Faiza Shaheen


Who, you might ask? This Asian bint would be mainly known to anyone who watches The Press Review on Sky or Question Time. She has decided she wants to be an MP and is standing in the next general election as Labour candidate against Ian Duncan Smith ( or one of them anyway) for the seat of Chingford. What I can’t stand about this cunt is the way she speaks in Estuary English, particularly where she places a glottal stop on the letter ‘t’ as in to’ally and disappoin’in where the t is not pronounced. The poor dear once got upset when Adam Boulton mocked her diction saying she should be reminded there is a letter t in the alphabet. She of course accuses him of class snobbery and to quote her, she says ‘I’m the daughter of a car mechanic from East London. This is how I speak.’ Now, I come from a working class background but I don’t feel I have to murder the Queen’s English or try to be fuckin trendy when I speak (of course I make an exception when talking to fellow cunters.)
What really shows up this handwringing bedwetter for the fraud she is, is that when she gives a full length interview to someone where her audience changes, the ‘t’s all miraculously appear. (See link). Fuck off you pretentious cunt and go and hide under a burka. p.s Norman Tebbit would have annihala’ ed you in a general election.

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24 thoughts on “Faiza Shaheen

  1. I would certainly hope the Labour candidate for Chingford would have an estuary accent. She wouldn’t have a hope if she tried to campaign in Posh…or Urdu. Fair play, cunters. Give a gewl a charnss…

    The Posh veneer was applied at Oxford, where she did PPE (of course) and is therefore a career politician and phoney to the fingertips. I hope her car mechanic pa is thoroughly ashamed of her.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she beat IDS at the next election, Chingford has been heavily infested with 30 something millennial wankers over the last 5 years, itching to vote for a peaceful.

      If I get a decent price, I’m gonna have a large wager on Labour. The only time they’ll ever make me money

      • I should have done my research – I was unaware of the wanker influx and you’re quite right. As Tory electability is now pretty well invisible, IDS could well be out on his ear. Tebbit, where are you now?

  2. Only managed to watch a few seconds before I started to feel very billious
    Matron: A sick bowl now,if you please…..

  3. Not a daughter of a bus driver? Innit.

    That makes a change then, I’ll vote for her.

  4. Well cunted Bsc, another dippy racist Corbynista fuckwit.

    Faiza Shaheen, Afua Hirsch, Ash Sarkar… all hatched from the same sulphurous egg, fertilised by gobs of bükâké jizz scooped off a shit smeared Virgin Rail lavatory seat.

  5. The birds a cunt…. She knows it….. We know it!!!!!! Speaking of cunts, I’m in Brighton at the moment and I have to say it’s full of them!!!!!

  6. Another effnik shoehorned into a constituency as labour candidate, cunts,

    aint der any white folks around no more massa Jeremy.

  7. My Couldntgiveafuck-ometer is struggling to deflect its needle from the backstop for this Worzel Gummidge-loving, prospective gold-miner.

    If this one doesn’t make ‘people of colour’ top priority in her MO, I will eat my own carpet slippers.

    With a side order of salted cotton buds.

  8. Estuary English. Perfected by 50% of union leaders. The rest are Scousers. It appears you need to come across as a belligerent gobshite to claim your three hundred grand a year. We are all together brothers. Some more than others as George would say.

  9. Her purpose in life is to “to disrupt and challenge mainstream thinking”. That’s what happens when you send Muslim women to Oxford University for an education. She read PPE which means she is totally unqualified for a proper job. Another gobshite who claims to be a “victim” of the hand life dealt to her. Fuck off you privileged, well-heeled Oxford-educated cunt and stop pretending to be one of us – the fucking down-trodden white working class males in this shithole of a country.

  10. I might vote for her.
    In a parallel universe, and if given a very large sum of money in a brown paper bag.
    Until then, fuck off, you dippy cunt.
    Evening all.

  11. This Concorde nosed fucking bitch is the identikit careerist politician. Posh, effnick, waffles on about the working class she knows fuck all about. Always got the race card hidden in her feminazi knickers just in case.
    I don’t need to ask if she’s a fucking remoaner.

  12. Try Chinese cunts who can’t do T or S either. ‘Database’ becomes ‘deh’abey’.

    in Korea, teachers of English evidently forget to tell the kids what ph sounds like, so physics becomes Piziks.

    • Got me thinking there three strokes,
      Krauts cant do “W”‘s
      Ve lost both Vorld Vars
      French cant do “th”‘s
      I phink I am phick
      Cockneys cant do “U”‘s
      wat a cant
      Dark keys cant do either –
      I fink – innit – know what a mean blud, fam.
      I am sure there are lots more

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