Clive and Lorna Lucas

“Who?” I hear all ye cunters cry……a couple of right cunts, that’s who.

This pair were on the same flight as that recent addition to Cuntsville, Chloe Haines, the crazy bitch who went ape shit on a Jet2 plane and had to be restrained, culminating in a new asshole being ripped for her, courtesy of a whopping great £85,000 bill from said airline.

Read all abaaat it!! here:

Lorna and Clive (cunt names) apparently were instrumental in restraining her, helping to ‘strap her into her seat in the chaos’, so quelle surprise, what do they want now?

Yes, indeed, a payout.

They have moaned like fuck about the fact that they were only offered complimentary soft drinks whilst still on-board post-Armageddon. This wasn’t enough to satisfy their inconvenience and they feel outraged that they are not being offered some of the share of the money the airline are trying to reap back from the psycho herself.

What totally opportunistic, greedy, cynical fuckers these two are. Firstly, whatever happened to just doing something because it is the RIGHT thing to do, in the event of  very desperate circumstances? What anyone would do when they see people struggling and who need assistance. That comes with a price tag now, does it?? It seems to go over their thick skulls that there were numerous other passengers on that flight who were put out and traumatised by this, but have the dignity and self-restraint not to seek compo out of it.

Secondly, are they that thick that they believe that Jet2 will see any of that money from the (undoubtedly) substance-addled chav? They should be so lucky, therefore, even if a payout was on the table, they would get a percentage of precisely fuck all.

Thirdly, even if none of this shit fest had happened, they were travelling to TURKEY for their jollies, so that fact in itself makes them giant cunts.


Nominated by Nurse Cunty

34 thoughts on “Clive and Lorna Lucas

  1. Fucking hell, they’ll be on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ next. What a couple of brassnecked cunts.

    • I don’t think it’s the money they’re after, it’s probably more to do with wanting recognition for their ‘heroism’. Their fifteen minutes of fame have finally arrived and they’re determined to make the most of it.
      Like you say Nurse, there are few people these days who are content just to do the right thing.

      • The sense of nationhood, of being part of something bigger than yourself and working not just for yourself but for the benefit of your fellow countrymen has been destroyed by the Left who insist nationalism is evil, and a country is just a piece of land where people make money and fuck off when they can make more somewhere else.

  2. Plebs, Nurse Cunty.

    As you so rightly say, anyone who goes to Turkey on their holiday deserves all that they get. As for flying Jet2,well,that just confirms their lack of Class…probably booked to stay All-Inclusive too. Undoubtedly hoping to get enough “compo” to renew their season tickets at the Footy,with a bit left over to celebrate with a night “down the bingo” at their nearest flat-roof Working Men’s Club.

    Really, this Class of person shouldn’t be allowed to go abroad.They are an embarrassment. They should stick to a Butlin’s camp or a B+B in Blackpool.

    Fuck them.

    • I lived in Blackpool for over 3 years and one thing that spoils the place is the tourists, the cunts.

  3. They are probably closet converts to the religion of piss with a jihadi child about to go bang-bang backpacking…

  4. It’s arseholes like all those concerned with this fuckwittery that make me think twice about going anywhere where I’m likely to have to tolerate fellow travellers for any length of time.
    Britain is still a beautiful place when you can find spots without immigrants or inbred benefits scroungers.
    Just spent a relaxing few days in Anglesey. A nice pint of real ale on a sunny day outside was spoiled when a bunch of tattooed, fat, loud mouthed single mothers turned up with Manc accents, determined to let everyone in the entire bay know what they had to say.

  5. I fucking hate people who sue anybody for anything, absolute money grabbing cunts, at the very least the possible prevented a plain crash that they were on, isn’t that motivation enough, anyway looikng at them she looks as if she has had her Adams apple removed and needs the money to complete her gender reasinment surgery so he no longer has to take it in the arse, which I hope is what the judge does to these money grabbing cunts when they take that airline to court

  6. I cunted the Haines woman…she must’ve dropped some acid or spice or something to go so fucking crazy.

    Mad as a shithouse rat is that girl.

    • That’s exactly what I said when I heard about the fucking bitch. Form a queue….😂

  7. Fucking remoaners marching through London today to protest against Boris Johnson. Fuck me, he hasn’t even won the election yet and they want him out. Reminds me of Tangoman. The libtards wanted him impeached before he’d even got his arse through the door. They really don’t like votes that don’t go their way do they?

    • They have their own symbol of today’s whining cunts, a Boris blimp. Balloons for balloon heads. Fuck the personality devoid cunts, it’s their weekend to waste.

  8. Can’t agree re Turkey, although I can agree that cunts going on package holidays which will be safely insulated from their surroundings simply in order to get pissed in the sunshine are low-quality cunts, and that a chav who not only expects but demands payment for doing the decent thing should be sent back whence they came without apology ( (C) D. Trump, 2019)

    Turkey has magnificent scenery, millennia of history*, and a population which is proud of its identity. While generally pretty laidback, with a stronger sense of personal honour than ours, the people are hospitable towards visitors showing an interest in the country. Like us, it is the remnant of a large empire and now suffers from poor government. Like us, its historical actions have not always been based on the Boy’s Own Paper’s philosophy. Please submerge your prejudices and explore non-tourist Turkey. (No, I don’t have shares in the place.)

    *Run successively by the Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Greeks again before the Turks even arrived.

    • Spent 24hrs in Istanbul. Got robbed. Turkey and its people are Cunts! End of.

      • A fate which you might also expect in London, one way or the other. Spent several days in Istanbul, did not get robbed. Buyer beware, and watch out for Arabs and Kurds, though.

        Nurse C, now the country’s rowed back from its Kemalist secularism, I have to admit it is perhaps not a place which unaccompanied women would wish to visit, particularly in Western dress, and especially not the East of the country.

        • I’ve seen Midnight Express,that was enough for me. The delights of Turkey will forever remain unsampled.

          Evening K.

          • A belated good morning, F. Fortunately I was not considered of sufficient interest to warrant more than occasional surveillance at arm’s length by the security people. Though I did pass a country jail compound at one point. It contained two probably local sinners guarded by a nervous guard with a machine pistol. They looked surprisingly cheerful, adequately fed, and asked me for cigarettes through the wire, with the dubious approval of the guard.. Sadly, I didn’t smoke.

      • Went there for the United vs Galatassaray match… Psychotic peaceful scum from the airport to the stadium… Turkish police no better… Cantona calls referee a cunt and then gets batoned by Turkish filth… Loads of lads deported just for being English… Turkey is the smelly arsehole of the world and is crammed with cunts… The scum de la scum….

    • I don’t think not liking a particular holiday destination is a ‘prejudice’. Just saying.

      Turkey is more and more popular for one reason alone. It is CHEAP. That is why truck loads of chavs or just people on a small holiday budget travel there.

      Personally, I wouldn’t step foot in a 98% Muslim country, or let that country see a penny of my money. Just my opinion and I respect others may disagree.

      Friends of mine went there years ago and they found it full of creepy sleazebags after your cash or your vagina….preferably both. I wouldn’t even chance non-tourist areas.

      No thanks. Not for me.

      • It’s the ones after my arse that I’d be worried about. But I take your point, Nurse!.

      • Completely agree. When I hear a news story about some tourist getting into trouble in a muslim country either persecuted by the state or victimized by the natives I say fuck ’em what did you expect? You went there because it’s cheap and got yourself raped or thrown in prison ‘awaiting charges’ to save a few a quid.

    • I dont mind frys Turkish delight, but thats it. Oh an turkey twizzlers.

  9. They helped but now want paying for the help they gave?
    I help people but I don’t ask for money.
    Recently I helped a lady. I do it because it is a good thing to help.
    I don’t expect anything in return.

  10. I think they a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with Blighty.
    I quite like Turkey..I was in a market there a few years back following two nice English ladies along some stalls when one of the market traders said”I can smell your cunt” to them,it put them right off buying owt.
    Fuck them.

  11. So they’ve got their 15 minutes! I guess they thought themselves like John McClain from the Die Hard films, and therefore are in desperate need of some financial remuneration for their “heroic” deeds!

    So by their way of thinking, if either of them ever got mugged and I am a bystander, should I first ask them “Excuse me, but before I intervene can you sign this form which lets me have £5000 of your savings in order to help you from being stabbed to death?”

    Seems that these days helping people comes with an invoice!

  12. One assumes the bill for her pearly whites is around £85,000.

    Let’s hope she walks into a lamppost outside court when they have lost, greedy fucking cunts.

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