. Just leave.

      Fuck the dilly-dallying, Reich Remainiacs and their unicorn World.

  6. For all the bullshit these cunts trot out about it being about job security, workers rights, manufacturing investment and all the other fear stories, it’s not the single market these shitsticks are worried about leaving, it’s the political union they want to remain in. The federalist soon to be one Europe government, unelected and all powerful. It truly is amazing what you can do with other people’s money. They can suck my farts.

    • I’m always puzzled as to how the cunts explain job security when they employ cheap, foreign and inept labour.

  7. The naivety, or just plain head-in-the-sand mentality of both Remoaners and ‘No to No-Deal’ exponents is truly incredible. The EU have stated time and time again that NOTHING FURTHER IS NEGOTIABLE. What does it take to get this fact through their thick skulls?

    If there is no room for negotiation and no leeway, then what other option is there except no bloody deal??

    Frankly, from the very off there was never going to be any give from the EU. They had decided from the minute the referendum results were known that they would make life as hard as possible for the UK now, as they had no intention of allowing us to set a precedent for other EU members who may have one foot out of the door.

    The writing was on the wall way back then and the fact that these cunts STILL will not accept this is tantamount to a severe mental health problem – absence of reality, delusions….these fools need to get a fucking grip and just let us get on with this well overdue shit now.

    It angers me that these people also have no confidence in us as a nation to run our own country and survive leaving the EU, without being dictated to by those Nazis anymore. What does this say to the wider world about us?

    That we are a bunch of dithering pussies who have no balls whatsoever.


    • Agree with all of the above posts.
      Nurse Cunty raises a good point,
      To European countries we must look a right joke, faffing & fuckin about,
      But its not us its our elected officials,
      Traitors too a man, cowards, lazy, and devious.
      When we finally get out then should be a reckoning, anyone during the period we were leaving who thwarted the will of the people should have to answer for it.

  8. FFS!

    The cunts in the Commons voted overwhelmingly for No Deal when they triggered Article 50 seventeen months ago. Article 50 stated that we leave in 2 years with or WITHOUT an agreement.

    It wasn’t fucking rocket science.

    However, thanks to our quisling Queen Midas in reverse Prime Minister, what she brought back from the 4th Reich was a Slave /Vassal State ‘Agreement’ which Parliament rightfully rejected on no less than THREE occasions, leaving No Deal as the default option BY LAW.

    But the EU was clever. They decided to change the Article 50 rules, thereby allowing the UK the option of revoking the previously irrevocable Article 50, or, if preferred, extend it’s 2 year time limit until Appeaser and Project Fear were able to force it through Parliament, by hook or by crook, regardless of how many times MPs were made to vote again. It’s the EU way…

    Poor old Remain MPs. Seems they didn’t know what they were voting for when they voted to trigger Article 50. That’s English irony for you.

    • Lets make all these twats that want to remain in Europe happy, & please us Brexiteers at the same time.

      Strap the remain fuckers inside the eurostar – point to Paris & start engines.
      Blow the fucking tracks up after they’ve gone & cancel their UK passports so the Cunts can’t come back

      everyone’s happy, all round 🙂

    • Im not on a computer on a mobile phone but furiously poking the screen with one finger!!-

    • Fuck me, i’d almost forgotten about that hunchbacked pile of shit. What a fucking soft idiot.
      I hope she is enjoying all her free time with her peaceful friends.

    • Elizabeth the first would have known what to do with her, and the fucking Saracens.

  9. Off topic, the Greta Cuntberg is off to the US on a carbon neutral yacht to some fucking climate conference.
    The boat is a no frills no convenience affair, looks fast but probably cost a forture to make.

    Makes you want to cry, maybe she will swim back


    • The boat cost millions and is un-green carbon fibre. It was being filmed from a helicopter, which no doubt was solar powered.
      The yacht is powered by piss and wind.

      • A vessel made from recycled oil drums powered by those ‘seeking a better life’ would be more appropriate for St Greta of Cuntberg.

        The fuckers running the boat have probably got her onboard to get more sponsorship for the trip.

        • Perhaps the people smugglers who sell rubber boats to aspiring architects for their trips to Dover should provide the smug little cunt with transport?

    • These cunts whilst crossing the Atlantic will not wash for a fortnight and will have no electricity for refrigeration etc. Look Greta, if you think you can live like Stone Age man, just fuck off to a cave and do it properly. We’ll see if you can do it without adult help and I’ll give you a call at Christmas. You can then come out and write a book telling us how easy it was and what you’ve achieved.

        • No, they piss in the sea. They shit in a bucket which is presumably emptied into the sea.

          • Not very inventive are they? I thought you were able to convert shit into energy? They produce so much of it, they should be able to power the whole crossing. Silly me, it must be the wrong kind of shit!

    • With all the school she is missing doing this shit, it’s no wonder she’s retarded.

      • what are her parents thinking, sending her out to sea with a load of horny blokes, she will get well fucked for sure.

    • Silly little child will want to jump on the next jumbo jet back to Stockholm after enduring a journey of relentless shiting and vomiting in a bucket.

    • I have reservations about cunting a 16-year-old who is going to cross the Atlantic on something with less living space than a camper van, no engine and the stability of an empty oildrum. I am no stranger to the sea, and I wouldn’t do it. I certainly wouldn’t have done it at her age. I’m relaxed about cunting millennial snowflakes, but by the time the girl gets to NY there’s a good chance she will be too.
      Actually, I wish her luck. If she can get the great and the good off their overpaid complacent arses in any cause at all, she’s doing better than us.

  10. Little Greta is having the time of her life the fucking weirdo. Feted and photographed wherever she goes , snowflakes hanging on her every word as she reads from the globalist script.
    Have you seen her Dad by the way? Cunt is the spitting image of Charlie Manson.

    • Be ironic if her eco-yacht hit a pod of whales!
      Bbc and exstinky rebellion frantically searching for Wednesday Addams among dead whales and hippies.

      • Yeah, and if she tips out of that fucking boat I bet she won’t say no when a big juicy speed boat comes to pick her up.
        Fucking stupid naive child

  11. But James O’brien says Brexit is bad and a no deal Brexit with have terrible terrible consequences. surely that must give all cunters here pause for thought?

    • Is that champagne socialist still crying and chucking his toys out of the pram?
      Ok i’ve paused for thought. My thought is, he can fuck right off the libtard bastard.

      • Dont you like him?
        I think hes funny and talented!
        Oh sorry thought you were still talking about charles manson…

        • Charlie Manson ruled! I was a Family member in the late ’70s.

          O’Shithead is on his holibobs this week, btw.

          • Where is the cunt going?

            North Korea?

            He should go to Pakistan, then he could report back that we should let even more of the hard working, tax paying peaceful fuckers in.

    • Don’t you dare say a bad word about my greta shes out there saving the world and the polar bears what are you doing to save the world krav? Getting fucked bareback in the arsehole?

      She isn’t going get blacked by your tribesman producers in Hollywood shes pure unlike that haji cunt mia khalifa

    • I would like to think so Kravdarth. That thought gives me the right horn.
      I bet her dad’s a Cuckold likes to watch his Mrs take Peaceful meat. Theirs no shortage of the cunts in Sweden.

  12. Fuck brexit already I don’t care anymore I just want to know where madeleine mccann body is buried Fuck theres a new lead published in the daily fail everyday but the investigation is stuck on loop and never goes anywhere just like fucking brexit

  13. When the country was asked, was a deal mentioned?

    Last I remember it was in or out, where out = leave on WTO rules by default?

    A “deal” was a manufactured construct to obfuscate and procrastinate the whole process of actually leaving.

    Now we have a PM prepared to leave on “Noel Edmund’s” terms (deal or no deal), the remoaning cunts like Miller (go back cunt), like Grieve (hooky Kuntsberg gobbed cunt), and Comrade Corbyn (free stuff for the undeserving in exchange for votes cunt) are yet again doing everything they can to prevent the democratic decision to leave the EU being enacted.

    All in the name of democracy you know…

    Fucking traitors to a one! Stuck on pikes outside of the Tower of London is too fucking good for them!


    • The only deal mentioned during the Referendum campaign was a Trade Deal. And we’re more likely to get that sooner if we leave without Barnier’s ‘Agreement’.

  14. I blame the fucking Oirish.

    I hope their pisspot third world country is decimated by Brexit. And they can fuck off if they expect us to send them any of our potatoes.


  15. everything’s going to be alright! Goldsmiths College in London have banned beefburgers in a bid to save the world. hurray!!

    • Those bastards!
      I draw the line when it comes to attacks on the humble beefburger!
      Is nothing sacred anymore?

      • Still sacred, but the Brighton bandits are making moves to claim ‘cottager pie’.

      • Theyll be given a big stamp saying ‘not made in UK’ and sent back to the country of origin!
        We can use the same stamp on EU nationals as well.

  16. No Deal horror stories are hugely exaggerated. It gives us a clean break and in the long term that’s better than any deal that ties us into the EU’s regulations and hobbles our economic growth.

  17. With the deals the USA are trying to negotiate with us, the trade deals we presently have with Europe will pale into insignificance. Can just imagine fucking Merkel’s boat race if the deals with The Donald come off? Do those fuckwit remoaners realise the potential of free trade?? Why do they want us to be tied to the Fourth Reich?? I’ve no grievance with any person who to remain, it’s just those whining cunts who really get on my fucking tits.

    • Dominic Raab condemning the violence at the protests in Hong Kong,
      “Its concerning to see blah, blah…
      None of your business!!
      Look to your own!
      This country needs sorting out.

      • he is foreign secretary so obliged to stick his nose but privately probably doesn’t give a fuck

        • Oh so he is!
          Well fuck him anyway!
          I refuse to see reason!!😀

    • “Can just imagine fucking Merkel’s boat race ?”

      I bet she’ll have a pale, ugly, miserable face like a basset hound after a harsh stroke that’s recently wolfed down some ketamine-flavoured Pedigree Chum and had its mouth kicked to gratuitous numbness.

      Usual then.

  18. I read the other day that Krautland is in the shit and on the edge of recession. The car industry, in particular, are crying like cunts.
    Now is the time to put the boot in. If only Barnes Wallis was still alive.

    • As we use to sing ” there’s only one Bomber Harris ” Arthur knew how to sort european vermin out.
      He should have replicated Dresden on every kraut city and town.

  19. I wanted no deal from day one and nothing else. If BJ fucks this up and brexit is taken from us I will never fucking vote again, it’ll be fucking pointless.

    If this shit goes south there’ll be another 20,000 cornish men marching on fucking Londonistan. We might have got our arses kicked then, and to be fair we’d probably get them kicked again, but It’d be a cracking day out to stab some libtard cunts with our new pitchforks.

    A good sword and a trusty hand!
    A merry heart and true!
    King James’s men shall understand
    What Cornish lads can do!
    And have they fixed the where and when?
    And shall Trelawny die?
    Here’s twenty thousand Cornish men
    Will know the reason why!

    And shall Trelawny live?
    Or shall Trelawny die?
    Here’s twenty thousand Cornish men
    Will know the reason why!
    Out spake their Captain brave and bold:
    A merry wight was he:
    Though London Tower were Michael’s hold,
    We’ll set Trelawny free!
    We’ll cross the Tamar, land to land:
    The Severn is no stay:
    With “one and all,” and hand in hand;
    And who shall bid us nay?

    And shall Trelawny live?
    Or shall Trelawny die?
    Here’s twenty thousand Cornish men
    Will know the reason why!
    And when we come to London Wall,
    A pleasant sight to view,
    Come forth! come forth! ye cowards all:
    Here’s men as good as you.
    Trelawny he’s in keep and hold;
    Trelawny he may die:
    Here’s twenty thousand Cornish bold
    Will know the reason why

    And shall Trelawny live?
    Or shall Trelawny die?
    Here’s twenty thousand Cornish men
    Will know the reason why!

    • Very admirable West Cuntry but apparently many of your fellow Cornishmen have changed their mind. A survey showed 56% want a second ballet and instead of 56% likely to vote for Brexit as it was in the referendum, it is likely to be 50/50.

      • Second ballet?
        Cornish big on ballet?
        Thought they were more for surfing or tin mining?
        Dont listen to him West Cuntry!
        You and your lads wanna march on Londonistan you march, i applaud you.

        • Fuck ballet, meant ballot. I’m not trying to discourage anyone marching, I’m just repeating what I read. Go ahead with your pitchfork, they don’t like it up em, especially Spurs supporters.

          • Dont talk em out of marching blunty!
            Was gonna sell em cans of coke at £3 on way, all for marching on Londonistan,
            Even more for free enterprise!
            You want in?

      • Have they fuck mate. Bollocks remoaner propaganda from cunts. 2nd vote ain’t going to ever happen anyway, and if it did it would be fuck the EU by an even bigger margin I reckon. Now where’s me fucking pitchfork…..

        • Just to show solidarity West Cuntry, this Friday on the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, I shall be leading a march on the capital. We will meet you on the M4 Reading services and together we will converge on the capital.
          I shall be reading out this stirring poem by Shelley before we set out. . . . . . . .

          “Stand ye calm and resolute,
          Like a forest close and mute,
          With folded arms and looks which are
          Weapons of unvanquished war.

          And if then the tyrants dare,
          Let them ride among you there;
          Slash, and stab, and maim and hew;
          What they like, that let them do.

          With folded arms and steady eyes,
          And little fear, and less surprise,
          Look upon them as they slay,
          Till their rage has died away:

          Then they will return with shame,
          To the place from which they came,
          And the blood thus shed will speak
          In hot blushes on their cheek:

          Rise, like lions after slumber
          In unvanquishable number!
          Shake your chains to earth like dew
          Which in sleep had fallen on you:
          Ye are many—they are few!”

          • Like that mr Blunt!
            Stirring stuff!
            Ill be watching avidly from my mobile shop as you clash with the riot police,
            Dont let the side down!
            Want you to be scattering them london bobbies like skittles!

          • Oh, no MNC – it will be peaceful. We just intend to fuck up the traffic like
            Extinction Rebellion.

          • Peaceful? Oh not interested then.
            Looked promising for a while,
            Cornish with pitchforks etc
            But if peace is breaking out im going home, feet up watch whitehouse & Mortimer go fishing on BBC.

          • Hes ruined it Rtc.
            Thousands of angry cornishmen with pitchforks!
            Storming Londonistan, Blunty could of been a historic rebel, barechested parrot on his shoulder, leading the battle!
            Instead wants to walk up and read poems!
            Let me down to be honest, thought he was warringtons answer to Tommy Robinson.

          • We can still clean up with the cans of coke MNC.
            As for blocking the road RTC, West Cuntry assures me that a Cornish smack will arrive by trailer and pulled into place on Grosvenor Square. We’ve got it all planned out.

          • Expect a contingent from Naarfolk. Kett’s Rebellion was squashed on August 27th 1549. A return match on the topic of enclosing common land is well overdue.

          • This is snowballing isnt it? The Blunt rebellion of 2019 .
            Now Norfolks on board!
            See this is how insurrection and mutinies start, whispers on blogs,
            Next thing some london types got a pitchfork in his belly!

          • He just cant stop insulting his own troops can he?
            First calls them remainers!
            Now smackheads!
            I like mr Blunt but as a leader of men he lacks skills

  20. Am currently on holiday in Italy very nice it is too. Just been to Milan on the train fuck me run well reasonably priced and clean too many dark keys but that’s what the cunts wanted to do to the italians I love the fact their gaffer tries to Fuck the EU right off. Met a German couple in Milan and the fella asked did I vote in our out so I said out. He said am I not afraid of no deal I said no it’ll get sorted out and after all we are leaving the EU not europe we’ll still holiday in Europe we buy lots of German cars we still will we buy lots of French wine we still will we buy lots of Italian white goods we still will, and you know what he got it, everything can be solved with some will and effort so let’s see if I can now talk to the fucking remainers.

    • If you see mr salvini tell him we love him!
      And tell the german i was a big fan of his grandads work!

  21. For years they smugly lived with their collective craniums up the sphincter of the EU, taking their cushy jobs, representing the 4th Reich as righteous and worthy club of which to be a member.

    Now they are about to get well and truly fucked by the masses. Do not expect them to sit and take it without a fight.

    But it is a fight that hopefully they will very shortly lose.

  22. Why are we still talking about it? It’s been one pile of lies stacked on bullshit since the result.

    For me Brexit revealed democracy to be the sham I always suspected, we just found out it’s all a scam as well.

    Fuck Brexit, the cunts who we elect to run the country are as bad if not worse than the cunts running the EU.

    A vote in this day and age is a pacifier for dummies. Suck on that and shut up.

    I’ll not get involved in the tyranny of the democratic side show again.

    • “the cunts who we elect to run the country are as bad if not worse than the cunts running the EU.” With that I wholeheartedly agree.

      But at least we can vote our cunts out, unlike those running the EU. And we will vote them out come the next election… or at least those of us left who still value the notion of democracy will, however badly discredited it currently is.

  23. At the end of the day ( a cliche I try to avoid but i’ve fucking done it now) the Remoaners must have a 2nd referendum. That’s the only way they can justify their blatant refusal to accept democracy. They need to stretch it out as long as they can, scare the shit out of people, recruit even more slebs (a major omission they made in 2016) and wear people down.
    There’s a crunch time coming now. I wish we had somebody other than this Eton poshboy to rely on but this is the cunt we’ve got.
    I ain’t giving up yet.

  24. ”Whatever happens we must not allow a no deal Brexit” …….. can only logically be translated into ………..”whatever happens we must not Brexit”.

    Those saying they accept the vote but at the same time there must under no circumstances be a no deal exit from the EU, think that they are nimble minded and can side step any suggestion of them in fact being undemocratic weasels. What they don’t realise is that they are completely transparent ‘thimble’ minded twats and if they have side stepped anything they have done so straight into a steaming pile of dog turd. Mother Fuckers and James O’Brien lovers the lot of em….

  25. I wonder, is there a crowd funding page to hire a submarine to torpedo the boat with Greta Mongberg in that’s crossing the Atlantic? If there is then I’m in….

    • If there is a God with a sense of humour the feckin’ boat she’s on will run into an unseasonal Atlantic storm, hit an iceberg from the melting ice caps she harps on about and sink. Brave little Greta will survive the sinking and swim to the ‘berg only to succumb to a starving polar bear that had been stranded on it for weeks which then dies of food poisoning from all the shit the stupid little cow was full of.

      • Fabulous DD, they should make your post into a film, it would be great family entertainment to watch the sanctimonious little cunt eaten by a bad tempered polar bear.

  26. The government must commit to a “genuine negotiation with the EU”, former Chancellor Philip Hammond has said.

    In his first comments since stepping down last month, Mr Hammond said a no-deal Brexit would “break up the UK”.

    “The reality would be a diminished and inward-looking little England,” he said in an article in the Times.

    A no deal would be a “betrayal of the 2016 referendum”, he said, adding “it must not happen”.

    “The government must commit to a genuine negotiation with the EU”. The EU have said they will not renegotiate you stupid cunt Hammond, you and May had three fucking years to renegotiate.

    “No deal will be a betrayal of the 2016 EU referendum”? No Hammond, it is what Leavers have always wanted,

    You fucking worthless prick,

    • I wonder if there is some Italian blood in hammonds lineage ?
      It would explain why he’s always ready to raise the white flag.

  27. Looking at the long lugubrious faces of both Hammond and Grievous Grieve, I feel they have a future in the theatre – playing the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella at the Queens Theatre, somewhere.

    Apparently poison dwarf John Bercow appeared at the Edinburgh FRinge last night to make as big a cunt of himself as arsewipe McDonnell last week.

  28. I am allergic to Blair. Hammond prompts the same immune response. If I met him in person, I would probably go into anaphylactic shock. And fucking Bercow. The Edinburgh Fringe is the best place for the bastard’s so-witty take on impartiality. A Speaker going public with his gross bias against one side on a vital issue? Should be dragged out of the Chamber by the balls, and executed. Head on spike at the Tower, various joints displayed at all major cities. Why the MP’s haven’t called him out long ago, I can’t imagine.

    • Because Labour love him. If it was left to the Tories he’d have been toast years ago.

      • I bet Labour Leavers don’t love him. Time for some co-ordination, there. If he wants to do standup in Edinburgh, fine. If he wants to be the chairman of the HoC Debating And Gibbering Society, fine. But the two are incompatible, quite apart from his growing delusion that he’s the PM.

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