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‘The UK has a harsh and uncaring ethos”, a report commissioned by the UN has said.
Special rapporteur on extreme poverty Philip Alston said “ideological” cuts to public services since 2010 have led to “tragic consequences”.
The report comes after Prof Alston visited UK towns and cities and made preliminary findings last November.’

This by an Aussie. I wonder if he has looked at Aboriginal circumstances at home? Or their off-shore immigrant camps?
Sponsored by the UN. If you look up the member states you will see every poverty stricken, repressive shithole on earth represented.
I wonder what the poverty yardstick was? Smart phones? Flat screen tv? Social housing? Fast food outlets? Emaciation of the lower orders?
What a load of biased right-on hogwash. Do they pay these fucking idiots, and if so where does the money come from? Lesotho? Mozambique? Afghanistan? DRC?
The UN, a pointless organisation with zero credibility.

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  1. “The UK has a harsh and uncaring ethos.”
    Is that right cunt? So how come every fucking cunt in the world is falling over each other to get here? How come all these goat shaggers are risking their lives and their children’s lives to cross the Channel in a fucking rubber dinghy? What are they running away from in France, Professor Bollockchops?
    Another fucking libtard cunt crying about immos. Don’t like it fuck off back where you came from.

  2. As CC says,it would be interesting to know what defines “extreme poverty”.

    However.a lot of people do struggle. I don’t mean,or care about,the “professional” wasters who’ll neither work nor want. They will always be poor because they are lazy,entitled and stupid.

    I more mean those for whom “we’re all in this together” has seen their standard of living cut to the bone. Perfectly decent people who need to rely on benefits to make up their wages,people who cannot get work due to a government that ignores the working class while allowing billionaires and bankers,who caused most of the trouble,to continue to fleece the “ordinary” man…no “we’re all in this together” for them.

    I’d also say that the benefit system is ridiculous. It rewards the feckless with their addictions.”health problems”,tribes of children and entitled attitude.while “clamping-down” on the easy targets…decent people who,due to circumstances or “austerity” need help. As for this waiting weeks for money while benefits are transferred to Universal Credit…well.I expect a lot of those people are in genuine poverty.

    I receive no benefits,and doubt that I’ll ever receive the State pension which I have paid into for years,but although I do wonder about the evocative use of “extreme poverty”, I do think that there are many people in this Country who have been,and will be,shabbily treated by successive Governments.

    PS….That fat Wanker.Boris Johnson’s recent announcement about cutting taxes for higher earners just shows what an out-of-touch complete fucking arsehole he is,and will be,should he become PM.

    Fuck Off.

    • There have been many myths about poverty built up over the years
      but the crap put out by the BBC to justify ending free licences to over 75’s is shameful. According to them, pensioners have never had it so good and the poorest will still receive one.

      “The poorest pensioners will still get free TV Licences”. That depends on your definition of ‘poor’. A single pensioner with an annual income of £8,800 is considered too well off to claim Pension Credit and thereby get a free licence.
      So, according to the BBC, you’re not poor if your income is £9000.
      This amount would equate to the cost of one of Gary fuckin’ Vinegar’s holidays each year out of his £1.75 million salary (and all the other top execs.)
      I’m very fortunate as a pensioner being comfortably off but 16% of pensioners are classed as being in poverty (official figures, not the BBC’s). And before anyone says “simple, don’t pay your licence fee”, I want to change this fuckin rotten, corrupt system and the best way to do it is from within.

      • The “don’t pay your licence fee” thing is all very well for some,but a lot of the old Fuckers that I know whould be mortified at the very thought of owing money never mind breaking the law.

        I actually blame Gideon Osborne and his bum-pal Cameron as much as the BBC for the cancellation of the pensioners’ pass. They were the ones who said that the Govt. would no longer support the scheme,and left the BBC to wield the shitty stick.

  3. The Unified Nazis is the second most dangerous cabal at large behind the Evil Union.

    • I’m totally with you on your anti anti-semite ethos Krav. Apart from the fact that they chop the good bit off bell-ends.

  4. Harsh and uncaring?
    Would this be the same UN that (allegedly) wants us all killed off in favour of the grand social engineering experiment?

  5. Trump is currently at war with the UN budget. America pays 22%m( mandatory ) of all UN expenses, and a further 18% of the peace keeping costs. Trump wants tu cut the bloated UN and is presently witholding any payments that may “benefit” the Palestinian cause. The bath water is very warm at present, but is likely to boil very quickly. Go Trump !

    • And this is exactly the kind of stuff Trump does, and has been doing for the last 3 years, that doesn’t get reported. Because it would get him votes in 2020.

    • Apparently trumps just cancelled all US financial aid to Pakistan. Cue the usual flag burning and foot stamping by the peacefuls on the ground.

      I’m warming to trumpty dumpty more by the day!

      • The more Libtards fume about the Orange One, the more I like him.

      • A1 go Trump!! Will our pathetic excuse for government explain why Pakistan is given the largest share of our compulsory aid budget? Fucking Foreign Office must be part of the Pakistan embassy.

  6. And why are there cuts to public services? Its the Flabbott in the room no one wants to talk about, uncontrolled immigration. I read about this cunts visit and he only went to selected areas of the country and only spoke to sympathetic left-wing politicians, teachers, doctors and Establishment lackeys.

    • I watched a film yesterday called “Villain”. It was made in 1971 and set in some place called “London”. I can’t think it was the same place I live in now as it was full of white people, plenty of places to park, no-one on the roads and all the council places had English kids playing footy in the street. This country has been well and truly sent to the cunts.

        • No Ollie I’m afraid. Richard Burton was on top form though. All the villains were blokes and birds were birds. Although there was a bit of gayness going on with Burton and McShane.

          • Yes, I remember now. It was Burton. Happy days when London was in England. I think Ollie might have been in a similar film at the time but have lost my marbles since those days.

  7. The UN, like other multi-cultural internationalist organisations ( the EU, the IMF, etc) is a hotbed of right on nonsense, libtardism, political correctness, hatred and self hatred of the West and it’s cultural inheritance and outright loonyism. In the case of the UN you have to add a huge dose of anti- semitism, mainly from Peaceful and Third World cunts.

    The UN has long outlived it’s usefulness. A bunch of cunts. They should be relegated to the dustbin of history along with the EU and the IMF.

    Fuck off.

  8. “Harsh and uncaring ethos.” Compared to what? China? South Africa, Zimbabwe… numerous Islamic shitholes?

    Divisive, Jew hating, profligate leftist gravy train. Novichok the cunts.

  9. UN = Arab league.
    Useless, toothless, not fit for purpose talking shops and very expensive ones at that. I attempted to do a bit of research on the UN and its like trying to knit spaghetti or solve the Gordian knot – apart from collecting billions it seems the men from the UN have no intention of disclosing where their money really goes. The one thing I did deduce was that like the Arab League and the EU, the UN isnt worth a wank.

  10. Best thing to do with cunts like this is ignore them. This is a privileged, well-off cunt who comes from the kind of family background where work means manipulating other people and their money but never, ever getting one’s hands dirty. He’s never had a proper job in his life and is a professional academic cunt and human rights activist. Big brother Richard, barrister and former Australian High Commissioner to the UK, now President of the Liberal Party of Australia with fingers in many well paying business pies could be writing his scripts having been associated in the past with Bell Pottinger (look them up). Tragic consequences? That’s having an older brother who’s got all the connections and gongs that you haven’t. This cunt is kissing UN politically correct arse in the hope of getting public approbation and recognition like big Billy.

    While I’m here, Cambridge is a cunt for hosting its first “Gay Pride” day last Saturday and the Fitzwilliam Museum is a cunt for flying that shit rag flag of many colours from its roof on Sunday. Cuntitude and moral decay are everywhere in that city, nest of so many traitors to this country.

  11. I am all in favour of off shore immigrant camps, we could send our illegals to australia, that is far enough i think.

    The UK has been drifting along for the last 15 years, with a steady large number of EU citizens deciding the UK is better than Poland, Romania, Spain and so on, no plan put in place to cope with this.

    The UN can send in a cunt to tell us we are turning into a shit hole, we know we are turning into a shit hole, too much emphasis on silly fucking causes instead of sorting out the basics.

    • We can give you back that poisoned chalice Christmas island. It already has a purpose built, now disused detention centre.

  12. When St Jeremy Mc Donat and Flabbott take over poverty and ‘the poor’ simply wont exist.
    Just do as Dennis Healy did back in the 70’s and introduce an income tax rate of 83 per cent. Worked a treat. Some weeks we only had to work 3 days and the only cuts were power cuts so benefitting climate change. Then the kindly IMF kindly lent us some funds to keep us going for a while. Whats not to like?

  13. Someone ought to investigate the UN.

    UN troops raping and pillaging
    UN acting like a world government
    UN corruption

    Fuck the UN

  14. It is pretty pointless. The yanks do what they want . Then again if i had that much hardware so would I.

  15. With you all the way on this one CC.
    The UN is another clusterfuck like the EU. Cunts from every anti-West ragbag shithole under the sun gobbing off about this that and the other. Fuck off.

  16. The UN aka Theatre of Hate. General Assembly and so called Human Rights Committee, both dominated by the most corrupt evil regimes on the planet. Fuck the UN.

  17. Is that a UN delegation in the photo? They look more like the Jehovah’s Witnesses that frequent my road. Still, I suppose there’s not much difference. Apparently both are racially diverse, they don’t believe in going to war and they don’t get involved in political matters! The similarities are incredible. If you don’t believe me Google it or in Mr F’s case do some research!

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