Greta Thunberg

This Scandinavian teenager has recently been given a huge amount of air time and press coverage, to talk about climate change.

She seems happy for the world economy to crash by 2025, and to initiate a general strike because it’s good. Her (and the media’s) angle on this is that she is young, and that adults simply do not understand the problems we are all facing.

At 16, what are her qualifications again to lecture on the subject? Thought not.

What utter bollocks.

Nominated by willie stroker

Greta Thunberg touted as ‘The Swedish Joan of Arc’. (Can’t wait to see that porno when it comes oit)

When Yours Truly first heard the little Swedish filly speechifying was reasonably taken with her command orf our Mother Tongue so let her have her head was me thought. Only a kid ect ect. Irrespective orf the world wide schools boycot she was leading and the bolloxs she was spouting, not a bad show.

Then discovered the ‘little girl’ was sweet sixteen and well past the age orf consent in Stoke circles. Indeed more than well past being a fully functioning woman when judged against the other fillies in me stable. Me poor old bugger orf a butler was crestfallen to hear it, being a very moral sort he refuses to have conjugals with any filly above the age orf sixteen. Boat race like a Cabbage Patch doll in me book and it will be a relief to have the old cunt take down all those photos in his bed room. We’ll leave his sheets as they are.

Ms Thunberg. Already erected a fine old complex orf monitising vehicles aroinde herself to handle the profit and non-profit side orf things, fees from her book, TV activities ect ect and to garner the oitcomes from her Nobel Peace Prize nomination ect ect. Would expect no less from the wealthy upper middle class daughter of an opera singer and a successful artist. Guardianista Heaven.

She has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Selective Mutism, conditions generally shared by sages, savants and other manipulative pains in the arse (Rasputin, Charles Manson ect) which allows her to talk conspiracy crapola compellingly and with overwhelming conviction. Needless the leaders orf the free world, Macron, Merkel, Trump, our own Hunchback and even Corbyn ect ect all fall over themselves to be pictured with the Swedish Joannie. Enjoy your time limited fame me dear. Me butler will wait for you.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

What flying fuck is going on in the world???? Have we all gone stark staring fucking mad?!?

Some stupid little Swedish schoolgirl organises a school strike to get off school on Fridays citing fears over climate change as a nice convenient excuse and the next thing you know the cunt has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (not quite the same gravitas since they gave one to the EU tho’) , met the sodding Pope and sat down in London with the heads of all the major political parties.

Now I’ve no truck for Treeza the Traitor, but at least she had the sense not to turn up.

There’s only one thing worse than a teenager and that’s a pumped up precocious know it all teenager. Why the fuck is anyone listening? Why would you want to? You havin’ a larf or what?

Beats me…

Nominated by Dioclese

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  1. They’ve got my vote on May 23rd.
    I just wish it was Doris Karloff who was my candidate, lucky bastards in South West have got her, let her set about that cunt adonis.

  2. I won’t call a 16 year old girl a cunt. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for now. But on her present course she’s certainly a cunt in waiting. Look at her eyes. There’s definitely something creepy about this young woman. What makes me sick are the adult politico cunts fawning over her – especially that Cunt Caroline Lucas. Bunch of fuckwits.

  3. Makes you think what the fuck is treason May is up to, or the other festering shite in parliament, what better time to Bury a story, when the public is looking the other way,

    Wait for it

    Fucking snowflakes, there’s a fucking spray for pests like these

    • For long- term kg of CO2 produced per watt generated, there’s very little that can match nuclear. As the green numpties are obsessed with renewables which are expensive to maintain, have poor energy density and use hundreds of acres to power a moderate size city, as as displacing hundreds of species per site, the oil and gas men will be rubbing their hands for some time yet.
      Germany cant meet their targets on solar generation and, having ruled out nuclear, are building new coal and gas plants.
      Ideology over science, again.

  4. What a stupid cunt.

    You never hear her coming up with primary research do you ?

    I’d throw the book at this twat. If she wants to play grown-ups; let’s treat her like one. Unlike a beautiful port; she will get worse with age.

    If she can come up with a real thought process to it and persuade me; rather than just regurgitating the rehearsed opinions of her social justice wanker friends, I will pay attention. Until then, she needs some credibility, otherwise it’s just not good enough.

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