Disabled Parking Bay Charges

Now hopefully this will be a jaw dropping nomination but I doubt it.
Having a disabled badge is a licence to park like a cunt, double yellows, you name it. We can park anywhere as long as we do not endanger other road users.
Some time ago the councils realised this and created premium spaces for the disabled, spaces closer to the shops where we would not hinder anyone.
Now for some strange reason a number of councils have bought in charges for disabled spaces….to recap, the spaces were put there to stop us exercising our park like a cunt clause.
So in view of this, perhaps a mass movement is required…disabled drivers parking up round town halls, blocking loading bays etc. just to exercise our freedom to park right and wake up these tight fisted cunts in the councils.

Nominated by lord benny

21 thoughts on “Disabled Parking Bay Charges

  1. Councils are made up of cunts, especially at the top end. The ones who make the decisions usually got their well-paid job through the old pals act and spend their time playing the part and pretending to be intelligent. The only area they specialize in is how to circumvent their own council’s rules to suit themselves.

  2. I thought parking like a cunt was the god-given right of every driver, certainly seems that way where I live.

  3. My mother in law has a blue badge. She not only parks like a cunt, but drives like a cunt also. Our village is 5 miles from town. If there is a 4 mile 20 mph tailback in either direction she will be at the front of it.

    • Your comment made me laugh Cunstable as it reminded me of my brother´s mother-in-law who was French and lived in a rural district. She used to “drive” a car called a “VSP” — voiture sans permis or “car without a license”. Modern ones look like electric cars but hers was like a kid´s go-cart that had been glued together and tied up with string. She had no idea of how to drive and caused havoc every time she went out. You could tell where she was by the blaring of horns and cursing of the local farmers. She eventually gave it up after ending upside down in a ditch. She survived but as this link shows, many French people think she was lucky.

  4. I understand the point about the charges encouraging disabled parkers to revert to “parking like a Cunt”, but if they do park like Cunts,they should be ticketed the same as anyone else.
    I can’t see why disabled people should get free parking…I know a couple of them,and they seem to have as much money as anyone else…why should, say,someone on a low income pay to park,and someone who is disabled get parking for free? They get,I believe,mobility grants and the like in a lot of cases,so they should pay…even if they don’t get benefits,well…tough,but a lot of people are feeling the pinch but still have to pay to park.

    • PS…..Disabled are still getting prime parking spots…that’s fair enough if they genuinely need them,but those fucking bays right by the doors of supermarkets for people with children really boil my piss….let the fat little fuckers walk from the furthest parking spot…might get some of the beef off them,tubby little benefit-sponges.

      • Well said Dick,never understood why parent and child parking bays need to be near the doors.Ok I understand they probably need a wider parking bay for getting kids and babies in and out of the car.As for the Mcshities laden blubberoids they need the exercise.


        • Nor can I. If the kid can walk it’ll do them good.If it is too young mummy can stick it in a buggy. No wonder there’s an obesity epidemic amongst kids nowadays.
          As for disabled cunts being allowed to park for free, I disagree especially when they own a Merc S Class or a fuck-off BMW 750iL…..at least until I get my badge!

  5. No problem with disabled parking,
    Should be some concessions if genuine.
    Cunts that are able bodied and cant park straight that get me.
    Talking about kids being tubby,
    Every morning i see this lad about 12yrs going to school waiting for the bus, hes like a inflatable or something!
    Like something from US,proper little fat cunt!
    His parents should be prosecuted, dead by 18yr digging his grave with a knife n fork.

    • When I bravely venture in to town, I see some of these weebles wobbling about and it’s repulsive. Fat bastards. Not chubby or podgy but proper, no apologising, waddling, sweating, stinking, what’re-you-looking-at Fat. Goodness knows how they afford their woeful chicken’n’chips’n’dogshit nosh.

      • Thing is cap the kids only young!
        Should be fit as a whippet!
        Hes got no neck, cant walk, its cruelty really, what’ll he be like in few years if he lives that long?
        As a constantly hungry fucker i sympathize but you have to burn it off

        • He sounds as lazy as a Mexican Australian. Package him to Somalia where he can be boiled and eaten, the corpulent sloth.

    • Grips my fucking shit when some useless cunt can’t put a vehicle straight between two STATIC fucking lines. I’d lock the cunts inside their motors and set fire to them.

  6. We get “disabled” parkers in the disabled spaces behind my office. I’ve seen several of them taking their dogs for walks in the park 1/4 mile away, and others cantering up a flight of steps at a rate which suggested Jesus had healed them. And none with more than a slight limp. They have to display a disabled ticket to keep Security off their case. Presumably they use their demented granny’s documentation? Cunts.

    • Haha yeah!
      Park up in disability bay then jogging round park?
      Few star jumps to warm up?
      Nowt like cheek eh?

  7. If I ever drive to a supermarket car park or multi-storey, which is rare these days, my excitement of finding a space near to a lift or main entrance is now always completely shot to shit. The rows and rows of empty spaces are either allocated to disabled or twats with brats. Sorry but what makes these people so fucking special. Leaves me absolutely raging before I set foot in a supermarket or town. I only ever have to do the visit for a said mission and it only ever gets worse once the car is parked. Screaming kids or people dragging their heels in front of me. Trust me, stay out of the way if I’ve got a fucking trolley.

  8. Half the cunts who own disabled badges ain’t.
    Seen and know loads of em, who’ve grizzled and whined to their GP’s, who cave in to them for the sake of an easy life. Fucking disgusting abuse of the blue badge.
    Fuck em!

  9. They really need to bring back the blue three wheelers for “genuine” disabled. This mobility scheme is a fucking cunts paradise, open to abuse. Dont get me started on the cuntish parking antics either, they think its their god given right to cause as much disruption as possible by parking on double yellows in the most awkward spots. And they never get ticketed either because the vultures seem reluctant to make a stand….CUNTS.

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