David Beckham (9)

Further proof, if any was needed, that David ‘do you know who I am?’ Beckham is indeed a cunt.

Not long after dodging a speeding offence on a technicality (and being extremely smug about it), the insufferable twat has been handed a six month ban after being spotted using a mobile phone while driving.

Is the boy simply a bit dim, and therefore unable to learn from previous brushes with the law, or is he a conceited, selfish, arrogant cockhead who believes that the rules of the road don’t apply to superior mortals such as him?

In addition, the arsehole’s credibility as an environmental campaigner is now being questioned. As if driving a fucking gas-guzzler wasn’t bad enough, the press is reporting that last year, Becksie took ‘over 30 first class flights’ while also campaigning for the environment. This resulted in the generation of 80,000 kg of CO2, as opposed to 20,100 kg generated by flying economy. Climate change expert Prof. Kevin Anderson commented that ‘celebrities have to lead by example’, and urged them to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’. That’ll be the day. You’re forgetting prof.; Beckham, bigmouth Emma Twatson and their ilk are IMPORTANT people. In their case, the rule is ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

I put before this house the motion that David Beckham is a colossal cunt. All in favour say ‘aye’.


Nominated by Ron Knee

27 thoughts on “David Beckham (9)

  1. RK offers two possibilities about Beckham:

    1/ he’s a bit dim
    2/ he’s a conceited, arrogant cockhead

    I would suggest he is both.

  2. He’s a product of hero worship by the unwashed masses of the The God of Football…..

    Horse Racing is (apparently) The Sport of Kings, Football is The Sport of Cunts.

  3. Aye!
    He’s a cunt for a lot of reasons.
    However, driving a tonne of steel with 50mph of inertia whilst checking out some hot bird on farcebook makes anyone a truly selfish cunt.
    The police should lie in wait for cunts like this and throw childsize mannequins under the wheels at the crucial moment. Maybe, just maybe this act of terror might stimulate some kind of guilt…

  4. Is he thick? Well, the fact that he is covered from head to foot in tats and married to that whining stick insect is surely all the proof you need?
    His obvious lack of brain power puts his espousal of environmentalism into perspective. Why would anyone be interested in what this inarticulate, up his own arse, cunt has got to say about anything?

  5. I must admit I am slowly becoming disenchanted with football. Not so much the game but the players and ex-players. Wankers like Beckham won’t be happy until they cover every inch of their body with tattoos – he’s probably got a golden one on his balls.
    However, the most recent thing that boils my piss is the number of these cunts that have a top knot in their hair during a game. It’s about time that we brought back that chant that the footballer from years ago, Jason Lee used to face on the pitch which was ‘he’s got a pine-apple on his head’ (sung to the tune of he’s got the whole world in his hands. Nobody could say it was racist, it was just a fact. Shame the Jessies I say.

  6. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I suspect he’s a complete twat like Duhvid the shopkeeper in Emmerdale.
    Something to do with the female coy. he keeps; doesn’t help matters.

  7. Only an average player too but vast wealth from the sort of twats that worship Katie Price, Cowell, Kardashians etc etc. More famous for being famous than anything.
    By the way Victoria, for fucks sake SMILE!

    • I think the stick insect would need plastic surgery for that to happen SH.

  8. He is as camp as they come and talks like a right iron. His wife is anorexic and his kids all have silly names.

    Fuck off.


  9. A geneticist would surely find the Beckham offspring a fascinating subject of study. Is it really possible that they could be as vacuous, stupid, narcissistic and money obsessed as their parents?

  10. Thick Cunt when He speaks count how many times He says “Er well you know”.Totally arrogant because He has wealth thinks He’s above the law He’s not.A 6 moths ban it should have been 24 months 12 points on His Licence walks round like He owns the place fuck off back to LA and don’t come back.

  11. Even when he was captain of England he was only ever their fourth or fifth best player after Gerrard, Lampard, Owen, and possibly John Terry. He probably had the best marketing department though.

    CaughtSoeeding, what a cunt.

  12. Off topic,but…
    Last Nugee wants Jerusalem to be run by an international body.

    Fuck off. Silly fat cow.

    • She a fat twat of a stupid bitch. Daft suggestion for her to make but then she’s an imbecile…..

  13. Beckham is a virtue signalling twat. He and Cunt Spice need to fuck off. Never liked him but he became a twat in my eyes when he started selling perfume.

  14. The aye’s have it, the aye’s have it.

    What a pile of fucking wank the house of commons is, with their stupid rituals.

    I would love for part of the Palace of Westminster to be vacated and redeveloped into affordable housing, for migrants. See how they fucking like it.

    Currently sitting in my office (top front room in our three storey house).

    Earlier this morning a wasp flew in through one of the two (of four) slightly opened windows. It buzzed around around like a total cunt in completely the wrong part of the room for ages, annoying me greatly as it flew past my head several times.

    After several “for fucks sake’s” I opened the windows wide open, and when the wasp eventually ventured close to the window quickly pulled the curtains together with the wasp the other side, enabling even the most stupid, thickest wasp in the world to make its escape.

    Two hours later the fucking cunt is still there.

    Reckon for intelligence levels between the wasp and David Beckham, probably not a lot in it.

  15. Fecking celebrities drive me mental, no wonder I’m on 4 types of blood pressure pills.
    What the fuck makes supposed Intelligent humans brown nose and worship at the feet of these utter counts, when the “stars” croak these moronic fans gather in crowds to display their grief telling any twat who will listen of the huge impact the dead cunt has had on their life, pathetic feeble minded fuckwits to a man. We are fucked really fucked I hope I’m dead before the finale of this madness arrives.

  16. The best thing that sleb environmental campaigners can do is commit mass suicide on midsummers eve as an apology to Mother Nature and us lesser beings.

  17. I can officially confirm that David is absolute first class cunt. I once had the misfortune of meeting this particular cunt face to face. I won’t go into the detail but he really is a dim wit and lacks any sense of personality
    To be fair, you can’t really blame him. After two and a half decades of being put on a pedestal, idolised by the masses and in some cases even referred to as a God. I guess he really believes he is something special and that the “rules” don’t apply to him.
    What a complete and utter dim cunt

  18. As someone rightly said above just fuck off back to LA you cunt, that place is fucking full of them.

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