Alastair Campbell (6)

I wish to re-cunt Alastair Campbell.For the last week or so the BBC has been plugging its upcoming series featuring “celebrities” discussing their mental illnesses and this epitome of CUNTITUDE keeps manifesting himself in the trailers whingeing about his “depression”. Now I know several people who have seen psychiatrists with depression and they’ve just got on with their lives.
I’m guessing that this CUNT is going to milk his condition for everything it’s worth in an attempt to gain sympathy. No doubt he’ll try an make out that being depressed caused him to hit the bottle. Bullshit!
He’s a fucking alkie and unlike the majority of pissheads who are actually quite nice people he is an out and out evil bastard.

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  1. What a great picture that is. Campbell the miserable, obnoxious, arrogant cunt, and Phony Tony with his usual shit-eating grin plastered on.
    Great job Admin, whoever dug that out!

  2. Mental illness my fucking arse. One of the world’s biggest cunts who learned his trade licking the arse and putting words in the mouth of the archcunt of all cunts. I believe it was Campbell who dreamed up the phrase “people’s princess.” He must have been well pleased with that one the cunt.
    Now, he isn’t pulling the strings as the power behind the throne he gets very angry very quickly and blames it on his fucked up nut, another fairy story he made up. Poor cunt has been particularly affected by Brexit. He can’t believe the plebs won’t do as he says because he knows what’s best for them.
    Along with Sourberries a very angry remoaner.

  3. I find it down right fuckin offensive how these privileged cunts bang on about depression. I’ve suffered with it for over 25 years (don’t worry I’m not seeking sympathy)!& I mean REAL depression & it can be a right cunt. But like most sufferers we have no choice but to scrape ourselves out of bed every morning, put on a brave face and go into battle again! It really fucks me off when you see these cunts with she loads of money banging on about their “struggles”. Legitimate mental health problems are a motherfucker, but don’t expect my sympathy when you’ve got millions of £ in the bank and the ability to pay for counseling and therapy, some of us ain’t got that privalige! We live in the hope that tomorrow will be a little less horrific than today

    • Great comments Cuntosaurus. As someone who’s been there myself,I can completely identify with your thoughts. Campbell is a bigger cunt than depression, which is a big enough cunt in itself.

      • I’m not saying the cunt Campbell hasn’t suffered with depression but what strikes me as odd is that he’s such a lippy cunt. For most people I’ve known with the condition, the last thing they usual want is to talk to anybody. You’d hardly call this cunt ‘withdrawn’.

      • Thank you BSC for your comment, kind of ironic really ain’t it? How this cunt has manipulated so many people around him to make other fuckers lives a misery! Poetic justice me thinks

        • Campbell is probably depressed because he can’t get pissed these days. For a piss artist that must be a terrible affliction.

          Having been instrumental in taking tis country to war in 2003 based on a then 16 year old PhD Thesis (not his own by the way) can understand why he feels the need to be pissed though.

          • Nurse Belinda says there’s nothing a 13A plug, K-Y jelly and crocodile clips wouldn’t sort out.
            Sometimes death really is the only cure.

  4. How do you know when Alistair Campbellend is lying?

    His mouth is usually open!

    Most of New Liebour were odious but ineffectual cunts, but the triumvirate of B.Liar, Campbellend and Mandlesbum where truly fucking dangerous.

    B.Liar was the face.

    Mandlescum was the (bad for the UK and British people) ideas man.

    And Campbellend was the (lying through his bastard teeth) voice.

    Why are we still hearing from these political non-entities anymore? They had their 13yrs in power – which totally fucked this country – and 9yrs later we STILL have to tolerate their meddling.

    Like old dog shit on a white carpet, you just can’t get rid of the cunts!

    The only time I ever felt depressed was having to listen to this cunt – in his pomp – telling us how great shit was under Nou Liebour while the reality was that our social values, economy and indigenous demographic was being eroded to virtually unrecoverable levels!

    Are you sure it’s depression that you’re feeling and not simply abject shame for what you and you ilk did to this country? I for one could give a fuck about your over-privileged mental health state.

    Apparently Valium helps Alistair. Yes, lots and lots and lots of Valium helps with a bottle of Johnnie Walker chaser.

    And shame on the lamesream media for continually giving these cunts a platform on which to spout their undemocratic bullshit.

    But that’s it these days, political treachery heralded, common sense castigated.

    Welcome to fucking Clown World!


  5. That cunt Campbell is depressed!! Not as depressed as the rest of us get after having to listen to his whining about Brexit. Cunt.

  6. A mere six ISAC nominations for an arch-cunt like Alastair Campbell. Six. SIX???

    • From MacDonald grandparentage, I can attest that all Campbells are scunners!

      In fact one of my (not so bright) in-laws was going to call his son “Campbell MacDonald” and saw no irony in it

      Always referred to as the “English” side of the family (all in good jest o’course, usually, ahem…) it always amazed how little the cunts knew of their own history.

      They never like it when they bang on about independence and I point out that the English gifted those cunts the monarchy and it took a Stuart to fuck it all up!

      They don’t like it up ’em Captain! 😜

  7. Just how did that shiteater blair keep that god awful smile going?
    Was it an oversized clothes peg on the skin of the back of the head?
    Or did he just pick a cadaver that went via strychnine when getting dressed at Lizard HQ.
    OR, is his mouth permanently stretched that way from the violent way Satan smashed his oversized three headed cock into it? Cum to think of it perhaps it wasn’t a clothes peg but Satan’s evil gnarled fist making sure it had a damn good grip on his head.
    I bet it was like a scene from “legend of the overfiend”.

    Sorry Alistair, just saw you there, you’re a cunt too. You just get fucked by Tony though, not the big man. Shit rolls downhill and all that.

    • *Just how did that shiteater blair keep that god awful smile going?*

      The thought of getting Mandy’s dick up his arse probably and a bit of a fumble in Sedgefield public lavatories – and the free holidays courtesy of Cliff Batchelor Boy Richard. I am sure he showed Cliffy his appreciation

  8. I have seen the trailers, this cunt is a master at milking the fucking limelight, his cunt of a daughter is just like him but worse.
    There is the Nadia fucker who won bake off in the series cos she had fucking anxiety, i guess they had to put a peaceful in to show they are human…. even goat shaggers have feelings

    • I looked up what anxiety was the other day, “people who worry” what in the blue fuck! Please tell me if I’m wrong but don’t 99.9% of us worry about stuff? The other .1 % being those cunts in parliament who couldn’t give 2 cunts if we live or die! To quote Mr fiddler “fuck off”

  9. Campbell… A corrosive, twisted, devious, psychotic, evil pisspot cunt….
    The Goebbels of his time…

  10. Maybe he feels guilty about Dr David Smiths death. Though it had nothing to do with Campbellend, good lord no perish the thought.

  11. ” Mental illness is a devious little shit. It knows just how to crawl into all the dark places of your mind,& cause as much misery and suffering it can.”
    I’m one of the lucky ones. Mental & physical illness has up to now avoided me, apart from the sudden appearance and swift treatment of an aneurysm a few ago.
    I supported, & witness a young man’s brave, selfless, life long struggle with Schizoid Paranoia. I helplessly stood by as his hair fell out, the anxiety of him almost choking due to the enormous abscesses as a result of the ongoing stress the illness was putting his body under. I contributed to his upkeep as he sought help in the private sector, due to the lack of in the then NHS. Outside the family unit, we never spoke about it to anyone. To this day he still does not speak about it himself unless he needs to. And then it’s usually in our conversations. For almost thirty years I
    did not know from one day to the next, if he could find yet again, the inner strength to want to live another day fighting it. But he did, and as the years went by, he found his own way of surviving it. He is now in his fifties, with a more comfortable frame of mind, but the social isolation mental illness causes will remain, and he continues to be withdrawn. It has cost him everything we take for granted. He will never marry, have children, travel, the list is endless. And he has never ever complained, felt sorrowful, or self pitying. I love him dearly, for the humanist qualities he holds, and I am so proud of his strength. This is the first time I’ve spoken about it publicly guys. And thank you for listening.

  12. I recall reading an article of Mr Campbell speaking about his 1980’s breakdown some years after his recovery. Putting his political career to one side for now, I personally do not dispute, doubt or underestimate his battles with mental illness, and ongoing depression. To a certain extent, the more publicity it gathers, the less of a stigma it becomes. Unfortunately there is the downside to this, when we are continually reading or hearing of ‘mental health’ terminology being tagged by the celebrity brigade. In doing so, not only does it belittle the true meaning of the word, but also it’s real victims.

    • Brilliant post lost sheep, I’ve suffered depression for 25 years I now joke ” I had it before it was popular”, sad but true!

  13. There are certain Cunts that are so Cuntish that they should be on a permanent re cunting cycle and this twat should be one of them .


  14. Could I recommend a book titled “Anxiety and Depression For Dummies”.

  15. Exactly Lostsheep. Real depression is truly awful with it rippling out and affecting all those around them.
    But too many ‘celebs’ wear it as a badge of honour and treat it as just another fashion statement.

  16. If this cunt wants sympathy he will have to get a particularly grotesque form of cancer. Then maybe, just maybe, there might be somebody somewhere who will sympathise. Some air headed, vacuous woo merchant. Somebody so isolated from the real world that they can even believe this cunt of cunts of cunts……. (to infinity) ….of cunts merits a small scrap of consideration.

    Could somebody like that exist? We would still be debating it in a thousand years.

    The only bottle I’d like to see this cuntus ultimo (as the romans would have said) hit is a fucking bottle dungeon. Where the cunt would live for ever with Nige’s laughter piped in on an endless loop. To be fed with cockroaches liberally coated in Joe Brand gusset cheddar, with nothing but syphilitic diarrhoea to drink. I’d give the cunt piles the size of Jupiter and fucking run rusty razor wire up the cunts arse crack every day.

    Depressed. GOOD!

    CUNT, CUNT CUNT, CUNT!!!!!!!!

  17. War criminal cunt that hounded a decent man to his death.

    I’d never get tired of torturing this vile bastard with a blow torch, Punisher style. It’s the least he deserves.

    • Yes and he can quite happily live with the consequences of his actions, he has no remorse or regrets about it, just as long as he gets away with it.
      And that shows why we should ignore his desperate bleating about Brexit, he is a massive cunt, and i hope one day he feels as desperate, as him and his cronies made Dr Kelly feel.

  18. To quote the legendary Fucker *

    “Can you find a hostel. Go there. And take a fucking overdose of barbiturates”

    PS great photo Admin. They resemble the happy couple heading off on honeymoon from their own gay wedding.

    * memorable Thick of It cameo by ‘Cal Richards’

  19. He’s alive so not depressed enough.

    Share your mental illness with the cancer-riddled Iraqi kids, mate.

  20. If I was a big mate of Anthony Linton Blair’s Id be fucking depressed and suffer from anxiety what a pair of cunts.

  21. To be fair if I had spent my career lying through my teeth and inventing a dodgy dossier which took us to war and directly led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, I would be depressed as well. It’s called a conscience you war mongering deceitful bastard,

  22. Everyone knew this self-serving shitrag had “mental issues”- he was part of thatuber-cunt Bliar’s entourage……..

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