Lisa Nandy

A red rosette “for the many not the few” cunting please for turncoat Labour MP, yet another remainer-for-a-Brexit constituency MP who has decided she would be prepared to revoke Article 50:

I am sick of this party of harridans, feminists, windbags, Dark keys, Parking Stanleys, poofs and mincers, and this bitch now joins Lady Starmer, Sugartits Cooper, Tom Watson, fuckwit extraordinare , not to mention the Blairite pansies Bradshaw and Kyle who have done so much to frustrate Brexit.

The whole fucking thing is a pantomime, and looking at the flat chested trollop Yvette Cooper, she has to be first choice for the Principal Boy and of course Mangledbum has to be dame.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

18 thoughts on “Lisa Nandy

  1. I don’t know why Gideon’s rag is calling this treachery “ a blow to May”. Well, I do actually, but the reality is this Nandy bitch is just obeying orders.
    Lifelong EU hater, Catweazle, is spending the weekend, stitching us all up, with the Appeaser scum. Traitor Hammond thinks it’s all going so well, apparently.
    I bet he is.
    What shit these people are.

  2. Lisa Nandy is another product of what is wrong with this incursion into our country by punkah wallah’s and gibbet swingers. Socialist? Like Fuck. Arrogant and opportunistic ? Certainly. Plays to the crowds and is certainly a fuckwit graduate of yet another UK Varsity churning out conditioned replacements for real people.
    Salient points ? Thick as Pig Shit but well racked.

  3. Bloody lisping pie eater. They should place a ducking stool at the end of Wigan Pier, tie her to it and plunge the traitorous witch in to the murky waters below. A ducking or cucking stool, first used in the 13C literally means “defecation chair” so whilst they’re at it they can add others like that floating turd Ducku Umunna.

    • Litha is another of the frustrated failed ex NSU reps. Along with Angela Rayner and her fucking annoying habit of clipping her words Mancunian style – my communiiiiii and universitiiiiii, the other being that Long Bailey – Liebours business minister – in attendance with the swivel eyed lunatic and Dame Starmer as Liebours “Brexit” partners. She looks like she finished school last year after bankrupting the tuck shop.

  4. I was going to say is it Lisa or Litha…..either way she is a cunt.
    Just read a little about her background, she was a policy advisor in The Chidren’s Society where her specialities were issues facing refugee children.
    Guess she couldn’t give a fuck about the indigenous white kids.
    When will I fucking learn to stop saying white, see I have done it again…..evil fucking racist cunt I must be.

  5. This should be Litga Nanfy (2) as I cunted the lispy Manc last month.

    The whiny bitch has had a great career since her Keith Harris died.

  6. People like her are only respecting the result of the referendum by supporting a’deal’ that allows us to leave whilst staying in. Just one more cunt in an occean of cunts.
    Vote them out.

  7. I’m no hairdresser poof but Lisa’s hair needs some work if you ask me. That parting is all wrong. I know for a fact the BBC employs a lot of hairdressers and make up cunts to make their guests look as good as possible.
    I have a feeling they wouldn’t mind Lisa constantly in their studios spouting her Establishment arse licking bullshit.
    Think about it Lisa……free hairdressing and claim it on expenses! No need to thank me.

  8. A “large-scale” fight broke out when a gang of youths confronted racegoers following Ladies Day at Aintree.

    Twitter users condemned the violence describing those involved as “feral rats” and “scum of the earth”.

    Will probably be indirectly blamed on Pro Brexit far right extremist scum.

    • Trust me Willie all these racecourse punch ups are down to pikeys. They may be wearing suits but they are dirty pikeys. The MSM daren’t say that but that is the truth.
      A good day out for a gyppo always ends in a bundle. That’s just the way it is.

  9. I’ll take her up the arsehole!

    That is about all I have to say about this worthless bandwagon-climbing cunt

  10. Please, please pretty please may one of the EU cunts say “no dice” to an extension.
    Hungary perhaps?
    That’ll show the smug cunts.the

  11. Anyone hold their nose and accidentally hear the Now Show today? I’ll give you a synopsis whether you like it or not.
    1. Extended laffs at expense of Brexiters.
    2. Fat +gay+effnic cunt being hilarious about being fat, gay and effnic
    3, Probably gay wimminz being sidesplitting about being a pessimistic (so unusual!) wimminz.
    4 That’s your lot, license payers.

    In fact there’s been very little on R4 for the last 24 hours that didn’t have a gay, disabled, obese, effnic or wimminz cast to it.

    Another lisping effnic wimminz who hates her adopted nation? Sorry, must listen to more Radio 4. Haven’t quite got the hang of diversity yet.

    The cunts the cunts the cunts.

    • You will be relieved to know that today’s Now Show was the last of the present series – the 58th series the BBC proudly, or defiantly say, but don’t worry more laughs next week as we begin series 99 – the BBC proudly announce – of the *topical* news quiz when the Wireless 4 audience can piss their knickers as they hear more jokes about Brexit and Trump.

      • I begin to see what the pessimistic wimminz was getting at…ARE there any more jokes about Brexit? Or Trump? Not that I like Trump,even, but…

  12. They’re so lacking in something these women MPs. Caliber I think is the word I am looking for. I was watching the other day when Bill Cash was making his speech and a few of them came in together-rucksacks slung over, dyed hair, one with sneakers on, what a fucking rabble I thought. And there was poor Bill in his suit and tie trying to explain what proper parliamentary procedure was.

  13. This short tongued traitor needs deselecting by her constituents (who voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU) Listen to your constituents or find another job

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