Migrants, the Media and the Left

Today there are multiple stories about the conditions in US migration centres, overcrowding, lice infestation, hygiene, this is coupled with a photo of a father and daughter found dead face down in the Rio Grande.

This is all Trump’s fault of course; nothing to do with migrants choosing to enter the country illegally, nothing to do with many of them having traversed other South American nations en route, nothing to do with the migrants taking risks with their kids’ lives and their own.

What’s the President meant to do? Build holiday camps for them and attract thousands more? Let them in and give them citizenship just because they show up? At some point even the most liberal lefty will realise you have to say ‘no more’.

The much less publicised side of this story is the crime committed by many of these migrants, from traffic violations to rape and murder. There are many cases if people care to look.

Trump isn’t a great bloke, he has some real issues but that doesn’t make him wrong about everything.

Immigration must be controlled or it is invasion. I get people want to escape from shithole nations and start a new life elsewhere but the reality that’s plain to see is they mostly don’t start a new life, they bring their old life with them but now they are protected under human rights and similar BS that merely provides a protective umbrella, these South American cunts laugh at US laws.

The truth is some US companies want cheap labour and the Democrats want voters, and both groups are prepared to fuck the American dream to get what they want.

All this really should not bother me, apart from the whole fucking shit show is mirrored in Europe with Africa providing the constant flow of migrants.

I don’t have all the answers but I don’t see the people we elect to protect our best interests looking for solutions either.

They can blame Trump for the bodies in the river and he shitty conditions in detention centres but if these migrants were not being encouraged the overcrowding and deaths would decrease. There are millions and millions of people across the world living in shithole countries and if the current policies continue sooner or later they will be heading our way.

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53 thoughts on “Migrants, the Media and the Left

  1. When a lot of immigrants leave their shithole, they bring with them all the problems and attitudes that caused the shithole in the first place.

    • This is correct. Take Syria for example. They weren’t invaded by Martians, all the shit that created the migrant crisis there was internal matters, caused by fucking Syrians. Admittedly, cunts from elsewhere have joined in the mayhem, but it started as purely a domestic squabble. Same goes for all the African shiteholes and the Latin American shiteholes. Same petty bullshit, same religious crap. All the West seems to do is absorb the losing sides in these shitty conflicts.

  2. Absolutely spot on. I cannot for the life of me see why any Tom ,Dick or Abdul who arrives at our border should be allowed in and given access to the whole range of benefits that taxpayers have paid to fund .
    Your comment on these people not wanting to start a new life but bring their old one with them is accurate and deeply worrying.

    • Carry on with the old ways but make sure you get your face in the benefits trough and a good hold on anything else thats up for grabs. If the existing population complain well the traitors in charge will shank them in the back for you.

  3. Europe is at high risk from Africa and the Middle East.
    Wherever the African diaspora end up it settles, inevitably, to the bottom of the heap. Violence, crime, poverty. Just like at home, even if they left hundreds of years ago.
    And we are well aware of what the Islamic hordes want to do to Europe. The fools in Germany and Sweden are finding out, while we have cities overrun with vermin.
    Trump is a cunt. But starting to look like my kinda cunt.

    • Like Trump or Loathe him he’s the only Politician standing up for common sense when it comes to immigration / invasion.
      God help the Americans or us when he goes and is replaced by some liberal Islamic supporting Cunt.
      The only thing left for them will be the second amendment, the right to bear arms.

  4. Just imagine if Grieve and the motherfuckers cause an election and let in Steptoe, and whatever tranny or lezzie old bag who would be in charge of gimmigration!

    Probably Emily Thornberry, who, this weekend will be appearing live at the Adonis Club in Soho:


    By the way what is the betting if duckie Dommie gets kicked out of parliament he will end up in the House of Tossers (Lords)?. Ditto Hilary Nancy Benn.

    • Grieve needs a gold-plated kicking up the back cunt.
      I don’t think there’s much of a target round the other side.

  5. Top nomination Sixdog.

    Perhaps they could turn it into a TV show with El Don in the studio in a big James Bond baddie chair and all the South American crims jumping off favines and scalng electric fences over blankets attempting to reach ‘Muurica. Give it a Bond-esque name.

    ‘Dr.No Entry’
    ‘The Wetback Who Loved Me’
    ‘From Columbia With Drugs’

    The winner could gets a temporary free card and job at Taco Bell.

  6. We need to stop referring to them as ‘migrants’. They are illegal immigrants.

    • Or ‘undocumented worker’ as CNN and others refer to them, making it sound like they are some bumbling cunt who strayed over the border and forgot to fill in some paperwork.

  7. I hear the Trigglypuff screeching and whacking her enormous tits together:

    Are there no Ritz Plazas; are there no Hiltons??
    These wonderful, caring, life-enriching individuals should be getting 5-star ++ treatment.

    If they’ve brought all their foul diseases and habits with them, I suggest de-lousing a la Dr. Mengele.
    You know it makes sense. Every health service should have one.

  8. Yes if we get Steptoe in charge he’ll scrap whats left of the Royal Navy and give the cash saved to the ‘poor’. Then he’ll have a ‘conversation’ with Iran and tell them to keep their nukes while he scraps ours. Then he can invite in any of Irans poor to share in our wonderful NHS/benefits. This,you see is the caring thing to do.
    Whats not to like?

    • It no laughing matter Steaming Helmit.
      Your description is pretty much what will happen. Make no mistake.

      • Why wait? It’s virtually happened now. When Rough Tuff Huntpuff (apologies to RTC ) threatens the Iranians with “serious consequences” unless they release the UK flagged tanker, they must have pissed themselves laughing.
        What a fuckin’ wanker. This incident demonstrates why this pile of shit is unsuited for any government office, let alone PM. You don’t make threats that you’re obviously incapable of carrying out.
        Unlike the US, we have no capacity to be tough with anybody and yet the fuckin’ illusion of empire still persists.

        • It’s not so much the illusion of Empire still existing Bsc. After all, the Empire was long gone by 1982, yet we still managed to go halfway across the world and take back the Falklands.

          It’s more the fact that successive governments in recent decades have run down our armed forces to such a level they might as well not exist at all. All that will be left for Steptoe to disarm will be our nukes, assuming they actually work that is.

          Ruff Tuff Huntpuff indeed! 🤣

          • Good evening RTC. I take more notice when you threaten me rather than Jezza Hunt!
            You make my point! We would not be able to retake the Falklands now!
            Why pretend that now we could influence any theatre of war with the limited resources we have?
            Iran has overcome any sanctions that we could impose. Given the present relationship between the UK and the US why should we expect any support from America?

          • Fuck me we couldn’t sail across the solent and retake the Isle of Wight let alone the Falkland Islands if the cunts cut the services the way they really would like to.
            Also our military equipment is procured by a process of best value yet the MOD are one of the most profligate and unaccountable departments in the civil service so we would likely end up with non serviceable aircraft, leaking boats, and jamming guns oh I bit like we have our have had recently.
            And if the Argies had twigged they were dropping their bombs too low and fitted better retarded fuses we could have lost more ships possibly causing a necessary retreat.

  9. Of course it’s Trump’s fault, Six. Brexit is Trump’s fault. Climate change is Trump’s fault. The state of Flabbott the Hutt’s undercrackers is Trump’s fault. EVERYTHING is Trump’s fault; after all, he’s been in office for three years now. It’s all at his door.

    • If Trump had wanted to be a true cunt he could have flooded the mostly Democrat ‘sanctuary cities’ with migrants, as he threatened to do. The panic stations collective pant-shitting hysteria from cunts like Nancy Pelosi spoke volumes.

  10. Compared to the detention centres of the Aussie govt. They are pretty decent; the report from ITV showed these ‘detention’ centres. Bedding, meals, entertainment and schooling for the kids who have been separated from their parents because dedpite the virtue signalling of low-info half-wits on facefuck you cant really have dozens of children sleeping alongside dozens of adults, however much the democrats love paedophilia.

    There’s also the inconvenience of Trump implementing policies Obama set up. You dont hear much about that or the treatment of the refugees from flooded Haiti, though.

    A well-deserved cunting.

  11. 👍👍👍 Well considered and balanced cunting Sixdog 👍👍👍

  12. A few of my friends who consider themselves left-wing are noticeably becoming more right-leaning everyday. I think it’s because they’ve now realised that the Left’s “caring and sharing” rhetoric is complete bullshit. They’re rude, arrogant and if you ever dare to disagree with them they’ll just insult you. I am one of millions who’s absolutely sick to the back teeth of the nasty, hypocritical, pathetic, “the world owes me everything” Left.

  13. Immigration should benefit the host nation first and foremost. This should be the mantra of the Right against all the nonsense from the Left. If they want to have all these immigrants make the case logically how they improve the lives of people already living here or fuck right off.

  14. German Chancellor Angela Markel has used the 75th anniversary of the most famous plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler to call on citizens to counter rising right-wing extremism.

    Ms Merkel thanked the German officer, Claus von Stauffenberg, and other plotters who tried in 1944 to kill the Nazi dictator with a briefcase bomb.
    Stauffenberg and some 200 co-conspirators were caught and executed.

    Mrs Merkel urged people to join programmes for strengthening democracy.

    “This day is a reminder to us, not only of those who acted on July 20, but also of everyone who stood up against Nazi rule,” she said in her weekly video podcast.

    “We are likewise obliged today to oppose all tendencies that seek to destroy democracy. That includes right-wing extremism.”

    “All tendencies that seek to destroy democracy”- that would be the EU and the British parliament.

    Right wing extremism. That would anyone who voted for Brexit or are now called populist. Strangely we are the ones trying to protect democracy.

    Perhaps she has dementia as well as Parkinsons. Just fuck off Merkel.

    • The same Merkel that chose rememberance day to talk about an EU army with the cheese eating surrender monkey in charge of France?
      They don’t do irony, do they?

      They are the enemy.

    • “All tendencies that seek to destroy democracy” – That would be Islam then? A totalitarian theocratic ideology that doesn’t tolerate difference? Oh no islam’s fine, they’re not white so are inherent victims.

      Funny how she references a plot to murder as a example as a method of resistance to those, like me, who are on the right. Almost like she’s encouraging violence, but the tolerant Left would surely not!?

    • Funny how the Boche resistance of Stauffenburg and friends only became active when they realised they were losing and hoping to save themselves from Stalin’s revenge.

  15. Next time you get in to a shouting match with a libtard / snowflake (they can’t debate) about ‘open borders’ and how ‘great’ immigration is tell them to do the following.

    Go home and remove your front and back doors and any other security features they may have in their home.

    It’s that simple and you’ll be met with ‘that’s not the same’ or it’s ‘an unfair comparison’ and an attempt to change the subject or some type of straw man argument.

    Don’t back down and stay on point.

    It’s not about shooting them down although that’s great but more about helping them to see the stupid, reckless naivety of the argument.

    Many of these snowflakes really don’t understand how they are being influenced and conned by big business who in my opinion are behind it all.

    I was also going to suggest that the liberal left are also being conned but then again the liberal left have taken over The Labour Party to a certain degree, yes Comrade Corbyn et al are currently sort of running the show but when they formally announced they would be a party of ‘remain’ you know the Islington Dinner Party brigade are starting to muscle in.

    And there’s nothing more those cunts like than a ‘little man’ from Romania to do the gardening and house maintenance or a fit as fuck 18 year old nubile Latvian blond to be the nanny and let’s not forget the lucrative consultancies they’ll all get when they’re booted out of politics, from those big businesses who’ve benefited from a glut of cheap labour.


    • Actor Robert Davis, from the Goonies and Die Hard, said the same thing about the Hollywood elites that demand open borders to immigrants – invite illegals to the oscars ceremony, have them as guests at your exclusive after-show parties, invite them to camp out in your neighborhoods – yeah it’s funny how you all of a sudden have a different opinion when they’re living next door to YOU, and moving into YOUR social spaces.


      • And who can forget the sugar pop queen Katy Perry almost in tears demanding an end to borders……..whilst living in a gated $20m Beverley Hills mansion that had 10ft high perimeter walls and round the clock security patrols.

        It’s actually beyond vulgar.

    • Comrade Corbyn is a Marxist: “These are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well I have others.” 😃

      Shameless reprobates all.

  16. The Polish way on immigration is the only way and the best way.
    When asylum bullshitters are bypassing dozens of safe countries to claim asylum in the UK and our own Border “Force” does nothing to turn them away then it’s obvious the game is up.
    A foul brown tide will engulf all of western Europe within the next ten to twenty years,making what has already taken place look like a comedy.
    Not that any of our elected representatives give a single fuck.

  17. You import Africa, you get Africa….
    And that’s without all that scum from eastern europe as well…

    • Inundated with Eastern European criminal scum in Ipswich,

      Seem to be Romanian gangs everywhete targeting women, usually after 9pm. Assailant usually described as being under 5’6” and with olive skin. Sometimes with an Eastern European accent. Bit of a giveaway.

      Yesterday a young girl was raped in the town centre, and another woman had her phone stolen.

      Yesterday another woman had her phone stolen.

      My daughter had her phone stolen by a Romanian gang two weeks ago, on the same day another woman was punched in the face and her phone stolen.

      Police said they have a good idea who the perpetrators are but still the crimes are being comitted regularly.

      A local policeman advised me that if I was stopped and asked for any personal belongings to let the cunts have what they want. Told him that I would take one of the cunts down with me even if it meant harm to myself. Give in to the fuckers and we have lost.

      Ipswich used to be a charming little town, within the last couple of years it infested with Eastern European scum and has become a an unsafe crime ridden shithole.

      For my views and opinions I am now considered by the establishment as being a far right extremist.

      Fuck off.

      • Its the same across the whole of the East Willie. Can’t go anywhere without hearing the scumbags indigenous tongue. If they in public they should be made to speak English. Same with the peacefuls. I have no idea what they saying or if taking the piss. As you say, the only skills they bring are crime, and here in Norfolk the other day an industrial sized canababis farm is uncovered where the 9 caught so far are all of ‘imported’ persuasion. Kick the cunts back to their own territory. They are not wanted and certainly not needed.

      • I thought these hard working eastern Europeans were the back bone of our east Anglia fruit and veg picking trade and bring nothing but lovely diversity and culture to this impoverished region of our blessed island? 😀

  18. Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of central London in a march against Brexit and Conservative Party leadership hopeful Boris Johnson.

    The pro-European March for Change is holding a “No to Boris, Yes to Europe” event, and includes a blimp depicting him.

    Grow up you fucking losers.

    • These cunts are so childishly predictable…. Inflatables, social media tantrums, milkshakes… As I have said before, if there was a real fight with real protests and some actual man to man combat, these soft pathetic cunts would be absolutely useless… And I bet they’ve all bought that new Ed Sheercunt album…

      The pro-European March for Change is a joke anyway… Change from what? Last time I looked we were still in the EU snakepit and pandering to the Hun and the Garlic Monkeys….

  19. There are a flock of African wimmin who infest Bury town centre near Manchester… These cunts have been banned from several shops, stores and cafes… The fact that they don’t wash is bad enough, but they attempt to get everything and anything cheaper than its actual price… And when I say cheaper they want it for virtually nothing… They know all the tricks: the playing dumb ‘Me no understandy’ shit, the scrabbling in their purses for ages hoping some poor/exasperated/gullible cunt will lose patience/feel sorry for them and either pay the difference or the whole thing…. They do this time and time again and a lot of people are afraid to front them up because they don’t want to be seen as ‘racist’… One recent instance is one of these cunts was banned outright from a shop for trying to persistently blag a £5 item for a pound… I know this because I was there when they did it… Trouble with these bastards is they are so used to getting everything free and without difficulty in this soft touch country that they think they can get anything else for free or next to nothing… There are scores of these cunts and they take the piss and everything for granted….

  20. The BBC’s next to nothing coverage of the moon landing 50th anniversary proceeds with predictable and nauseating cuntery….

    Headline on the BBC’s news site? ‘It wouldn’t have been possible without the women of NASA’…

    Fucking hell, these cunts are obsessed… First once classic TV series, then football and now actual historical events?! Why don’t they just put a picture of a woman’s twat on a new testcard and have done with it?…. I see all men (except libfuck slime Lineker) banned from the BBC within a decade, and I am not joking either…

    • Will be rid of our TV and the BBC for ever at the end of the year Norman. Had enough of the cunts to last a lifetime.

      Have Man U offloaded Lukaku yet or are they holding out for silly money?

      • Haven’t got rid of the Black Birtles yet, Willie… United should take whatever is offered for him… Just to get shut of the useless cunt…
        How about putting Romelu in the middle of the Gulf so some Iranian types can hijack him? He’s about the same size as a tanker (except a tanker moves quicker)….

    • I’ve just googled BBC new coverage of the moon landings and it says at the time they didn’t get pictures back till they were on the moon. But still I would like to see what was aired. I heard the other day in a BBC repeport ‘a lot was wiped’. Well, how much? Cunts. I thought myself you never see it. I mean even if it was just James Burke and Patrick Moore rabbiting on with no pictures it was still the night MAN LANDED ON THE FUCKING MOON. The most historical event in human endeavour. Criminal negligence if they have.

    • Negroes, wimminz, and mudslimes are the backbone of pioneering the modern world. If it wasn’t for them us poor inept clumsy straight white males would be eeking out hand to mouth existences wanking in hovels so the next time you pass a jobless muslim off to rape some white children, a woman off to spend her husbands money on needless crap, or a dark key doing…whatever the fuck it is dark keys actually do, say thank you for saving you from your previously subhuman existence. Here’s to the victim groups – Hurrah!

  21. The left have no concept of the future.The stupid pricks just think of now.The jugganaut of death of whitey is getting up speed.

  22. Just an example of 3 news stories from the BBC website:

    1. Two machete-wielding negroes housebreak a home in Manchester stealing among other things 5 newborn puppies slashing the mothers face in the process.

    2. Two eastern europeans let of tear gas in the london underground.

    3. All flights to egypt cancelled due to terrorist threat. Safaa Almaghrabi was due to fly to Cairo with her six children for her sister’s wedding.

    Diversity does not work, you cunts are fucking up our countries, do the honorable thing and kill yourselves and let grown ups take charge.

  23. ‘A transgender man who wants to be recognised as his child’s father can be identified, a judge has ruled’ ”Freddy McConnell gave birth to a baby but does not want to be described as the child’s mother on the birth certificate’ ‘Instead he wants to be legally allowed to be registered as the father’

    So a mother wants to be the father of her child. Even though she went through the pregnancy, labour and the birth she still maintains she is the father. And she wants it legally registered. How fucked up is that? And how fucked up is that bit-‘a judge has ruled’. What is even more fucked up than the fucked up woman is this ‘case’ even getting a ruling.

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