John Major (4)

John Major is a fucking Megacunt.

Major states that he “will seek a judicial review if the next prime minister tried to suspend Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit”, and that he “was not going to standby and see parliamentary traditions disregarded in this fashion… it is utterly the wrong way to proceed”.

Well, John, you are a two-faced remainer cunt of the first order. I assume you didn’t mind seeing “parliamentary traditions disregarded in this fashion” when you yourself prorogued Parliament in 1997, to delay the publication of a report into the cash-for-questions scandal which was about to engulf your abortion of a Premiership? If it wasn’t for double standards, you would have no standards at all.

Here’s some other pearls which have dropped from your EU cock-receptacle:

“[Labour Leader John Smith] is the man who likes to say yes in Europe — Monsieur Oui, the poodle of Brussels.” This from 1994- you’d think this sanctimonious congenital retard was describing himself here.

“When the curtain falls it is time to get off the stage and that is what I propose to do.” This from 1997, after his party got bummed in the GE. Well, I wish you’d take your own advice. The only stage you should be on is the one that used to be at Tyburn, with a hood on and a priest walking in front of you.

“It is the one event in my life of which I am most ashamed, and I have long feared would be made public” (describing his affair with eggphobic ratbag Edwina “bony cunt” Currie). Never mind getting caught banging Currie, what about when you sold this country down the river at Maastrich, John?

Major is truly one of the biggest cunts on the planet.

Nominated by cuntzilla

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67 thoughts on “John Major (4)

  1. Was a clueless and shit Prime Minister with a wally voice, now a sad old man with a wally voice.

    Keep eating the peas John.

    God how I hate what he and other Remoaner cunts are trying to do to this country.

    Just shut the fuck up and let democracy take its course.

    Dinosaur knob head.

  2. We’ve had some festering turds as Prime Ministers and here we see one of the oddest. A pusillanimous, knock-kneed coward who, when he wasn’t burying his grey worm in Edwina Currie (God’s TITS, man!), he was sch-lurping on the EU schlong. You have to be a certified Care-in-the-Commoonidy loony to be a fan of either Currie or the Fourth Reich and it seems John is deteriorating weekly.

    A darlek-voiced bore, The Prime Minister of Maastricht, and Philip Hammond’s wanky uncle, John Major is a cunt.

  3. Great cunting….
    I’m not sure what annoys me more, his grey, sagging, fucked-up face or his comedically twatty voice.
    Absolute cunt of the highest order.

    Retire you twat. And take that other loathed has-been B.liar with you.

  4. Future students of Political History are going to wonder what was going on in the country in 1992 that this dipshit in his ill-fitting skin became PM to this country.

    Hoo-ee, what a Remoaner cunt.

  5. A marvellous, expletive ridden, personally offensive Cunting. Which is richly deserved.
    Well done Sir !
    Good evening.

    • Cheers, Jack….as admin said, it was alot worse than what you see above- I’d had a couple and went full retard. Apologies, Admin.

      • Especially the last sentence (of the original; I’ve just read it)……..apologies again.
        I’m right, though………

  6. Mr. ‘ Warm beer and old maids ‘
    Fucking traitorous tosser.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Aaah, yes.

      Warm beer, bicycling nuns in flat caps, and the thwack of willow against bare flesh on the village green on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Summer.

      Them were the days.

  7. If he had fought a GE against his Spitting Image puppet he still would have lost, in fact, the puppet could have been PM and nobody would have noticed the difference. Major is like a early 90’s prototype to Maybot, a monotoned devoid of personality droid, except when he smells a bit of Currie in offing.

    • Don’t worrie, Currie in a hurrie. She always reminded me of Karen Carpenter, minus the talent, subtlety, and looks, naturally. I wish Currie had done a ‘Karen’ and skipped a few meals.

      🎶”…rainy days and Major always on my mind.”

      • No wonder the Welsh Windbag jumped on the EU gravy train, next stop Brussels and a gold plated pension.

        Evening Creampuff, Cap.

      • In the good old days, when The Groaniad wasn’t quite so far up its own arse, ther was a good Dteve Nell “If…” cartoon.

        Picture Neil and Glenys lying in bed; the former clutching the sheets, staring maniacally, sweating profusely…(hardly surprising !)
        “The Tories were miles behind in the polls…
        They elected a monkey as party leader…

        And we still bloody lost.”

  8. Terrible Prime Minister he needs to melt away into the sunset and shut the fuck up

  9. Im pretty sure John Major was a labour party Spy.
    Just like 1930’s Oxbridge graduates swore allegiance to the USSR and the flag of Marx and ultimately infiltrated the very highest echelons of government so too did the Marxist students of the 1960’s .

    John Major didnt actually go to university ..but if he did ….Im pretty sure he would have gone to Oxford and been a cunt and a spy. Cunt

  10. Just by virtue of the fact he chose to shag Edwina bloody Currie, that obnoxious, horse-faced, attention-seeking old cunt, rather that remain faithful to the long suffering Norma, is clearly indicative that his judgement and opinions on ANYTHING are not worth even a pebble-sized shit.

    That is probably why he was such a fucking useless Prime Minister. Too busy bending that old scrubber over the desk rather than concentrating on being an efficient leader, the specky cunt.

    Newsflash Major: nobody cares about your indignation.


  11. This is the cunt who was griping about going “back to basics” (ie basic values!) while banging La Currie behind his wife’s back. Fucking hypocrite bastard. As usual one rule for the plebs and another for the political elites.
    This is the fucker who, more recently, invented the nonsensical term “tyranny of the majority “. There’s no tyranny John…….the majority win……it’s called democracy you cunt.
    This grey old has been is the best advert for Leave there is. Even if I were a complete moron and spent my time watching Slag Island the very appearance of this cunt, the Blaircunt, Hezelslime, Cable etc crying about their beloved EU would drive me into the arms of Sir Nigel.
    Just fuck off Major you fucking Brown tongued loser.

  12. Come on Cuntzilla, get off the fence and tell us what you really think about Major disaster.

    • What a massive shit stain of a cunt he is.

      Do us all a favour and fuck off & die !

  13. This is the gold standard of cunting.
    As for the Majorcunt itself shut your fucking cake hole and catch a full toss cricket ball with your grey nutsack.
    Fuck right off at once.

  14. I was interested to discover, a few moments ago, that this cunt’s father’s name is Tom Major-Ball. Major ball seems so appropriately contrary for a cunt.

    • You could have looked a bit further and discovered that Major, Tom had been a circus clown and then ran a garden gnome business. FACT. Achieving the very high level of cuntitude John M reached from that background must have taken considerable determination…but he’s still a mega cunt, not least for touring NI with the cunt Blair to promote the EU after the referendum.

        • His brother didn’t play the part he should. When I saw a piece on him it was all about (in whispers) his favourite garden gnomes with knobs hanging out. Or on the toilet; trourers round their ankles. My estimation of the family went up after that.

        • Sorry, sorry. Had forgotten ISAC valued fairness… 🙂

          But I’ll confess to getting something else wrong. It was before the referendum, of course.

          • Ok… not unfair… just inaccurate.

            I think most cunters still value accuracy. At least when it comes to clowns and trapeze artists. 🤡

  15. If he carries out his threat of a judicial review, he will help put cuntbyn in No 10.
    And yet he’s one of many tories ,who are willing to pay that price to stay in eu. I can fully understand why people loathe the party so much, they’re fucked in the head. Just die you wimpy european cunt.

  16. These Tory traitors aren’t afraid of Corbyn in number 10 because they know his hands will be tied by the EU anyway. All of his fancy socialist ideas mean nothing if you are part of the global capitalist federal state.
    Even his more sensible and popular ideas, such as re-nationalisation won’t wash with the EU. They have nothing to fear from that cunt, who looks like he is being levered out anyway.

  17. John ‘Black Wednesday’ Major.
    As Chancellor he persuaded the Tory Government to sign up to the Exchange Rate Mechanism. As PM he presided over the fuck this brought about.
    His views are much respected.

  18. Major Cunt. Says it all.

    However, if we get to the brink, could the request for a judicial review delay the actual date of emancipation?

    By the time our judiciary gets it’s act together, surely we would have left?

    I reckon that this is akin to the last kicks of a hanging man.

  19. A top drawer piece of cunting cuntzilla.
    I think that the question of Europe has tormented this dull-witted, quacking fuck so much over the years that he’s finally gone over the edge.

  20. All these social misfits like Major, William Hague, Corbyn etc. were all involved in politics from an early age in their teens. Why the fuck they think they have anything in common with ordinary people beats me. Most ‘ordinary’ people at this age were getting an education fumbling around on the back row of the Roxy cinema on a Saturday night. Everyone of them are sexually repressed twats.

    • Remember when Hague said he used to work delivering beer for a brewery? He claimed that he drank 15 pints a day because he thought that’s what normal blokes do. Then there was that business about him sharing a hotel room with another Tory cunt so they found him a posh bird to marry. Then he tried to cover up his hair loss by wearing an oh so trendy baseball cap.
      What a prize fucking wanker! These posh cunts haven’t got a clue.

      • Blair cunt watching Jackie Milburn even though he was four and living in Australia at the time or Ed Gromit and the bacon sandwich fiasco was a classic example, I’m only surprised he didn’t ask for a knife and fork.

        • Or Cameron and West Ham. Or was it Villa? You can imagine the young ‘Dave’ on the terraces, bovver boots on, leading the hooligan element-‘you’re gonna get your fuckin’ heads kicked in’.

          • And Jeremy Hunt getting his wife’s nationality wrong. He might as well have said; ‘fuck knows where she’s from-they all look the same to me’.

          • Yeah, Hunt needs to get his money back on his Asian mail order bride for ‘discrepancy in country of origin’.

    • It also seems to be some sort of literary failing that almost without question they venerate the works of Anthony Trollope. Possibly because said author seemed to venerate politics.

  21. Oh, notice the lovely Ffion Hague is childless. Hardly surprising when your husband is a fucking bender.

    • I wonder who’s keeping her serviced ?
      Or is she a bean flicker ?
      Evening Gentlemen.

      • My money would be on the cunt Blair. Definitely not Honest John Major. She’s well out of his class.

        • Blair ? I would have thought he’d be more inclined to give Pansy Hague a good bumming.
          Just watching Austin Powers, Elizabeth Hurley has got magnificent funbags, Alotta Fagina is rather ample too.
          It’s going to be a restless night.
          Perhaps if I up the bedtime meds a bit
          that might help.
          Get To Fuck.

  22. People often claim Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent but I´ve always thought Major´s rise to the top of the Tory Party and becoming PM should be investigated. It was so meteoric as to be suspicious. I reckon he had a vídeo of some Tory bigwigs screwing a pig or something worse – maybe even Edwina Currie.

    • Yeah that should have been Hezzer’s Premiership……..he did all the hard work, all the back stabbing behind the scenes. Then suddenly, the grey pea eater comes out of nowhere and he’s the Prime Minister already!
      Definitely something dodgy there.

  23. Edwina took one look at Major with his grey vest tucked into his grey underpants and was overcome with lust.
    Major is one of the very few where cunt doesn’t really cover it.

  24. This boring charisma vacuum managed to be an absolute nonentity while he was prime minister of Great Britain.
    Whatever makes him think anyone gives a shite what he says now?
    Fuck off you tedious twat…

  25. He was indeed a cunt. We’d had 13 glorious years of Maggie. who in the interests of impartiality, did burn herself out in the last 3-4 years. She fucking sorted the petulant miners though. Then we endured him and his grey-man ‘do nothing’ shite for 5 years before Satan reincarnated on Earth Himself, T.B., unleashed his reign of ‘PR’ and ‘Identity Politics’ that was hands-down the first major act in the Evil Union Plan.

    There’ll never be a PM like Maggie again. She was the last of the stalwarts. I’d line up in queue to piss, shit and vomit over Major, Blair, Brown and May’s graves.

  26. The fucking cunt who lives opposite house alarm has just gone off and he has gone away.

    Annoying wanker even without the alarm.

    Lived here 26 years and never bothered speaking to him as he is clearly a CUNT. Once ignored my very polite and friendly next door neighbour who tried to exchange pleasantries.

      • A few years ago he applied for planning permission for some major changes to be made to his £1.2m house.

        I rallied some neighbours together and between us we all objected. As a result the plans were amended and understand he was not a happy bunny. He knew it was me.

        The cunt has a Range Rover Sport and a massive engined top of the range Jaguar convertible sports car, each of which he likes to tear up and down the road in.

        He also has a house in London. Almost certainly a Remoaner.

        Managed to piss on his bonfire albeit only the once and at a relatively minor level. But satisfying none the less.

        He knew it was me.

    • Do a ‘Stan Ogden’ and climb up a ladder with a hammer and destroy the cut…

      • Destroy the cunt, that should say… Hammer the fuck out of the offending Chubb…

  27. The Met Police Counter Terrorism Command , headed by super sleuth Neil Basu, have told the leaker of the Trump memos to “turn yourself in.”
    In other words they haven’t got a fucking clue. Pitiful.

    • Neil Basu: over promoted plantation worker…

      Ole man river.

      Hey fatty boom boom….

  28. As my late Father once said, ‘I wonder if he got salmonella on his bell-end after dipping it in that goat?’

  29. Guess my previous comment was libellous, only wanted to wish the lovey old gent all the best in his twilight years…….

  30. I wish the cunt would fuck off into the obscurity he enjoyed as PM!

    An interfering, treacherous (ousting the last strong PM we had), single-term failure who paved the way for Britain’s second dark age of 1997-2010!

    Total cunt!

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