A quick, drive by shooting style cunting for Labour’s ‘Momentum’ faction.
The twats have just launched a campaign aimed at unseating Boris Johnson from his Uxbridge seat.
Talk about having a fucking larf.
Connoisseurs of cunting will no doubt find much to entertain them in this clip of the usual rent-a-gob arsewipes in action. This, my friends, is what losers look like. Welcome once more to Cunt Central, Owen, Flabbott et al. Fucking tossers.


Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. I can’t imagine there are thousands of embryo Woolfie Smith’s in the sylvan streets of Uxbridge and Ruislip (though I would have said the same thing about Hillingdon, where I worked 40 years ago, now it is full of burqa shops with “immigration experts” solicitors in the upper part of the building).

    Not just Momentum, I just wish the whole fucking party – the Blairite poofs and lesbians, the champagne socialist ponces like Mangeldbum and Adonis, and the McDonnell mob would all just fuck off out of it – to Russia or Luxemburg, whichever they favour over Britain.

    I hope the cunts are crushed beyond repair at the next election

    • How fitting the lyrics are for the Beatles “I’m a loser” . . . . . .

      I’m a loser
      And I’m not what I appear to be.

      Many people are finding out that Catweazle is not what he appears to be. Of course the Beatles were singing about losers in love.
      Catweazle is simply one of life’s losers.

  2. The main impetus behind socialism has always been resentment and jealousy. It’s the nihilistic belief system of losers and self- loathing narcissists.

    They can all just fuck off, the cunts.

    • “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
      (Winston Churchil)

      • Great with the old verbiage, was Winston. But we wouldn’t have got him if *Labour* hadn’t declined to serve under Chamberlain. Atlee’s support was vital to counter Chamberlain’s and Greenwood’s pressure to negotiate with Hitler, too.

        • Very true. And “ old Labour” was socially and nationally quite “conservative” in many ways.

        • Although Churchill never showed much gratitude to Atlee, describing him as that “ sheep in sheep’s clothing”. Another great Churchillian riposte.

          • …and “a modest little man with a lot to be modest about”

            Just imagine if Dame Keir and Hilary Benn had been around at the time of the Munich crisis – they would have been shitting themselves at the prospect of falling out with Germany. We on the other hand say Fuck off Merkel.

        • Attlee was a proper, patriotic Labour leader. Unlike his current Britain hating successor. Corbyn not fit to lick the shit off Attlee’s shoes. Must be spinning in his grave.

        • Not that comfortingly conservative, or sheeplike, after the war. Attlee nationalised the key industries and initiated the NHS.

          Anyway, if we’re trading other peoples’ thoughts…

          But it is more than just Brexit which will cause Labour’s demise. We are now a Party of the metropolitan bubble, shaped by those who see the values of family, community and patriotism as old fashioned and “right wing”. Those, like myself who voted Leave are regularly called racist and fascist.

          (Kate Hoey, Sunday Express, 28th July 2019)

          Momentum is indeed a cunt, as is Progress – the Blairite source of corruption. As are those Tories who are drifting Blairwards, the Illiberal Undemocrats who will lick anyone’s arse for a look at the political trough, the Greens, who will do the same even if it involves sidelining their core principles, and the SNP for too many reasons to list. Pick a party, pick a cunt.

          • Kate Hoey is an excellent woman, and worth a dozen Sugartits Coopers or Ginguts Thornberrys. Very sound sort I always thought. Sadly like Frank Field, somebody else with a mind of their own and integrity, they have been hounded out of the Labour party. Ms Hoey is standing down at the next election and Frank will stand as an Independent

      • And didn’t Thatcher say that the problem with socialism is that, eventually, you run out of other peoples’ money?

        • The problem with capitalism is that every 14 years or so everybody runs out of money. (Komodo, ISAC, 13/08/19)

          • As are the sweeping generalisations to which it is a legitimate response. I can keep this up for ever.

          • I don’t doubt it. Your need to have that last word is legendary. (Ha-ha, that should shut him up – Ed.)

          • It’s less capitalism and more the boom and bust economic policy of the past 30-40 years. Rapacious consumerism matched by ridiculous government spending of the Blair-Brown years, deregulation of the banks, over regulation of small-medium businesses via the EU. The state allowing big business to steamroll over everything until we get into trouble then suddenly they have to be bailed out by they people they were fucking over for profit.

  3. Yes indeed he is a duplicitous backstabbing cunt who could very easily be Leader of the Opposition by Christmas.

    Meanwhile Sir Nigel has yet again nailed it re the Markle couple …….and getting pelters from the same media outlets that would die to use the same language themselves!

    • I actually believe BloJo will deliver Brexit, or try his best to do so. I believe it because in his own mind, Brexit has become conflated with his own ego and he wants to hit back at those that have derided him for the past 3 years by proving them wrong and showing he can make a success of it.

    • Sir Nigel had it spot on about the Royals, he said what everybody is thinking, especially about that Markle bitch. When she fucks off back to Yankland to be the high profile sleb she always wanted to be, even the old crones waving their little flags outside Buck House will be saying, “I knew she was a wrong’un…….I said that didn’t I Vera?……I always said that…..speak up dear, my ‘earing ain’t what it used to be.”
      She’s a cunt.

    • Interestingly the Labour cock-sucking Daily Mirror is outraged by Nigel’s remarks against Harry and Mrs Hewitt on their front page this morning – though they have never been offended when McDonnell or any of his henchmen have had a pop at the Royal family. It might in that case warrant a line or two well inside their organ.

      • The Mirror is a fucking joke these days with it’s constant remoaner bullshit. I really don’t know who buys that rag…….certainly not your average libtard. I can only imagine it’s fucking old cunts who have been buying it for donkeys years and only read the football and telly pages.

        • I often wonder who buys The Peephole (People) on Sunday’s. It is from the same stable as the Sunday Mirror and they seem to borrow each others stories and use the same website. Needless to say there is a lot of shit in their stables. It must be in as big a danger as the Independent on Sunday was till they put it out of it’s misery.

          Knowing my luck if I owned a newspaper it would be either the People or The New European, and I believe they can’t sell the fucking things (paper or business) – I doubt they could even give them away. Each week there is a tatty load of New Europeans outside the local Co-Op ready to be carted away and it always gives me great pleasure when my dog pisses on them. Were it not for security cameras I’d do the same myself.

          • The Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Mirror Online and Sunday People are published by MGN Ltd, part of Reach PLC. Reach PLC is Britain’s largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher, with a print and online portfolio reaching 38.6million cunts every month.

            Much the same incestuous relationship the Sun and News Of The World used to enjoy.

          • Apparently the circulation of TNE is about 20,000 inclusive of the 5000 cunts who subscribe to it, almost all within the M25. (Now there’s a surprise!)
            Would be interesting to compare the paid circulation with the print run.
            P.S. I’ve only seen it on sale in my local Co-Op where it languishes forlorn and unwanted on the stand.

          • The Mail, Mirror and The Times have all become Remoaner journals. Shame about the Mail as one could rely on them in the past to take the right view. The Telegraph, Sunday Times, Sun and Express hold true to the Brexit line.

            For magazines it’s all pretty dim. The Economist, Prospect and New Statesman are leavers rags with The Spectator and Counterpoint coming out for Brexit.

            On line there is Spiked and the excellent Guido Fawkes. And, of course, Brexit Central.

            Make sure your reading is ideologically pure, fellow cunters.

          • Guido, The Speccy, the Telegraph and Unherd for me. I do read the occassional Guardian or Independent article just to see what the fuck they’re on about now, but they are pretty much a self parody.

            Then there are scores of youtube channels worth keeping an eye on. I’m sure ive been radicalised by Pepe memes by now.

          • Your dog pisses on the rags (of that name); I hope he follows through ny pissing on the people.
            We’ve got a tatty old Rom baggage outside the P.O.; dog piss could only improve the vile old crone.

            Sod her.

  4. Who’s the first cunt in the clip? He looks like he’s got a bit of mongolism? Is he Greta Thunderbird in drag? Tranny climate change activist?

  5. As a proud and committed Loser of long standing I take great umbrage at being compared to scum and filth such as Corbyn,Flabbot and the rest of em.Mr Knee should have used another adjective-noun in his justified cunting coz it reflects badly on all us decent losers.

    • Ah, my apologies to decent, upstanding losers everywhere, CuntsR.
      I retrospectively re-name this nom ‘Momentum Cunts’.

        • It used to be said that to be born an Englishman was to be a winner in the lottery of life. Now it seems to be born a (white) Englishman is to be born an abject loser.

  6. The labour candidate is a fucking peaceful immigrant, what is wrong with these cunts cant they find an ENGLISH person in London.


    • Unfortunately I live in Londonistan and from intensive personal observation conducted over many years I estimate that the indigenous English comprise no more than 25% of the population,that is,about 2 million out of 8 million.

  7. Is that repulsive creature still the ‘Women’s Officer’ for Labour?
    The party that makes Papa Lazarou’s freak show look like the Royal Garden Party…

  8. The Corbynistas and socialists in general are inadequate cunts who from an early age knew they could never hope to compete in the real world with their more intelligent, aspirational, hard working peers – the people who create the wealth and provide the tax pounds that the envious, unproductive, virtue signalling left like to selflessly piss down the shitter on behalf of humanity.

    Orwell summed it up in The Road to Wigan Pier: the problem with socialism is socialists. They are driven, not by affinity with the working class or a genuine desire to raise their standard of living, but by a hatred and bitter resentment of anyone who pulls their weight and has more than they do.

    This was back in the late 1930’s, not much has changed has it?

  9. Morning all.
    Sorry the link above ain’t working, but as you’ve gathered it contains Owen Jerkoff and Flabbott the Hutt, so you won’t need much imagination to guess the content. Christ what a puffed up little shit Jones is.

    • I bet he got his head pushed down the school bogs a time or two, slimy little heap of shit. Owen Jones really does suffer from small man syndrome. He should have joined the Royal Ballet – I am sure somebody would have taken him in hand.

  10. The only person who has entered the houses of parliament with the best intentions was Guido Fawkes

    Gobshites the lot of’em

  11. “Are you a cunt?”
    “Then why not join the Labour Party!”

    …..of course you already have!
    Fuck you!

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