Superintendent Parm Sandhu

Just read this story and it has monumentally steamed my tits.

The cunt at hand is one Parm Sandhu, a Superintendant no less, in the Metropolitan Police. She is suing Scotland Yard for ‘racial and gender’ discrimination.

‘No, surely not!,’ I here you cry. Well yes, she fucking well is. Quelle surprise, what a shocker.

She has now stirred up the shit having been cleared of misconduct allegations. Basically, there was a prestigious award up for grabs – Queen’s Police Medal – and it was alleged that she broke nomination rules by encouraging colleagues to put her name forward. Naturally, nominations are expected to come from others, not the person in question, and they are to not have any involvement in the whole shenanigans.

So of course now that she has been ‘cleared’, she is claiming that the investigation into her ‘misconduct’ was due to the fact she is female and Asian. Not only is she playing the race card as far as this shit goes, but she is also now claiming that the Met’s promotion system is racially biased.

Words fail me. Actually, fuck that. No they don’t.

This woman has had a stellar career. She has climbed the ranks of the Police to the point of being a Temporary CHIEF Superintendent when all of these allegations came to light. Can she please explain how she was able to receive promotions when all of that time she was FEMALE AND ASIAN? So why now, only when she is at the centre of a misconduct investigation, is she crying discrimination?

What a thoroughly opportunistic, whining cunt.

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    • ….bet she smells of curry , once she starts sweating after having her shitbox pummelled for a while…….

    • #me too I’d be up her like a rat up a drainpipe.
      Judicial caning, Asian-style ? Yes please !!
      She looks good, I was quite surprised when the paper said she was 55 (unless that’s a typo)

  1. I am fucking disgusted by her behaviour.
    But I’m willing to overlook the whole thing if her and Priti Patel come round mine tonight for some like minded fun 😉😉😉

    • Amongst my many sexual perversions is a fetish for pretty Indian,Pakistani and Bangladeshi girls.Especially ones with big knockers.Really don’t know why I find them so sexy-maybe its the element of “Fatal attraction” or “Forbidden love”.Or maybe its simply because I’m a disgusting,dirty old pervert whose only saving grace is that I’m not a Pedophile.
      What a Cunt I am

      • A man after my own heart. A fellow disgusting, dirty old pervert. Also not a Pedophile.

        • Glad to hear it Mr Stroker. We might be dirty old men but at least we dont harm children.Thank God that heterosexual perverts haven’t been outlawed-for now.Else half of ISAC would be in the clink working as Leroy and Tupacs white beeches.

          • Always wondered at precisely what point do you morph from a healthy red blooded heterosexual male into a dirty old man?

  2. “she is also now claiming that the Met’s promotion system is racially biased.”….

    She’s right with that. It is racially biased,in favour of the likes of her.

    * The name “Perm” has just reminded me to warn Cunters never to try a “Parmo” ,a local “delicacy” on Teeside….An Iceland chicken-breast trampled by a typical Smoggy heffalump, topped with PVA glue and plastic cheese….utterly revolting.

  3. She made it pretty far up the ranks, what was she expecting, Home Secretary?

    • Sounds like she’s drunk on power and ambition and above all else will not tolerate being scorned. She will use whatever means at her disposal. Isn’t that obvious ?

  4. The Met promotion system is heavily biased towards such as her. Which is why you get political timeservers like Cressida’s Dick. I don’t know how old she is but looks young.

  5. Maybe this should be in the modern life cunting. In my late grandparents time there were only two races on this planet, subjects of the Empire and everyone else.

    • Jesus how good would that be? When we had a empire that the sun never set on! We didnt fuck about then either, when muslim& hindu troops rebelled over new rifle cartridges they murdered english women & children, england was outraged and took swift revenge! Some we tied to cannons and blew em away, made them lick the english blood off the floors, sewed bacon in their mouths… Cawnpore massacre, queen victoria had to appeal for calm. Nowadays the bbc would cover it up.

  6. Give these fuckers an inch and they want to tke a mile.

    They are all cunts!

  7. She can bring the cuffs with her If she can get them on me fair enough Playing the race card is just par for the course with Asians they are all the same a set of total cunts

  8. So we’ve got a cheat and opportunistic liar as a police superintendent.
    Small wonder the respect for the police force is now non-existent.

  9. This curry muncher has serious history. Shacked up with former Commander Rod Jarman. She got nicked for attacking Rod’s ex at a kids football match and lied about a property she and Tod owned which was vacant and turned I to a cannabis factory. Also, she failed to declare she and Rod were running a company teaching plod in the UAE.

    Dodgy naan eating slapper.

  10. This is great news for fellow box ticker, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu. Parm has just guaranteed his promotion to the top job when they get rid of the useless Strapon.
    Neil is always in the media warning about “security issues” following Brexit and sweating over “far right extremism.”
    He’s also the useless cunt who couldn’t find a dead body in a council house despite searching it three times ( see the Tia Sharp case). But he apologised for that “oversight” so that’s ok then.
    Get your arse down to Paddy Power and get your money on the cunt now.

  11. Former acting Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Craig Mackey locked himself, as a man armed with a butcher’s knife murdered one of his officers before his eyes. The car from which Mackey instinctively wanted to leap, he told the inquest this week into PC Keith Palmer’s death, before deciding that – as he was in shirtsleeves with no police radio or protective kit, and was accompanied by two “distressed” civilians – the best thing was to drive away and focus on co-ordinating Scotland Yard’s response to what was evidently a terrorist attack.

    “The best thing was to drive away” while his colleague was stabbed to death.

    Fucking coward cunt.

    • Indeed a coward, why not run the cunt over repeatedly till hes pate?

  12. And the bottle job Mackey was backed to the hilt by the arselicker Basu.
    Bunch of cunts.

    • Happily retired on full police pension unlike PC Keith Palmer who was murdered at the scene, leaving a wife and young family.

      Also unarmed he chose to be brave and confront the Peaceful. Not run away.

  13. Still on the subject of law and order. The Chairman(not the commissioner) of the Cheshire Police Panel has been removed from his post. This follows the tribunal at which he was present, for the white heterosexual male who was denied a post as a pc. The Chairman questioned why a senior woman officer who was present was wearing a ‘rainbow lanyard.’ He asked was this not a political statement and should she not be remaining neutral.

    By seven votes to four he was thrown off the panel as his comments were deemed ‘inappropriate.’ Why does this not surprise any of us?
    Fuck off you cunts.

  14. Having a facking laugh she is. The only group the mets promotion system is biased against is white heterosexual men. Has been for years. Total crock of shit only fit for libtard purpose. Bollocks to them.

  15. Obviously this cheat has far too much time on her hands.
    Perhaps making a nice jalfrezi then afterwards pulling her cheeks apart ready for a baton inspection would be a more fruitful way to go.
    I could be mistaken.

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