Ian Hislop (4)

Ian Hislop is a cunt.

I have been reading Private Eye since school in the late 1960’s, when Richard Ingrams was the editor and Peter Cook the owner. It was a great magazine taking a pop at all political parties and seemed to me to be fairly impartial in its’ targets. It did some great work exposing people like John Poulson and Robert Maxwell. Since the referendum, they have gone into a complete meltdown and it seems that the magazine has moved so far to the remainer left that it is now virtually unreadable. The cover of the present issue is a case in point.

Have I Got News For You in the days of Angus Deayton was also fairly impartial. It is now well past its sell-by date and has become a typical BBC leftie wankfest.

Two things I have enjoyed over the years, both ruined by that cunt who calls himself Ian Hislop.

Apostrophes are also a cunt as I think mine might be in the wrong place, but I can’t be arsed to check

Not sure if I got them right either, but fuck it – admin

Nominated by Wanksock

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  1. Nice one wanksock👍
    I cant stand this little smug cunt,
    Oh im so erudite and witty,yeah bet your great with the ladies?
    This is the sort of little shite that loves to correct others then wonders why that bloke in the pub chinned him.

    • Yes Miserable, Sounds just like what happened to our lovable little friend Owen Jones

  2. That’s a face I hoped I’d never have to see again after banning HIGNFY at Creampuff Manor.

    Thanks a bunch Wanksock. And yes, the apostrophes are still in the wrong place!

    This country is finished.

    • Not quite RTC… Mr Sock has engaged three apostrophes in his cunting. At least one is correctly inserted when he contracted “cannot” to “can’t”; a feat I always cock up because by default I contract “cannot” to “cunt”.

  3. The audience of HIGNFY laugh at anything that comes out of the mouths of the cunts on the panel. And the same goes for any other “comedy show”. I gave up watching years ago. Pure shite. Another wankstain who wants a good slap.

  4. It’s mostly canned laughter. If you listen carefully you’ll notice it’s mostly the same Everytime maybe a little louder when whoever it is decides something is possibly a bit funnier. Fuckin annoying. Not that I watch HIGNFY anymore.

  5. This bald headed little motherfucker reminds me of Clive Anderson, another arsehole who tries to make up for being folically challenged by smugness and cuntitude. Heaven help us if ever Owen Jones goes thin on top.

    Hislop and his partner in crime Paul Merton must shit themselves at the thought the tired old BBC might one day wield the axe on their 30 year old “comedy show”.

    All three of those mentioned and many others live on our charity courtesy of the BBC.

    Merton would still have his 50 something year old Wireless 4 quiz Just A Minute so he would have to declare the £5 a week he “earns” from that when filling in his JSA claim form with the other untalented bastards.

  6. Apostrophe’s are like sex Wanksock. If youre’ Not sure, dont’ put it in. An excellent cunting.

    • I see what you’ve done here Wanksock – you’ve sneaked in two noms for the price of one, covering Hislop and apostrophes.
      Fiendishly clever!

      • Wanksock do what i do, just throw them in randomly!
        Then leave loads at the end so people can help themselves!!!!!!!

    • Thanks. That is advice I will follow for the remaining years the good Lord sees fit to give me.

      • You obviously did it “Your Way.” Three Strokes.

        Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
        When I bit off more than I could chew
        But through it all, when there was doubt
        I ate it up and spit it out

  7. Why did the speed cross the road?

    Because I put on the wrong sock this morning…

    And couldn’t agree more with this cunting, the entire BBC is one colossal left wank-fest. Privatise it immediately…

    Virgin poster here, I was shown this site by a guy I met in Nice last month. Always a good read during morning ablutions and sets me up beautifully for the day. Thanks!

  8. Ian Hislop has spent more time in the Dock than Ronnie Biggs This poof has gone well over his sell by date Another one of the BBC happy band of remainers Have I Got News For You should have been binned years ago same old same old format total crap

  9. Ian Hislop, like soft spread, tasteless, full of shite and Utterly Cunterly.
    Get To Fuck.

  10. Hislop is like the Gove puppet, in that he has one of those faces that even a pacifist would love to punch.

  11. Ian pissflap. More annoying than three gerbils foraging up your poo hole. I agree totally with what is said about this smug cunt and his fellow cockwobblers.

  12. Private Eye has been shite for years now… It was made obsolete by Spitting Image in the 80s anyway… But while Spitting Image is now sadly gone, Private Eye still dodders on… Full of Brexit and Trump bollocks… The Radio Times (which is now also shit) was the magazine of the BBC… Now Private Eye seems to have that job….

    • I think I heard recently that Spitting Image is set to return. Not that that is anything to cheer about of course. I’m sure we all know all too well already, just exactly which line the show will toe if and when it does return.

  13. Echoes my own experience exactly. My first copy of the Eye was #2, and I have persisted with it, on and off, since. Ingrams was a genius, rather in the anglo-Catholic tradition of Belloc and Morton – It was Ingrams who gave the word “boring” such a high ranking in the league table of Eye insults. As editor, he would pick spurious quarrels with colleagues to keep that deadly tedium at bay. https://www.newstatesman.com/node/155124

    But Hislop isn’t. The formula that Ingrams established in Private Eye has not evolved, and the magazine is excessively dependent on media gossip and long, long-running jokes; even the quality of the cartoons has slowly declined. It still gets good business and political stories on occasion. PE, while never as savage as Le Canard or Krokodil, used to be antiestablishment, but under Hislop, barring a little light lese-majeste, it isn’t. Its targets are the Guardian’s targets, and it often ducks contentious issues.

    I think Hislop’s annoyingly smug persona is intentional, however, and I am not sure about cunting someone who is happy to be known as a cunt.
    Oh, the hell with it.
    He’s a cunt.

  14. Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week were good once but they have become unwatchable recently. Same tiresome mantra:-
    Brexit? Booooo!
    Comrade Corbyn? Hooray!
    Now they’re obliged to have at least one splitarse on the panel every week, despite the fact that there is not a single funny woman among them. They usually sit giggling or remain mute,apart from the odd line that some bloke has obviously written for them. Or throw in a comment reminding us that white heterosexual men are all cunts. And don’t get me started on that totally hateful cuntfest The Last Leg.
    Absolute wank.

    • I like watching The Last Leg. I like the little guy with the beard. Twice as funny as Jeremy Beadle ever was.

  15. Jimmy Somerville’s equally unfunny talentless smug lookalike.

    Used to very much enjoy HIGNFY but stopped watching when Angus Deayton was sacked.

    Was a regular reader of Private Eye but stopped buying when Hislop kept informing me in the publication and on TV that in his rather pompous opinion I and other Brexiteers were thick uneducated racists.

    Short arsed wanker.

  16. Hislop calls himself a ‘satirist’, which may as well be substituted with the words ‘unfunny cunt’.

  17. Who is Boris going to see this week?

    Begs the question, who is in charge of the EU?

    Merkel, a monumental disaster who has incenced the citizens of Germany (and Western Europe) with her appalling immigration policy, which has brought the German industry powerhouse to the brink of recession, and who is fucking of soon. Quite liked the “shaking all over” interpretation though.

    Macron, a French granny shagging power hungry arsewipe who is despised by his own citizens with the popularity levels lower gam anyone can ever remember.

    Tusk, a Polish lisping dwarfwho once appeared on a talent show, and had gone on to prove absolutely he has no fucking talent in anything he has ever done.

    Juncker (also pissing off soon), a complete drunk with health problems.

    Christ almighty. Hardly fills you with confidence does it. And these individuals dictate what happens to this great country?

    Just tell them to fuck off Boris.

    • The 4th Reich may be sinking, but the 5th is just a little over the horizon. Seig Heil!

  18. Private Eye could have had a field day with project fear and the ridiculous machinations of the remoaners. But Hislop chose to back the Establishment and lost me along with many other subscribers and readers.
    I also long since gave up watching the cunt on that BBC propaganda show.
    Total cunt who can go and fuck himself.

  19. The Ian Hislop Fan Club is out in force this morning. Popular bloke.
    Speaking for myself, I can only say that I reckon he’s a right and proper little shithouse.

  20. Hislop looks like a 12 year old’s un-ironed jacket and trousers after Geoff Capes has taken a massive dump into the collar.

    A supreme cunt to boot.

  21. I too have stopped reading Private Eye and watching HIGNFY because of this wankstain ( and that ass Paul Merton).

    Private Eye used to challenge the establishment. Now it mirrors it. Long past it’s sell by date. Besides, the jokes are the same in every issue – Glenda Slagg, Neasden F.C., etc, etc.

    HIGNFY is now unwatchable. The same semen encrusted Libtard wankfest week after week, with Merton rolling his eyes and making increasingly surreal unfunny jokes. He’s not made me laugh for at least 10 years.

  22. Kinks. ( Where have all the good times gone ? )


    Private Eye was fucking great. WAS great ! ( long ago ) VIz was fucking brilliant, as was fungus the bogeyman. Now a load of neutered shite.

    Hislop used to be quite neutral, but became an obnoxious propagandist for his own beliefs, and his beliefs aint exactly mine. So. Fuck off and sink into obscurity you twat, and take all those “”avant-gaurd revolutionaries ” who turned fucking turtle !

  23. I stopped watching HIGNFY after Sachsgate when the compliance managers started destroying BBC comedy (the identarians are finishing the job). When old lefties like Will Self and Germaine Greer cant be fucked to play the game because the producers are so scared of offensive humour then who can really be bothered to watch Alistair fucking Campbell present a Satire quiz, plus there’s now always a trendy young comedian who contributes fuck all.

    I have read Private Eye but never understood how the ‘insider’knowledge made it so revered when there are now plenty of sites with more current and relevant stories.

  24. This fat little wank fuck would only be funny if he smashed his own head in with a cricket bat.!

  25. Stopped reading Eye after sad demise of Auberon Waugh. He and Cook were geniuses, Hislop patently is not. Dog lovers party anyone?

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