Diesel Drivers.


Are you delivering 20 tonnes of goods, 20+ passengers or ploughing field? No?
Then why are you driving about in a stinking, nasty, toxic dirty diesel you selfish polluting cunts!

Diesel engines belong in commercial vehicles, where they have a purpose.Not in a shopping car or a work wagon carting your arse to the office n back queued up outside my house every day while I try and watch Jeremy Kyle.

Fuck all the eco climate shit, this isn’t about that, thats just overpopulation, this cunting is about not wanting to keep breathing in the shit from tight cunt diesel owners’s filthy exhaust pipes. Walking down any road, driving anywhere or even in the garden I can’t get away from the nasty stinking choking diesel fumes that bless our green and pleasant land as they’re dumped into me breathing apparatus by passing penny pinching cunts.

OK you might save a few quid with the higher MPG, but if you don’t need massive torque and grunt to pull a massive load then just fuck off, I don’t want to breath in your filthy shit so you can save a few pounds a week, you cunt!.

A mate of mine bought a diesel and I said to the cunt “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were hard up” cunt didn’t get it. Mind you, his Mrs was a right heffer and I think he’d needed a bit of low RPM torque to get the car up his sloping drive with such a heavy load on board.

Dirty diesel bastards!

Nominated by Cuntry Cunt

24 thoughts on “Diesel Drivers.

  1. I bought my diesel car 9 years ago when all the the “experts” were still saying to drive diesel cars as they are more fuel economical and environmentally friendly “until said experts decided that the opposite is actually true”

    I’ve had it 9 years, it’s the only car I’ve ever had and I’m going to keep driving it until it suffers a catastrophic failure then I’ll scrap it in favour of a newer diesel car because I’m a cunt.

    • Once owned a 2.4 litre diesel Volvo V70.

      Very fine car, had a range of over 720 miles on a single tank of diesel.

  2. This could largely be because of the Labour government encouraging the “dash for diesel” in 2001, seen as kinder to the environment. Every diesel buyer since then should apply to Gordon Brown for compensayshun.

  3. I drive both a diesel Hilux and another 4 wheel drive diesel vehicle which I tend to use on longer runs to the races and such. I drive diesels because it’s cheaper motoring … only 50 odd pence a litre for red.
    I don’t know why more people don’t do the same… wastrels, I suppose.

    I do agree that people in towns and cities shouldn’t be allowed to have diesel vehicles…or petrol for that matter. Let them get buses. It’ll prevent them from coming out into the Country to drop their litter and trespass on private ground.

    Fuck Off.

    • Dick, I will be dipping your tank next time my Customs&Excise duties take me to Northumberland.

    • There will be bus excursions to Fiddler Towers from council estates country wide where pikeys, peacefuls, fat bastards on mobility scooters and benefits gougers will enter your fields, leave the gates open and piss and crap behind your hedges, leaving soiled tissues behind to mark the spot. They’ll bring their mangy dogs along to worry your sheep and leave behind mounds of mars bar wrappings, McDonalds cartons and cups and the odd used condom or two. Not to mention the empty tins of Tesco everyday value lager (2.1% by vol.). A wonderful day out will culminate in trashing the local pub after a dispute between the pikeys and some toff country cunt who objected to their presence in the bar.

  4. Diesel driver for the last 6 years (and I’ve had others before that).

    Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. I find it hard to believe that the general levels of intelligence could be reduced further by anything other that death. Diesel dykes are a somewhat bigger threat to health and wellbeing than diesel cars I posit.

    I am, of course, a cunt. If I wasn’t, I would hardly be posting here.

    We should all get rid of our diesel and petrol cars of course and each spend £30k on a Tesla ubercuntmobile. Smugly telling ourselves we are “green” completely ignorant of the fact that they are charged by burning fossil fuels. One significant component being the thousands of diesel gensets required to maintain the fantasy that “renewables” can reliably generate meaningful power.

    When the injection pump on my old rover went after 200k miles it was as if the red arrows were making a low pass. I was most impressed, even more than when the head gasket went on my Volvo. Hope my current diesel enters auto Valhalla the same way.

  5. although this can be done on petrol vehicles (should you fit an auxiliary diesel tank) some of the vehicles I used to use had a direct Diesel feed into the exhaust, this creates large clouds of white smoke normal to stop poorly equipped locals getting a bead on you.
    However I did find this range rover that is equipped with the system (hardly high tech) I found the rear oil spray quite interesting too (I assume to screw up the tailgaters windscreen) it doesn’t show the caltrop deployment though.


  6. You can run your diesel vehicle on chip fat. Allegedly less polluting. Why aren’t we all doing it? You could buy several cheap vehicles and use your chip fat (biodiesel) allowance on each of them and still be quids in.

  7. Aye, the economy argument. Was delighted to see Diesel now costs more than petrol, reducing the smug cunt count somewhat. And I fail to be impressed by the expense of any cunt’s school-road blocking megahorsepower German origin minitruck when I know he or she’s got it on PCP and bought Diesel because the running cost is less. Was listening to a Green on the radio explaining that he would provide better public transport to ‘allow’ people to stop using cars – basic mistake there, bunnyhuggers. For most people to stop using cars you’d need to cut their arms and legs off.

    Electric cars? I don’t think so, at least until we go nuclear to charge the cunts, and that idea seems to have hit the deceleration lane. Freight on rail to get rid of road haulage, stores within walking distance of urban centres, continue to subsidise renewables, and a government health warning on private vehicles, sprayed across the bonnet, and maybe we’re talking.

    I would not, however, interfere with Fiddler’s supply of red. Compare the performance of a grey Ferguson tractor in its petrol-paraffin version and the Diesel one to see why. It’s the engine for the job. It isn’t the engine for commuting with one person aboard, for which all that is needed is a Honda 50.

  8. Diesel halved my fuel costs overnight. And I need every saving I can from my NHS Big Yellow Taxi salary, so, go fuck yourselves. And I’ll leave the diesel ambulance running so we can have the aircon going.

  9. Fuck you I love my diesel car especially when driving in the country and a load of fat Lycra cyclists are in front I drive slowly up to them and then accelerate to get past them all covering them in soot smoke and shit from my car,every time I do that I look in my mirror to see them waving at me who said cyclists aren’t friendly

    • Wish there had been more lycra cunts around when my rover popped its clogs.

  10. Ì drive every day a 5.5ltr diesel Mercedes Unimog cos I AM an anti social cunt, no car just Mog for me and the dog. Me other motor is an 11ltr Scammell Explorer 2mpg when I want to make the polar bears a tad warmer in their cold home. Funny how the air is so much cleaner than in my youth people are bleating even more, save 40,000 lives a year by tackling pollution, fuck off there’s to many fuckers in dear old Blighty, get rid of catylitic converters and free up a bit more space, more power to the oil burner.

  11. I’m going to keep driving diesels until scientists decide that diesels are better for the environment and then I can be smug and trendy again.

    Oh the full circle nature of fashion.

  12. I have a diesel car. But, I don’t have children, nor do I intend to have any.
    So I’ve already done the my bit, economically.
    I could litter the streets, stop recycling and continuously fart until the day I die, whilst driving my diesel car and still not cause a fraction of the damage one stupid child does.

  13. I’ve got a 2007 plate Focus 1.8 diesel and can get 65 mpg on the open road in top gear. It’s got about 85000 miles on the clock and still looks and goes as good as new. It’s got years of life left and I’ll drive it until it falls apart.

  14. Anything that fucks the planet up, and hastens global warming is fine by me.
    I don’t know when this warming is meant to happen but I wish it would hurry up.
    Its never stopped raining today, and its fucking cold too, I’ve had to work in the bastard.

  15. I have 3 issues with your cunting chum :-
    1. ‘We’ were told by experts to buy diesel cars as they were better than petrol CO2 polluting cars. blame the cunts who can’t make their mind up.
    2. If you’re trying to buy a used car (who can afford a new one besides footballers & ‘made in essex’ cunts) 80% plus of those available are diesel engined.
    3. I currently have a petrol motor (my first non-diesel for about 5 cars) – road tax is double that of a ‘polluting’ diesel, and it drinks like a Irishman on St.Paddys day. I’d buy another diesel tomorrow, so Fuck off whinger !

  16. You’re right CF ,ever since the hole in the ozone magically fixed it’s self it’s been getting a bit chilly here in the NW and I welcome your efforts with trying to send the thermometer skywards.For my efforts I have a collection of old fridges that I managed to remove to the er ahem tip , before the Pikeys got a sniff of them and will be breaking them up and thus releasing cfc once again into the atmosphere.
    Yours toasty warm.

  17. A Cunting that’s truly failed and therefore Cuntry Cunt your are the Cunt for failing to produce a decent Cunting.

  18. Speaking as one of that oppressed minority, motorcyclists, I will add to a cunting which, whatever its flaws, illustrates that the majority of ISACers are happy to inhale nanocarbon particles for the rest of their increasingly gasping lives. This morning I followed the trail of an unknown Diesel driver, clearly marked by a near-continuous slick of spilt or leaked fuel, for my entire 12-mile journey. This, combined with wet roads, is a lethal combination for bikers, particularly on roundabouts. It is illegal to overfill your tank so the stuff sloshes out on bends, incidentally.

    Diesels are cunts. Addicts, please check your fuel lines.

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