David Lammy (5)

He says that putting anti-knife crime messages on chicken shop boxes is racist – which makes him a massive racist (or reminds us that he is) for implying that only black people eat fried chicken.

He then goes on to say, ‘What next, watermelons?’ trying to get us all to link watermelons with black people, which any normal person had forgotten about and had been simply enjoying a nice slice of summer melon.

What a massive racist.

What a massive cunt.

Nominated by A Judgemental Person

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  1. I think that he’s being a tad optimistic in assuming that coloured people can even read the message on the side of da chiggun box.

  2. Reminds me of the Manfred Mann song ‘Watermelon Man.’ I can just picture Lammy singing it now!

    Hey, watermelon man
    Hey, watermelon man
    Hot and bothered, need a little cooling
    When I hear your call I start to drooling
    Do you understand, watermelon Man?
    Uh, yeah-yeah
    Why don’t you cut me a slice?
    Say man, what’s that you’re selling?
    Ha-ha-ha-ha, a watermelon

  3. The man disgusts me. Only whitey is racist. Most knife crime is B onB, which is nothing to do with me, so let the fuckers get on with it. The country needs something to under populate, and these Cunts are doing a good job power to them.

    • So David ‘TWAT FACE’ thinks I’m racist because I’m white male British does he ?

      Well he’s correct, I am racist…but not against black people, or asian, or afro-carribean, or poles, or eastern europeans, or antipodeans, or russians, or mexicans, or eskimos or any ‘normal’ race that comprises basically of a mix of good and bad people.

      I am racist, because I hate this race of Moronic, self opinionated, self-victimised, ‘look at me, poor me, the world is against me. I am hated, I am a target, oh you’re all out to get to me’ WANKER, CUNT race that Lammy is a prime example of.

      Are you reading this Lammy ? I hope so. Here’s something for you to get really worked up about :-
      I’d like to see you dressed as a B&W minstrel on Westminster bridge. Playing a banjo & singing ‘Mammy’ – selling jars of marmalade (the sort that used to have Golly W*** on the label),
      while members of the public pelt you with rotten eggs – for being a FUCKING CUNT !

      Who votes for this massive turd ?

  4. I think Hammy Lammy was alluding to Boris talking about “Piccinni’s with watermelon smiles”

    He really should seek treatment for that outsize chip on his shoulder

    • That’s the woman who used to say “liquid ass” on Russell Howard’s Good News. I will probably get slung off ISAC for admitting to watching that!

      Liquid ass is of course what Lammy and his Remainer pals will get in November.

  5. Love that photo of the Race Card – “ OJ Approved – get away with murder”. 😂😂😂

  6. This cunt has a massive chip on his shoulder…

    Or should I say a massive ‘salt fish and rice’ on his shoulder, since he is from Guyanese stock and we are talking ethnic stereotyping here.

    Everything is about race with this dick. He really needs to change the bloody record, as the only one who has a problem here is him, but his head is so far up his own irritated arsehole that he cannot see that this is the reason why he is not on the frontbench, He is far too much of a hot potato (or should that be a curried goat) for even his own party to deal with.

    Keep on a-whining about how oppressed you are, Lammy. You will stay there even longer (with any luck)


    • I was very interested to read in the Edinburgh Festival thread yesterday Nurse Cunty that you are a bit of a thespian..You must appreciate the work of Samual Becket? One of his plays ‘Not I’ has the stage plunged into total darkness- the sole actress secured in a seat- her head clamped so she cannot move a muscle.. The only thing that can be seen by the audience is her mouth. She rants hysterically in an angst- ridden way for about forth minutes. I was thinking this could be produced with ISAC rants instead of Beckett’s words. So there you’d be Nurse ranting the words of Mr Fiddler and the Dark Keys or Freddie the Frog and the Peacefuls or RT and James O’Shithead. We could put if on at the old Vic? Are you up for it?

      • Yes, back in the good old days I dabbled a bit in the old ‘thesp action’ Miles, so I’d be up for it with knobs on! (not literal ‘knobs’ though, but a sad old spinster can dream)

        Oh yes, the late, great Billie Whitelaw was Beckett’s favourite ‘mouth’ I think. I would be well up for that. Talk about a therapeutic experience to rant off all of our gripes on ISAC.

        Of course I would be ad libbing like hell and telling anyone who didn’t like my rants to get the fuck out and off.

        • The ELECTRIC chair? Plug it in and let’s go , or let her go. I have a dream that after Brexit day, Gaylord Adonis, Mangledbum, Blair, Dominic Grieve, Letwin that welsh idiot whose name escapes me , who though a Tory thinks a short period of Steptoe would be better than no deal, Hilary Mary-Ann Benn and the Brighton pansies will all be given cyanide pills….and bite on them.

          • Indeed, the electric chair…
            Her departure would be an “accident waiting to happen”…

            Live electrode up cunt, neutral on top of head, with her piss-soaked smalls insread of the usual saline sponge.

      • I remember once seeing a production of “Showboat”, where the makeup was so good,you could hardly fucking see the cunts. Just eyes and big white smiles.This was,I think, around 1994. Don’t think that particular musical has been staged anywhere since,which is a shame.

        • Showboat? Ooo, now that I would have liked to have seen, Beemack!

          Great Kern and Hammerstein songs…

          Come to think of it, I can just imagine ‘The Flabbott’ and Lammy duetting on ‘Ol’ Man River’…..they’d be in their bloody element……

          • That would indeed be fantastic, Nurse Cunty. But the Flabbot singing? They’d be there all night if her speaking is anything to go by, each song would take at least four times as long as she torturously draws out every word. They could add some other “women of colour” to the show in the shape of two proud black mothers who are out pushing their babies in their respective prams. Dialogue would go something like this:-
            “How old ya baby?”
            “Him six munts.”
            “Is he TEETHIN yet?”
            “He sure is,him already got two purses,a wallet,and a mobile phone”.

          • Mesmerising stuff Mr Boggs! Clocked Leslie Crowther on the left during the second song.

    • Yes Nurse but if you put Lammy on the front bench with Flabbot and added their intelligence together you’d have one halfwit.
      Which would be 40 per cent cleverer than the rest of the thick commie twats.

      • Very true, SH.

        Plus, with ‘The Flabbott’ and Lammy both on the front bench, there wouldn’t be much room for any other fucker, because of their fat arses and their giant egos taking up all the space.

  7. This Lammy chap is so funny every time he opens his mouth he makes himself an even bigger cunt. The majority of mps are fuckwits anyway but Lammy he is on par with flabbot which takes some doing. Must be laughing his arse off when he gets his pay slip each month. Does any cunter know what the anti stabbing message is that is displayed on fried chicken boxes and watermelons; is message in a format the stabby ones can read? Or is the message in pictorial format?
    I,m fucked if I am visiting one of the chicken places to find out.

  8. 5?
    David Lammy 5?
    Is it decreasing in number?

    If you add up all the David Lammy nominations then it should be about David Lammy [12], two from myself. Is the Flabbotasaurus a guest Admin?

    • Guten abend mein Capitan. I make it [10]

      Perhaps Lammy knows someone in Admin…

    • Perhaps we should give everybody a initial rating of, say, 10. Each nom reduces that rating until the number reaches 0, at which point said cunt spontaneously combusts or, for the more incendiary cunt, simply explodes. I think this method would give people on all sides some closure, and entertainment.

  9. Lammy needs to be on the Wall of Cunts. Maybe the admin can enhance the HTML (or whatever it is) so that if you click on Flabbot’s face, the image twizzles round to show Lammy’s.

    They’re basically full of exactly the same bullshit, in equal amounts- probably the only difference is that Lammy didn’t shag Steptoe.

    • … as far as you know. He is clearly a young man in a hurry with his political ambitions.

      • That’s an image I don’t want in my head thank you very much!

        As for the post coital words of luv.

    • Cheers Willie, Marie Antoinette invented radiation, ISAC is a hub of information.

  10. Ah, Lammy. The shitty gift that won’t stop giving. Is there any subject this motherfucker won’t put a racist, “Whitey’s to blame” slant on? I doubt it. If India goes to war with Pakistan, Lammy will stand up in Parliament and declare, “Whitey’s to blame”. If his toilet gets blocked, he can be heard exclaiming, “Whitey’s to blame”. He can’t get a seat on the front bench. Why? Because (all together now) WHITEY’S TO Blame. It’s never because the majority of black people in the constituency he represents are either lazy motherfuckers, or have been told that the government owes them a living. His lack of promotion to the front bench is not because he has a toxic personality, and is about as useful as sieve in a sinking boat. No, all black people’s problem can be traced firmly back to white people. If that motherfucker isn’t racist, I don’t know who is.

    I would love to have a face to face televised with cunt. I would love to see his reaction when I call HIM the racist, and go through the list of things that he’s blamed us white people for. And then, when he accuses me of racism, I will have my gorgeous, Nigerian born, wife walk out on the stage, accompanied by our mixed race progeny, and her family. I will then smile at him and say, “Really, motherfucker, really”?

    Incidentally. Mrs McGraw has temporarily banned me from watching Samuel L Jackson Movies. Apparently, I’ve developed a habit of saying ‘Motherfucker’ a lot. Can’t motherfucking see it myself.

  11. I reckon that the only person who doesn’t think that David Lammy is a fat gobshite cunt is David Lammy.

  12. I reckon that the only person who doesn’t think that David Lammy is a fat gobshite cunt is David Lammy.

    • His Mrs is white isn’t she? Imagine what sort of guilt-ridden, self- loathing simpering twat she is?

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