Harry Styles

Harry Styles
I’ve long had the suspicion that the One Direction ‘star’ may, in fact, be a bit of a fanny. His recent appearance at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Gala, described as ‘one of the most exclusive events in New York’s social calendar’, has done nothing to alter this view.
Granted, the theme of the gala was ‘camp’, but as the sage Piers Morgan has since observed, there’s camp, and there’s ridiculous. The lad minced up in a  black lace ensemble, with a see through blouse top which apparently delighted fans by offering *gasp* a glimpse of nipple. He rounded the whole thing off by wearing a huge black ruffle, high heels, and a single pearl earring. In short, a perfect demonstration of how to make yourself look like a total cunt in one easy lesson, the tart.
As for some of the other clowns attending this ludicrously self-indulgent wankfest, well don’t get me started on the catastrophes that the likes of Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian were disporting themselves in. Fellow cunters in search of a good belly laugh are advised to track down coverage of the event. Does anyone happen to know what the collective noun applying to a group of cunts is?

Nominated by Ron Knee

38 thoughts on “Harry Styles

  1. How about a remoaner of cunts? Yes, Harry boy loves the EU, is a campaigner for LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 rights, climate change and helping the starving poor of the world. All this selfless philanthropy while screwing a £50 million fortune out of dumb pre pubescent girls.
    Oh, he also advocates strict gun control in the United States although what it’s got to do with some poof from Worcester is a mystery to me. Yes, there’s no right on, libtard, snowflake cause this money grabbing little cunt won’t attach his name to. The very epitome of the 21st century sleb.

    • Oh you look lovely son! Dead smart! Good luck at your job interview, fingers crossed for you!!!

      • Fear not. If he ever got declined at a job interview for wearing that shite, he would be a) straight onto social media and complain/moan/cry about all the discrimination and hate for being a fucked-up wooftah blah blah;

        and b) that clearly his future employer simply doesn’t know who he is and therefore must be ridiculed and criticised by all the other virtue signalling cunts who will jump on anyone or anything if it means a second or two of publicity.

    • Good call Freddie, but the cunt grew up in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire (a stone’s throw from me).
      They wouldn’t get away with this perverse shit under shit-ria laws. Fucking weirdos

  2. Long had a suspicion? His poovery is why Zayn left 1D, because as a moose limb he couldn’t hack all the backstage bumsex.

  3. *Does anyone happen to know what the collective noun applying to a group of cunts is? *

    A cuntocracy, Ron, perhaps?

  4. Looking at that picture of the soppy little knob jockey, I just want to march up to it, and kick it in the bollocks
    There’s no place in a normal decent society, for puffy little cunts like that.

  5. It’s an orgy of cunts.

    I hate this guy because he is young, rich and women love him, the cunt. I do hope he is gay and goes all Frddie Mercury including AIDS.

    • The little cunt was rich before he was in No Direction and he became Cowell’s biatch… He’s a little ponce from Hale Barnes… Proper cunt country, that is…

  6. The collective noun is a miasma (a poisonous effluvia or germs polluting the atmosphere, a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere) of cunts.

  7. Only a matter of time before Harry Boy comes out of the wardrobe….
    Ooh… Look at the muck in ‘ere…

  8. An example of how a total lack of talent or originality can make someone rich. Not sure who the cunt is but suspect X factor? A singer?
    Anyfucker know any choons he wrote? Or is he a multi instrumentalist?
    The first and last time I have paid the cunt any attention. File under Royal Baby.

  9. The only nipples I want to see in public are those attached to fit woman on a good set of norks.

    I dont mean those cunts who insist on breastfeeding in public, esp. when I’m eating food or on a pub. Puts me right off my pint that.

    Any bloke showing a bit of nipple should be arrested and thrown in prison, then made to pick up the single bar of prison soap in the shower 12 times a day.

    As cuntstable mentioned who is this Nancy leftard cunt anyway?

    • I believe he is a graduate of the Cowell Academy of Printing Money, recruited to be a member of a boy band like you would cast someone for a film.
      He’s a product , simple as that.

  10. Farage v cable on telegraph live feed now!! Supposed to start at 9 but grandad didn’t hear his alarm!! Cunt

    • He did hear his alarm. He was blethering on Today when I left for work. Without incessant shouty interruptions from Nick Robinson (see Farage interview, passim), either. Probably still is. The Brussels Broadcasting Concoction’s pulling out all the stops now.

  11. Harry styles is such cunt that if the uk entered him into the Eurovision song non contest he would probably win it!
    And that tells you all you need to know about styles….

  12. If a different opinion by a celeb/star, is made known to the press and it doesn’t conform to their leftist views, your career could be damaged irreversibly.
    That’s one reason I like Morrissey and his support of Britain. He doesn’t give a fuck about what people think about him. What difference does it make anyhow.

  13. Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Gala, looked like a gathering of the decadent and depraved, fuck me it’s one step away from some satanist bullshit. What really boiled my piss was the coverage the media gave it. Another entertainment industry self appreciating event with the BBC and co further convincing these cunts or their ‘art’ matter a fucking jot.

    Harry Styles? He is living proof that as time moves on zero talent is required to be a world icon.


  14. I can’t believe this little cunt gave Caroline Flack a length years ago.

    Jammy, monkey-faced fucker.

  15. Can’t stand this little tit. He irritates and baffles me the same way Prick Jagger does.

    I truly cannot fathom how either old dinghy lips or this little scrote manage to get as much poon as they do, never mind good-looking poon. What is the attraction? (apart from the millions they have in the bank, of course)

    His balls have barely dropped (I have clothes older than him in my wardrobe) and he has the charisma of a wet fart, yet he appears to attract older women like a fly on shit. Plus he is another celebricunt who is covered in hideous tattoos that make him look like he needs a good scrubbing with Harpic.


    As for that garb, he looks like a total ponce, but I guess that was the aim.


  16. He looks like a pansy shirt lifter.

    In fact most millennials today look and act like pansy shirt lifters, throwing their milk chocolate frapachinos out of the pram if someone offends them.


  17. Never mind counters, he looks like a young sam allerdyce, his career won’t last

  18. My 18yo daughter’s friend told me recently he fucked a friend of hers (a bloke) only after he signed a gagging clause. ‘Nuff said. Daughter and friend gutted to hear he’s a poof. Me…not surprised one bit. The fucking cunt.

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