Rory Stewart

A cunting call out for Rory Stewart
This opioid-taking junkie who considers himself ‘lower-upper-middle-class’ thinks he’s suitable running for PM. He hates democracy, he voted against investigations into the Iraq war and voted for the increase of VAT. This odd looking cunt looks like a Wallace & Gromit character, never trust a cunt who’s mouth is too big for his face.

Nominated by Cunt Curtains

72 thoughts on “Rory Stewart

  1. Gottle of geer… Gottle of geer…
    What a weird looking gastard and a total cun t…

    • What is it about these fuckin social misfits that makes them think they might make decent politicians. Looks like Trigger from Fools and Horses only half as intelligent and I certainly wouldn’t give him the responsibility of pushing a broom all day.

    • Rorys a right weird little fucker isnt he? His face is lived in, but his body is still at age 11yrs in development, must buy his work clobber at back to school asda range? Not been on vegan diet as he? Looks weak as yank beer! But elderly chimp face, if smoking opium does that to you im sticking to smoking spice thanks very much.

  2. Shame on all of you. He’s a fine upstanding patriot who has served Queen and cuntry. For a couple of weeks during the hols. He’s a man of the common people. Never mind he went to Oxford. Or voted Remain. Or been invited to the new world order annual knees up.. Or fucked up big time in Iraq. OK he has a face like a Punch and Judy show glove puppet. It doesn’t make him a bad person.Give the man a break. Preferably the neck. Cunt.

  3. This little private school slug campaigned for Remain, voted against leaving with no deal, and voted for the EU-scribed Maybot deal.

    Oh yar, yarr, t’rific opium, yar.

  4. The goofy upper class marriage wrecking pot smoking twat went to Eton and Oxford. Connections with Harvard. Say no more. This lightweight toothy clown is a waste of time and stands no chance.

    Has never had a proper job, so about time he did something constructive for the country and simply fucked off.

    Don’t want him or any of the other potential candidates as my PM- without exception they ALL voted for May’s deal either every time or the third time. More of the fucking same.

    This cunt wants a deal with the EU. Nothing wrong with that, ideally it is the way to go but the cunts at the EU know we are deadly serious when we say we will walk away if we don’t get a reasonable deal. Gove wants to extend, Sam Gyimah (who the fuck is this, the 13th candidate) wants a second referendum, Johnson “deal or no deal” by 31st October, Hunt “wants a deal”, Leadsom wants a deal, Javid (?), Hancock “no deal off the table”, Kit Malthouse (who the fuck is that)?

    Steve Baker for PM. Pretty please. Someone relatively normal who voted against the shite deal every time.

  5. Fucking Eton toffee nosed posh remoaner wanker. Exactly the sort of cunt who should be nowhere near the reins of power. He knows he can’t possibly win this election so there must be some sneaky reason why he is sticking his posh oar in.
    He reminds me of that Lembit Opik wanker. Whatever happened to that cunt?

    • He fucked both the Cheeky Girls and got offended at people mocking his wobbly jaw.

      By the way, for an ugly, boring cunt, Lembit Opik has been associated with a bevvy of ok-looking lasses. How the fuck does he do it?

      • I’m an ugly Cunt can someone PLEASE introduce me to the Cheeky Girls .

      • How on god’s earth did he get to nail the Cheeky Girls? Was it for a passport by any chance?
        I’d give me right arm to smash my nuts on their boney cheeks 😜

        • I would say they were attracted to power, but as old Lembit’s a Libdem he’s never actually had any…😆
          He does ride a motorcycle though, which can increase ones appeal considerably.
          Even if It’s a Harley…

    • This whey-faced fucking weirdo shouldn’t be allowed out on his own, let alone be in charge of anything more mentally taxing than remembering to go to the bog and not do it in his pants, the cunt. Who the fuck is going to vote for this enigma of evolution? Britain will be forever mocked (more than ever) if we end up with a PM who looks like they’ve got a chromosome missing.

      Get fucked, Stewart.

  6. Has the smile of a predatory child snatcher.

    Wouldn’t trust him with putting on the kettle let alone the country. Slimey little rat faced turd with as much brain capacity as a stuffed cat.

    I’m backing Boris to win and to form a coalition with Sir Nigel of Farage. Hopefully then with actual Brexitters running Brexit they can clean up the Appeasers mess.

  7. Looks like he was buggered relentlessly daily at private school. Cannot be arsed to find out where he went. Wouldnt trust him to sit the right way on a toilet seat.

  8. God’s tits we’ve had some gruesome cunts on today, haven’t we? And here’s another….

    An African MP that nobody’s heard of called Gyimah (?) wants to be leader like everybody else but he’s come in with a fresh angle:

    “Ah plidge that if Ah bee-Kum de leader of de Conservateevs, Ah will mek a second refer.. referel…a sekond vote on de Brexit ting..

    And. Ah will vort to reMIN in da Europe. Oogi-doogi.”

    • He was on question the cunts time on ALBBC a couple of weeks ago. Fuck all to say as most n!!gers seem to be. Cleverly, Clammy Lammy – you get the idea. Its a good reason to stop wasting money on educating the Samb0’s. They get all uppity and forget their place in the kitchen or resort to stabby shooty moped mugging gangs in places like Londonistan. I hear Somali parents are considering / have sent their precious offspring back to shitholes like Mogadishu as Londonistan is regarded as “unsafe”. This country is fucked beyond redemption. It doesnt even deserve redemption.

  9. I was waiting for this deserved Cunting.
    He will never make PM with a boat like that. Fucking sinister looking Thunderbirds puppet. The last remaining of Hitlers boys from Brazil.

  10. There are some faces alone that are so annoying that you instantly want to just slap the shit out of them, and this cunt is one of them.

    The few times I have seen him on bloody Question Time or interviewed I have required a bucket next to me, either to puke into, or to ram my head inside to escape his complete drivel.

    He is one of these highly privileged idiots who has no clue about the real world, no clue about what the great unwashed deal with on a daily basis and just has this idealised view about correcting social rights and wrongs and how he would go about doing that. On one hand he claims that the democratic vote must be respected and carried through to completion, but at the same time he says that Remainers must be acknowledged and their vote taken into consideration.

    That statement alone makes him a prize cunt. How do you think you will go about pleasing both then, moron? What you mean is you actually don’t give two shits about democracy, otherwise what Remainers voted for would not be up for ANY consideration at all, would it?

    He also resembles Eddie Redmayne’s long lost, retarded sibling and seeing as Benedict Cucumber’s best mate Redmayne gets on my wick too, that makes him an even bigger cunt.


  11. Going by all your hilarious and accurate comments ,I think the decision is unanimous. Rory Stewart is a complete Burke and an all round figure of fun. 😂😂😂

  12. Never trust him round your kids
    never trust him round teenage girls (or boys probably)
    never trust him round sad frustrated housewives or grannies
    In fact never ever trust him to be round anyone otherwise he’ll either fuck you or stab you in the back, or if he really dislikes you both!

    This bloke screams “I’m a bigoted, snob; and I hate the oiks, Rah rah rah!”

  13. Can’t wait to see the reality show. When Rory Stewart met Owen Jones. Sponsored by KY Gel .

    • How come he was smoking opium at a wedding? Whos fucking wedding was it pete Dochertys? Said it was in Iran, but those touchy cunts dont allow ham butties at the wedding spread so im sceptical they allow you to smoke fuckin opium?!

  14. Let’s face it, he doesn’t look well. I’m not sure he has another five years left in him, he looks like he’s riddled with several congenital disorders. Whether that sees him off, or a strange death involving a binbag over the head and an orange in the mouth like fellow freaky looking cunt Stephen Milligan, or found zipped up in a duffel bag after a visit from some Ivan spooks.

  15. Fucking inspirational cube is Rory, inspires me to turn the TV off if he appears, if only Lammy has the same effect. I can’t kick anymore TVs.

  16. Another piece of wank who if it hadnt been to Eton,would struggle to find work shoveling shit from one place to another.When are the Peacefuls finally gonna do something useful and blow that bum boys paradise to smithereens?

    • call it The PALACE of Westminster and just turn the fucking thing into a gay club. That all it is anyway now almost.

  17. Who the fuck does Suckdick Khan think he’s talking for when he says Trump should not get a welcome to the UK? He might think he represents Loondonistan but he sure as fuck does not represent the ‘real UK’. He needs reminding that there are 55 million others who he doesn’t represent. These Londoncentric fuckers need a huge kick up the crutch.

    • Just listening to some guy on Lord Nigel of Farage’s radio show who made the same point, Blunt. Stakka Khunt is speaking to what he sees as his bedrock support in Loonystan, he couldn’t give a fuck about the country outside there for the mo. Might start to change if he gets wider ambitions, perish the fucking thought. The Don would probably kick the squealing little fucker through a window if he came near to him; ‘twentieth century fascist’ my fucking ring.

    • Cunted in our parish many times and can never be cunted enough. How. Fucking. dare. this pakistani pygmy presume to lecture me what British values are.

      And why the fuck is he yet again bleating on about Trumpty Dumpty? It’s not remotely anywhere his remit.

    • Just a ditty I knocked up now with the help of a few red wines –

      Ode to the London Mayor

      Suckdick, Suckdick, why art thou such a prick?
      Is there anybody’s arse you won’t lick?
      Knifing crimes you’ve obviously ducked.
      Is it any wonder London’s fucked?
      What’s an arsehole doing running the smoke?
      Please tell us all it’s some kind of joke.
      Try heading north for support you stupid shit,
      There you’ll come across many a real true Brit!

      • Just thought of my final lines:-

        Suckdick,Suckdick, you’ll always be a cunt,
        Turn around now and take it up the front.

    • Is it true that SuckDicks dad was a bus driver? Ive heard it mentioned a couple of times…….

  18. I bet Mad Vlad Puckin is shitting himself at the thought of being confronted by Rory
    the World’s Hardest Etonian.

    • What piffle, Ron.
      I bet Etonian Eddie Redmayne could have your Rory the Tory.

      The Danish Girl v. Cuddles The Chimp. Bring it.

      • Even that climate change windowlicker from Sweden could kick fuck out of Tory Rory….

  19. That is a younger looking photo orf the creepy little cunt. Stewart is showing its mileage rather now. That mouth looks just aboite right to suck Cameron’s cock.

  20. This fucker on the Bill Clinton type angle .. ‘I did not inhale’ … has said recently on his opium debacle … ‘I was at an Alfganistan wedding when I smoked on an opium pipe.. it had very little effect … probably because the family was so poor, there must have been very little opium in the pipe’ … CUNT.
    Don’t blow smoke up my fucking arse with that bollocks … and besides, I’d imagine you can get a barrow load of opium in Alfganistan for the price of ten No6 in the UK.

    • Dont the AfghistCunts play polo with human heads? Shame they didnt have a game when that posh cunt showed up

      • In all honesty in some one passed a opium pipe i’d take a big fat puff too don’t want to rude after all… iraqi wedding or no wedding. Also do you know how rare raw opium is the western world Have a better chance a spotting a unicorn or a squonk and sure opium is addictive but i’m sure the drug withdrawal from opiate pharmaceutical pills like oxycontin and morphine are 20x worse

  21. Looks like the runt of the litter. Likely has to pay for sex. Let’s pray for the country shall we.

    • She opens herself up for ridicule by saying “it feels like I’m swallowing a cactus!”

      Well she should be used to that given the number of pricks she’s sucked during her fairly average “musical” career.

      No doubt her fans will camp outside her home with midnight vigils, candles and prayers – just to make sure she gets over this terrifying ordeal of sucking on a tomato!

      • I bet the Manchester Arena families would like to throw some rotten ones at her.

        • Italian woman my arsehole, thats a Italian imposter I know a mexican whore when I see one I’ve never heard of a tomato allergy that extreme aside from boils on the lip Also the name ariana grande sounds mexican sounds like something you’d order at tacobell i’ll take two ariana grande to go sorry sir we are out of smelly petite latina whores

  22. Looks like wallaces evil brother, ‘he stole my cheese gromit he stole my bloody cheese’ gromit just stands there rolls his eyes an shrugs his shoulders

  23. Suckdick and some cunt just on the news who says he is going to march against Trump are apparently speaking for us all. Although I live in a London Borough Suckdick will never speak for me and as for the marcher he can fuck off.
    I suspect Trump won’t give a toss about these pygmies and probably doesn’t give a fuck about Suckdick in particular. Pathetic cunts.

  24. Rory is a cunt of such epic proportions it’s quite breathtaking. All of the candidates are refusenick surrender monkeys…..

    Only two worth a light are Steve Baker and Pritti Patel ( plus she is hot) and they might not even throw their hats in the ring. The others are also deluded about the long term damage done to the Conservatives already. Love to think Johnston could come good but ….. when push comes to shove I just don’t think he would have the guts to stand firm/ do the honourable thing.

  25. I realised I knew next to nothing about this cunt, and had to revert to Wikipedia. Bloody hell. This monkey got a rocket-assisted boost to the top of the tree. I mean, seriouspull. He is either orbiting an establishment black hole, or is made of posh dark matter. And although he looks about 12, he’s been climbing the greasy pole, with the aid of crampons and a jetpack full of influence, from birth.

    A horrifying example of privilege.

  26. Rory Stewart is another Etonian half wit. Who is a legend, in his own mind. Just needs a Cape and mask. He will save humanity. He will make every one wear their pants and knickers on their, heads, as law, to see your changing your under wear regularly. He’s a scruffy looking trucker. He s suppose to be a frigging genius at history. Only Bobby davro can save torys.

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