Gavin Esler

Gavin Esler is due for another cunting.

This week he has been gobbing off, on behalf of the bizarrely named “Change UK”, that Brexiteers are “village idiots” and should be banned from broadcasting their views on television or in the media.

If there’s anything that reveals the mindset of ultra-Remainers it’s this astonishingly arrogant and profoundly elitist comment. If you don’t agree with the liberal elite then you are a sub- human, an untermenschen, a village idiot who should be banned and ignored. This is the mind set of a fascist, not a supposedly “ liberal” , tolerant individual.

Gavin Esler you are an evil cunt. Fuck off.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

58 thoughts on “Gavin Esler

    • No, that’s his ‘masturbating furiously as he perves menacingly into the family’s living room window during dinner’ face.

      • TECB, if you replace “living room window” with “goat compound”, I reckon you’ve nailed it.

  1. A fud, of the complete, utter and irremediable genus.

  2. I know someone had that treasonous shitstain (laid from the same clutch of eggs as Blair) Bob Hawke on the death pool. Congratulations to them and good riddance to that slimy cunt class traitor Seppo puppet. Rot in Hell Bob.

      • Wot, swim out to be picked by a Russian sub?

        I still laugh about the Harold Holt memorial pool in Malvern

  3. Arrogant, we know best, cunt imported straight from the BBC echo chamber. This cunt, and his posh mates, have been excluding “the village idiots” for years so no change there then.
    Now he’s stuck his dumb arse into the real world he’s going to be on the receiving end of the “People’s Vote” he’s been crying about for three fucking years.
    I can’t wait to see this cunt and his cunt mates, Chucky and Sourberries, get their cunt arses kicked by the village idiots next week.
    What a fucking cunt.

  4. He said we should only listen to experts, so I guess we need a panel of experts to decide which experts are worthy to comment on main stream media.
    Brexit village idiots are banned, this cunt used to work for the unbiased B&B of C …. says it all I think.

  5. Has he got Mr.Spock ears?

    I saw one of (couldn’t) Change (a fucking light bulb) UK’ s cringeworthy press conferences where this Vulcan spoke to the dozen or so people there but only added to the awkwardness. As each turkey rose to speak from their kitchen stools, it was as if they were suddenly realising what they’d done. Spontaneously wearing a sign around your neck that said, “Knob-end.”
    None of them, including Spock here, will live long or prosper.

    To boldly go where lots of MP cunts have gone before: Planet Unemployment.

    • It would be easier for all if when about to address the audiences questions he just said, “Anyone who is about to ask who I am can sit down” and watch 95% of bored journos fuck off.

      • 2018: BBC journalist
        2019: Fringe Cult nutter protest group
        2020: Gillingham FM tea-boy
        2021: Turnip-picker Sunnydale Farm

  6. When i daydream about my perfect world this cunt is in my top 10 for reeducation/internment camp. Hey Gav, report to that village idiot over there your going for a shower…

  7. Esler reminds me of that little Labour pansy Ben Bradshaw – another BBC man who became a Labour MP, though if you heard BBs radio reporting it was obvious what side of the fence he was on. Esler will be yet another champagne socialist

  8. Sourberries was a BBC journalist as well. They make the worst politicians. Assholes.

    • She is a fucking trans politician, as she identifies as liberal one week, Tory the next. Now she identifies as one of these change twats, probably because she grossly overestimated their popularity. I wonder who’s door she’s going to knock on next?

      • “I wonder who’s door she’s going to knock on next?”


      • Can you imagine Sourberries on the Tesco deli counter in coat and white trilby.

        “There you go Madame, two scotch eggs. Next!”
        “erm…I asked for some Cornish cheddar.”
        “You didn’t know what you were asking for. Next.”
        “But Im allergic to eggs!”
        “We’ll have to get a second opinion from my manager…”
        “Can’t you just give me my Cornish cheese…”
        “She doesn’t want French cheese. Racist! This customer’s a racist.”

        • That would make a great Spitting Image sketch Captain… except nowadays the show would be infested with PC libtards doing nothing but lame routines about Trump and Brexit.

    • And that’s where the resemblance ends. Beavis has a razor sharp intellect by comparison!


  9. I don’t care if Esler does think I’m a village idiot. I think he’s an arrogant, puffed up, smug, sanctimonious know all gobshite. He can jump in the Thames for all I care, the cunt.
    Well nom’d, MMCM.
    Evening all.

  10. I see Question Time have not got a Brexit Party member on the Panel tonight.. What ??? The biggest rising party and they won’t have anyone on the panel to represent them.
    The BBC being impartial and non bias as usual.
    Fuck me they don’t even attempt to hide their smug lefty liberal agenda.

  11. The green party election broadcast calls for uncontrolled immigration.
    Should he called the black and brown party…

    • They’re called the Green Party cos they represent the Martians.

      • Black and Brown party is a bit harsh.
        Should be called The Cunt Party.

  12. C4 news are currently, as I type, trying to destroy Nigel Farrage.

    Good luck with that, you utter scum cunts.

    • I dont think ive seen anything from C4 news since their vitriolic reporting of Trump’s visit. I only saw John Snow’s silly comment via youtube.

  13. I’ve given up trying to rationalise Bastard Cunts like Esler because in the end I think there’s not really a lot to understand.

    They live in a self congratulatory bubble, their mates control the media, they have no issue with belittling the proletariat, their hypocrisy goes unchallenged, they believe they are right on just about everything.

    Most normal people, that’s the majority of us, understand that in life you’ve got to give and take, compromise on where you want to live, send your kids to school, go on holiday, the car you drive, the job you do……..

    And so it is that this Weapons grade cunt joins ‘Change UK’ (no sniggering at the back please) who want to change absolutely nothing.

    He genuinely believes he’s electable on an unelectable ticket. Fuck me this is piss funny.

    And when this piece of shit gets trounced it won’t be his fault, it will be the fault of the ‘Far Right’ who promised £350m a week for the NHS or lies about taking back control……. boring.

    In the end Gavin Esler is a parody of himself and he doesn’t know it and I cannot get enough of watching the car crash about to happen.

  14. Has anyone seen this story Sly News are running about an 8 month pregnant athlete that has been quite rightly dropped by her sponsor Nike incase she has a mishap and potentially kills the baby ?
    what the fuck is a stupid woman doing running round an arena heavy with Pikanini ?

  15. These are the clever people that want a ‘peoples vote’ between Mays deal (remain) and Remain ( remain). And they call us thick. Not thick enough to fall for that pathetic ‘trick’ i’m afraid, Gav.

    • The only legitimate 2nd referendum question would be:

      1. May’s Slave State Deal
      2. WTO

      • I disagree. The only options should be:

        1. WTO; or

        2. WTO

        Yes, it’s the same option but they have a choice of sticking their X in box 1 or box 2. Seems reasonable to me.

        • Or we could adopt the same system as they sometimes use in the European Parliament to “elect” their leaders, having only ONE choice on the ballot paper, and that the ballot is held in secret.

          Just one box with WTO.

          Saves on paper and ink.

    • This is where Treason is flogging a dead horse trying to woo the Labour Party. She’s saying “ listen you cunts, this IS remoan, it’s what you want, we’re just covering it up with bullshit so the village idiots don’t notice.”
      That’s not good enough for the remoaners. They want proper remoan, out in the open. In fact they prefer a second referendum so they can prove THEY WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!
      They know best so it’s obvious that this time the village idiots will listen to them.
      The only people they know are remoaners so they KNOW they are right.
      You only have to watch these cunts on the telly to hear the anger in their voices and see the blind zealotry in their faces.
      They KNOW they are right, why can’t you thick cunts see it?

  16. These absolute cunts should change the name of their party to
    “ change the record “ UK !!
    Hardly cutting edge politics is it?
    A bunch of disenfranchised remoaners who believed they were far more relevant than they actually were….
    Politics is littered with jumped up cunts like these idiots !!
    Will labour ever forgive snake oil salesmen and 24 carat triple distilled wanker umunna? With the Jeremy Kyle show canned maybe some itv/ channel 4/5 executive cunt could put the prick on?
    Allegedly Heidi Allen and Anna Soubry are opening a massage parlour?
    Political dead ducks ……

  17. I would definitely pay a visit to the Sourberries establishment.
    How much is it to watch her being fucked by a dog and then piss on her afterwards?

  18. Madonna Eurovision appearance is finally confirmed…

    Oh, how the mighty (and the cunts) have fallen…

    • It’s a perfect place to end her bullshit career ….::
      It’s like a turd that’s eventually been flushed……

    • U.S.A taking part in Eurovision? Whatever next, Trump applying to join the EU?!

  19. Trumped up sanctimonious cunt is Esler, in good company with the gaggle of cunts in the Change Fuck All party!

  20. Every time someone from CUK speaks, they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their party symbol should be a swastika. Removing the right to freedom of speech, the right to disagree, from people who have a different opinion is exactly what Hitler and his cronies did. And yet Esler, Soubry and all the other left wing retards have the nerve to accuse others of being Nazis, whilst going full snowflake whenever someone calls THEM Nazis. And in their case, it’s true. They ARE Nazis.

    They claim to love democracy, yet they show nothing but contempt for the democratically expressed will of the majority of British voters in a free, fair, DEMOCRATIC referendum, because we didn’t vote the way they wanted us to. And that was a referendum that they ALL voted to hold. So now they want to subvert democracy by holding a ‘people’s’ vote, whilst claiming to be patriots. Patriots don’t betray their country by trying to hand control over to bunch of unelected foreign bureaucrats. You want to see a village idiot Esler? Go look in a fucking mirror.

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