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Now this nom is in no way having a go at those people who have genuine disorders. Instead it is aimed at all those cunts who have suddenly discovered these disorders and are using them as an excuse for a variety of things: most of which involve personal responsibility – or lack of!

There are many disorders out there, but a popular one is autism. A daily news story doesn’t go by without some whiny parent complaining about a teacher or a school bus or social worker etc. for not “appreciating that my son has autism and deserves special needs”

Or there’s the ADHD – which again a lot of useless/clueless parents use to excuse their noisy and destructive offspring when they trash school classrooms or restaurants. “He has ADHD and deserves special needs!”

Or the child is a fat lazy cunt. Not sure what the disorder is for that, but I am sure one will be invented sooner or later; and again parents can use it: “He can’t go to school because he is obese. He stays in bed or plays computer games and eats all day and night. But he has a disorder and deserves special needs!”

So yes, if you lack a clue about what personal responsibility means; or you’re too lazy to go out to earn a living or have an education, just do a Google, find a trendy disorder, blag it to the local GP who won’t give two fucks anyway; and all of a sudden it’s official – you have your very own disorder to carry around with you or your children for the rest of your days!

But what is really annoying about all this is that money local authorities have allocated for genuine cases, is being siphoned away by these feckless bogus cunts, thus making the lives of the genuinely needy even more unbearable!


Nominated by NoCuntForOldMen

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  1. Yep, labels for everyfucking thing. PTSD for fucking students and a ‘spectrum’ as excuse. Also mental health issues known as trannyism.

  2. Solid nomination.

    Just another symptom of how the infantilised Western societies have collectively ceased to take responsibility for its own actions.

    I do things wrong because I am on the spectrum.

    I can’t be fucked to lose weight so society should pretend I’m beautiful.

    I can’t handle harsh reality or criticism so we should label those who dosagree with us as evil ‘haters’.

    I’m too fucking dumb to have a successful career so the world should see how racially and sexually oppressed I am.

    What doesn’t help is how governmental policy encourages people to flock to the idea of being mentally ill. Let’s all talk about depression, we feel a bit sad so we are depressed, I have trouble getting out of bed so I am depressed, I had a bad day at work so I am depressed, etc etc.

    Some Bacofoil bowler-hat wearers would suggest that this encouragement of being part of the mentally ill set is all a big ruse to keep a significant portion of the population medicated and under control. But our leaders would never be that nefarious, would they.,,

    • Agreed: everyone seems to be “mentally ill” these days, especially teenagers who can’t seem to cope with a bit of criticism via social media. If they don’t get enough “likes” for their duck-faced selfie they’re traumatized with a mental breakdown to the point of threatening to top themselves!

  3. Does anyone remember that load of bollocks ‘yuppie flu’?
    What happened there then? A miracle cure, or have all the yuppies died of it.

      • Yes they call it M.E. these days. Mrs. Boggs seems to get it because the lazy old bleeder can’t be bothered to get up off her arse when Emmerdale Farm is on

    • You know what really fucking grinds my gears? ‘Man-flu’.

      Women spend more time off work than men, that’s a fact, but the next time Tracy’s off again suggest she’s got girl-flu you’ll find yourself in a shitstorm of hate-crimes and gross misconduct. Fuck ’em.

  4. A timely cunting, a 22 year old “youth” has just been sentenced to 4 years, for hacking talktalk, and a few other organisations.
    It turns out he’s got aspergers syndrome (its very popular amongst hackers) the lad who hacked , FBI or CIA claimed to have it, when the Yanks wanted him extradited.
    They know it’s wrong what they’re doing, but have no fear, because they know they can hide behind some problem or syndrome.
    I just hope they have a real problem or illness later in life, so it smacks them between the eyes, how pathetic and selfish they’ve been.
    Now the hacker is claiming extreme weight loss and anxiety, about going to prison, he’s nothing to fear it’s a fucking holiday camp.
    They should be 4 to a cell, locked up 23 hrs a day, shitting in a bucket, for the full 4yrs.
    See what problems he’d have at the end of that, hopefully aids would be one. Bunch of soppy cunts, bred by our stupid society.

    • If I could choose 4 cunts to be locked in a room and shitting in a single bucket, I would choose:

      1) Anthony Blair
      2) Alistair Campbellend
      3) Gaylord Adonis
      and 4) Dominic Grieve

      Put them on a diet of prunes and baked beans and make sure there is no opening window.

    • To be honest, some of these hackers should be offered jobs rather than prison sentences!

      if they’re clever enough to crack a company’s “secure” datacentre, then clearly they have a talent that exceeds that of the original programmers that designed the app!

      Still cunts though

  5. Most people genuine cases of autism are actually not aware of their autism. They know that they interact and at differently to the ‘normal crowd’ but are unsure why.

    My five year old son is autistic, but my wife and I decided not to have a formal diagnosis as there is no more local authority assistance available for him (apart from speech/language therapy) and we didn’t want this on his medical record given the 1984 times we are living in. My wife is a GP, so this isn’t just a notional diagnosis by some mad couple who read the Daily Mail health section.

    My son speaks only a few words. He can speak more when he is calm, but nothing more than 4-5 words. He has narrow interests, but can read words from TV subtitles and can count up to 150, leaving his peer group well behind. He has no concept of the toilet despite vigorous attempts to train him – he is still in nappies, which doesn’t help when he is extremely tall at just over 4′. His memory is photographic and he can memorise and sing songs from start to finish, word and pitch perfect.

    Genuine autism is fucking tough to deal with – the nursery school didn’t want him and now the mainstream school he is at are doing all they can to boot him out, the fucking unmitigated, cock-sucking cunts. We don’t know if he will ever live a reasonably normal life with independence as an adult – it is the uncertainty that is the heartbreaker.

    So the cunts who make up autism stories for their kids should try a weekend with my son. They will then know what real autism is like to deal with.

    • Paul – I watched the quite recent series “The A word” on tv which gave a real insight in to autism. It was very moving and hopefully achieved a lot towards breaking down the stigma which is still attached to the condition. Just as in the play, I’m sure the fact that your son has two loving parents who only want the best for him will help you overcome all the problems which are thrown your way.
      Nevertheless, it must annoy you and other parents of autistic children who see others ‘feign’ it and see it used as a ‘cloak’ to excuse bad behaviour and parenting.

    • My mates 14yr old son is similar to yours Paul, know how hard as parent he works to do the best for his son, so hats off to both you and your family!

    • I don’t have an autistic child, Mrs B works one on one with one as a nanny (She has a degree and everything) we also have a friend with an autistic child.
      Mrs Bs charge was a late speaker he has one on one assistance at school because the state have to provide it (the family are familiar with the law) the family also self fund activities for their son with other autistic children, the child is very intelligent, very perceptive and through his one on one (in a normal school) his therapy sessions and activities is really coming along (his parents also get respite during the activities).
      The other child is 15 now, doesn’t talk, won’t wash, will not let his hair get cut (smells) and just plays games on his computer, also doesn’t wipe his arse either.
      He has also been excluded from school, he has no one on one care except for his family circle.
      It really is the tale of two cities, and it’s your child your choice

    • I can’t imagine how angry you must get with people casually/fashionably diagnosing themselves with Autism, Paul.

      • Thanks to all above for the words of support. Living with an autistic child is hard work.

        The hardest things are not the extra work (which is bloody exhausting), but seeing his peers develop at 10x the rate that he develops and having that uncertainty of whether we might need to borrow a shit load of cash in twenty years time and build him his own ‘granny annex’ in the grounds of our house. At least then he can have some independence but fall back on support from me and the wife and from his sister once we have departed the world.

        Our 2.5 year old daughter is the opposite – more advanced than most 2.5 year olds. She is far more advanced than him in speech and language – she is the nurturing type and has already shown signs of helping him along.

    • Respect to you and your family, Paul. My nom was aimed at those feckless cunts who jump on the “I’m ill” bandwagon, while genuine cases such as your son are tarnished and brushed to the back of the queue.

      I wish you well.

  6. Look at every fucking advert on TV “advocating” for every “special interest group”, psychosis, skin colour, gender-bender, tattooed moron and snot-hanger-nose-ringed freak. “Cuz evreeewun is speshhhhullll”. The fucking McCain CHIPS advert for fucks sakes. Every charridee advert, even prostate cancer ramming diversitteeeeee down our throats. As for the stroke and, give me fucking strength. It’s got to the stage where the message is drowned, swamped, strangled, suffocated and buried six fathoms under by the diversitteeeeee. I no longer give to ANY of the highly pad “executive” fake charridees. I must post one of my rants about virtue-signalling shite at some time.

      • Each bloody evening when the wife watches fucking Emmerdale Farm, each part is prefaced by some silly cunt going on about *familee*. As some nights the fuckers show two episodes per night iy means you hear that fucking lugubrious voice 8 bloody times. McCains sponsor that shitty show. Then you get the gurning kids mums and dads of said families shown on screen making fucking arseholes of themselves.

        Due to the weather last night I was in the same room with it but luckily only one episode was on, but it fucking boils my piss.

        • Emmerdale is shite of the highest order… Piss poor identikit WAG style slappers, those inbred Dingle cunts, plots that even Crossroads would touch… I remember when it was on at 2pm on a Tuesday: boring as boring as fuck with tractors and two blokes running the pub… ‘By fuck, Mister Wilks’… Still a million times better than the current turd…

  7. There’s some stupid cunt near me who has a load of cash and has opened a special school for autism – good show. However, he is now going on about how few people with autism are in work and is encouraging them to go and work as car mechanics and, possibly even worse, as motorbike mechanics! I really sympathise for those without work due to an illness – but letting people with autism near a fucking car or bike – no fucking way.

    • Why not??? It’s safer than where the majority seem to be let loose, the Labour Party and the “Greens”.

    • you are probably looking at the negative side of autism the negative side is broadcast when the sufferer is overpowered by to much information/ noise/ a break from the norm.
      Mrs B has a degree in child care was a senco (special education needs coordinator) and now works one on one with a child with autism.
      They like rules/ order/ set patterns deviations from the routine can create the outbursts that you mention, however mechanically they are very sound (but they don’t like mess) I would mechanically trust him, but I would not trust him to file things, (he reconfigured their Ipad to colour folders, so all blue coloured apps in the blue folder so on so forth, it took some time to work out where everything was, although he knew what colour what app was so the filing was sensible to him).

  8. My wife works with adults who have severe autism and the fuckers who want to jump on the “my kid has autism” bandwagon would run a fucking mile if they had to deal with problems like they have.

  9. Yes there’s a lot of self diagnosis going on. Snowflakes on facecunt and tumblr deciding that tbey have Disassociated Personality Disorder/bipolar/borderline autism aspergers, ADHD, ODD, OCD, AIDS, when all they really have is malignant narcissism and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    It’s all a cry for attention because they havent the brains or talent to become the fucking unicorn they feel they should be.


    • It’s now become the standard excuse and explanation for CRAP PARENTING and SHIT SCHOOLING. The poor little fuckers are spoiled, over-indulged, ill-disciplined brats. You can see the products infesting the univershitty halls of knackerdemia, like a coloured-haired, snot-hanger-nose-ringed contagion, demanding their “safe spaces” and any “hurty-words” or anything challenging their worthless opinions, be “deplatformed”, or worse, violently attacked.

    • Every time I get a phone call from those car accident or PPI cunts I say I have tourettes. They hang on for a while as I tell them it’s a mental disorder and they musn’t hang-up on me. They do eventually though. Cunts! Fuck-off. bollox.

  10. I come from a poor, deprived background. We couldn’t afford dyslexia so I had to be thick.

  11. Of course it’s never the case is it that kids run riot and disrupt schoolrooms etc because their parents are inadequate cunts who either over indulge them or simply don’t give a toss. Blame those tosspots not the kids. Although their parents in turn in all likelihood are the reason they are the tosspots they are.

    • The worst “parents” fall into two categories:
      1. Your standard Council Home chav types who get it all on benefits and appreciate nothing, while abdicating responsibility for their demonic, appalling named, spawn onto the rest of society.
      2. Lefty/Hipster/Progressive/Islingtinista CUNTS eager to adhere to all and any of the latest fads, veganism, trans-crap, gender “fluidity”, Marxism-without-knowing-what-its-done etc.

      The rest of us in the middle end up being well and truly fucked by these, the Marxist infested daytime crowd control units masquerading as “schools” imposing on the many, the psychoses and social fuckedupinness of the few.

  12. I used to work with a bloke who when we were the only two people having to do a Sunday shift every 3 weeks used to go into the order office and take great delight in rubbing his bellend around the phones of the order office girls in the knowledge that their mouth would be in close proximity come Monday morning.
    Wondering now if he might have had an undiognosed problem that needed some understanding and maybe counselling perhaps.

  13. I don’t know whether it’s a disorder or an illness but fibromyalgia seems to be a load of bullshit. Christ, considering the amount of people which have suddenly been diagnosed I would call it an epidemic of cuntish proportions. Of course it is a good excuse to have time off of work and a good excuse for doctors to hand out drugs. I worked with a bloke who apparently had this. All I can tell you is when he got paid by the hour he was at work. Once he was on salary he was off “because his fibro flared up”. In about 4 years he had a total of a year off of work, that is not an exaggeration. What a cunt!

    • You’re risking the wrath of Nurse Cunty there Cuntswhallop. My sister has it as well and believe me it is IS A CUNT.

    • ‘Normality’ is no longer fashionable Miles. Especially if you’re a ‘normal’ white, middle aged heterosexual man.

        • Afternoon Miles. Yes, but I’m still trying to get Mrs B to believe that!

  14. The odious and talent-free Ariana Grande-Cunt saying she has ‘PTSD’ from the Manchester Arena bombing… I didn’t know fucking off in a private jet to a luxury hotel in the USA while her fans lay dying and injured could cause PTSD… Learn something new every day…

    The opportunist rapacious little cunt…

    • But you have to admit, it keeps her in the limelight and SELLS TICKET. A cynic??? Moi??? Heaven forbid

      • And she gets the Freedom of Manchester… While the likes of Pankhurst, Busby, Wilson (Tony), Burgess (Anthony) didn’t…
        The ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ singing Bee sticker bellends will say ‘But… But she did that ‘One Love’ concert for Manchester’…
        Yeah, with great publicity for herself, and to steer the media away from the fact that she did nothing to help on the night and fucked off as quick as she could…

        Andy Burnham is a colossal cunt…

        • ‘Good Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or whom they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. … By contrast, a duty to rescue law requires people to offer assistance and holds those who fail to do so liable.’

          She and ‘her people’ should be fucking done for deserting the scene. Fucking criminal negligence.

        • Andy Burnham is a right little fake fuck your right, stood not far from me at a remembrance day event, clocked the little cunt check his watch twice, boring and inconvenient isnt it having to honour the fallen from 2 world wars?

        • Andy Burnam is a CUNT of Andromeda galaxy swallowing proportions.

          • Not as bad as dan jarvis if he’s a Yorkshireman ,i’m elton johns love child, which i’m not.

  15. As a genuine, medically diagnosed spastic (diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 back when it wasn’t fucking trendy) I have a deep seated loathing for these cunts. Not because my life is particularly bad because of it but because they are using disabilities and mental health issues as an excuse to be total cunts and avoid any responsibility for their actions.

  16. A number of years ago I had a break down, my Wife of the time was a nurse and I socialised with the mental health team so could not be treated by them,
    Ditto a local veterans charity I knew a lot of the people who worked there.
    So I had to go out of area to be treated, it took me 3 months to get an appointment by which time I had pretty much sorted myself out, I went for a few sessions and gave up as we were not really progressing.
    However on the sessions that I did attend I met a lot of sensitive souls who just needed a slap round the face while some one screamed into their face “Get a life” if I had not been a stronger person I could have probably topped myself waiting to be seen.
    Fuck them all, there are big nasty monsters out there, don’t dwell on the little fury ones, wait for the big ones before you think you have a problem.

    • Similar thing with me and the few trips I took to AA meetings.

      Never will you meet a more neurotic, self-absorbed bunch of soft cunts who talk about “feelings” and other such feminine shite.

      It was quite sobering as after a few trips I thought “fuck this, I’m not like you sad cunts”………. Then didn’t touch booze for six months.

      All those cunts did was make excuses for themselves and simply not help themselves without a “sponsor” who would give them moral support.

      The only good thing about the place was that the women there were vulnerable and some were fit and up for it (as I found out myself). 😊

  17. I suspect that my behaviour as a child would have seen me given a label if such things had been recognised in those days. Indeed, I’m prepared to admit to myself that even now my behaviour can sometimes seem rather odd and anti-social.

    So Fuck.

    • I can’t believe that Mr Fiddler. You are the sanest of us all. Indeed I see you as an ‘Everyman’ figure. The innate wisdom comes from you’re being a man of the soil.

    • I was very odd as a young child.

      At nursery, between 4-5, I veered between being quiet and being a hellraiser. My parents tell me that I went through a phase where daily, I used to beat the leaving shit out of this massive, oversized doll. I apparently used to march through the nursery gates, and single-mindedly made a beeline for this thing and supposedly beat the crap out of it until I exhausted myself.

      Christ knows what today’s psychobabble and codswallop would have made of that. But back in the 80s, the regular medical diagnosis of such behaviour was just ‘being a cunt’, and usually cured with a solid slippering across the thighs.

      • It wasn’t a Chucky doll was it? You know it’ll come back to haunt you.

  18. I suffer from cuntism. It causes me to resent the existence of others, try to ruin their good moods, and occasionally chance the odd murder if I feel I might get away with it. Not my fault obviously, it’s a condition.

  19. I have Borderline Cunt Disorder which is a precursor to Acute Chronic Cuntosis.

  20. I can’t stop farting.

    For the last two weeks, local windows been at the risk of involuntary etching, or being blown right out.

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