Emma Barnett

In June ‘The Telegraph’ published a puff piece by one Charlotte Runcie, in which the author waxed lyrical about the many virtues of BBCunt interviewer Emma Barnett. According to Runcie, ‘the young, female, dazzlingly clever’ (of course, naturally, stands to reason) Barnett ‘is becoming the BBC’s most valuable interviewer’ etc blah.
Really? I don’t think so, not if this ‘dog with a bone’ approach is an example of her technique;

On this showing, she looks and sounds more like a dismissive, condescending, virtue-signalling, agenda-driven arsehole, the kind of self-important identikit libtard which seem to swarm around the Beeb like flies around a turd these days.
‘White privilege’ my arse.
Fuck off you smug ratbag (and take your sycophantic ‘sister’ Runcie with you while you’re at it).

Nominated by Ron Knee

52 thoughts on “Emma Barnett

  1. Runcie – could that be a relation of an old Archbishop of Canterbury?

    It is not what you now but who you now – Emma is the daughter of former TV *journalist* Jenni Barnett.

    Nearly all the BBC wimmin are self important old cunts.

    • ‘Clients would be charged £40 for an hour, with £25 going to the prostitute’

      The Barnett Formula?

      • I bet she’s related to Joel in some way as well. Like Charlotte to Robert. The same families, the same privileged elite. Same as it ever was.

  2. Fuckin rubber faced lithpy old cunt…..
    Her glasses really wind me up too.
    The attitude and the bulldog-chewing-a-wasp expression is just to be expected from these beebistan bourgeois cunts these days.
    ….what? Someone has a different opinion to me? How dare they!
    What? They said something that I decided might, hypothetically, upset “someone”?
    I must show some phoney outrage and display to the public just what far right nazis people outside of clique are….

  3. ‘ a puff piece by one Charlotte Runcie’
    You’re not kidding there Ron.
    ‘What is it about the young, female, dazzlingly clever Emma Barnett that winds some politicians up so much? I can’t possibly imagine, but it makes great radio. Barnett, formerly Women’s Editor of this newspaper, has been playing a blinder in the Tory leadership race. On The Emma Barnett Show (Radio 5 Live, Monday to Thursday), she’s been conducting the kind of interview that makes me linger open-mouthed by the kitchen radio, the washing-up forgotten’.

    Fuck me. I linger open mouthed listening to the radio astonished at the fucking cuntishnes that’s on all the time.

    • ‘What is it about the young, female, dazzlingly clever Emma Barnett that winds some politicians up so much?

      Easy. She’s a cunt.

      • Yep. Spot on Komodo old son. Christ the Beeb’s got a few on the books these days.

        • I assume that the BBCs wimmins locker room has all these female jocks vying for the attention of “coach” Jenni Murray. To be under her boot, while Jenni stubs her cigars out on your bare buttocks must be every BBC lesbians dream.

  4. She’s even more of a dazzingly thick libtard lefty than show us your knickers but don’t you dare look Maitlis, me me me Kate Burley and all of the rest of the wimminz in the bubble.
    The more they demand they’re to be tacken ‘seriously’ the more they’re better ignored.

    • Yes the more ultra serious they are the less interested I am. And they’re all like that-Rigby, Kussenberg, Maitlis. Now this one. There are good women journalists-there’s a blond woman on Sky who asks very searching questions but is just a woman not a woman pretending to be an aggressive man.

  5. I’d still rather shag her than Anne witicunt.
    ….only just though.

  6. Off road, cos I am a cunt:-

    Labour have finally singed the suicide note and now support Remain. It plays well in Islington apparently.

    • Mary-Anne Hilary Benn sounded as delighted as he was pompous on Wireless 4 World At One. He seemed to be saying because he wants to remain (and lick the arses of his EU masters) every Labour voter should feel the same, even if they don’t. Deluded motherfucker

      Gaylord Adonis still isn’t happy though according to this afternoon’s Standard. Steptoe wasn’t clear enough apparently.

      • I don’t mind that, it’ll be a good, old-fashioned scrap. The losers being the Liberals, Labour, and if they don’t sort themselves out, the Tories. Labour will lose more votes than gain them. Suicidal idiots.

  7. She looks down her nose exactly in the same way that other supercillious cunt Chuckup Yerbhuna does. Education in the wrong hands is a very dangerous thing. I notice she describes herself as “a jew in disguise.” I wonder what ever she means by that?

    • Thanks Blunt. ‘Supercilious’. THAT’S the word I was searching for and couldn’t find in relation to this nominee when I was putting the nom. up.
      Supercilious she is indeed!

      • We could do with one of your old fashioned knees ups Ron- right up in to her crotch.

  8. Smug Ratbag. Love it Ron.

    As far as I am concerned all BBC employees working directly or indirectly for the BBC are smug fuckers, and I will be happy knowing my family will not be contributing to their salaries when we do not renew our TV licence at the end of the year.

    Apologies Ron, a deviation in subject matter.

    Far-right activist Tommy Robinson has asked Donald Trump to grant him asylum in the US as he faces being jailed in the UK.

    In an interview on the right-wing channel InfoWars on Monday, the former English Defence League (EDL) founder said: “I feel like I’m two days away from being sentenced to death in the UK.

    “I beg Donald Trump, I beg the American government, to look at my case. I need evacuation from this country because dark forces are at work.

    “This is a direct appeal on behalf of my family – we love the United States, I have no future here [in the UK].”

    Robinson whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, claimed he would be killed in jail and said that British prisons are “controlled by jihadi gangs”.

    Judges are set to give their detailed reasons for the contempt ruling the High Court.

    The 36-year-old filmed defendants accused of the sexual exploitation of young girls and live-streamed the footage, in breach of a reporting ban, outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

    “Dark forces are at work”. Never truer words said Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon just in case you were unaware).

  9. I can never think of them as anything other than British Broadcasting Cunts these days Willie.
    I’d fucking love it if somebody like Johnson or Farage got on the case and fucked them off as far as the licence fee’s concerned. From the top down BBCunts seems to be infested with fucking ‘progressive right on’ types looking to parade their identity politics, anti-Brexit agenda.
    I’m absolutely sick of the smug bastards.

    • Seriously, the BBC reputation for “impartiality” is getting worse by the day. By a strange coincidence, James Purnell former New Labour toady and minister is now a director of BBC Radio.He seems to get a new title every month, and none of the jobs he has been given is ever advertised for “ordinary” applicants. Something about Tony Hall’s BBC stinks

  10. Is it me or does she look like a less spazzy version of the mong off watchdog?

    It appears this dozy sket has a book called Period. A supposedly funny tale about the menstrual cycle. The front cover is just loads of euphemisms for being on the blob. Presumably words that would be instantly deemed sexist if any man ever dared used one.

    I saw this interview. White privilege? Do me a fucking favour. Ann mentioned slaves and the only people she could have possibly meant where the Dark Key slaves from back in the good ol’ days according to Barnett and the beeb. None of the other trillions of slaves from throughout history because that doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Apparently this all strong “independent wimminz, who “cant remember a time she wasn’t a feminist” has a baby, presumably with the help of scans and medication and other things invented by men. Cunts like that should be spayed at birth.

  11. I thought Michael Jackson had been reanimated with a blonde syrup and oversize specs.

    Heeeee heeeee and shamone my Bad mudderfucker!

  12. I nominate it for Syria correspondent,one way ticket,cheers
    And fuck off

  13. T’would seem that the job of polishing that week’s virtue-signal bulb pays good money in the media these days.

    Licence fee money well spent I say.

    I don’t know how Ann Widdicombe had the bare face to argue knowledge and fact against Barnett’s vitriol and group-think.

    Ann, don’t you know that facts and context no longer matter anymore, that is wrong-think and that is forbidden in our “progressive” times? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Ann, these are the rules:

    – Only one sex can be oppressed.
    – Only one race can be oppressed.
    – Only one sexual orientation can be oppressed.
    – Only one religion can be oppressed.

    And these rules are universal across the entire world.

    You’re lucky you’re a woman Ann, at least you tick one box on the victimhood ladder of oppression.

    Some of us poor cunts can’t even make the first rung on that ladder.

    We just have to keep paying those taxes – to fund modern idiocracy – and shut up.

    We have no say because – no matter how reasoned or sensible the argument – it will be deemed to be transphobachauvawaycist in some shape or form by the elite’s “useful idiots” in our “progressive” media and political establishments.

    The elites love division because it stops us grouping together and overthrowing the cunts Romanov style!


    • Bloody perfectly well put, Rebel. Being factually right means absolutely fuck all on planet libtard.

  14. The way she tilts her head and pulls a face when somebody days something that doesn’t conform to orthodoxy- a conditioned response, straight out of an Orwell book.
    Nothing a good anal fisting wouldn’t train out of her, though. Every time she pulls that face, or tilts her head-WALLOP. In right up to the elbow.


  15. Crazy Ann gave a good account of herself in the interview with the Barnett bitch, I have watched her in action before on newsnight when she was interviewing Andrew Mitchell about the Boris row with his partner, Andrew Mitchell kept saying he knew nothing about it, but the silly bitch wouldnt fucking let it go.

    She is a Cunt!

    • Valid point PM does anyone know what this white privilege shit means?
      I am 61 years old and white; cannot recall any white privilege being showered on me. Suppose if one is talking about Lord arseover,His grace the duke of wank or some other moneyed titled cunt then yeah white privilege makes sense I suppose but the empire has long gone.
      White privilige, bring the fucker on I’ll have ten handfuls no problem.
      Or the snidey fuckwinding cunts could just stop tossing this basically wank statement about and find true enlightenment up each others arseholes which they most likely do any way.

  16. Always remember the 5 key questions to ask these cunts ( paraphrasing Tony Benn)
    “Who are your parents and what influence do they hold?
    “What school did you go to?
    “In what way did you get pushed ahead of the rest of us?
    “To whom are you accountable and who do you know?
    “How do we get rid of you off off our media?”
    “Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system.”

  17. This cunt replaced Aidrian Chiles who was a far superior broadcaster. I just hate this cunts voice – that half-broken snooty raised on you tube sjw videos always banging on about social media cuntish voice. Fuck off and die Barnett.

  18. Was listening to this virtue-signalling two-bob shitcunt’s show yesterday when I was fishing.
    What a cunt.
    I turned it off after about 10 minutes- I couldn’t take any more.

  19. Plain horrible, imagine being married to it I would crap myself whenever heading for home, the BBC should be ashamed, it is their job to report the news not control the direction through this issued up cunt.

  20. Today I was left astounded how this woman conducted a phone interview live on Radio 5 with : Susan hall regarding some attempt the government is making to reduce gang crime.

    I’m sorry, but I can only agree with the original nomination:

    On this showing, she looks and sounds more like a dismissive, condescending, virtue-signalling, agenda-driven arsehole, the kind of self-important identikit libtard which seem to swarm around the Beeb like flies around a turd these days.

    I’m not interested in any ones political leaning so she could be left right or centre. Don’t care, it’s irrelevant. But the rest of it is so very true.

    It’s disgraceful and shameful and for sure this behaviour will come back and do her significant damage. Karma or what ever you feel to call it will cast down on her when she least expects it.

    I can’t believe she has her own Wikipedia page, that should not exist there is no way Emma is 1 famous enough nor talented enough for that.

    BBC / 5live we don’t need that kind of journalist, it’s not right, when dealing with serious issues, the public want a balanced and sensible interviewer not someone like Emma… she’s clearly stepped over the line. Bad form.

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