Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

A thug with convictions for for violence, financial and immigration frauds, drug possession, public order offences, and contempt of court. He has served at least three separate custodial sentences: in 2005 for assault, in 2012 for using false travel documents, and in 2014 for mortgage fraud.

Robinson has received in excess of £2m in donations and sponsorship, much of it from foreign sources.

A man who is a liability to any cause that he espouses?


Or is Tommy Robinson the man who is the answer to the Islamification of this Country?
A man who is prepared to “get down and dirty” and present a face of Great Britain that is willing and capable of fighting back when it seems that our elected leaders are incapable of reversing the colonisation of the Country by elements who will see the end of our “British” way of life.


Who knows? Perhaps he’s both a criminal and a saviour.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

146 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson

  1. Despite his convictions I still trust him more than our treasonous politicians or those cunt “journalists”….
    Bet they’re far bigger criminals than him but they project this fucking holier than though, self righteous image to the sheeple so they can fuck us over behind our backs.
    He is a cunt (as am I) but he’s better than most of the cunts that slander him in the media and house of cuntmons.

  2. So he’s been in prison? I seem to recall there’s a statue to a certain Mr N Mandela in Parliament Square. Mr Mandela also spent some time in prison I believe.

    • FINALLY someone cunts this absolute fuckwit.
      Vicious hypocritical little wanker.

      As if someone is comparing him to Mandela? For fucks sake …..

  3. Every day is a school day, I didn’t know his real name was Stephen Yaxley Lenon the 2nd.

  4. Tommy Robinson may not be ‘the answer’, but I trust his intentions more than any politician by a country mile.

    And even if his methods are not perfect, he is nevertheless spot on in terms of addressing the Islamification of this country.

    • Sadly, the Islamification issue will be kicked so far down the road that there’ll be no road left. IIRC, The Farage has already said we mustn’t be beastly to the slimes, and even UKIP take this line.
      Tommy Robinson is the only one with the guts to say what we are all thinking.
      But it’s the Brexit Party which, in current political landscape, stands the best chance of delivering the goods, as Tories seem hell-bunt on self-destruction.

  5. Apologies for going off topic but I’ve finished my Halloumi sandwich and it was delicious.

  6. Tommy is a Great British hero. Unfortunately because he isn’t posh the MSM loathe him. His views are similar to the likes of Douglas Murray, who gets away with it because he’s gay, posh and doesn’t punch people.

  7. Can’t say Tommy is exactly my cup of tea, but I’m an old fashioned upper class patrician cunt so he probably wouldn’t be, would he?

    I also think Gerrard Batten showed considerable political naivety when he publicly appointed Tommy as an advisor, losing in the process a lot of potential moderate UKIP voters.

    That said, I agree with a lot of what Tommy says and think he’s been treated abominably by our democratically deficient Establishment and powers that be.

    • He wouldn’t even get past the moat at Creampuff Manor when election campaigning.

        • No hounds, they keep disappearing. We have 3 big cats roaming our grounds…

  8. On the fence with him. I think he has balls of steel. But I think he’s too rough around the edges and has too much negative media baggage to take our very real concerns to the mainstream without bringing the loony fringe with him.

  9. A man who is targeted and will never get a fair hearing. Racist ? Yes, ( like me ) and a guy who is making mistakes in whom he confides and associates with. His message is clear, and Ive heard worse, and in fact I would find it very hard to argue against him. Nazi ? No.
    Good poke Dick !

  10. No thought required. Once a criminal thug, always a criminal thug. Unless like many lags he found Jesus while doing porridge (only to mislay him on release). Or Mohammed, as he, in his own words, got along nicely with the “Muslim lads” he spent time in nick with. Mind you, when the alternative is a good beating ………….. What’s your take on Robinson, Mr Fiddler?

  11. you have to excuse me for saying this but its all very English, this chap has done wrong and is now trying to do what he sees in his eyes is good, (I make no comment)
    The press will always drag up whatever shit they can on a non conformist, (it sells papers) yet suppress facts about a person in their own favor.
    I see mention of his “Criminal record” well that’s simply because he wasn’t a big enough criminal, he couldn’t buy, lie or bully his way out of a situation, his stance is non PC and he is standing in the firing line of the press and unfortunately reporting the truth and failings of the government.
    so he is an open target, however he flags things, I am not his fan nor friend, but when he does bring a valid point to public I will not be shouted down as a “nazi” “racist” or any other shit,
    I dont give a fuck if you are brown, green or white there is some shit you should not do and its not ethnicity based nor should it be protected because of ethnicity.
    The only damage he is doing to any cause is simply that you cant get over his past (not that I give a fuck)
    As for me, well I defaulted on a German bank loan, I am not welcome in the US because I am a fucking terrorist (despite working with US PMC during my “Reign of terror” and there are a few countries more than willing to bang me up (fortunately HMG wont give me to them because its a load of bollocks)
    This makes me a badder man than him……oooooh)

  12. If it was just Britain that experienced their failure to integrate then we would have to look at ourselves and ask why. But when its any none Muslim majority country in the West who experiences it then there is only one conclusion, no matter if it offends the sensitivities of head in the sand cunts.

  13. Jo Brand jokes on a BBC radio comedy programme that acid should be thrown at right-wing politicians. The BBC explain it shouldn’t be taken too seriously as it was a somewhat sort of joke.
    Fine, ok…….I hope you get aids and fucking die you fat lefty cunt…..but I am only joking…….no fuck off and die you feckin fat cunt.

    • And of course Danny Baker gets sacked for the Chimp Royal Baby joke. No comparison is there? One will harm and maim for life….the other just a piss take…odd how the piss take is treated as the more vile. Hypocritical cunts.

    • No fan of the fat slug. But! She was clearly joking. Straight after saying the battery acid bollox. She said she thought the milkshake throwing jizzstains were “pathetic”
      Let’s not get all sensitive and triggered over a silly joke.
      That’s for the whiney left.

      • If you think that ‘joke’ is even remotely funny you’re as bad as she is.

        • Agree. I’m fine with jokes about absolutely ANYTHING so long as they’re funny or display a modicum of wit.

          Brand’s ‘joke’ fails on both counts, it’s just a thinly veiled incitement to violence, aided and abetted by the ABBC.

          • Apologies admin, and many thanks. Sometimes moderated comments go unnoticed for several hours… I was just feeling a bit frustrated that’s all. 🙂

            Am about to similar comment in the new Brand nom. I wonder if it will go through…

  14. Don’t know much about the fucker except his real name is Yoko Lennon or similar. Agree with his views on Islam but what else he stands for has passed me by. I have no time for BNP or EDL bullshit so that makes me suspicious of the cunt. Filming filthy grooming bastards seems ok but foolish given the injunction. I do know that anything he is involved with will be screamed down as ‘far right’ whatever it’s merits.
    Probably a cunt but no bigger than the 650 cunts in Parliament.

  15. If his name is Lennon, that means he is Liam Gallagher son.

    And Boy George spent time in prison and he is really grate.

    • Ian Brown was in the nick…
      As were Mick and Keef…
      Macca was in a Japanese jail…
      George Best was in stir too….

      Was quite trendy to be in the nick at one time…

      • For a moment I thought I’d stumbled across some fifth-dimensional poetry. Missing last line:
        Free Tibet with every packet of Granola, oh what’s the bloody point !

  16. Nice try Mr Fiddler but a man of your towering intellect almost certainly knows the correct answer to your own question.However just for fun…….
    Robinson is quite literally a Shill for nefarious dodgy behind the scenes cunts.Until quite recently his chief financial backer was the ardent Zionist Yank Billionaire Robert J. SHILLman (ya couldn’t make it up if ya tried).Shillman sits on the boards of The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, and the David Horowitz Freedom Center.Sillman only recently stopped his financial backing of Tommy after some Yankee news outlets raised a stink about it.
    Happy now Herr Fiddler?

    • Also The Zionist Organisation of America and The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers.

      Question is, did he subsidise Tommy because Tommy loathes (all) Muslims (everywhere)? Or does Tommy loathe Muslims because Shillman paid him to? Or is there some completely apolitical reason, making it antisemitic even to suggest other possibilities?

      Along with the role of the Israeli Embassy in, er, gently lobbying our politicians – I hope that isn’t going too far – this could bear investigation.

      • In response to Komodo – I never said that the Jews were an ethnicity; I said that they STARTED OUT as an ethnicity which originated in the Levant (which I fucking stated twice).

        I also stated that they as a people/nation have expanded since then to include other peoples (in much the same way that the formerly WHITE English people have also expanded to include black, brown and yellow people).

        The Jewish people have not been an ethnic, monolithic block for a long fucking time. An individual as inforned and hirsuit as yourself should surely be aware of that.

        Absolute fucking tosspot.

      • TITS. Didn’t all those groups in the early part of the 20th Century have ‘Zionist’ in their names? ‘The Zionist Congress’ comes to mind from memory. According to your definition they should have called themselves ‘The Anti-Semites Congress’.

        • Not the point I was making.

          I was essentially saying that zionism is merely Jewish nationalism or more specifically the notion that the Jewish nation/people should have their own national homeland (ideally in their ancestral homeland but ultimately somewhere where they can exercise sovereignty and self defence).

          The manner in which modern anti semites seem to attack Jews without being overtly anti semitic is by using the word Zionist as some kind of synonym for imperialist or illuminati (like the anti semites of old did with the word jew).

          The Jewish use of the word Zionist and the anti semite use of the word Zionist are not even comparable. Stop trying to pretend that they are.

        • Similar to what is happening with made up ‘Black History’. See there were influential Blacks in earlier centuries bollocks they did create, invent and were a major force in the world. No they weren’t. So with the Jews. There never was a Zionist movement, there never was a Jewish diaspora, we haven’t taken another people’s land, we have always been there, there never was any such place called Palestine, there never was a Palestinian people. It’s an effort to erase the injustice from their minds.

          • …………… so Theodor Hertzl was not a real person? Was the moon made of fucking cheese?…………. oh sorry, I meant “bestand der Mond aus verdammtem käse?”

            As for the claims that the Palestinians were never a real people/nation…………. they fucking weren’t.

            There is a reason that after the fall of the Ottoman Empire that the Arab National Council was formed………… it’s because the Arabs are the Nation/People…………… Palestine was merely a resurrected name given to a newly established British protectorate drawn on a map with a ruler and being comprised of the former Turkish Administrative Districts of the Vilayet of Syria-Damascus, the Beirut Vilayet and the Mutisarifate of Jerusalem.

            Prior to that it was just the intersection of 3 sovereign Ottoman Empirial provinces and there was no Palestine or Palestinian people, just disparate Arab tribes, Samaritans, Jews and others.

      • How that conflict with the your notion that there are plenty of anti zionist jews in the world tits? Have you ever even wondered how wealthy zionists influence foreign policy in the middleeast and how most if not all politicians are bought and paid for to shill for Israeli interests is nowadays basic political policy?

        Exactly komodo i’ve been saying Tommy Robinson is a paid gatekeeper for almost 2 years now but peoples exaggerated enthusiasm and hope that he is some savior figure always drowned out my criticisms of him. I don’t want to argue with anyone about tommy some peoples minds are already made up and can’t be changed but he didn’t even originally bring up grooming gangs issue ironically it was a labour mp who did and he stole that talking point cause it was hot oil to stir the pot for him

        • Part of the reason there are those anti-zionist Jews you mention is because zionism was started by mostly secular jews in the late 19th century whereas the Haredim are biblical literalists and don’t believe that the prophecies contained in the Nevi’im have been fulfilled so by extension also don’t think the State of Israel should exist………. you are basically aggreeing with a bunch of hyper-zealous, religious nutjobs on this one Chief.

          As for your claims about foreign policy and politicians being bought and paid for – that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

          As for your claims of TR being bought and paid for the last two years – that which is dismissed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

          I am not some kind of TR acolyte and my mind is not made up about him. I and my workmate unsubbed from Tommy and Avi Yemini a month or so before Tommy got banned from Youtube because Tommy is a bear-baiting, rabble-rouser and we both found ourselve’s getting angry watching his content.

          After reading your much-appreciated comments I have to ask…….. is the Earth spheroidally shaped with an axial tilt or a flat disk with a dome overhead containing the atmosphere and is the sun actually a spotlight with a shape-shifting lampshade which swings around from the centre of the disk like a swingball set with a cord which varies in length to mimic the seasons?

          • Impressively articulated comments TITS – you clearly know your onions when it comes to Jew related issues.

          • Yeah I am kind of a Sperg like that. I have always been massively into reading about history and religion since I was young.

            In fact when I was 12 I found out from my Dad and Grandad that I have Jewish ancestry on that side of the family and I found it really interesting.

            I started reading up on it heavily at the age of 17 and ever since then (so for the past 19 years) I also have a very good memory so don’t tend to Google this shit as I’ve had it down for years.

            I dare say I remember more than Krav although I’m sure he knows more about Justin Bieber than I do.

          • “Ethnically”, eh?…now this is a can of worms.

            The Jews as a whole share a culture. They do not share ethnicity in any classifiable sense. And, since we are bound invoke mitochondrial DNA at this point in the argument, they share ancestry. In part. They share this part with each other and with every other Semite in the region. Possibly even with me. Manchester, where my family comes from, had a prominent Jewish population…who knows?

            Hypothetically, there may be as much Jew in my chromosomes as there is in a Central European Khazar, but that doesn’t make me Jewish in any sense that a Jew would accept. Though he does accept the Khazar, who is, as nearly completely as I am, unrelated to a Sephardic Jew originating from the Roman province of Judaea.

            The only defining features of Jewishness are the religion and the culture, which is inseparable from the religion. If you abandon the religion – or lip service to it -, you are no longer a Jew. You no longer keep the festivals and go to schul, You may eat pork. You are no longer a participant. You no longer have to believe that G-d gave the Children of Israel someone else’s territory (repeatedly, every time the Children got ejected)

            It’s very convenient for the Zionist (sensu strictu) to claim that he’s a sort-of- secularist and that being Jewish is nothing to do with Judaism. But in doing so, he abandons the Jewish claim to the land of Israel. If he’s a secularist, it’s not his land.

          • With respect Komodo, your talking bollocks.

            I said in another post that they started as an ethnic group in the Levant (note the use of the word started) I am acutely aware that the current Jewish people also include Ethiopians (the Beta Israel) and even Chinese Jews (the Khai Feng) so that point is a complete strawman.

            Mitochondrial DNA is largely irrelevant to a people/nation, I’m not sure why you would bring it up. That’s like citing DNA to delegitimising the britishness of non white people.

            I can’t believe you brought up the Khazars. The aristocracy of the Khazars converted to Judaism and make up a small percentage Ashkenazi DNA whereas the Ashkenazi and the ancestral Palestinian tribes have been shown to have over 60% of the same ancestral roots.

            Actually the sephardim left Spain (the word comes from the Hebrew word for Spain) and migrated to parts of Eastern Europe like Hungary and Poland so the Ashkenazi are DIRECTLY descended from the Sephardim.

            You are right in your premise but wrong in your conclusion. Modern jewishness is mostly defined by culture and religion and the culture is downwind from the religion but if you are an atheist but born of a Jewish mother then you are considered a Jew by rabbinical law – FACT! So once again, you are talking bollocks.

            Religious claim to divine right is irrelevant, the people and their culture and religion have resisted assimilation in host nations for centuries and it was the separate identity of the Jewish people that led secular jews like Hertzl to start the Zionist movement, as I said it had fuck all to do with divine, religious right.

          • Just thought I’d correct myself, the ashkenazim didn’t become the sephardim. Although whether an Israeli is an ashkenazi, a sephardi, a mizrahi or any other, their racial features are irrelevant.

          • Hopeless to stem the flow. Need I point out that mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited, as is the strict definition of Jewishness? And that that is statistically likely to be the only uniquely Jewish physical feature of a Jewish person? (discounting the stereotypes, as I think I ought) It has been used extensively to determine whether populations such as the Khazars (whose khan converted to Judaism, and imposed it in his subjects, in one version) can call themselves Jewish. They can, according to current research. If they want. Their mitochondrial DNA is fairly closely related to a Middle Eastern historical population…but what was that population before it became monotheistic?

            It is Judaism which defines Jewishness. There is no other objective measure.

            Anyway, thanks for the fun, but this is getting unreadable.

          • Incidentally, from your own keyboard, if there are Chinese Jews (etc), how the fuck can Judaism be an ethnicity?

        • ‘Pretend Palestinians’ then? They don’t know their own history. Maybe you should go over there and re-educate them in their history and tell them that they are wasting this time in this struggle with the Jews because there is no such thing as the ‘Palestinian People’. You have no ‘National’ identity because Palestine never existed. You’re nothing in that sense. That would be the thing to do. You would be setting them free.

          • Nations (in the true sense of the word nations) have existed for millenia and they generally form organically through a combination of intersecting factors like race, language, religion, culture, common history in a land, geography, sovereignty, war and a common enemy.

            By that selection of criteria, the Palestinians do indeed constitute a nation and a people due to their common, genecidal hatred of Israelis/Jews.

            I probably should have made myself more clear in saying that “there is a people called the Palestinians, but there wasn’t always”.

          • I know it’s 01:22 in the morning and I have to be up for work at 06:00 but you started this shit and I want to fucking finish it…….. fucking where are you Miles you bitch?!

          • I’ve enjoyed the discussion. But it is a (checkable) fact that the organisations Shillman supports, whether they have Zionist in their name or not, vociferously support Israel’s policy in the Occupied Territories aka “Judea and Samaria”, as they invariably put it*. They are as rabidly anti-Muslim as Goebbels was anti-Jewish. In particular the Horowitz Center generates articles for anyone mug enough to publish them which demonise Islam and Muslims.

            And if I want to say ‘Jew’ on ISAC, I am laudably permitted to do so. No need to use ‘Zionist’ as a code word. I have no beef with Jews. But I don’t accept their claim that God gave them any part of the Middle East, or that this claim has any validity, or that the diaspora – mainly Central Europeans and Americans – may appropriate the property of Christian and Muslim Arabs previously living there.

            *Bizarrely. The names are relics of the Roman occupation.

          • I Also don’t believe God gave Jews the right to any land either on account of being a fucking atheist.

            I think you may have missed the point where I mentioned that the Zionist movement was started by mostly secular Jews. Jews are not a religion, they are a people/nation who began as an ethnic group in the levant but grew with the naturalisation of people from other ethnic groups.

            But one thing the Jews are not is a religion – Judaism is a religion. This is why you can’t be an atheist Christian or an atheist Muslim but you can be an atheist jew.

            Stop conflating the Jewish people with fucking religion!

          • It’s worth mentioning that Jews have had an uninterrupted presence in that land since the third Rebellion against the Romans and that many Jewish legal immigrants LEGALLY purchased land from the Affendi land owners during the first and second year Aliyah under the Ottoman Turks.

            And that the right to a self determined homeland was granted to the Jewish people legally by the then sovereign overlords the British Empire with the backing of the league of nations.

            If you deny the legitimacy of Israel on that basis then you must also deny the legitimacy of Jordan on the same basis. Do you deny the legitimacy of Israel due to the fact it was created by an Imperial conquerer?

            (FYI I believe that Israel should destroy all settlements on the West Bank and pull out of that territory).

          • I’m rather puzzled as to why the origin of a place name has any relevance.

            Indidentally though the name Palestina was given by Emperor Hadrian to Provincia Syria Judea as a punishment following the third Jewish Rebellion but that name originates from the Hebrew word for the Philistines “Plshtim” meaning invaders…….. Are you saying that you think the Muslim Palestinians are invaders?………. Intriguing.

          • Just what type of hyper zealous religious nutjobs am i agreeing with chief? Clarification please

            I haven’t even stated the evidence but you have already taken the liberty of dismissing it twice, rather odd but alright Well when you’re ready for the evidence you so clearly have no intention of even looking at i’ll be here Tits

          • Pretty much the ultra orthodox Haredi Jews (a Jewish chick I served with in the army confirmed that they don’t like women very much and referred to them as cunts ……. Just saying).

            The most vociferously anti Zionist, ultra religious nut jobs though are Neturei Karta.

            You being on the same page as Naturei Karta is like me being on the same page as the Knights Templar of old.

          • As I said Titslapper, that which is asserted withour evidence can be dismissed without evidence. That’s how the burden of proof works. People of a religious inclination often like to flip the burden of proof but that shit doesn’t fly with me.

          • We need to get a room TitS…

            Too many points to address.

            Glad to see you agree on the Occupied Territories.
            Also with an uninterrupted presence in the land since Roman times are the Muslims and Greek Orthos, the Druse, etc, etc. The land was diverse, and at least under the Ottomans, reasonably tolerant of the differences.
            “Do (I) deny the legitimacy of Israel due to the fact it was created by an Imperial conquerer?”
            No. I do not deny the legitimacy of Israel for that reason. I deny its right to conduct ethnic cleansing and practise apartheid; to write the confiscation of property from non-Jews into its laws, and to colonise, (imperialistically) territory not legally ceded to it. The original creation of the state wasflawed, sure, like everything else we’ve done in the region. But it defines its own illegitimacy now.

          • I actually agree with every point you just made in that post. I think we have been talking past each other.

      • “The Juwes are not the men that will not be blamed for nothing”

        The Judean Front
        Judean People’s Front
        People’s Front of Judea
        Popular Front of Judea

        • in the 1990’s I was caught up in the breakup of Jugoslavia, I noted how selective the sides were on their boundaries on there maps they selected different sections of border from different timelines, to make the “Greater serbia” “Greater Croatia” the only rational was to make their countries larger.
          The one thing that they never really took into account was simply the areas that they claimed had formerly belonged to the nomadic iliri people (albanians) and that they the southern slavs were the new boys on the block.
          as with most continental countries they are subject to migration pressure/ war/ shifting population whereas we an island nation are not subjected to these pressures (lets ignore the current situation).
          the whole conversation above was very interesting, but lets just say its not just the Jews, Russia is still expanding and has fought a number of proxy laws, in fact worse than israel and many former russian republics are embroiled in ethnic cleansing yet its all very low profile on the news.

          • Indeed. Just like with Turkey and the Kurds or Turkey and the Armenian Genocide which never happened (it must be true, Erdoğan said so).

          • Still going on. With – guess who – Tony Blair advising both Serbia and Kosovo, and shooting on the disputed border. Serbia does not recognise Kosovo yet. Fair point re. Russia, but it doesn’t claim to adhere to Western values while it is doing its traditional Russian thing and (re-) expanding.

          • I am not a big fan of shiptars, so I have a tendency too be serb sympathetic on that one, after the battle of Kossova Polje 1448 , the crusaders chucked the albanians out,however they were reintroduced in 1944 by Titto and were mainly communists that opposed Hoxa in albania, however they bred like rabbits and quickly moved from minority to majority status, they then demanded that schools should teach albanian and not serbo/croat the state refused and closed the state schools to prevent this, in fact they basically took the place over, the Albanians don’t like them, The serbs don’t like them they are pretty much fucked and the only reason they are alive is the intervention of outside powers

        • @ CuntsR-US

          Re your quote:

          “The Jewes are
          the men that
          will not
          be blamed
          for nothing.”

          That was Jack the Ripper (1888)…. noted authority on all matters Jewish. 😀

          @ Komodo

          Shock horror! Our candidate (Andrea Leadsom) has been knocked out of the Tory leadership contest! 😭

          • TiTs my joke Zzzzzzzzzzz…fell flat. It was supposed to represent me sleeping. Not that I was bored or getting out after losing the argument.

            I was writing a reply but then scratched it. Did you get to work on time? I wonder…

            It’s funny isn’t it but as a believer I actually DO believe the Jews were given The Promised Land.

            Right at the start of this discussion I took exception to you imputing antisemitic overtones to how people used the word ‘Zionist’. As you know the word ‘Zionist’ was the proud boast of many intellectual Jews before the establishment t of the State of Israel. Now its a dirty word it seens. For the Jews I mean. It goes back to what I was saying they are trying to erase (in their own minds) the ‘Zionist Movement’ and pretend it didn’t happen because they were there the whole time. In their minds I mean. That’s why you get Krav coming on with ‘Fakeistan’ and there’s no such place as Palestine.

        • Yesterday I dropped 50p. When I went to pick it up, it hit me on the back of my head. Am I a Jew?

          • @Cuntibollox, I’m only answering this because I am trying to answer back to Miles Plastic but am unable to.

            In answer to Miles Plastic’s inane comment. The word Zionist was indeed the proud boast of many a jew back in the day and it still is.

            The word and it’s original meaning have never been in doubt by mainstream jewry as far as I am aware and they are not trying to erase it….. merely trying to take it back from the anti-semites (In the same way that Randall Graves tried to take back Porch Monkey from the racists).

          • In response to Komodo’s bullshit answer from the other night – it’s completely irrelevant as to the maternal lineage of a person GENETICALLY as to whether or not that person can be considered a Jew………… I’m talking about the culture/people/nation………. you keep bringing it back to race and genetics like some kind of Joseph Mengele-style eugenecist. Stop fucking doing that, I ain’t playing that nazi fucking game.

            Also stop bringing up the Khazars like they mean anything. Every time you bring them up I immediately think that you are about to start citing Chief Ass-Clown David Icke and his “Moon is a hollowed out space station made of Edam” bollocks. Just fucking stop it you tit.

            Also stop appealing to religion because that completely delegitimises every atheist Jew in the world and ultimately means fuck all…….. Let me put it this way – you wouldn’t use Anglican as a synonym for English or Catholic as a synonym for Italian, Roman or Vaticanese (sic) so stop doing it with the Judeans.

            Judaism was and is still very important in what defines a jew but it is not the be all and end all. Stop saying that it is. Constantly repeating a false proposition does not a true proposition make.

          • ‘Zionist”……… The anti-semite’s, go to code word for jew’.

            Were you insinuating that Komodo is an anti-semite there? If you were I think you owe him an apology.

          • @Miles Plastic…………. only if Komodo claims to be a Jew. Otherwise, fuck of you collossal chode.

          • Is komodo an antisemite or not?

            In his post the word ‘Zionist’ is simply in the title of a presumably Jewish organisation called ‘The Zionist Organisation of America’. He didn’t use the word as a pergorative. He was simply naming an organisation. Then you unthinkingly jump in with-‘Zionist”……… The anti-semite’s, go to code word for jew’.

            I ask again-is komodo an antisemite or not?

          • ‘Zionist”……… The anti-semite’s, go to code word for jew’.

            What happened you saw the word ‘Zionist’ and immediately jumped to the conclusion that it’s an antisemitic smear. But the word was simply in the title of the organisation. The title of a Jewish organisation for God’s sake!!!!!

            And you’re calling me a prick.

          • Morning Miles.

            Even if TITS did think Komodo is an antisemite he wouldn’t say so. Because that would be calling a fellow Cunter a CUNT, and that, as you are well aware, is against ISAC rules.

  17. After all, how could someone like Robinson or even Farage attract any sort of following when we have people of integrity like Suckdick Khan, Catweazle, Hammond and Abbottpotamus already on the political frontline.

  18. Nomination hijack warning!!!
    Sorry to offend Zippy, but just watching Sky News, at Boris’s press conference the Sky correspondent Beth Rigby had one big question to ask. She asked him about his postbox comments about the burqa. Fuckin’ hell how do these retard women get the jobs? When I entered this woman’s name, predictive text came up with ‘Beth Rugby’. Maybe predictive text is not the curse it appears to be. This deep throated lezza is a cunt of the highest order.

  19. I have met him several times in a professional capacity.
    Very attractive politics and very fit,to boot!

  20. Off topic,but…

    Jo Brand is a fat ugly cunt. Making threats to maim people with battery acid is a fucking disgusting thing to do.

    If a Tory/brexit supporter had said the same thing…..

    • Not just “people”. He wasn’t mentioned by name, but the clear implication was Farage.

      • She said it in regard to people who are ‘easy to hate’, I believe. Takes one to know one, the ugly fat cunt.

    • Yea i wonder what theyd say if tommy robinson said something similar.
      And obviously after the way they went for sargon about his rape joke, the media will be taking her to the cleaners…..
      Hmmmm 🤔

      • At the very least Brand should be arrested and charged under Hate Crime legislation. But she won’t be, cos that legislation only applies to those on the Right.

        • Jo brand thats a woman? Haha originally i thought it was some fat ugly tranny had to google the cunts name to find out

  21. In answer to the quote from Mr Fiddler – sitting on the fence like a fence sitter he is both. Subjectively as the swivel eyed lunatic would suggest were he HAMAS, PLO or IRA – one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Unlike the aforementioned I dont know he has ever blown anyone up, shot anyone or endangered innocent lives by waves of indiscriminate IED’s or other means of dispatching innocents to the next world. If there were a thousand “Tommy’s” or Yaxley Lennons maybe their voice would be heard. As it is the media are happy to portray him as a racist, Nazi, fascist white supremacist islam hating cunt. There are more men in suits hiding behind desks carrying out atrocities that 1000 Tommy Robinsons couldnt commit in a lifetime. Some even lauded as “heroes” with more blood on their hands than Tommy or his clique are ever capable of spilling.
    If that Bagum lump of shite can be pitied and under consideration to be welcomed back into this country after casually mentioning heads in baskets as “normal” give me Tommy over that piece of filth any day of the week.

    • OTOH, people with very similar views HAVE shot and blown up innocent civilians. How abour Breivik? McVeigh? (who frequently referred to the Turner Diaries, qv)

      “There are more men in suits hiding behind desks carrying out atrocities that 1000 Tommy Robinsons couldnt commit in a lifetime.”

      Identical to McVeigh’s recorded thoughts before the Omaha bombing. Strange that the conclusion from seeing that governments kill civilians should have been to go out and kill some yourself, no?

  22. Trying to infer there is something sinister about him using a pseudonym is what we expect from the gutter press, ( who themselves use false names when publishing their reports) all the more hypocritical when it comes from someone called ‘Dick Fiddler’ or is that your real name?

    • Where did Mr Fiddler “infer there is something sinister about” Tommy “using a pseudonym”?

      • Its the use of the snidey media favourite ‘whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon’, which they do to infer something sinister. Many of the journalists who are household names write under pseudonyms themselves, the hypocritical cunts. Stop playing their game. See CuntyMccuntface’s (real name Sid Vicious) post below for a superb exposure of this hypocrisy. btw here’s what journos themselves think about the need to use ‘pen names’

        • For such a crusader, you seem suprisingly shy about using your own real name….Go on, tell us.

    • I was actually,if anything, having a dig at the absurdity of the press using the ” Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon” name every time.
      How referring to someone in the public eye by their name makes me a hypocrite is beyond me. Apparently a lot of women change their name when getting married …. how very sinister.

      • when I worked abroad I had a different name, it protected my family from back lash, ditto reference in historical documents

  23. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon who’s real name is Elton John, sorry I mean Cliff Richard as I understand it joined / helped form the EDL as a result of seeing soldiers from the Anglian Regiment being spat at and abused on their homecoming march through Luton by a hard core group of Mud Slimes.

    Prior to that as a nation we’d had to endure the likes of Amjam Choudary and the Hook openly baiting the U.K. Government, remember John Reid being barracked by some cunt called Abu Agado or some shit?

    Of course there was 7/7, then the plot to blow up planes, apparently hundreds of foiled plots, the grooming gangs and more latterly who could forget Manchester Arena where my girlfriend and her daughter were that very night, Borough Market, Parsons Green and it goes on.

    Sadly the ‘Tommy Robinson’ brand is damaged goods and regardless of any sense he may preach he will forever be labelled as ‘Far Right’ ‘Islamaphobic’, ‘fraudster’, ‘convict’, ‘racist’, ‘thug’.

    Until recently we had a convicted perjurer serving in Parliament, we’ve got a multitude of anti-semites, the speaker of the house was a member of the Sunday Club that wanted to repatriate those from the Caribbean and Commonwealth, Jack Dromey who was part of a movement in the 70’s who wanted to lower
    The age of consent to 10, although of course he denies this but he was treasurer of New Liars who over saw the honours for donations scandal
    In the 2000’s.

    Indeed Tommy Robinson who’s real name is Whoopi Goldberg is in esteemed
    company, Peter Mandelson who’s real name is Lady Manglebum is a mortgage fraudster too.

    Let’s not even start on the House of Lords.

    The system is utterly corrupt, it probably always has been.

    I think what’s changed now is there’s little if any attempt to cover it up and that’s very dangerous indeed.

    I think most of us feel contempt for this current crop of politicians, I know I do.

    We all know we’re being lied to about the issues Tommy Robinson who’s real name is Lady Gaga, raises, Chuck into the mix a self serving parliament who vote themselves huge pay rises, have second homes paid for by us, fiddle their expenses and when they get caught change the rules so fiddling becomes legal, attack the police by making huge cuts, cut public spending across the board whilst themselves holding down multiple ‘consultancies’ and income streams, don’t use the NHS and send their kids to private school and who normalise attacks by Mud Slimes as the price we pay for The Cunt B Liars grand tour of the Middle East and as
    Ordinary citizens are criminalised for expressing very real concerns then is it any wonder the U.K. and the wider Europe has seen a massive rise in ‘populism’?

    These cunts need to be put on watch. Time isn’t on their sides.

  24. Tommy R may not be the most likeable guy in the world but you can point to a lot worse.

    The only thing I would add is that if there had been a few more people around like TR prepared to call a spade a spade perhaps some of the unfortunate girls around the country may not have ended up being groomed, abused and raped by hundreds of P Stanleys


    • So its unanimous!! Tommy Robinson is among the best of us, we all like and respect him! Knew at ISAC Tommy would get a fair hearing! Case dismissed!😀👍

      • I upticked you MNC and to commit the sin of adding on to your post.
        I watch Corrie for my sins – yes, I know I am a cunt but as a Northern Cunt (as above) I cant seem to stop watching it until tonight (although I dont weep if I miss an episode) when the latest dark key family appeared.
        Lezzers I can cope with, bummers not so much. A muslim takeaway opening up was difficult as was the appearance of a Co-Op and a Costa coffee.
        The dark key family is the final straw. The mother and father characters have been regulars on adverts for stuff like double glazing and over 50 life insurance but a slot as long time owners of number 3 sees me and Corrie part ways. Now its back to reruns of love thy neighbour and Till death us do part on you tube. Back to a time when dark keys knew their place. Like Eastbenders, once a soap starts introducing storylines which are preceded by warnings of “If you have been effected” etc. its time to switch off the cunt channels and revert to a time when I was nearer the entry than the exit door via real comedy.

        • Wouldnt let it spoil your soap operas for you! Hey never know, maybe Tommy Robinson will move onto ‘the street’! Liven the shite up a bit! Fingers crossed!

      • Apart from that one expose by Stacey Dooley in downtown Lutonistan, TR is one of very few who are prepared to expose the negative sides of immigration, whilst our lying politicians spout the same old shit about how all-encompassingly wonderful it is.

        TR is not a respectable face, some of this his own fault and some of it our shitty MSMs through.

        There is definitely a stigma attached to TR and although many will agree with some things he brings to the table, itbis neither fashionable or good form to confess any admiration for him in the company of others. What, eh?

        The British fear little more than publicly being outed as waycist.

        • When my workmate was talking months back about David Lammy slating Stacey Dooley for being a white saviour I said to him “I’m sure she went to school with Tommy Robinson and even interviewed him for a documentary years back”.

          I checked Google and she was indeed from Luton so I was sure it was her that David Lammy was attacking (purely coincidental I’m sure).

          When I tried to find the documentary online to show my workmate, all I could find were short versions minus the scenes with Tommy (purely coincidence I’m sure)

  25. All very well going on about Robinson and his criminal past… But shouldn’t those like Lineker, Lily Mong, Banana Gob, Steve Cuntgan, Damon Blurcunt, Tez Christian etc be charged with treason for refusing to accept the result of a referendum and subverting democracy?…

    And what about cunts like Madogga and Jo Brand who incite violence? Not forgetting that fuckflake fat slag last week who screamed shit about ‘Nazi Scum’ and her hatred for the ‘White Man’… Some daft cunt tells a ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ joke on social media and they get arrested and/or sacked… So how come these cunts who make remarks about bombing the White House and battery acid get away with it? Oh yeah, they’re wimmin and they are leftie libfucks… Silly me…

  26. I dont agree with with his tactics (what on earth was he playing at entering the Quilliam offices and phoning Maajid Nawaz?) He claims he isnt racist, even though he filmed himself talking about the ‘Paki’ driving his taxi when in Belgium.

    I share his concerns, but he’s just a bit of a knobber.

  27. Tommy Robinson has his faults as I have recently said, he is rough around the edges, so am I though. He does have baggage, he is a convicted criminal, former football hooligan, there’s a lot about him that makes him an easy target for the snowflakes and the establishment.

    All that said, he stood up when no one else would, he was willing to be used as a punchbag by smug journalists and intelligent enough to stick to his guns and argue his points. He has suffered because he made a stand, he will always be on the establishment shit list, he will always be under scrutiny and sooner or later he will be taken down one way or another.

    Tommy Robinson has been a lone voice at times, he has been the one saying take a look at islam, don’t buy the religion of peace crap when the actions are far different from the actions.

    I give him credit for having lots of minerals and for standing for what he believes.

  28. Bottom line is it wouldn’t matter if Robinson was the Messiah… If he questions or criticises the favoured peacefuls, he will labeled as ‘Far Right’… The peacefuls in the UK are like the blacks in America… You find fault in them at your peril…

  29. Just seen the new Lidl advert….I am glad to see a token white face in it.

    It’s no surprise that there is a backlash….especially when there appears to be attempts by the media at a constant erosion of pride in being among the mainstream.

  30. Not a cunt for me. He’s tried to highlight the issues that no one wants to talk about and is vilified by the left wing press for it.

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