Guy Verhofstadt (7)

Another cunting is in order for this EU shitstain who will attempt to meddle in the totally unnecessary EU elections next week by travelling to Britain to climb up the rancid arsehole of Vince Cable:

Hopefully he will be the kiss of death for the LimpDumbs – the cunts cunt campaigning for the losers loser, but what a fucking liberty. It just shows the remoaners desperation.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

69 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt (7)

  1. With the money this cunt is on, he (us) could at least get his teeth fixed.

      • We might moan about the NHS in this country but we can still fix teeth and buy better glasses than in Belgium. There should be a poster of him in every dentist’s waiting room warning people about the dangers of eating too much chocolate. His glasses are the result of too much wanking.

        • A poster in the dentist in case you don’t brush your gnashers, a poster in the Optician in case you don’t curtail your wanking, and a poster in schools about not pulling faces when the wind changes or not to accept sweets from this man.

        • There should be a poster of him outside every school, warning the kids…

          If the vermincunt ever gets beaten to a pulp, totally beyond recognition, even an “aspiring” dentist would be able to id him from the records.

          For some reason, he makes me think of “Plastic Mac Man” from Spine Millington’s “The Bed-Sitting Room”…

  2. British people don’t like being told what to do by foreigners, that’s just a fact. That’s the mistake they made with bringing Obummer over to wave his finger at us. Fortunately the remoaners are so arrogant they never learn from their own mistakes. Bring the cunt over I say. I want to see him all over the telly telling everybody to vote remoan while his bitch, Cable, stands in the background like a grateful little puppy.

    • Remoaners love being told what to do by Belgians even more than licking warm shit from muslim arses.

  3. God’s blood, look at this cunt! It’s as if he’s been caught mid-rant, proper Adolf style. Whenever you hear him interviewed his voice has a curdling, oily quality and mixed with that sanctimonious, Teutonic accent and paëdo leer, he comes across a bit ‘Now then, now then, jingle jangle, jewellery, jewellery.’

    Best to leave him off your babysitter list.. Creepy fucker.

    • Creepy indeed. His head, with those appalling teeth, always reminds me of one of those pumpkin heads that people carve for Halloween.

  4. Fuck me. Is that what results when lightning strikes gusset cheddar?

  5. By the looks of those gnashers, the cunt has been munching on far too many of his native Belgian chocolates, gappy bastard.

    As for the EU elections, fuck ’em. I personally am not voting due to he simple fact that at this point in time, I should not be HAVING TO FUCKING VOTE as we should have been out way before this. Whilst I don’t like to spew on the likes of Emmeline Pankhurst’s efforts in gaining me the right to vote, this is one I just have to veto.

    Interfering, lecturing cunts like him are the very reason I voted to leave that shit house that is the EU.

    Fuck him and his Nazi friends.

    • My grandfather had ten shillings on the king’s horse in the derby! Fucking selfish suffragete bastards! Bring Guy to Britain, another million votes for Nigel.

  6. Tonight on telly. Brexit Behind Closed Doors. If it is anything like the EU programme of a few months back it will be worth watching.

  7. How in fuckity has Britain got a reputation for bad teeth when you see Baby Hitler’s hideous grinders here? If you zoom in it resembles an aeroplane view of Singapore after an earthquake.

  8. This guy has a bit of the Hitler look and it’s also evident in the way he gestures when excited.
    What a cunt.
    Go fuck yourself.

      • MandroidZ you cheap whore, that’s 62,000 pints. Disgusting.

        Which blond ale do you favour?

  9. If this man isn’t a result of intense inbreeding then i’m a Chinaman.

  10. Trevor Philips is a massive cunt. The race obssessed twat wrote an open letter to a one day old baby.Bleated on about the wonders of mixed race babies. Fuckboff you gravy train riding fuckwit.

    • Trevor Phillips is a good bloke.

      Coat already on, taxi imminent, flight booked.

  11. Christ, this cunt looks like he belongs on the sex offenders register for committing unspeakable acts against kiddies.

    Oh….. wait….. he’s a cunt and he’s from Belgium.

    • It’s like the old adage:- Name five famous Belgians who aren’t cunts.

      PMS is back.. Exams or gaol?

      • Even Aircool Poirot’s inspiration was something of a cunt, and by all accounts, an “arrogant little Belgian.”

      • Eh, just realised I haven’t done this in a while.

        Exams…. fuck that, haven’t done any of that shite in 12 years.

    • Being a member of the Belgian race automatically promotes one to cuntdom.
      Uncle Nigel was right- it isn’t even a fucking country.
      Just a conduit that the Jerries use from time to time to get their soldiers into France……

  12. He want more federalism within the EU. Why is it that theses little people want their own empires?

    Cunts…the lot if them.

  13. Didn’t this wanker melt away at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark?
    Ugly Nazi cunt…

  14. I just want to decapitate the weird looking cunt, I don’t think any right minded person would be offended if I did.

    • It would be of no use.

      I suspect he has a penile wart, with equally fucked dentition. And specs.

  15. Commissioner Strap-on reports that threats against MPs have risen by an “unprecedented “ 90% this year.
    Fuck me, is anybody surprised by that? They’ve been well and truly rumbled the cunts.
    No doubt they will soon be plucking the magic money tree to protect their traitorous arses.
    Overtime all round for the coppers, especially the ones with the guns.

    • The only thing that surprises me is that threats haven’t become reality.


  16. Apologies to Monty Python…….

    Narrator :

    One day, when Mrs May was out hopefully kissing frogs, she spotted a flash of gold beneath a weeping willow tree, and there, sure enough, was a prince. He was rather ugly

    with a wide nose, perve glasses and bandy legs, and nasty unpolished plywood teeth, and bad breath, and a rare foot disease, ‘But’, thought Mrs May ‘a prince is a prince,’

    And she fell in love with him without another thought and rushed into his arms.
    And after a time, or a few times anyway, he too fell in love with her, and very soon they were on their way to ask the queen permission for the UK to stay in the EU.

    • Don’t forget she bought those teeth in Augsburg despite the fire risk.

  17. They all have that look in their eyes. Blair, Verhofstadt, Druncker, Merkel, Macron… they all have that unmistakable look in their eyes of Sorostitutes.

    Fuck them all. I’d love to see things get ‘Day Of The Dead’ style and watch them being literally ripped apart, limb from limb, and devoured in front of themselves by the mob they spent so long oppressing and despising.

    PS – what is this WordOppress shite and why doesn’t it fuck right off

  18. Carpet-chewing cunt. He’s so fucking ugly that when he was a lad his mother had to tie a string of sausages round his neck to get the family dog to play with him.

    • I suspect that if Guy’s dog didn’t do what he was told he would have ended up like the Fuhrer’s dog, Blondie. …… scoffing a load of Pedigree Chum laced with cyanide.
      Exactly what him and his pal Vince would like to do with plebs like us.

      • Both teams are full of Johnny Foreigner fella, it will be an all European/African affair.

        • Fair point. It was a shame to see those beautiful dutch aryans get knocked out by the London mongrels.

    • As a Spurs supporter would probably agree.

      Even some of the Spurs players admitted they thought they were lucky, that Ajax over the two legs were the better team and that they (Ajax) deserved to win.

      • Evening Willie. How much fun was that? Wow! That comeback was pretty amazing considering we only had 45 minutes to turn it around and our opposition actually showed up and made it a difficult game. Must admit I could not believe my eyes as Lucas’ shot pinged into the corner for the winner. Get in!

        Just had a call from Mrs Yank who’s stopping at the grocery store on her way home from work to pick me up some Heineken to celebrate.

        • Evening Imitation.

          Yes, an impressive effort by both English teams on successive nights. Must admit that at 0-3 thought Spurs stood absolutely no chance.

          Shows how much I know about the game.

          Enjoy the rest of your day.

  19. What the fuck has Spurs, Liverpool or any other premiership team got to do with us Brits?

    • If we didn’t create this world league in England someone else would have, why not enjoy it?

      It makes me laugh when people call the English xenophobic. Who else would be open to all these foreign workers taking jobs from natives and not particularly giving a shit as long as they’re good enough.

  20. From that site Cuntflap mentions:

    “Labour MP (Rhonda Valley/Wales), Chris Bryant – Poses in his pants on the Internet to advertise himself for casual gay sex encounters. Describes himself as “Horny as buggery” and says, “I’d love a good long fuck”.

    Bryant is still in parliament and is a prominent remainer (of course) – all the Westminster poofters are remainers to a man and a lezzie.

  21. The brexit behind closed doors last night, if that doesnt turn a few remainers nothing will.

    EU cunts!

  22. There are several epic Sir Nigel v Verhofstadt clips on YouTube. Nige invariably beats the shit out of him but I’m getting more and more convinced that these two, Er, Frenemies plus Drunker are all gonna miss each other when they finally part company one day.

    It’s all a bloody pantomime and when the AFD, Brexit Party and fellow-travellers flood the Parliament the fun will be even greater.

  23. What a cock sucker that Voshaftstuffer is!

    I got up at 4 am to catch a plane to France —— say on the tarmac at Heathrow still.. side to French Industrial action. I cannot believe it if I am honest …. the French state is a staunch supporter of the EU where all is well and everything runs smoothly ……
    Truly odd to think there is massive disharmony in any EU Country other than the Thicke Northam racist dominated UK.

    What am I missing fellow Cunters? Is the EU not the perfect Club that the honest folk from the BBC and Channel 4 tell me it is?

      • Well LB I do live and work close to Farnborough- I even have an Aviator Hotel loyalty card — but alas I am not in the Private Jet club.

        • The closest I get to the Aviator is the tea room in the museum next to it, alas I am poor as a church mouse and travel easy Jet second class (Baggage hold)

  24. Yup! this cunt has probably converted another few thousand to the Brexit cause, so PLEASE do not get rid of him.

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