Laila Laurel

This woman, who looks like a typical middle-class Corbynite, has designed a chair to stop “manspreading”. Knowing how limp-wristed anyone in authority is these days towards anything that any SJW screeches about, no matter how petty, I bet it won’t be long until they’re installed on all trains, planes and buses just because they hate men and our genitals. If you ask me this is completely sexist and discriminatory, and represents absolutely no meaningful purpose whatsoever. You can just imagine the reactions I’ve received when I’ve objected to women “bagspreading”…..

Admin note: This cunt studies at the University of Brighton….that says it all.

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      • “Let’s make the best of the situation
        Before I finally go insane.
        Please don’t say I’ll never find a way
        To sit down on that train.
        Laila, you’ve got me on my knees.
        Laila, I’m begging, darling please.”

        With apologies to Eric Clapton for a slight change in his lyrics.

        • Sorry, that should have appeared elsewhere. What I meant to say is I have a degree in Carpentry from
          Hogwarts University.

          • It’s not given me a living, but I manage to make ends meet. (With apologies to JR)

    • Follow the link ( You can read more about Laila’s idea here ) within the link. She’s gotten some soft hipster Cunt to ‘model’ her contraption in the photo. Obviously one of them ‘femenist blokes’ … I guess he doesn’t have the kuhunas to get all out of shape on her award winning piece of shit.
      … Surely any bloke with an ounce of dignity, if asked to model her chair, would be telling her to ‘rev up and fuck right off’.
      I need a lie down …

    • They look like a hybrid whipping-bench-nappy-changing-unit.

      I’m sure they’d burn well, and produce electricity.

      Some K-Y jelly and alligator clips could be a useful addition. Along with very tough hemp straps…

  1. Well cunted. It just goes to show that these feminazi’s can’t accept the most obvious facts of science. Men have testicles and a penis between their legs, it’s hangs for a reason.
    Can I claim to be offended about women with saggy tits? With age it’s natural, with fat birds it inevitable.
    When a women sits with their legs open in public your not allowed to notice and you certainly aren’t allowed to complain unless you want to be sharing a bucket to shit in with a kiddy fiddler for the sake of her majesty’s pleasure.

  2. Back in the day they had something called a “scold’s bridle” . This was a metal frame thing worn on the head which prevented moaning women from talking.
    We need a “feminazis bridle” to shut these whining libtard scrubbers up.
    The sooner this fucking Brighton bitch is wearing a letterbox and trailing behind her peaceful husband the better.

  3. Another attention seeking twat, how much brain power would you need to nail two bits of wood to a fucking chair, silly cow.

    Yound women/teenagers are as bad on public transport, either feet on the seat opposite or one foot up on their own seat.

    • And the slags that use the window seat and put their bag on the isle seat… Not caring if some OAP or knackered worker needs that extra seat… Fucking selfish slagbag cunts…

      • Easy fix.

        Ask the ignorant cunt if they’ve paid for two seats. When they either look at you blankly, or ignore you, push their crap onto the floor and sit down.
        Then when they rark up, tell them to fuck off, or pay for the second seat while showing them you’re valid ticket.

        Simple, effective, and works every fucking time.

  4. A ducking stool might be more appropriate for this hag, Freddie.

    I am convinced a lot of wimmin are repressed lesbians, and in my view most lesbians are man haters rather than wimmin lovers.

    When you consider how poofery has increased, to the extent it figures everywhere on radio and TV, and the BBC discovered wimmins football this year and something called Gentleman Jack, it seems clear that it affects wimmon as much (if not more so) than men. And what is this thing of a gaggle of wimmin going to the lavatory together for half an hour?. If blokes did that tongues would wag. In the days when Mrs Boggs had a more active social life, she and her cronies inspected the pub or club bogs for half an hour at a time.

  5. There will be drinking fountains and buses that will be for the ‘men only’ next… Then it will be coloured star stickers with ‘Man’ printed on them… Apartheid is alive and well in the UK… The end of the civilised world has already started, and it is demented and hate filled wimmin who will bring about its demise… And a nuke should be dropped on Brighton…

    • Surely Norman you’re not suggesting Prime Minister Lucarse and her all female (plus a couple of trannies), white supremacist Cabinet of National Unity are in some way “demented and hate filled wimmin”?

      • Lucas even looks like Hitler without the tash…
        A Lucas/Banana Gob Axis would be puke inducing…

    • A few kilotons, just as an appetiser. If that doesnt work, keep the Tridents warm, each with a few warheads of a few hundred kilotons each.i bet the SJW fruitcakes will still be shrieking up until the beach is turned to radioactive glass.

    • How far down the coast is Bummington from Worthing ?

      Methinks loads of Mustard gas &c. about to erupt from some old wrecks.

      Gas of a different sort…

  6. Anyone called Laila Laurel has to be a thermonuclear cunt….
    Ugly slag to boot… Looks like a trannie to me…

  7. Another Titania McGrath. Look at the smug expression of it.

    Brighton has sadly become a no-go zone for me nowadays. Too many screeching loons. I wish they’d go ahead with their plan to secede from the UK to remain in the EU.

  8. She may have designed the chairs but ten quid says she had to get a bloke to make them.
    Don’t look very comfortable. I foresee compo claims for back injuries….

  9. I am seeking backing for my design which stops mingesplaining. It is a plastic bag with a tight fitting neck strap. The plastic and strap are 100% recyclable, and tranny friendly to capture the Brighton market.

  10. For those who you who were wondering, 3D Craft and Design is what we called “woodwork” at school. Also at school we would have called this libtard idiot “Miss” but “moany old fucking cow” behind her back and on the toilet wall.

  11. If women had a pair of bollocks for a day then they’d understand the “manspreading” phenomenon, or as i like to call it, sitting fucking normally, there is nowt more uncomfortable than squishing your nads between your thighs just to sit closed legged, it isn’t misogynistic to sit with your legs open, it’s just a genuine way of not losing your balls women fucking annoyn me sometimes

    Also i read about her a few weeks ago, apparently she’s done it as a joke, i think it’s shite

  12. “Let’s make the best of the situation
    Before I finally go insane.
    Please don’t say I’ll never find a way
    To sit down on that train.
    Laila, you’ve got me on my knees.
    Laila, I’m begging, darling please.”

    With apologies to Eric Clapton for a slight change in his lyrics.

  13. A bit of misandry dressed up as a ‘joke’. Should be filed under that ‘every day sexism’ classification that wimmin are always whinging about.
    A bet she’s a laugh a minute down the pub.

  14. I’m fed up with women on the tube spreading out of their seats due to their titanic fat asses, caused by too many Big Macs. How about a chair to constrain them, the fat chavs.

    Fuck off.

  15. University of Brighton ?
    I bet the ‘ Beach Bumming ‘ course is oversubscribed.
    Get To Fuck.

  16. Just to add to the misandry thing apparently katy perry has been accused of whipping some fellas kecks down at a party and he felt so embarrassed and ashamed, nee fucking wonder wimmin are emasculating men nowadays when there’s fannies like him! If it was me I’d have been telling her to finish the fucking job

    • If the bloke had done that to katy perry she’d of pressed charges sold her story, and used it for #metoo propaganda.
      The guy should of just spun round and chinned her as hard as he could!
      Sparked katy the fuck out,
      Nothing funnier than when the laughter ends abruptly….

      • She’d have been the poster child for metoo if it was the other way round, with any luck it’ll spell the end of that fake lezza warbling bitch cunts career, however it’d have been funny as fuck to hear about her eating a knuckle sandwich, but then again the bloke would be to blame, us fellas can’t win these days

      • Kunty Perry should have had her face slapped years ago…
        A thick as pigshit famous for being a slag cunt… I wouldn’t touch her if I was paid… Remember, Russell Brand (and probably every bloke in the ‘business’) has been down both ends….

        • Any bird that stupid long haired beardy wanker has been near should be writ off

  17. Wow, the cutting edge of engineering and ergonomics! Is this what we have really arrived at in the 21st Century UK? What a pile of horseshit. I would be more impressed if the lady had designed a chair to help with those that have impaired mobility.

    Pound to a pinch of shit that she is a Green supporter, loves the Pride celebrations of Gay Brighton and would love nothing more than to enjoy the privilege of noshing on Caroline Lucarse’s haddock flavoured, floury, dried-up, old snatch. The cunt.

    • Thanks for that – you’ve just put me off me cheese & onion crisps lunch.

      • Floury cheese & onion crisps perchance?
        If they are Walkers then they probably have the personal ‘seal’ of Linecunt smeared all over them.


        • Oh feck, had a packet of Doritos tonight…

          VERY small print on back explains their Wanker’s Crisps origins.

          Lidl do a bigger bag for 46p, about a quarter of the price of Doritos.

  18. You can bet this cunt does not pronounce her name as . . . . .
    ‘Laurel’ like the tree but ‘’Lorrel-l-l with a long ‘l’. The fuckin’ pretentious cunt.

  19. I hope some hippy wanker from Extinction Rebellion has asked her how many trees had to die to make her poxy chairs. Fucking climate change denying bitch should be hounded out of Brighton like the environment murderer she is.

    • Laila would be first in queue to scream sexist’!!! If some bloke like me invented a chair and said its got a cup undernear to catch the fanny juice as wimen are like slugs leaving a trail behind on the upholstery, shed have a fuckin fit!!
      But its ok when aimed at men?
      Hope some nutty tranny smashes it over her fuckin neck.
      The cunt.

      • Got a bit of anger towards women today, just had a female customer im on a safe traders list so get quite a few vulnerable people, elderly, disabled, mental health issues etc
        Just had some chav bitch book me, let me load her stuff in van, got to new address and then say she had no money!!! The cheeky cunt!!
        Can see why peter Sutcliffe was fond of his claw hammer!

          • Fucking last post in response MNC’s predicament went up and has just gone. WTF?

          • No! Didnt even offer!
            Refused to unload van said till im paid her furniture was mine.
            Some social worker came with money to bail her out, so got paid at least!
            Then the gormless social worker asked if im free Friday to get some off this cunts other stuff in storage?
            Think I’ve just hatched from a fuckin egg? Ggrrr
            Hello Blunty!!!

          • My plumber friend said he’d work for most people but not peacefuls. They hassle over the price as if they were buying a rug in a Baghdad market.

          • Its true, i wont either, or for that matter anyone i suspect might be of a more tanned persuasion or has a accent that sounds like eddie Murphy in ‘coming to America’.
            Quivering quimm might see me as racist, and id hate to make him weep but there ya go.

          • Don’t worry MNC. As I understand it, Quivering Quim has been blocked from even VIEWING the site!

          • Hi Rtc, really? I wish he hadnt really,
            Different viewpoint etc, and would of been irresistible to tease him, push his buttons!
            Think you racists on here pushed him to far.😀

          • He didn’t bother me MNC, but Admin took the view he was a troll so rightfully nipped the cunt in the butt.

          • Not sure exactly what a troll means Rtc, but happy to add it to my prejudices!
            Doesnt mean someone who preys on billygoats from under bridges anymore i know that much.

          • “In Internet slang, a troll is a cunt who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.”

        • I understand that you wish to preserve your safe traders status, so unloading her shit on the roadside, whilst tempting would backfire on you.

          Do it the right way. Painful, but invoice her stating payment terms. When she doesn’t pay, give these people a call. For a tenner, they will send her a letter before action demand. She might then shit her pants and pay. If not, take the bitch to small claims.

          There are too many cunts getting away with stunts like these. A cunt tenant who apparently lost his job has left me £1200 in rental arrears along with costs for cleaning up a filthy house and the shit he left when he hauled his filthy, fat lazy carcass out.

          I am taking the cunt to small claims. I have everything documented, so as long as the judge isn’t a cunt, he will end up the loser. The cunt.

      • My ex referred to a friend as having deposited UVM (unwanted vaginal mucus) on our bog seat…

  20. I’m a poetry lover Cuntflap sitting cross-legged as I do in an attitude of perfect refinement.

        • I’m a Philistine Miles. Always thought Jean Cocteau was an undersea diver and oceanographer!

        • A reaction to growing up in a pretty brutal northern industrial town Bertie darling. Then later in life when I thought it was a pretentious attitude I had got stuck with it as it were. It had become my natural posture. But then (a favourite quote of Waugh) ‘The style IS the man’.

        • Bertie, Bertie, Bertie… Miles is very highly cultured… you must be aware of that by now?

          He even knows about seating arrangements at a dinner parties and stuff.

        • Maybe some Stockhausen in the background? Speaking of him-I’m not sure you ‘take’ the Catholic Herald RT but there was a very interesting piece in a recent issue;
          ‘Faith is the golden thread running through Stockhausen’s work’.
          ‘Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Licht says a flamboyant “no” to those musical conventions and many others besides, but it also says an exultant “yes” to the praise of God in music, like a cosmic setting of Psalm 150.
          ‘Stockhausen, a German composer, was once a byword for all that was most arcane and cultish about modernism. Yet Stockhausen grew up a Catholic. He signed off Gruppen, his orchestral tour-de-force of the 1950s, with the Jesuit inscription AMDG. He died in December 2007, apparently having recited the Lord’s Prayer with his companions. Only in the last few years, however, have audiences been granted the opportunity to grasp the idea that faith – in God and in the sacred mysteries of life – was the golden thread woven throughout his work, and through Licht above all’.

        • It’s probably ullage From Faith Dingle’s bellows running through Stockhausen…all over his face, through his tombstone teeth, daaahn his throat.
          Dirty old cuuunt.

    • Away! away! Cuntflap! for I will fly to thee,
      Not charioted by Bacchus and his pards,
      But on the viewless wings of Poesy.

  21. Apparently the FBI has recovered a ‘little black book’, formerly in the possession of Jeffrey Epstein. It lists two of our favourite wall-dwellers, Miranda Blair and Beardy Branson.

    One can only hope this book is more than just a list of Epstein’s financial business acquaintances.

  22. Those chairs look very uncomfortable.
    Give me an ox blood red leather chesterfield wing back armchair with matching poof over that wooden chair any day.

  23. So it’s ok for her to tell me what I should do with my body then?

    I’ll sit how i like fuck you very much!

  24. How about a homebaking kit for women?
    They can scrape out the yeast from their vulva and bake up a batch of minge rolls.

    Im probably too late as far as the Earth mothers of Brighton are concerned.

  25. I hope any bloke faced with sitting at this load of shite has the sense to kick it and smash it against the wall until it’s in bits. Then use one of the legs to sodomise this Laila Laurel spastic cunt. Then pour petrol over the fucking thing and light it, in the hope that whatever libtard feminista shithole it resides in will be burned to the fucking ground.

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