Dominic Grieve MP (7)

Oh dear, cunters; unfortunately It’s That Man Again. Again.

Rancid Remainiacs are apparently considering a plan to orchestrate a no confidence vote against Boris Johnson in the House of Commons, designed to collapse his government and stymie a no deal Brexit. Cadaverous Cunt Grieve has called upon the Queen to dismiss the PM if he chose to ignore such a vote and allowed the country to leave the EU on a no deal basis.

Now this strikes me as, shall we say, a tad hypocritical on the part of Grievous. After all, why should Johnson not simply sit there? Refusal to accept an outcome that he doesn’t agree with is a principle that Duplicitous Dom seems quite happy to follow in his own case.

No doubt the Unctuous Undertaker will be able to dig out some dusty, archaic statute under which the Queen could act. But trying to drag HM into the Brexit saga would surely place us at the top of a slippery slope, which could end up plunging the country into the greatest constitutional crisis since 1909. Not that it seems to matter to Desperate Dom and his cronies.
Well on the subject of ‘no confidence’ votes, I call upon the good people of Beaconsfield to exercise one of their own at the nearest opportunity, and show this shithead the door. Dominic Grieve has been a haemorrhoid on the arse of British politics for far too long.

It’s time for a nice clean surgical cut.

Nominated by Ron Knee

54 thoughts on “Dominic Grieve MP (7)

  1. This cunt has already had a vote of no confidence against him by his own constituency party. The vote was carried 182 to 131. Con Party HQ apparently declined to act. Obviously, this cuntwipe only heeds the outcome of votes if it goes his way.

    • Seems to be a few of these cunts about lately; Ref. Caroline ‘Loony Tunes’ Lucas below.

  2. The green Lucas bitch, furiously backtracking on her “all white women emergency cabinet” conceded that it might be a good idea to have one or two men.
    Who did she suggest? Why none other than King of the Remoaners , your friend and mine, Mr democracy himself…….the Right Dishonourable Dominic Cuntface.
    They deserve each other, the fucking fascist cunts.

    • She will probably get Hilary Mary-Ann Benn as well, and the poofy remainers from her own part of the cuntry Lloyd-Moyle and Kyle, a nd as she only wants those who agree with her Ben Bradshaw and Wes Streeting two more loudmouth irons.

      I think you could tell Mrs May-Not was not serious about Brexit when they announced within an hour of the deseection they would ignore it – I am sure Boris would have told him to fuck off then and there.

      All of those mentioned are shit stains on the underpants of the party they represent, though in Soubry’s case there must be many pairs of shitty drawers as she changes party so often

    • Can you imagine the outcry from Loony Lucas if Boris Johnson had come into office and proclaimed that the nature of the Brexit crisis meant that it needed the particular qualities of an all male Cabinet to deal with it? ‘Outrageous sexism in this day and age blah’.
      She’s also in the ‘People’s Vote’ camp but says that if Leave won again she wouldn’t accept it again. The woman’s a barking mad cunt; the ideal bedfellow for Duplicitous Dom.

      • I’d say I hope she loses her seat, but if she does, given she is in Brighton she will probably be replaced by a one legged Lesbian Parking Stanley representing Labour – two cheeks of the same arse.

      • I want the fascist cunt to explain to me how putting together a cabinet of remainers and thus ignoring the majority leave vote is somehow a Government of national unity? This is taking things to an Orwellian level.

    • I think mr punch tribute act grieve is a perfect fit for the farcical cabinet led by 1 seat wonder Caroline Lucas , maybe cuntasaurus ken or isac favourite umunna could slip in too ? , I’m praying they get the abbotomus involved , the more light that gets shone on these utter cunts the better, let the population see what democracy denying filth they are , like Blair the more they talk the less people will listen…..

      • Spearchucka must be getting itchy feet by now Q, its been a whole two months since he sacked off Change UK and joined the Limp Dumbs.

          • It would be highly appropriate for both Umunna and Grieve to join the wimmins cabinet because they are both old women themselves.

    • It Will never work, on the news today a shortage of HRT pills, the all wimminz cabinet will be fucked

  3. I’d like to design and build a giant bacon slicer cuntraption and feed him into it daily feet first taking off 1mm a day. I’d then make him stand in a tray of lemon juice for an hour.

    Fucking cunt.

  4. Look at that photo of the Grievester. Put a little black smudge under his conk and who does he remind you of?

    • “conk”… Fuck me – haven’t heard that expression in years Fred – Cheered me right up after a shitty day – Ta !

  5. I’ve said it before but Domicunt Grievous is in the pay of the French Government. What a cunt.

    • I posted earlier but I cannot see why my post was deleted. Something about this ’emaciated Robin Williams-after a stroke’ definitely being on the payroll of one of the Reich slave states just don’t know which one. I furthermore said that I can see why bastards on an EU pension (Kinnockio, Mandelcüm, etc) are fanatically attempting to thwart democracy but the only reason this badly-drawn Viz character is frothing at the mouth is if he were beng paid copious Euros.


    Some female immo fell out of a rubber boat in the Channel. The search has now been called off.

    • ‘Fell out’ more likely one of the other fuckers pushed her out after knicking her cash.

    • Freddie – Do you work for the Coastguard? I really look forward to your regular reports on dinghies crossing the Channel!

      • Evening Blunty!
        Freddies idea of relaxing is stood on coastal rocks with a torch luring them to their doom on rocks!
        Then beachcombing in sand to see if any valuables wash up, isn’t it Freddie?
        Lighthouse freddie the siren of dead dark keys (sorry quivering quim,)

        • Evening Miserable. I think you could just be right there! Probably runs a puncture repair service from the beach!

    • Run a ISAC coach trip Freddie, do some cunters good to get some sea air, can hire crossbows and anyone who sinks a dinghy wins a prize!
      Team bonding!!
      Any beach salvage is split between everyone, old pirate maritime rules,
      Divvy up the plunder

    • “Who needs a hobby
      Like tennis or philately ?
      I’ve got a hobby –
      re-reading Lady Chatterley>”

      Tom Lehrer, “Smut.”

  7. Unbefuckinglievable how the fuck has this country elected into power so many duplicitous cunts, I know some US president said it’s better to have the bastards in the tent pissing out rather outside pissing in, but really this lot have dropped their pants and are having a Guinness and vindaloo powered shit in every corner of the aforementioned canvas shelter.

    • Talking about Guinness, I’m off to Lidl tomorrow to try a bottle of Shepherd Neame Double Stout. Gets p good reviews, and is guaranteed free from kneecaps, tar and feathers.
      The Wankseach is REALLY getting up my shonker.

  8. It’s like a merry go round of cunts. Today it’s Caroline Lucas, yesterday Mark Carney, the day before Dominic ‘limp cunt’ Grieve, before that Gina ‘fucking remoaniac’ Miller and then it’s back round to mad cow Lucas again. If it was just those few I could cope, unfortunately it’s the largest merry go round the world has ever seen with BLiar, Hesseltine, Lord Adonis, Jo Swinson to name a few more whizzing past every day or so with the same load of bollocks in tow.

  9. The beautiful royal majesty god save her, must be close to calling out the Household Division to keep these political Jonny’s away from her front door

    • Shit, can you imagine being in her position, thinking that any day, she might have to receive Corbynite? The thought would be making me shit my pants.

  10. I will not bore you all with the details. However, it is now impossible to stop the UK leaving the EU on the 31st of October.

    So ,Dominic, go FUCK YOURSELF you total cockwombling scum cunt. I hope you catch Ebola and the plague.

  11. I love the way creeps like Grieve/Hammond/Chukka pretend they really really have the people/ country at heart.
    Just fuck off you selfish bunch of cunts.

  12. A ‘One Nation’ Tory? The trouble with them they are seemngly indifferent to the whether the Nation survives or not.

  13. Grieve is one of those politicians whose stripe doesn’t matter. He’s one of the class that Epstein ‘committed suicide’ for to protect. They all know that we know what they get up to behind closed doors, but they know equally that it can’t be publicly proved. Ted Heath and the Elm Guesthouse was all false, don’t make me laugh. Next we’ll be saying that the Podestas don’t know the McCanns.

    • Wh-hat? Do you mean that the EU was not the only thing that Sailor Ted stretched out for, Wokey?

      Who knew.

      • I can just picture duckie Dommie being a voyeur at a dogging site, complete with binoculars, stockings and suspenders. When he retires I am sure a happy new career awaits him as a choir master or scout leader. He looks like he would be embraced by the priesthood.

  14. I think the real point here is that DM like all the others driven more mad the closer we get to actually becoming a democracy again genuinely believe that there is no mandate to leave the EU without a deal. These people – well creatures more like – somehow believe the referendum was about leaving the EU ……. subject to ‘whatever they in their great wisdom decide post the event and post the vote going against them, the said subject should be’ . Well I am afraid history will show that they are plain wrong – the vote was simply leave or remain. Now you can argue all you like — until your cock or tits fall off (for all I give a shit )that the question was ‘wrong’ in some way or nobody knew what they were voting for or ‘the cat ate my homework Sir’ ….. but it does not change historical fact and it does not mean people like DM are anything but deluded rancid Uber fucking cunt cunts.
    Ah that’s better.
    BTW some interesting poll results for the telegraph tomoz — check them out fellow Cunters.
    Good evenning.

    • Good evenning Miles !
      I must remind you that the Queen is also the Queen of Canada – never forget that when I am ‘online’ so to speak!

      • Hail CW! What is you’re state of mind re Brexit? I remember the last time we exchanged posts I was positive you were negative. You must more hopeful under Boris?

        • I thought it was the other way round Miles but I trust your memory more than mine ! I guess I see saw lots and I must have been close to complete dispare with the May Bot ( never known such a cretin of an PM in my lifetime).
          I think the best outcome now is a no deal. I think we can have a no deal if Boris does not let us down. This said I am not sure I trust BJ ( blow job) because the twat rightly said the May bot surrender treaty was the pits – votes against it twice then all of a sudden when the Tory party was in grave peril — voted for the fucker – just like Mogg , Dunc S and McVey ( what a cracker she is) and a load of others. Only ones worth their salt are Baker Patel Patterson Francois Et al.
          So in summary —- I do not believe provided BJ keeps eating his weatabix the remain M.P. scum can stop us now. However will he? My next problem is that Brexit is an unbelievably good opportunity— I have a UK and an EU business so I have some actual first hand experience. However it is only an opportunity if the people of this land see it as such. I now worry given the disgusting behaviour of a large number of remainers if we have the collective ‘wit’ to get through a few early bumps and then take advantage of the long term huge opportunity! I worry that this country has reached peek wet Tory / leftie twat proportions – a sort of ‘tipping point ‘ of wankerdom leaving us fucked either way. What do you think my friend? What’s RTC’s view while we are at it?

          • Bojo has energy CW. If Brexit is a success he will carry the country with him. But he won’t carry our Remainer political class with him. They will fight and fight and fight even if Brexit is a success. Like the Scots Nats who will never be satisfied until they get Independence. The question of Scottish Independence has not been ‘settled for a generation’. In a sense the SNP never respected the Scottish referendum result. Because a vote has to be respected OVER TIME. I’m veering away here- that’s why Wee Jimmy gets up in the morning; to fight the good fight. Same with Brexit and the Remainers. They will carry on. And fight and fight and fight…

            That’s the Negative. The Positive; we must fight harder.

          • All fair points Miles. One interesting dynamic if we do leave no deal post end of October ….. it shoots the Irish Border Fox ……. the fact nobody builds a border after a couple of days takes that issue out of the equation and shows how it was always a bit ruse that the pathetic May bot fell for hook line and sinker …… AND it kills off Scottish Independence in one go. The Scottish will realise the irony of wanting their Independence from the UK only to give even bigger powers to the EU plus they will see that joining the EU will be close to impossible for them on economic and political grounds. To leave no deal then go forward even if it’s a bumpy old few months is by far the best result for the long run for the UK. Anyway fingers and toes crossed that Boris does stick to Cummings plan.

          • Hi CW. Good to see you back, great posts btw.

            My view? This country, after 5 centuries of greatness, is irretrievably fucked.

            I’m off to Dignitas, be seeing y’all.

          • Ps Not been anywhere RTC – still an Avid regular reader ( cheers me up) – just had a rammed few months preventing me from much ‘posting ‘ action!

  15. Stop press !
    Grouse shooting at Balmoral cacelled due to shortage of birds.

    Phil will have to shoot Fergie intead. Stop her remarrying the Porchester boy.

    • Nah. They’ll just shoot the gamekeepers and get a new lot. And more poison for the buzzards.

      More seriously, I’d guess that this is a diplomatic response (a) to the vegan half-caste duchess and (b) the Steptoe Distraction, yesterday, in which he pointed out (correctly) that managed grouse moors aren’t exactly great environmentally. They’re not even much good for the grouse, as it happens.

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