Little House on the Prairie

I’ve just been forced to sit through an episode while on anchor watch! What a bunch of simpering, self righteous, moms apple pie, wholesome, law abiding, bible thumping, forgiveness is everything, cunts! Especially the late Michael Brandon! What a cunt! I hope he’s burning in Hell with a massive hot poker up his shitter for being a shit actor. And as for the youngest daughter! Walking around with that shit eating smile on her cunting face all day long! It’s no wonder that the store keepers daughter wants to punch her face in! Fucking cunts, the lot of them!

Nominated by Master Baiter

52 thoughts on “Little House on the Prairie

  1. Well this is topical 😆
    And It’s Michael Landon. At least get the poor dead cunt’s name right…

  2. Wholesome American families,indeed….. Mom and Pa and a tribe of photogenic brats doing “the right thing”. I have no idea if this was how it was years ago,but somehow doubt it…more likely a family of bible-bashing hypocrites indulging in incest,wife-beating and toddler-tickling….add gluttony and sloth and you have the present day typical American family too.

    Fuck them.

    • PS….the buggers were probably squatting on some Ranchers land….the horde of benefit-ticket brats gives the game away….bet they left gates open and chucked their Maccy D wrappers all over the place too.


      • Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down, Until tomorrow, the whole world is my home.
        The Littlest Hobo Mr Fiddler. You must have been a fan with the love of dogs you have? What a character to emulate. He would turn up (as you know) and help some poor unfortunate out. Then be on his way again-
        ‘Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down, Until tomorrow, the whole world is my home’.
        Just like your good self Mr F going round the countryside (in your case Northumbria) helping the downtrodden with no thought of Reward or prize or any recognition at all.
        ‘Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down,
        Until tomorrow, the whole world is my home’.
        I wonder do you hum it while you’re about your selfless work?

        • I’ve never heard of The Littlest Hobo, Miles,but he can Get Fucked along with any other nosy busybody.

          I like to hum ” Con te partiro” as I go about my business.

          • ‘I’ll just keep moving on’

            Oh you’re missing a treat Mr F. He has a little red neckerchief to designate he is a Hobo. And he ‘bums’ rides on the railroad to his next destination where he will sort someone’s problems out. Very intelligent dog on a par with Skippy. He was an exceptionally intelligent kangaroo wasnt he? I remember him flying the helicopter while communicating with those on the ground-‘tut tut tut’ ‘What’s that Skippy? The children stuck are down the well’. And Flipper? He communicated with humans as well, nodding and shaking his head. We underestimate the animal kingdom.

  3. I suppose there are parts of Northumberland resemble Walnut Grove. And it is funny but I always think of him in a way as our very own Charles Ingall; dispensing his kindly wisdom and advice in the sensitive way he does everyday. Thank you Mr Fiddler.

  4. I suspect there will be a reboot of this shitfest, and will be formatted to tick all the appropriate VS boxes for the 21st Century.

    So there will be a heroic black husband, who can do no wrong;
    an edgy white wife with lezzer feelings for her eldest bi daughter;
    there will be a couple of gender neutrals in there;
    a trannie going through mood changes and his sister’s underwear;
    the gay son yearning to poke his lezzer mother due to her big tits;
    and a limp wisted thicko white anglo-saxon man with a small dick, as some long lost brother, or some shit.

    Either the BBC or Sky Atlantic will lap it up

    • Don’t forget the Islam convert child, who’s been accepted by both communities and brought them both together, so much so that now the mothers are best of friends and the two families celebrate not only his birthday together, but all celebrations and holidays.

  5. Struggle to get upset by innocent all white family in simpler times, but yeah, remake would be somali family, kids running round walnut grove in burkas, jew as evil shopkeeper, message would be diversity, multiculturalism and gender diversity, guest star pete willsman.

  6. A decent hard working family dealing with the vagaries of life in a small agrarian community in late 19th century America, trying to do the right thing.

    What’s not to cunt?

    Have a nice weekend Cunters.

  7. I remember this shite being on the idiot lantern every late Sunday afternoon in the 70’s. It was insufferably tedious then.

    Similar tedious shite shown around the same time – the High Chapparal and Bonanza. The borefest was then topped off early on Sunday evening with Russell Harty’s ‘Aquarius’ and Robin Nedwells ‘Doctor on the Go’.

    There was no Golden Age of TV back then; we just all had a higher tolerance to tediousness.

    A most worthy cunting, by the way.

    • And don’t forget The Waltons, and their regular episode sign-off “Goodnight, Jimbob!”, “Fuck you, Mary Ellen!”

      Perhaps there should be a no-holds-barred deathmatch between the Walton family and these cunts on the Prairie; either that or nude mud wrestling of all the females – anything to spice this folksy shit up!

    • No wonder I spent all my time in my bedroom wanking and listening to Frank Zappa!

      • Don’t you mean “spend” rather than “spent”?

        Morning RTC.

        🙂 .

        • Morning Dick.

          If only!

          Am all spunked out now, and destroyed my hearing about 12 years ago (it’s a long story).

          What little hearing I have left is saved for listening to James O’Brien and BBC News.

    • Sunday early-evening tele – “The Antiques Shit Show”, “Songs of Fucking Praise”, “Masterbate”, “Last of the Summer Mofos” and Melvyn Bragg’s “The South Wank Show”

      Jeez – Sundays back in the 70s were a fucking borefest!

  8. This was shite when I were a lad. Where do you cunts find this crap?

    • Its on every day.. What else are we supposed to watch now that Jeremy Kyle’s gone to answer phones at the Samaritans?

  9. I always liked Little House when I was a kid. Syrupy shite but harmless.

    TV like this is no longer required unless they do a reboot where Mum and Dad are now two Mums (mixed race o’course), with screwed up LGBT blue-haired, nose-ringed, virtue-signalling, snowflake kids (including 3 adoptees and two foster kids), and the local preacher is an Imam!

    They could call it Little Flat in Tower Hamlets or summat.

  10. I seem to recall it was Sunday morning shite but with only 3 channels back then we were restricted.

    That said I watched my first porno around ‘79/80 i was 9 or 10 and my mate’s dad had a reel to reel projector, proper dodgy growlers and no sound but hey things could only get better and they did.

    So it wasn’t all bad and the Wonder Years were great.

  11. Saturday TV in the 70s was pretty decent as I recall:-

    Tiswas in the morning, with Sally James teasing all the dirty old men and teenage boys (me) in her skimpy attire

    Grandstand or World of Sport, in the afternoon (including wrestling with Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks)

    Starsky & Hutch, or a big film premier for the evening, along with some Match of the Day, or Parkinson.

    But that was all balanced out by the fucking dismal Sundays – all church singing shit in the morning; Weekend World at 12; the Persuaders or Jason King at 1, Star Soccer at 2; and it steadily went down hill from there!

  12. Ran out of toilet paper this morning. Can’t say Project Fear didn’t warn me.

    • Just wait until we brexit, toilet paper will be worth more than gold.

      Stock up now to make a killing on Nov 01!

  13. What a fucking heap of shite.
    I can only hope that the last episode of little house on the prairie showed the house, kids, family, dogs, farm animals, crew, camera men, directors….. In fact every fucker involved getting vaporised as the United States Military test a new ground burst atomic weapon similar in yield to Nagasaki by mistake ‘in the wrong patch of desert ‘.

    Let’s see their little house and cuntish acting get turned into a big glass carpark.

    Utter fucking cunts all of em and nuclear cleansing is the only way to deal with these vermin.

  14. It was boring shite when it was continually on tv in the 70’s and 80’s. But hard to hate it. Yes it was all mom’s apple pie but it was better than some of the narcistic, bleak, politically correct shite that’s force fed down our throats now. Consider, if it was remade now it would have to be with a black single lezzer mum, an 8 year old tranny kid confused about it’s sexuality and an adopted traumatised Afghan kid. The father will be nowhere to be seen, stigmatised as a white, wife beating, alcoholic brute. Give me Little House on the Prairie any day.

    • Bloody superb link !

      When you mentioned “heartfelt tribute” I was praying that she’d fallen head-first into an (obviously) industrial-size chiggun fryer.

      • In fairnes I think it accurately describes pretty much all of the scum in the Westminister swamp/pig sty…

  15. 2019 what a shitshow of a year my childhood friend kills himself commits sucide 1 month ago and I just find out my dad has the most aggressive and deadly form of cancer known to man and theres literally nothing i can do. To top it all off warner bros and dc comics is destroying my favourite comic batman by making mr twatlight star robert pattison the new batman and don’t even get me started on the new joker film starting joaqhin cuntdick by the end of the year i’ll most likely be a full time alcoholic or worse 2019 what a cunt fuck right off

      • Thanks Dick much appreciated I’m just venting my frustrations here. I have to go see my dad today quite possibly for the last time I highly doubt he’ll live longer then 3 more months its just the waiting game until i get the call that hes dead and its just fucked how everything just gets worse all of sudden. My stress and nerves just keep going wacky they hit their peak, so i have to up my hash beer and whiskey dosage to deal with the never ending shite, worse things happen to better people i guess i’m no saint

        • Also really sorry TS. Life is a genuine cunt sometimes. Have had similar with my dad but he’s hanging in there. Hang in there.

          • Thanks King cunt i’ll hang in there but my father sure won’t hes got pancreatic cancer it is literally an unbeatable cancer, even if my father was a multi millionaire thats a laugh not even close we’d still be fucked. I say he has anywhere from a month to 4 mths tops. Alex Trebek has the same cancer he probably isn’t far off either despite his millions tho he will probably live 10 months longer cause hes got money to throw at the doctors for better care. At this stage its just coming to grips of when he kicks the bucket he refuses to do chemo but i don’t blame him considering the odds of pancreas virus

  16. Apparently it’s based on an autobiographical book in which the environment was much more unforgiving and dangerous. They were on the frontier dealing with the natives, and the dad was a right demanding cunt knowing that one fuck up or disobeyed command could see them all get horribly killed.

    • In that case,it’s a fucking shame that one of them didn’t fuck up or disobey a command.

  17. Actually little house on the praire is pretty good its white supremacy personifed apparently, lefties hate it because it shows a happy white Christian pioneering family strolling through lifes troubles teaching bitchy Poc their place in life fuck off its a good show sjws hate it so i tend to avoid their criticisms of it

    • Fuck me, so they had posh snowflakes and virtue signallers even back in those days!!!
      Rich cunts love the poor and oppressed but don’t ask them to give up their wealth and privilege, the cunts.

  18. Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls) was later in The Equalizer (the Edward Woodward classic, not the Denzel Washington blackwashed crap)… And she was well doable in the 80s….

    Michael Landon – by most accounts – was actually a colossal cunt of Hughie Green proportions…

  19. I watched this as a child, and even at that age it made me puke. I was a cynical, miserable old cunt before my time.

    All of the ‘God squad’, simpering, syrupy dialogue and the fact that the children were so unbelievably well behaved. It didn’t ring true to me then at all!

    Mind you, even ‘Little House’ wasn’t half as bad as ‘Highway to Heaven,’ another Michael Landon treat to behold. Now THAT was vomit inducing in extremis!


    • All the kids looked way too healthy for 19th century frontier life, not a dose of rickets, polio or even some ‘injuns’ in sight.

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