Andrew Marr (9)

Andrew Marr for the above interview with Nigel Farage

Another fucking disgraceful Remoaner twat courtesy of the BBC.

Get back on your rowing machine Andrew and do us all a favour.


Nominated by Willie Stroker

110 thoughts on “Andrew Marr (9)

  1. Saw it live. Are the BBC still going to go through the charade that they are unbiased and ‘get it about right’?
    Marr is a complete wanker who would be out his depth on Blue Peter.
    Lefty cunt.

  2. Saw this cunt give Ben Shapiro a hard time. Giving him a real tough time on tweets the man made 7 or so years ago. Top notch journalism.

    • Indeed, but I’ve yet to see any cunt get the better of Shapiro. And I mean ANY cunt.

  3. I’m afraid we can expect a whole raft of this kind of bollocks in the run up to the EU elections , with Farages party steaming ahead in the polls the Brexit denying cabal are panicking big style, they will stoop lower than a snakes belly to trip up farage…
    I was watching SKY this morning and like the Bbc they were trying their utmost to destroy the Brexit party’s credibility……
    I had to laugh when rent a cunt Heidi Allen challenged farage to a “live” TV debate, apparently she wants the public to judge change UKs vision of an open inclusive forward thinking Britain that is a central part of Europe to the Brexit party’s vision which according to this Tory quisling is all about blaming immigrants and the EU for everything? Seeing chukys dolls are only polling a pathetic 3% I would suggest Allen already knows what the country thinks and it’s just a fucking publicity stunt dreamt up by a extremely desperate bunch of political has beens……
    I bet those arseholes in change UK are doubting themselves now all the hubris has died down, they’ve all been mugged by snake oil salesmen umunna and their own exaggerated self importance and popularity!!

    • Even that megaubersupercunt Trevor Philips wrote a piece in the Times today stating that Farage isn’t a racist, and the other politicos are rogering their own ringpieces by dismissing him as such.
      He’s still a fucking two-bob shitcunt though.

    • These cunts in the Change my knickers party want more democracy, yep they need to resign to trigger bi elections and see if they get the support they are claiming.
      Fuck wit Soubry on Question time claimed she gets two thirds of emails supporting her, anyone can say that, she is a politician therefore lying is second nature.
      They are all cunts,intersesting that the only ones getting any airtime are Soubry, Allen and Chukacunt, the rest must have gone into hiding.

      • I like the way she swerved that one when it came up first thing befire promptly turning her evil venom on Farage.

        Then of course later on, the resounding cheap shot that Farage is racist, QT is a bit like HIGNFY, scripted.

        All it needed to complete that panel was the loony vegetable from Brighton.

      • So she got 2 supportive mails, what about all the abuse people are giving you, Nazi?

        • This might look wrong but was supposed to be about Sourberry further up. Her constituents want her dangling off a lamppost. I think we all want that.

      • Let’s see how many of change UK arseholes are still MPs after the next general election?
        Even the deluded cunt Soubry knows which way the wind is blowing and has said she is retiring from politics? Retiring Eh?
        I wonder how many other change UK cunts will be “retiring” soon ?
        Umunnas saturn sized ego will probably lead to him continuing in some fucking irritating way but he’s a busted flush so fuck him, we should all revel in his political irrelevance……

  4. Why’s he always so twitchy? He’s a creepy, little oddball who reminds me of that Dobby character from Harry Potter. Perhaps he enjoys making others squirm to deflect say from his own anxious flutters.

    “If Dobby does wrong, Dobby will throw himself off the topmost tower.”

  5. What made me laugh was that despite being bored shitless and answering the stooge questions reluctantly, Farage still owned the twitching cunt.

    Marr reminds me of a malfunctioning vibrator.

    • And May is the EU’s strap-on, fucking the arse of poor old Blighty.

  6. Marr – complete cunt!

    All about self-interest, or be told/forced to by his pay masters. I hope he gets stabbed by a fucking peaceful or a Dark Key, and ends up dead.


    • Id like to see Marr try and bait Jordan Peterson like Newperson tried and failed to do, probably give him another stroke.

  7. Only slightly off subject here, but I’m looking for IsAC’s advice. I’ve got a moral dilemma here. I’ve never gone behind Mrs B’s back before (well, not that she knows of). However, she tells me that she’s not going to use her postal vote for the Euro election. I keep telling her she must do so – all the usual reasons for doing so etc. etc. I’ve tried thumbscrews, the lot before, but all to no avail. I’m seriously considering filling in her paper and sending off two votes for the Brexit Party. Can anyone see anything wrong with this or is it a breach of marital trust?After all, the Peacefuls do this on a much larger scale and get away with it. It would also be for her own good.

    • Just fucking do it, don’t even think about it. Do you think a remoaner would hesitate for a second, let alone a fucking peaceful ?

      • No dilemma, all the mouse limb womens postal votes are filled in by the taxi driver of the house, just do it.

    • Women should never have been allowed to vote, its all too complicated for the smaller female brain.

      Try that, it might work….. or you could loose your bollocks.

    • Absolutely do it!
      Just don’t get caught!
      And even worse don’t get drunk and confess!! 😎

      • Check out Lutfur Rahman former mayor of Tower Hamlets, election fraud, financial irregularities and character references for a sex offender. The only surprise is that he hasn’t made a play to be an MP, its not like he isn’t qualified.

    • If the subversion of democracy is good enough for Mrs May and all the other EU quislings in Parliament, it should be good enough for you Mr Bluntspeakingcunt.

    • You should murder everyone in your street Bluntspeakingcunt. And send their votes in supporting the Brexit party of course. Its a worthy cause and your civic duty dear boy.

      • …………Result of the straw poll…………

        Should I cheat on my wife? Yes – 7
        No – 0

        Not the largest of samples but a convincing majority.
        I’m off to the postbox tomorrow with an extra vote for the Brexit Party. If I get in to trouble, I’ll blame you fuckin lot!

    • I’d ask the question … ‘What if that single vote swung the outcome in the correct direction … but without it we were fucked ?’ …Could you live with yourself for the rest of your down trodden life ? Don’t give it a second thought … get it in the post NOW !!!
      Tell Mrs BSC it went out with the recycling …

      • Excellent idea Bmp. I particularly like the recycling cop out to cover my tracks.

    • Nobody on here knows fuck all about it Blunt, know what I’m saying?
      (touches nose)

  8. Marr is an obnoxious cunt, i saw the interview. He’s deluded he thought he was landing blow after blow, with his biased infantile questions, but as someone else posted Farage looked bored and didn’t take him seriously.
    I’m looking forward to watching cunts like spastic marr become hysterical, on the 23rd May. Hopefully if we were to leave without a deal in the future, he would become so stressed it would cause him to have another stroke, fingers crossed it’s fatal this time.
    The mongy cunt.

    • Am praying that Sourbry loses it totally, in public.

      Like the woman in the documentary “Threads”, when Sheffield is nuked…

  9. “What’s wrong with the BBC?” asks Nige. Well we all know the answer to that, and part of the answer is sitting right in front of him…….the slimy, little Establishment cocksucker Marr. The plastic Paxo, the poor man’s Brillo. Anybody with an IQ above 60 hates the BBC so the more they push their blatantly obvious remoaner propaganda the better.
    Yes, as others have said, they are shitting themselves about the Brexit Party. Sir Nigel easily outshines any other cunt in British politics, especially the fakes, frauds and liars in the massed ranks of the remoaners.
    Fuck Marr, fuck the B.B. fucking C and fuck the EU and the arselicking remoaners to hell!

    • “shitting themselves about the Brexit Party” indeed, and did anyone else see today’s Telegraph piece by Nigel re. withholding the anti-BBC licence (scam) fee after Marr’s desperate attempt at diversionary tactics? Anyone else here think he might get some ideas from ISAC?!

  10. One of the most disgraceful and embarrassing interviews I have ever seen.

    How such a cunt can still have his own flagship programme on the BBC is quite unbelievable. His cost to the licence fee payer, currently stands between £400k and £410k per year.

    Quite clear to everyone that Nigel totally ruled the pathetic cunt from the very start, came across with honesty and integrity and made the amateurish Marr look like the lefty fucking twat that he really is.

    And a really sad twat at that.

    • I thought this cunt was in his 60’s or even 70’s but he’s younger than me!

    • I wonder if his wife read that article? 😂

      From Wikipedia: “Marr lives in Primrose Hill, north London, with his wife, the political journalist Jackie Ashley of THE GUARDIAN, whom he married in August 1987 in Surrey.”

      • Primrose Hill? Wife works for that ultra libtard shitrag? I bet Toynbee is a regular guest at their delightful little dinner parties where they discuss the terrible hunger in the third world, the scourge of Islamophobia and that dreadful racist Trump. Did you see Andrew destroy that awful little man Farage last week? Wasn’t he wonderful?
        Bring up another bottle of that Tuscany white darling, there’s a good boy.

        • O’Shithead and “Mrs O’Brien” will be regular guests around that dinner table, ensuring everyone pronounces Nigel’s surname “Farige”, and decreeing the word “Brexiteer” verboten, as per the rules on his Lord Haw Haw radio show.

          Btw, Steptoe meeting Mavis at No.10 this evening to put finishing touches to their Brexit sellout.

          • Olly Robbins in brussels, May and Corbyn desperate to stop the EU elections so they are not humiliated, its a stitch up!

  11. It’s not only this interview but others including regional BBC stations are so openly biased against the Brexit Party and Leave voters it’s becoming embarrassing to watch. And the BBC wonder why more and more people are refusing to pay the license fee….

  12. A full size cunt who I’m surprised hasn’t been cunted more often. Cunt.

  13. It was a brilliant interview and showed Andrew Marr up as the complete tool that he is. He perfectly demonstrated the prejudice of the BBC (Brotherhood of Bigotry and Corruption) and it’s willing servants. This “interview” also signaled, loud and clear, just how afraid the Establishment are of the People having a voice and that voice being heard. As for Marr’s performance, he struggled gamely on but gave the impression that his heart wasn’t really in it. He certainly was no match at all for Nigel Farage. The only thing I want to see now before next Tuesday is a Corbyn – May – Farage debate.

  14. It’s no question that the British Biased Corporation have had an agenda for decades and Marr is merely the latest turd on the carousel. However, he does grill everybody similarly. If anything, I think he’s a bit of a featherweight.

    Nonetheless, Farage will have to do better. He can’t let himself be rattled so easily, especially by the BBC. By becoming impatient and losing his rag, he played into the interviewer’s hands. Marr was well within his rights to ask about policies. Hopefully he’ll do the same to (couldn’t) Change A Light-bulb UK although those bumptious chicken-littles will be more prepared.

    • Fair comment Captain. You should offer your services as Nigel’s campaign manager.

      • He’s no doubt got many. My point was that he’s improved a lot since the UKIP days but he had to fend off powder-puff , BBC harlequins like Marr better. One happens when they bring the real rottweilers out.

        Don’t misunderstand me Ruffy, they have my vote despite having only one policy. It’s that or the trusted, ‘None Of The Above’ from Brewster’s Millions.

          • I neither missed your point nor misunderstand you Herr Kapitan. Rest assured you have my utmost confidence with regard to this matter. Let the mission proceed as planned…

        • Personally Captain, I think he restrained himself very well.

          Most people I know would have punched Marr’s fucking lights out. Stroke victim or not.

          • Evening good fellows,

            He did bat Marr away well but I just wish he wouldn’t become ….not shrill but irritated. Incredulously wide-eyed. Marr is a formulaic berk, always forward on the edge of his seat, jiggidy body-language, wobbly hands and most, Johnson, Steptoe, even the Flabbot just pooh-pooh him away then quickly change the subject.

            Farage complained about “old questions” ,saying that’s in the past… then chooses to answer one!

            At least he was invited on by the ever-fair BBC and consequently more advertising was given to the Brexit Party. That is something!

          • I would not be slow in coming forward with “old questions” if I was interviewing Corbyn.

  15. The trouble with interviews is, no matter how good / bad / cunty it is, nothing will ever come close to the public disemboweling of Cathy Newman.

  16. It’s is BBC politics show, I don’t watch them, I like to make my own opinions not pre prepared and highly processed from auntie

    • Evening Ron.

      Keeping well clear of any Brexit debates as not good for my health. Only aware of the interview from Nigel’s Twitter account, one of the four daily websites that I check.

  17. Quelle surprise…….Tommy Robinson is once again a wanted man.

    The cunts in charge say he must face a new contempt trial.

    Fuck this rotten shithole country to it’s fucking core.

    • Real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. No relevance to that but everybody else says it so it must be compulsory by law.

  18. Obviously the Establishment are shit scared that Robbo might be elected so they are making preparations to get rid of him .
    In effect he will be a political prisoner. Of course, that doesn’t happen in this country right? This is a democracy after all. Right?

    • Yes Freddie, democracy is very much alive and well in this very democratic country.
      I hear it every day from our very right honourable MPs.

      If they tell me that we live in a democracy, then that is fine by me.

      I expect Tommy Robinson, sorry Freddie, I mean Stephen Yaxley-Lennon to be in our very own Dead Pool, sometime soon.

  19. What an ugly cunt, should be on the Radio, Lena Zavaroini would batter him in an arm wrestle, I also reckon Alan Carr could knock the fuck out of him.!

  20. I have never actually see ‘The Lord of the Rings’, but even I know that this cunt bears more than a passing resemblance to Gollum.

    Bloody lefty knob-end.

    You can see why he heads a politics show as he would fit in very well himself in government, pushing his own agenda and marching to the beat of his own drum, instead of demonstrating some modicum of BALANCE and addressing the public’s needs.

    Mind you, what can one expect from the BBCunts?

    As Nigel said, ‘Do we need the BBC anymore?’ Personally, no I don’t, Nige. I gave up on that channel after they stopped broadcasting real, quality, happy-as-fuck television like ‘It’s a Knockout’ and were yet to be riddled with pretention, PC pandering and the likes of arrogant, self-important cunts such as Marr.


  21. The quisling bitch is bringing the EU’s Vassal State Withdrawal Agreement back to the Commons for a FOURTH time!

    She needs to be sectioned NOW.

      • The hapless, Remainiac bitch must have some PROPER dirt on those Tory rebels. Either that or she’ll parade her unchanged Surrender Treaty as a joint achievement and a few Labour fops will go for it.

        Brown envelopes and faux “awards” all round. These EU cunts just love their “Another vote” re-takes, don’t they.

        • Perhaps Corbyn has agreed to step down once the deal is ratified… 😂

    • This got me thinking. If you were to pick one song that sums up her tenure, what would it be? Mine is “Give me just a little more time” by the Chairmen of the Board.

    • I don’t know if it’s said in jest RTC, but i honestly wonder if she really is so deluded, that she doesn’t fully understand the implications of what she’s doing.
      I’m not jesting when i say that i wish she would die, i can’t bear to watch her on the TV without wishing her harm. She is a CUNT.
      On a positive note it was how i found ISAC, there was graffiti on the side of a rail wagon where i work.
      It said theresa may ISAC.

      • Deluded, sick, or plain evil… in the real world she would have been sectioned years ago.

        She’s turned the perfectly serviceable “Nasty Party” into the Useless Party, thus paving the way for the Venezuela Party.

        Cunt of the Century.

    • That mad cunt May is the modern equivalent of a biblical pestilence upon this country.

      I can only echo the words of Edward II on Beckett – “ who will rid me of this of this meddlesome cunt”.

      She needs to go NOW.

  22. The filth have dropped their investigation into Danny Baker.

    The lefties will not be happy….

    He did not break the law. Worst still, how was a police investigation even entertained?


    • Dead right, Krav…
      Funny how ‘Ver Filf’ also never considered a police investigation when David Lammy openly referred to Leave voters as Nazis… or when Munroe Buggeredorf had his/her/its anti-white rant on the telly…

      • And whatever happened to Jon “never seen so many white people” Snows investigation by Ofcom?

    • The lefty snowflakes love Danny Baker. They’ve been falling over each other to say he didn’t know what he was tweeting. As has Danny himself. O’Brien spent all last week tying himself up in knots attempting to explain away his good friend’s inexplicable lapse of judgement.

      For those reasons alone Baker should receive a whole-life tariff.

      • He is a gobby cunt, and I for one hope he fades into obscurity. But cunts like that never do.

        Red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce? What the fuck is that about. Certainly not compelling radio.

  23. I am filing a complaint with the IOPC and Cheshire police over the lack of police action when Tommy Robinson was jihadishaked. The grinning cunt who did it was put in a taxi by officers…


    • But it was a simple accident Krav.

      The nice Peaceful gentleman said that it “accidentally slipped out of his hand”.

      As I said before, believe that and you believe Theresa May

      The anti far right PC police clearly listened to the nice mans excuse and made an informed and balanced decision and sent Mr Peaceful on his way.


        Here we are. Now Zuckerberg has banned anything non-left from his billion dollar platforms, here’s the start of the process to make it official to not be able to mention Islam out loud in anything other than a positive light, lest you want to be persecuted.

        Not that the BGT, Netflix and Buzzfeed-indoctrinated masses will notice or even care if they did, so long as their instant gratification and dopamine fixes remain available… for now.

        • Zuckerberg will do more long term damage to this earth than Hitler…. The man is a complete cunt, straight from hell’s arsehole…

        • That’s cunt Nick Clegg’s sleight of hand here to tidy up Facebook so everyone on the internet sings off the same, left liberal song sheet.

  24. Anyone who works for the Al-Eu OIC is an extreme left partisan shill. The American left is clamoring to get Joe Biden in because, he shares an interest with at least half the ‘Democratic’ voting demographic of introducing laws to allow sex with girls from 9+. That way, the Clinton’s sex trafficking crimes will gradually become all the more ‘forgivable’ as the cultural shift changes, and no doubt some MK-Ultra trained 9 year old girls will be trotted out to say that they perfectly understand it and want it. We already know that the groundwork is being laid for this with ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ and similar open-sewer equivalent filth. It’s all part of the plan, so that the reveal of Maddy being bred as a sex slave for Soros won’t shock or outrage us anymore once we’re all jaded and subdued enough.

  25. I used to think Marr was ok. Then a few months ago he had a tantrum whilst interviewing Baroness Cuntabarti. She’s a cunt but Marr made himself look like a hissy little poof. After the Farage interview Marr has shown his true colours – not only a hissy little poof but an egotistical galactic cunt. There’s a lot of outrage being expressed about this interview and hopefully it will help the Brexit Party. Another own goal from the establishment. Fuck the cunts.

  26. When we finally fuck the EU off (I’ll believe it when I see it) in June, I wonder if Marr’s head will explode live on BBC television?

    I hope so… The obnoxious baked bean headed cunt…

  27. The problem with the BBC is they are not unbiased regarding Brexit The Corporation is taking millions from the EU through back handed deals so how can they be fair and balanced?Andrew Marr the mong should be ashamed of the interview He did with Nigel Farage but to Nigel’s credit I thought He put Marr in His place This is gonna happen all themore as we run upto the EU Elections because the main stream parties are scared to death of the results that are coming Give these towrags a good kicking in the EU Elections the sooner the BBC is shut down the better it’s an antiquated form of broadcasting run by morons for morons.

  28. I fuckin detest this withering little spastic, sitting there with his limp hand and slobbering his way through an interview, who the fuck want to watch this circus freak spout his leftie views anyway, pity the stroke didn’t take his speech altogether, better luck next time eh.!!

    • Straight and to the point Bosshog,

      Marr is paid in excess of £400,000 a year by the BBC. The licence fee payers money.

      The interview was a fucking embarrassment and showed Marr for the BBC cunt puppet he truly is.

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