Femi Oluwole

Femi Oluwole

An emergency Remain cunting is in order for the little Dark Key motherfucker who seems to run the Remain campaign in London, single-handedly if you believe the BBC, who has run off whining because a nasty man told him to “fuck off”. He has rather a high pitched nan cy voice, our Femi, like slubberguts Lammy:


An academic who doesn’t have his arse in the clouds speaks sense and Femi O and Osborne’s Comic seem intent on finishing off his career.

If I had the chance I would like to tell the little arsewipe where he can stick his threadbare student politics soundbites. Fuck off you little troublemaker – you can dish it out but can’t take it

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

36 thoughts on “Femi Oluwole

    • Yeah, the little nutsack got confused, and his handler intervened, when he was asked a question that involved diverging from his parroted scripted instructions.
      If this fuckwitted student-level “commentator” is the best that the remaintards have got, there’s hope yet……

    • He was born here according to Wikipedia. Parents came here to work in NHS. Unintended consequence of sourcing staff abroad rather than training and motivating our own…cunt spawn.

  1. Nice T shirt. I’d like a shirt like that, but mine would say “ those who have to live with Femi don’t like it.”
    And as it’s my country and I was here first you can fuck right off Femi.
    Get on the fucking train, fuck off to some cunthole in your beloved EU and don’t come back you cunt. See how they treat the black man over there and cry about that you stupid cockmuncher.

    • Presumably ‘Our future, Our Choice’ slogan refers to the millennials who bleat their future has been stolen. Not as robbed blind as the young of Greece, Italy, Spain and France who have record youth unemployment and didn’t only around 4/10 young people bother to vote at all in the referendum? Not that bothered then, probably voting for some orange cunt on Love Island.

  2. He was born in the U.K. so I guess he has a right to his opinions. Outside of that he’s a fucking namby-pamby Remain cunt. Runs of to mummy if someone vigorously disagrees with him. Fuck off you anti- democratic cunt.

  3. On my Twatter account, I have frequently asked Femi and other EuroCunts why they want us ruled by an unremovable unaccountable unelected corrupt anti-democratic hostile foreign elite rather than our removable elected sovereign parliament. Surprise surprise, NO ONE has ever answered. When I’ve asked the same question of various Remainiacs, in public meetings, they always dodge answering. TREACHEROUS LYING CUNTS..

  4. The silly little cunt parks his arse and a fucking desk outside a brexit rally venue, what a twat.
    It was all about getting publicity because he knew he was being provocative and any abuse would get shit loads of the ‘oh poor him’ bollocks

    The cunt gets on TV and spews out fucking remain shit, seems to forget we have already voted to leave.

    Change UK tried to get him into Peterborough as a unified candidate for the remoaners he pulled out last minute and all the other remoaners put in their own candidates leaving Change UK with fuck all.
    Sourtits described him as a lovely young man, I think she was after a bit of black cock.

    This cunt should fuck off to Germany and see how they treat the schwartzers

  5. This little Monk Key is always spouting his Afrikaans all over Talk Radio, each and every time the delicious Julia Hartley-Brewer gives him the sort of spanking I wish she’d give me.

    Don’t like democracy Femi? Fuck off back to your tribe or get back on yer Jam jar.

    • And he is culturaly appropriating the hair style and dress of white European men. Fuck off back into your leopard skin you cunt.

    • Have you noticed that all of these cunts have foreign parents?
      I’m sick of immigrants having the ability to try and change my country having been here for five minutes.

      Shut the fuck up and fuck off back home.

  6. His organisation reminds me of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, another one man organisation making a lot of noise being promoted by people with ill intent.

  7. Yasmin AliBaba-Brown has published a piece in the graun saying she will leave the country if boris becomes prime minister.

    Which is the best endorsement I’ve heard for the cunt yet.

    • Good. That’s another serial victim of racism who can fuck off to some other cunthole. I hope she fucks off back to Uganda where she came from. See how they treat posh Asian whining cunts over there.

    • Like all the seleb luvies who promised to leave if The Donald became POTUS and are all still in their gated communities and NYC penthouses.

    • Great… Let’s crowd fund a one-way ticket for the raddled old bag, perhaps to a culturally suitable shithole where she’ll be arrested and banged up as a subversive. One caveat, that on fucking off to appropriate climes, she rescinds her “colonialist” passport and any claim on us.

    • If this is REALLY the case, all I can say is……. BACK BORIS FOR PM, at least, unlike the whining lemon-sucker, Boris has a sense of humour.

    • I wouldn’t believe a word that fell out of the anus that she uses aa a communication device.
      I’m still waiting for that fat hipster wanker Jamie Oliver to fuck off after Leave won the referendum (like he promised).

  8. I had the pleasure of not hearing of this cunt before. Now I have had the misfortune of hearing him on the radio over the weekend. He’s worse than a cunt. A spite filled, illogical little Nancy boy who’s given up his legal career to overturn Brexit. Cunting is too good for him. What he needs is vivisection.

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