Sharing deformities

A nomination for people who like to share their deformities on soshul meeja.

Oh look, I’ve got severe eczema, hairy legs, huge pigmentation marks all over my body etc….but I’m really proud of it, I’d better set up my own twitter account or youtube page to share it with the whole world.

Also can’t stand that BBC weather girl with her missing right arm – wear a prosthetic arm or a long sleeved top, don’t deliberately show it off, attention seeking twat.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

36 thoughts on “Sharing deformities

  1. I watched the weather with that one arm chick once and by the end of the report I was no better informed than I was at the start as I spent the whole time staring at her stump thinking all kinds of depraved thoughts.

  2. Everyone has to share their issue, it’s diversity, we can all be a minority of one.

    As for stumpy I much prefer her to Carol Cuntwood. With a single arm she is capable of giving a concise weather report in a 1/4 of the time it takes rancid Carol.

      • Reeet pair of top bollocks tho ar’ Carol….i reckon they are getting bigger…or has my tv got bigger…

  3. Good nom but wrong choice of photo to go with it. No elderly person wishes to share in any way possible, the fuckin’ crippling effects of that disease called rheumatoid arthritis. Fuck the cunt arthritis.

      • Thanks admin, although I was just about to have my dinner! Still, the lad doesn’t seem bothered showing them off. He’d make some team a fuckin’ great goalie!

  4. Sounds like an invitation for Dick pics, although not those of that handsome devil, esteemed wit and raconteur Mr Fiddler.

    Fuck me, my dick would scare Jimmy Saville!

  5. My cousin’s young daughter is banned from looking at the BBC News website… This is because of their constant coverage of disfigured people and other sundry freaks… She is eight years old and one especially horrible looking cunt gave the kid nightmares… No warning, the bastard just appeared and freaked her out… But we all know the ‘Corporation’ doesn’t give a fuck about that and will continue to put freaks, trannies, non fucking binaries (fuck’s sake) and other such weirdos and deviants in our faces… Just what you need in the morning, eh? Having your toast before work and scanning the news… Some monstrosity with three eyes pops up with their ‘story’… Who fucking needs it? At least with radio you don’t get that…

    • you should have seen some of the shit I trolled through to update the photo, first cousins child was almost a winner!

  6. The worst thing for me is xenomelia, where people have an overwhelming desire to amputate a perfectly good limb. I was reading about some bloke who went to Thailand and paid a doctor to amputate his leg below the knee. He was saying that not only does he have no regrets but he feels both liberated and at peace. They should rename the condition cuntomelia.

    • I’m sure there are far easier ways to get legless. Go out on the town and get shit faced. That way you save a fortune on surgeons bills.

    • I wish theresa may would get an uncontrollable urge for xenomelia, about her head. I’d quite happily amputate it for her.

  7. Apologies for going completely off-topic but….. I’ve just been served by a young lady apparently going by the name of “Squish”. So far so good, but she’s stuck her name badge on her left knocker. It’s kind of asking for trouble. Bloody millennials.

  8. There’s no end to the “problems” that the modern narcissist wants to share with us. Just had to switch off the radio after hearing some Welsh rugby cunt (never heard of the wanker) crying about his eating disorders, self harm, depression and suicidal thoughts. All caused because he felt alienated by society because of his gayness. He said every time he had some cock and arse he got in the shower because he “felt dirty.” I nearly crashed the car, screamed “you ARE dirty you fucking bastard” and switched the cunt off.
    Then there’s “Embarrassing Bodies” , a bunch of cunts apparently too embarrassed to take their complaints to a doctor but quite happy to parade them across a tv screen for any fucker to see them.
    These cunts aren’t fooling anyone. Go and tell someone who gives a fuck You attention seeking wankers.

  9. I also don’t want to see pictures of people on social meeja proudly showing off their stoma bags. I didn’t ask to see their arsehole so why would I want to see this? Piss off.

  10. Sit down in a hospital waiting room and, before you know it, some cunt will be telling you all about his poor health, how much he has suffered, all the treatment he has had, all the treatment he’s going to have, the pills he has to take and on and on and on.
    Yes, I know mate. I ain’t feeling too chipper myself. That’s why i’m here, in the fucking hospital.
    But I don’t go around broadcasting it because it’s fucking boring and nobody gives a fuck.

  11. I’m not sure. I enjoy gawping rudely at the deformed. What i never cared for was plain and hideous crones (friends of friends) on flakebook thinking they can tell others what to say and think, when they dont know how world war 2 ended.

    Thick AND ugly.

    • I always thought I knew how WW2 ended but now i’m not sure if it ended at all.
      Maybe these cunts are smarter than you thought?

      • I see your point but not knowing about little boy and fat man being factors in Japan’s surrender?…

  12. A bloke I knew could suck his own cock. It was his party trick in the pub. The only trouble was that it was discoloured,apparently he’d overused one of those “grow you cock” suction devices and that had caused it to go purple/black. He really was a gross Cunt and none of the lasses would go anywhere near him but he amazed us all by announcing that he was getting married. We were all dying to meet the Blushing Bride and I must admit it was one of the funniest sights that I’ve ever seen when he finally introduced her…she was 5 foot either standing up or lying down with a face that looked like someone had been using it as a chopping block while they split kindling-sticks…all wrapped up in a huge fake-fur coat. She was promptly christened “The Bear”….they actually went on to have kids,so I suppose she really must have hidden depths that we couldn’t appreciate…thank fuck.

    Fuck Off.

    • Interesting to hear about the kind of place you frequent of an evening. I’ve had my doubts about you for some time.
      I myself have been described as deformed on one or two occasions but I’ve taken it as a compliment.

      • I’m not sure that a Lady of the Night pointing,laughing and screeching…”Eh, it’s just like a penis only smaller” is really a compliment, Allan.
        🙂 .

  13. Showing deformities off is ugly and disgusting. Especially that Weather girl with her grotesque stump.
    I bet she could give someone a right Royal stumping with that limb covered in tallow. What say you Kravdarth ?

  14. I feel I must speak up for the weather presenter with one hand. (I apologize for not knowing her name).

    I would assume she was unfortunate to have been born without all her limbs, and rather than ‘attention seeking’, I would suggest she has made her way in the world, attended university & studied meterology.

    Her voice is crisp, clear, easy to understand (un-encumberd by any strong regional accent). Why is she any less qualified to present a weather report than anyone else. Also, why should she hide her limbless arm away? She has a physical disability, and rather than ‘flaunting it’ she is not ashamed of it, and why should she be?

    Should we go back to a time where anyone physically or mentally disabled is hidden away in asylums like something we are ashamed of and want to ignore? I don’t think so. I can’t but help remember all the ex-servicemen, returning from the 1st World War, with arms, hands, legs or parts of their faces missing. People didn’t want to be confronted by them, but were happy enough to live under the protection they provided.

    Some of you may disagree with me, and that’s fine, but I felt I must say my feelings on the subject. Great site & best wishes to you all.

  15. I agree with the sentiment expressed in your comment but I don’t appreciate your pseudo empathy. You take the trouble to speak up for her but don’t know her name. You have internet access. A quick “google” would have told you her name’s Lucy Martin.

    You “would assume she was unfortunate to have been born without all her limbs.” There’s no assume about it. You can see she has a deformed right arm and hand. Contrary to what you say all her other limbs appear to be present.

    You “would suggest she has made her way in the world”.That is real snowflake language. Almost a “Fiddler Euphemism”. No need to suggest it. It’s patently obvious she’s successful. She’s presenting the weather on telly for fuck’s sake.

    Then, although you don’t know her name, you know she’s been to university and studied meteorology. Correct. But where or from whom did you get the information? Are you her mother or what?

    Don’t patronise ISAC readers. We are cunts, not thick cunts. For what it’s worth I don’t find the sight of physical deformity offensive, with the exception of Theresa May. But I think she should be more considerate of her national TV audience. There might be people who are offended or upset by the sight of her arm and so she should wear a long-sleeved dress. I tend to think she is flaunting it. It’s another instance of “look at me I’m different” so favoured by the BBC. No you’re not. You’re just like the rest of us. Or can’t you accept that? Just get on and tell us the weather girl. I can’t be doing with all this shit.

  16. What about Stumpy on the Travel Show ? The little cunt pisses me off. Just fuck off with all your spazzy mates, cunt. Castors on the stumps ?..

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