Chinese Football Fans

Chinese football fans are cunts….

The latest fuss about these ‘riferong sapporta’ wankers is hilarious…. Chinese ‘fans’ and journos are moaning that Manchester City showed their ‘loyal and loving’ fans disrespect… Loyal? How many of these wagon jumping coolies even knew Man City FC existed a few years ago?… How many of these nu-footie spunkbubbles actually know of Maine Road or the Kippax? Ask the cunts who Giorgi Kinkladze is, never mind Colin Bell or Franny Lee… I am no lover of the Gorton Globetrotters by any stretch of the imagination, but MCFC owe these thick as pigshit gloryhunting clueless cunts absolutely nothing….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. I have to disagree Norman. If they are young, female and tasty they are proper football fans and I like to see them on the dimmo box. All the other grinning Chinky monkey boys can suck my dick.
    Err………I might have got that the wrong way around.
    Or the WONG way around! See what I did there?
    Many more Chinky gags to follow. Nothing to do with me.

  2. Being fair,it isn’t just Man. City and Chinks these days. Most premiership teams are prepared to whore themselves by playing in tinpot overseas tournaments,sign players just because they’re Asian etc. all in pursuit of breaking into the Asian market and getting their hands on a few Yen from all those lovely” footy” shirts.
    Most Premiership clubs no longer want or need the old-style fan. I’m afraid that fans will have to realise that “”their” clubs are now owned and run by businessmen who care very little for tradition and even less for the “Cup of Bovril at half-time brigade…it’s steamed labrador and crispy noodles from here on in,lads,best get used to it.

    PS….wouldn’t happen in a Real Man’s Game…Rugby.

    • PS…If any Asian potential Self-Pity City footy-fans haven’t heard of “da Hillsborough 96”,they needn’t worry….they fucking soon will as the collection-tin is rattled under their noses by a teary-eyed,whiny Scally before he goes to pinch their car-radios.

      • Chihuahua chow mein with chips…no I’ll have collie, chips with curry sauce…and the wife wants Alsatian chop suey…are the prawn crackers free?

        • ‘WHAT YOU WANT!!!!’ ‘Er…a home delivery please’ :WHAT YOU WANT!!!’ ‘Chicken chop suey with chips and…’WHAT YOU WANT!!!’ ‘Chicken fried rice’ ‘WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!'(our address) ‘How long will it be?’ Click….silence

    • that’s the Chinese cunts – not the rest of the fans (except if you are not AFC of course, in which case, I expect the whole ground is full of cunts).

  3. John Bercow is a bit of a Chinese Football fan but his half-&-half scarf is Libtard unDems-&-Labour.

    Shitty little, half-&-half cunt.

    • Off topic- freddie your favourite kids on news!
      Greta thunderbird ‘DEMANDING’ that UK does something over climate chamge.
      Dont you love her?
      You should adopt her freddie!😀

      • She should fuck off to Russia and China and do her “demanding” over there and see how far it gets her, other than a big kick in her gaping cunt!

        • They won’t put up with her shit, she should spend some time with Corby, Piers Corbyn that is.

          • She does so because we’ve been exposed as a nation of soft wankers thanks to Brexit dithering.

      • She is so virtuous , the free trip to new york will have no commercial sponsors, only supported by people who agree with her cause.
        Plymouth is sooooo happy to have her there preparing for the no frills trip, I cant wait for the return journey, some cunt will step up with another sail boat to bring her back.
        I would love it if the US immigration refuse her entry when she arrives in NY.
        That would be fucking hilarious.

  4. Football clubs don’t really give a toss about any fan, the average prem team see’s fans the same way as Tesco see’s it’s punters, get them in, fleece them as best you can and get them out. In this matter all fans are equal.

    Apart from Liverpool fans, there is a special place in tacky self pitying hell for them and spurs fans who will spend eternity in the empty trophy cabinet at no hope lane.

  5. Cant see that Chinese are any different. Man U has always had lifelong (ie 6 months) fans. Apart from Norman the nearest Man U fan to Old Trafford lived in Coventry. Money has made it all far worse. I am a lifelong Newport County fan. Was there Boxing day 1980. Black & Amber through and through.

  6. Or anyone who refers to Cristiano Ronaldo as CR7. One of two players they know about (no prizes for guessing the
    other one is a diminutive Argentine).
    The globohomo fans all the support the same few mega clubs, and it was the same 18 years ago; a Chinaman by the name of Sam in my class in sixth form had an Inter Milan shirt. This was Inter Milan as a poerhouse in italian football, a little berfore they won the league 4 years in a row and were buying players like Vieri, Jugovic and Dyorkaeff. Sam also supported Liverpool and Roma.

    As for Kinkladze, a few might have known him from Ajax. That’s where I first came to know of him.

  7. At least the Chinese are not stupid enough to support Celtic. I was brought up as a Tim and am old enough to remember when Celtic won the European Cup Final in 1967 with a team that consisted of 11 Scotsmen. Sure they regularly win all the Scottish championships but when they go into Europe, they melt into snowflakes and disgrace their fans and country. The last time they got anywhere was in 2003 when they reached the final of the UEFA Cup and lost to Porto managed at that time by an excrescence who goes under the name of Jose Mourinho.
    The latest disgrace was a humiliation at home yesterday against Cluj from that mighty footballing nation Romania. Cluj sounds aptly similar to cludgie, the Scots word for a shithouse and that about sums Celtic´s record in Europe in recent years. Thrashed 7-0 by Barcelona and whipped 7-1 by Paris Saint Germain.

  8. I knew before I’d finished reading this nom that it was Norman ! He’s right in what he says, but it’s hilarious how touchy the Red side of Manc is now that the tide has changed. My comment isn’t a dig either. I would much rather see titles in Manc than just up the road in the Red whingeing side of Mersey and I don’t think there will be many in London for a while. Mr Fiddler mentioned the 96, sad I know but it’s become a stuck record that some of their own still haven’t learned from. All ticket matches mean you need a ticket to watch the game. Maybe those found near a venue without one should be sent to China.

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