Five reasons why Marseille is the cunty-wuntiest place in the world.

5) Marseille is in France.
Stop, I hear you say, surely the fact that is in France suffices. No, it gets worse.
4) French people live there.
Is that it? No.
3) Marseille is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world.
That is a warning sign.
2) The crime rate is in the stratosphere. There is little or no police presence, no cameras, gangs and all sorts of low life.
If you have eaten in the last hour, stop reading now
1)Marseille is set to become the first city in western Europe to have a Muslim majority.

Well there you go, the place is a fucking no-go area, and a Muslim majority. A pristine example of integration, a beacon to us all.

Nominated by Cunts n Roses

51 thoughts on “Marseille

  1. As if the first four weren’t bad enough the last one is a nailed down reason to stay away.! Show me anywhere where they have a majority and it will be a lawless shithole, they follow us around taking what we have built and worked for and within no time reduce it to third world sewer.!

  2. Diversity, inclusivity and equality.

    The three words which make the modern west great.

    How the fuck we managed for over a 1,000yrs before that is beyond me.

    Paris, Malmö and Londonistab are equally enriched!

    Great isn’t it.

  3. Been there, about 15 years ago. It was a cunthole then so fuck knows what it is like now. You won’t find many French cunts there……lots of A-rabs, Italians, Turks, Greeks and Gooks. I understand they also have a lot of Eastern Eurotrash now.
    A bit like London really, and quite a few other places i’ve never actually been to.
    Practically every city in Europe is overloaded with trash from all over the world.

  4. I suppose the libtards will be overjoyed with this news – “diversity works!” they will chant. Never mind about the indigenous cunts who have been marginalised and forced out by the creeping cult that is Islam and all the shit that entails.

    I wonder how many of these libtards actually live in places like Marseilles, and if they are tolerated by these mindset cunts who will want Shariah Law introduced throughout the city, and thus treating women – including libtard bints – as 3rd rate sex slaves and servants!?

    • Like London I’m sure Marseille will have it’s far share of liberal cunts who think this is good news? Most probably live in the most affluent areas of Marseille much in the same way you see people like Lineker, lily mong , cumbersnatch and co extolling the virtues of multi cultural enrichment from their safe space upper market non enriched areas!
      I’m sure if any of those virtue signaling cunts were parachuted into Luton, Leicester, Bradford or many parts of London they would very rapidly change their tune…..
      Utter cunts!!

      • I live in a Leicester suburb and apart from occasionally dropping my wife off in town or quickly popping into a specific shop to buy something I never venture into the city.

      • NONE of those mentally ill self praising cunts live anywhere near the stinking, lying, thieving islamic bastards. They all live in fucking ivory towers miles away from them. They just wear their rose tinted glasses and pontificate to us about the virtues of the filthy cunts.

  5. Morning Rebel. Never mind Londonistab. The malignancy is centered there but it’s the rapid and virulent metastasis to every nook and cranny of the land that is truly disturbing. Was recently in a small seaside town in the Norfolk outback. Down the promenade they came waddling. Three fucking pillar boxes pushing baby strollers followed by three bearded cunts wearing bedsheets and sandals. I understand you can only have halal meat products at Pontins nowadays. Piss be upon you.

    • The men were following the women? It’s supposed to be the other way round, innit? Islam’s gone soft. I blame Western decadence and Brexit.

      Morning Fim.

      • Morning RTC. Yes, had me puzzled too. Consulted the Hadith. Apparently it was an attempt to integrate into Normal for Norfolk culture. Women walk along prom. Men sit in pub. Local pub has banned long beards so they followed women in mistaken belief this would be an acceptable compromise.

    • I knew it was game over a couple of years back when I was sitting on the beach at camber sands on the hottest bastard day of the year and three daleks waddled past with the obligatory 17 miniature terrorists in tow.

  6. I wish I could say “live and let live” but having lived in North London, I utterly despise dar quays. Norfolk and Suffolk used to be no go areas for them, but, as Fim points out, the tide is reaching that unspoilt part of England.

    I once thought that the Highlands would be a safe haven, but like air filling a vacuum, they are moving in. Unfortunately, they have found the good air link between Luton and Inverness. Whilst most will be tourists, I see them as the advanced party on a recce. This will be like watching bacilli multiply on a petri dish. Cunts.

    I was in the Cairngorms on Sunday. In a disabled bay was a large BMW without the requisite badge on display. I readied the Yale Key of Justice for action, but the car was occupied – by Mrs Parking Stanley. They don’t give a fuck about anybody. And for that moment, I was in North London once again. They are cunts, and this part of the UK has enough of them already – they’re called SNP voters.

    • Of course if you say anything, or complain, you’ll be done for hate crime, and strung up by the larger of your two testicles!

      • Oh dear, doesn’t everyone have three? Morning NoCunt.
        No, no nurse. I said prick his boil!

  7. Get ready for the UK government to give France a substantial wedges of cash, to help with the rebuilding of Notre Dame.
    No friends of David Lammy were killed in this pyrotechnic event.
    Get to fuck.

    • Expect to hear from bogus squatters saying “I lived in Notre Dame. I almost lost my life. I demand you put me up in some 5 star hotel for the next 5 years and give me 100,000 Euros per year as compo!”

    • Good morning Jack

      My first thought exactly.

      Misfortune to see Macron on TV for about ten seconds today. Ten seconds too long in my opinion.

      Telling the French people “we (the royal we) will rebuild the cathedral”.

      Absolutely fantastic for him, will call for unity from all politicians and for those nasty people in yellow jackets to all come together with the French people.

      Wouldn’t be at all surprised he he was behind it as it helps his cause enormously.

      How much will the British government give this Blair impersonating cunt and his people for the rebuild of this Catholic cathedral as part of the International appeal fund?

      Hopefully fuck all.

      • Probably a lot, so as to prove we’re still
        ‘ Good Europeans ‘
        Good morning Willie.

    • International development fund, perfect for kissing Macrons arse!

      Maybe the frogs are chipping in to the restoration of the houses of parliament, it is an iconic European, no World building.

      Fuck the french cunts, they can fix their own fucking cathedral.

  8. If it had been St Paul’s it would have emerged that a load of “refugees” had been living there. Their “relatives” would have flown in from all over the world (never to return) to claim their compo.
    The libtards would have gone into paroxysms of grief jacking and virtue signalling, burning candles and holding hands while singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing…”
    The BBC would go into meltdown and hold a 24 hour telethon to raise money for the “victims” while calling for this “symbol of racism and imperialism “ to be demolished.

    • Morning Freddie. Made me laugh. Thanks.
      BBC news – a visibly emotional Mr Macron said ‘the worst has been avoided. I am a perverted cunt but I’m still president'”
      Alright I made the last bit up.

  9. I passed through Marseilles twenty years ago and it was a sorry shithole even then. Most ports are. Full of the slaves of that desert religion (Algerians) as well as East Euro scabs, c’etait vraiment merde. France will become the first Western-European Muslim country though not the last.

  10. Maybe a little controversial? Is it time white Europeans rose up and retook their cities?

    I’ve not had breakfast yet, so possibly my usual level of tolerance will return after a bowl of cornflakes.

    • Hopefully not Sixdog

      This country has been far too tolerant in so many ways and for far too long.

      About time we (the majority of British people) showed how fucked off with things we are.

  11. Lammy, Lammy “I sing Mammy” surely had “friends” living up amongst the gargoyles in the eaves of Notre Dame.

    Da Cathedral beez raciss an sheet cos his frendz of colour has no home and need a nice comfy hotel as da compo.

    Notre Dame twinned with Grenfell – Lammy will table it as a motion. The only motion he can pass effectively is one from his own arsehole resulting from a surfeit of jaffa cakes.

  12. I don’t particularly like the French but it’s sad to see immigrants from former colonies invade and turn ancient towns into urban sinkholes. I’d rather have a French cunt as a neighbour than Smelly cunt.

    • its there own fault they switched the colonies from colonie to protectorate so they still have them,

      • I recall a debate asking whether it’s worse to have a killer or a rapist as a neighbour. The frog/musquito is similarly tricky.

  13. contra to the way this is going, Marseille has a few good points.
    It is the home of the French Forgien Leagion, who strangley enough have some very nice food a favourite of mine being cassoulet, which I am very fond of.
    It has one of the best Parachute schools in europe used by many NATO countries, apart from that yes its a bit of a hole, I am not familiar with the imported locals but I knew a couple of home grown locals, all PNF fanatics and former legionares (who became “Swiss” to join).
    They did not speak highly of the imports.

  14. If pushed prefer the French to the Germans General.

    Mind you, Macron and Merkel both a nasty pair of cunts.

  15. Talking of all things French, Anatoly Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin must be gutted that they cannot visit Notre Dame.

    Mind you, it doesn’t have a 123 metre high spire….

  16. If those cunts in ‘Gay Pa-ree’ want millions to help rebuild the gutted Notre Dame they could deport all the human filth that now infests Paris and send them back to the shitholes they came from… Thus saving a fortune in welfare and spunking money indulging the scum like those who lived in the ever so delightful Calais Jungle…

  17. Thanks for the heads up Cunts.
    I’ll strike this shithouse off my bucket list pronto!

  18. This took up a lot of of my cunting social media headspace yesterday. Fucking Frogs. Took hours to get first responders there.That’s why these cunts get rescued from wars. Hopeless cunts who can’t respond to a cat gone north up a tree.

  19. Never been to Marseilles, nearest I got was Agde, Beziers, Sete, Montpellier. I don’t imagine it’s the nicest place to walk around late in the evening. It looked like a shithole in French Connection 2 so I suppose things won’t have improved any since then.

  20. Can´t agree with this posting. I spent a week there last year based in La Canabiere right in the center where there are certainly lots of Moslems. However, you can easily avoid them as there seems to be a certain unspoken segregation that keeps them away from the tourist parts around La Vielle Porte. Not only is Marseille a wonderful city but the people are helpful and friendly in a southern way unlike many of their northern countrymen.

    In some way Marseille should not be seen as a part of France but as one of the cosmopolitan Mediterranean centers going back to ancient times, like Barcelona, Gibraltar, Alexandria, Tunis, Algiers, Tangier and Naples. Don´t forget these places had enormous French, Spanish, Greek, Italian and – dare I say – British communities at one point and the predominantly Moslem locals were forced to put up with western cultures and Christian religions. For example, when Algeria became independent in 1958 more than one million French people left for France.

  21. Marseille is a cunt hole. So is Paris. The grieving cunts of Notre Dame are mainly over Africans who have lost a high traffic footpath where they can no longer set up as turf to sell Plastic Eifel Towers and handbags the cunts. Or dress as gorillas and extort families for photo money,

    And they cant move to any other patch as its controlled by other afrricunts ready to knife them for setting up there, Romanian deaf cunts selling roses and tissues or finding a gold ring on the floor.

    Best they could have done when they had the chance was use the hoses for petrol and take all the cunts around there out with it. Id then pay in to start again.

  22. Of course the fucking Muslims burned Notre Dame. Don’t you get it? How much clearer does the message need to be? We watched the SPIRE of Catholicism BURN and FALL before our very eyes. The icing on the cake for the attacks that have been carried out on French churches for the past couple of months. They are now TELLING you that they OWN France, you stupid cunts. And yet you’ll still vote this TURD Macron in for a second term, and won’t give Marine Le Pen a look in. If you’d voted for her, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Edit – oh how funny and coincidental it is that this was originally ‘WordOppressed’, whereas after a CClean, it got through 😀 😀

    Double edit – I was told to revise this as it appeared to be ‘spam’. Yes, conservative folks, this is your ‘internet’ now. If you say anything vaguely detectable as non left-wing, you have to jump through a hundred hoops to merely exercise so-called ‘freedom of speech’.

    And Remainers, whose beloved EU is responsible for this chicanery in trying to post anything online, all think this is fucking marvellous.

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