Maisie-Rae and Kelly Adams

This is a story about a teenager effectively told to hold it when she asked to go to the toilet. She said to the teacher she was on her period and the teacher effectively told her to put a sock in it, so the teenager storms out ‘grabbing a sani towel on the way’.

Her stupid mother says ‘Maisie felt humiliated and embarrassed and it is horrible what happened to her’, naturally her mother takes the story to the national press so the two attention seekers can have their photos in the tabloids and talk about their periods and feelings. It sounds reasonable to want to use the toilet when required, but this cunt Maisie-Rae has apparently been given three separate detentions for wanting to go to the bogs and now claims she has heavy periods – 3 times a month. I reckon she’s just full of shit.

The school says “The situation is not as has been interpreted, but I cannot go into details”. My theory is that this ‘girl’ is actually a boy and doesn’t even have periods and the pair of them are completely off their trolley. It’s the kind of shit a demented tranny boy would make up and the kind of name he’d give himself.

The school also says they have policies to deal with these things including timeout cards and ‘pink passes’. Mother-cunt moots pink wristbands – “I think it would be a good idea to get the girls wearing a little pink wristband and then it would show the teachers and others that the girl is on her period and that they may be a little emotional and not able to concentrate that week”. I shit you not it never fucking ends. What the fuck is the world coming to that this cunt with it’s three periods a month wants to wear a fucking wristband to excuse them from academic effort, due to the disability of being a female? So just sit and stare out of the window at the taxpayers expense. She should be put out on the street to earn a fucking living if permanently pmt-ing.

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52 thoughts on “Maisie-Rae and Kelly Adams

  1. If this dipstick can leave class when she wants to have a period then presumably boys can be excused whenever they want a wank ( usually 3 or 4 times a day).

    I used to get a massive boner day dreaming in my French lessons and would love to have been excused for a quick tug.

    Fuck off.

  2. I’m sick of hearing about wimmins problems, just piss off. Your a bitch, you bleed, get over it. If you can’t sort your cunt out for a hour whilst you are in class then you also, are a cunt.

    • Kelly and maisie rae ought to listen to the excellent advice of a mr jagger & richards,
      You cant always get what you want.
      From the album ‘let it bleed’
      Now fuck off

    • An all female T34/85 tank crew with PMT…..
      No wonder they got to Berlin before the Yanks and ourselves.

    • Elizabeth Schwarzkopf was turning 4x2s into lampshades; and she looked like something from a IIIrd Reich propaganda film.

  3. Women have been on the blob for ever but it’s only in the age of the soshul meeja, narcissistic attention seeker that it suddenly becomes a problem. I’m sure nobody wants to hear about me having a shit so why would I want to hear about some little tart’s bodily functions?
    The latest load of feminazi libtard shit is “period poverty.” This is where girls can’t afford sanitary products (spent all their dough on 20 Regal and Barcardi Breezers) so the government should lob them out for free. What a load of bollocks! So where’s my free bog roll while you’re at it you cunts?

    • I suppose it goes without saying they shower the rump raiders with free rubbers at Pride parades too. Yewman Rites innit?

  4. What kind of name is Maisie-Rae anyway? Are these slags Smokey Mountains hillbillies or have they just been watching too much trash American TV?

    “I’m going Walmart Maisie-Rae. Make sure you feed those damn hogs while i’m gone ya hear?”

    • Evening freddy, i like a hillybilly name on a uk council estate, sure its not a misprint though?
      Kids name might be Raisin mae?

  5. I wouldn’t mind having 1 week off in 4 just because I’ve got a cunt. No wonder so many limp-wristed turds that pass for manhood these days want to be a fucking woman. If something goes wrong at work, just start blubbing, and everyone will have to leave you alone- next day it’ll be forgotten about.
    I’d also want a brown armband to wear on days that I think that I might need a shit……around any time that my services are actually required. Then I can flounce off to the bog and have a kip for an hour while everyone else mucks in.

    • These are some of the same snowflakes who whine about equal pay when they ought to be paid even less.

      The more orange your face is, the lazier you are.

  6. Kick her in her bleeding Cunt…and her old whore of a mother when she’s on….might lessen the chance of the slags breeding.

    Fuck Off.

    • Evening Dick, the young un Daisy duke or whatever shes called looks like shell be a fair looking lass when shes grown up, but mum looks like something from cell block H,
      A right hard fat cunt, got a tattooed hand, thats borstal boy territory.

      • I bet the young ‘un has had more pricks than a pincushion already.

        Evening MNC.

        • God only knows about the albino orangutan she has for s mother tho eh?fuck me what century are we in again

      • Fuck me I thought Mum’s forearm was the girl’s leg crossed over. You’re right, she’s a right fucking bruiser. I bet she was a nightmare at school and, having named her daughter after a B52 bomber, she is bringing the little slut up to follow in her footsteps.
        If I was a boy i’d be too scared to try and get in Ellie Ray’s knickers. Especially as she seems to permanently have the painters in.

        • Mum would steam through the current heavyweight division, make light work of ‘ AJ’
          His weakness a fat tattooed covered walking pork scratching,

    • The mother appears to have a forearm like a weightlifter….probably needs it that meaty to touch the sides when she fucks herself up the arsehole.

      Fuck Off

      • Strong forearms from carrying all those bags from off license and chippy, imagine if she gave you a hand shandy?
        Pull it out by roots….

      • She also appears to have dreadful taste in home decor…common trollop.

        • Not a fan? Looks comfy though that corduroy sofa and can take 500lbs, so strong, well made!
          Anyway Dick, dont be unfair a bouncers wages doesnt stretch far and she has a £100 a week tampon bill.

          • Hey, serious question, you ever seen a big cat?
            Talked to a few people who have(one a copper) and saw a sheep eaten in peak district, throat gone, belly gone, rest untouched?
            Didnt look like a dog had done it too me?
            You ever get reports like that in Northumbria?

          • Nah, but some fucking bunny-huggers wanted to reintroduce Lynx to Kielder…said that they’d live off wild deer…of course they would when there were thousands of sheep and lambs available
            Typical thick wankers blasting off their clueless views….the idiots got chased…as so often happens.

          • Theyve reintroduced beaver to norfolk but that seems to of worked, and talked about reintroducing different species of things that used to be in british isles, but putting big apex predators back is bit different.
            See all kinds of wildlife while out and about, but not a big cat, dont doubt the blokes who told me though.

    • Big cats? Unless you have a good photo or DNA I call bullshit. If there’s a hunt within 10 miles the hounds would flush it. If however there’s a badger sett around that explains the mutilated sheep. Had sheep die in a boggy spot or hedge before, if you don’t notice for a week you get a great skeleton jigsaw spread over half an acre. Foxy and corvids help but the giant black and white weasels do the donkey work. Fuck Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Packham.

      • Both magiccunt, google british big cats few beem photographed couple shot,
        This was a fresh kill, wasnt old.
        Like i say both people who told me i wouldnt doubt,
        Im not particularly gullible or naive,
        Was a place few mile away where lynx were released and a big cat can range 25mile a day apparently!
        Not that far fetched had feral hogs cleared out of a wood near me!!!

  7. My Heart Bleeds.

    The wimminz football captain on the box the other night, period poverty is putting girls off playing football.

    So they can play all the other sports but not football

    Fuck Off you Silly Cow!!

    • Bodily functions didn’t put off St Lineker when he shit himself on the pitch against Republic of Ireland at Italia 90 WC. What a trooper and unsurprisingly nobody wanted to man-mark him.

      • But St Gary has learned his lesson since then. These days he’s permanently full of shit.

      • Just like that gobshite “hardman” Roy Keane when he tried it on with Shearer.

        Evening LL

        • Evening Mr Fiddler, pity St Gary didn’t play rugby at your old school, I’m sure he would have been made to feel welcome.

          • He’d have never had a subsequent sporting career,that’s for sure. We’d have left the Cunt lying in the mud like the victim of an artillery salvo at Verdun.

  8. I think Maisie-Rae might be the girl mentioned by the Sargent in “Full Metal Jacket”………
    Mary Jane Rottencrotch.

    • Her mum hears you say that and we’ll all get a good hiding!
      Looks like she chews bones and can throw a righthand lead…
      Looks like lenny mclean if hed joined deep purple….

  9. On the subject of white trash, I missed out on one of my dead pool favourites this time, namely Katie Price. I’m gutted, as looking at the photos of it in the sidebar of shame, she must be due at least a suicide attempt soon. The shagged out minger is back from a plastic surgery holiday in Turkey, where she, and the young mong that’s fucking it this week, have celebrated their four day anniversary by getting new heads. Other than victorian freak showesque curiosity at what state the uberskank is currently in, who the fuck maintains her fame? Spending more time in court than OJ Simpson, and having more surgery than even Whacko Jacko would entertain must be wearing her down, and with zero friends, and ITV filming every minute of her shit life, she can’t be long of this world, and the only cunts who will give a shit are fifth rate football or rugby players, desperate to have five minutes of infamy, as the guy who gave her fat lips without a prescription.

    • Poor old Katie. I reckon when she’s away from the camera her face is held up by scaffolding. Fancy having to pump your tits up first thing every morning.
      Eventually she’ll have to get her fanny sorted out. It must be like the entrance to one of those U boat pens in WW2.

  10. I do so love it when perpetually humiliated cunts like this go to the press .

    If for example I had zipped my cock in my flies at school and they didn’t let me go to the toilet to sort it, I reckon I’d shut the fuck up rather than go to a national rag that will actually fucking put it online for the whole fucking world to see(apart from maybe the Iranians)

    Must have been hugely humiliating

  11. Fuck’s sake. What is it with the modern day that everything known to man or woman is fucking pandered to??

    I went to an all girls secondary school back in the Stone Age. If this pandering shit went on, nothing would have gotten done and girls would be fucking off out of the classroom every minute, all claiming they were on the rag.

    We were just made to get on with it with no mention of a period in sight. Put up and fucking shut up.

    The world has gone to shit. ‘Maisie-Rae’ (stupid chav name) needs a slap and a crate of Tampax dropped on her from a height.

    • I was going to advise the boys from her area to get in there before she starts to look like her mother, but OOPS she’s only fourteen.

  12. In my day the bucket-fanny girls just wore black trousers and no-one was any the wiser. I bet this ‘mother’ is a liberal lunatic who believes that anyone who voted for Trump is a white-privileged racist rapist and that anyone who doesn’t want Corbyn to be the next PM is an anti moo-slime EDL fascist.

  13. What can you say, im sure its a pain in the snatch when your on the rag, but you would have thought this tart would be prepared after all im sure she,s used to sticking things into her twat, but what erks is the attention seeking blimp that has decided to make it into a massive issue, so I think its the mother who is a cunt and maybe a tampax wedged in her god for a week would be a good idea….

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