Is it just me?

I just watched our illustrious Prime Minister say on camera : “We will be asking for a further extension to article 50 because this situation cannot go on

So if it cannot carry on, why do we need an extension?

Nominated by Dioclese
Brexit means Brexit…
No deal is better than a bad deal…
Freedom is slavery..

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  1. I remember my glee when the electorate voted to leave. Nearly 3 years later we have created a shambolic political vacuum which has sucked in all the irrelevant SJW issues. We need to bring Thatcher back from the dead to sort it out.

    • Even dead she’d be better at sorting this shit than this current bunch of arseholes.

      • She would have kicked arse especially with that old woman Grieve, and artistic Mr Boles. I think she would have had words with those old bags Soubry and Sugartits.

        One look from Maggie and they would have pissed in their pants.

      • I doubt she’d have let things get to this sorry state to begin with. She’d have had Barnier, Juncker and co. by the cobs long ago.

      • Thatcher vigorously campaigned to remain in the Common Market during the 1975 Referendum. She was also the principle architect of the Single Market.

      • Having worked for Baroness Thatcher, you could not be more wrong. To suggest a similarity between her and Adolf Hitler just displays crass ignorance

        Fuck off.

        • Ah, but did you work for her before the voice coach was called in?
          Worth remembering, though, RTC and others, although she was in favour of a united Europe…

          My first guiding principle is this: willing and active cooperation between iindependent sovereign states is the best way to build a successful European Community.

          To try to suppress nationhood and concentrate power at the centre of a European conglomerate would be highly damaging and would jeopardise the objectives we seek to achieve.

          Europe will be stronger precisely because it has France as France, Spain as Spain, Britain as Britain, each with its own customs, traditions and identity. It would be folly to try to fit them into some sort of identikit European personality.

          (Margaret Thatcher -Speech to the College of Europe (“The Bruges Speech”), 1988

          • I never doubted her Euroscepticism in later years K. That, along with increasing misjudgements like the Poll Tax (Oliver Letwin’s baby), was why the Tories booted her out.

        • Semantics dear boy? Read what Sir C wrote again. This is not what he meant! The only similarity was they were both cunts which is indisputable!

  2. I never got “school days are the best days of your life”. No it fucking wasn’t, school was shit, not one pretty girl wanted to go out with me, I was crap at football, I didn’t nick off and leave with a CSE in art. Then slogging your guts out doing A levels, slogging your guts out at uni in order to get a first then slogging your guts out doing post graduate in order to get a well paying good job that you do for 25 years hating every minute. Retirement is certainly the best days of your life because you have time to read and post on ISAC slagging May off.

    • I think we lived a parallel schoolboy existence, chap.

      I shared your woes and then some; my misery and frustration exacerbated by sister dearest living the fucking life of Riley, a popular cunt and apple of the folks’ eye.

      Mind you, I do enjoy what I do for a living, so it wasn’t all shite. Sister of course didn’t need to apply herself, she just went and married a rich fucking dentist. Cunt.

      • Come off it. There were some worthwhile perks in that situation. Your free, new shiny set of dentures would have cost you a fortune!

        • I’ve had three check-ups from the cunt in 18 years! No family perks around here!

      • I loved my younger years growing up in the 60’s / 70’s
        I was lost in a world of musical obsession, listening and going to watch mainly prog rock bands, spending all my money down Tiger moth records and virgin records in Brighton. I have fuck all to show for it other than a vast collection of vinyl and cd’s. And I would do it all over again. The only thing that came between me and music was when I discovered Pussy and alcohol.
        Wine women and song but not always in that order.

    • Schooldays were the low by which I compare the rest of my life. Asked to leave before I failed A levels, did 5 years in the forces and then what I damn well pleased until I got pissed off with it. Then got some higher education as a (very) mature. “Variety is the spice of life” works for me. Nothing was ever as bad as school.

      • I liked school, mostly because there was a sense of hope about the future back then instead of the clusterfuck that it’s turned into.

    • Agreed. A few times in my later years, a best mate from school would ask “School reunion ??”
      “No, me neither.”
      The only thing we ever had in common was going to the same school. In retrospect, it’s of fuck all import.

    • I beat you to it Ron. Already sent my £25.

      Also currently a member of the Tory party so I can help ensure the next leader isn’t a Remainer with my vote. Also nice to go to meetings and slag of my Remainer MP, the bitch.

      Previously a member of UKIP but they’ve lost their way…

      • Looks as though the only way to get democracy these days is to buy it! What a sad state of affairs we’ve come to.

  3. Three years for May to finally concede what she really is, a remainer.

    Queen needs to put her teacup down and say something.

  4. Too true CuntsnRoses. Let’s hope the greasy bandits, don’t get their mitt’s into ISAC too.

  5. Good evening cunters What a fucky month its been so far but the last year has been a massive diarrhea shit mess has’t it?, just recently found out last week that a child hood friend of mine took his own life haven’t shed a tear yet but its racking my brain constantly thinking of old memories together and thinking why the poor fucker would do such a thing.

    I guess I can’t really blame him I’ve had suicidal thoughts in the past too. It just pisses me off i’ll never talk to him again he was same age as me, very young still Grabbed a few beers today to morn his loss and probably get some drinks made up too

    • Hang on in. It’s devastating to lose anyone who means so much to you. Celebrate your friend, but don’t spiral into despair; that’s where true Cunts are. I still celebrate the memory of a friend who died 50 years ago and another who I lost 20 years ago.

      • When I drink I never spiral in despair I’m a happy drunk yesterdays drunk buzz was very laughy type high Sir Cuntalot, I wasn’t crying in my ale

        Despair is the name of the game tho life is full of it. Thanks for the kind words hopefully I forget how my friend commit suicide I’ll definitively be celebrating his honor quite often in the near future with the tragic way he ended his life

  6. The most profound moment for me during this whole charade was when Andrea Jenkyns got up and asked -‘When did Brexit become Remain?’

    • It became Remain (worse than Remain) the moment Mrs May was appointed leader of the Conservative Party and Olly Robbins was appointed to willingly agree to Brussels’ every demand.

  7. The worst instance of doublespeak in modern political posturing has to be when a sentence opens with the dreaded “Let me be clear…”

    Subsequent diatribe proceeds to be either impenetrable jargon, or vague to the point of fucking philosophical.

  8. “We are leaving the EU on March 29th.”
    “Don’t even dream about it you cunts.”

    “I can be a bloody difficult woman”
    “I am as weak as a pint of Watneys Red Barrel in a bucket of piss.”

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
    “She noshed me off and I spunked on her dress.”

  9. “The government will implement whatever you decide”………
    ……”but decide Remain or you can fuck off.”

  10. “When we make the big calls we’ll think not of the powerful but you. When we make laws we’ll listen not to the mighty but you. We’ll prioritise not the wealthy but you. We won’t entrench the advantages of the fortunate few.”

    Old Mother May
    13th July 2016

    What a crock of shit.

  11. Undoubtedly a valid cunting, Dioclese, and it certainly isn’t just you. No deal is better than a bad breakfast, and Cornflakes™ means Kelloggs®, Shreddies™ means Nabisco®, and Fray Bentos™ means disappointment, even when severely inebriated.

    However, out of Lady V’s recent clutches as I briefly am, and what returns me to ISAC, is a visit to my local Asda, less than one hour ago.

    I went to stock up on the necessaries- milk, bread, fags, RizLaCroix, ciders, perries, porters, and Wray & Nephew, having been away from my damp abode this last three week.

    In the reduced priced goods section, there was quite a kerfuffle, so I investigated. Much Anchor™ spreadable butter had been reduced, from a couple of sheets to 10 new pence. Keen on a slice of the action, I engaged in a tussle with an elderly lady of (probably) Bengali extraction over a couple of tubs.

    The hideous old beurre kicked off so badly, clinging on to a tub she believed was “hers”, that it became extremely heated. Her aggression crossed over from the reasonable to the legally-actionable. I had time on my hands, and invoked the local Police. It seems most witnesses are “on my side”, as is the video evidence from my telephone.

    Long story short, and what should have been a ten minute visit to the grocer’s took more than an hour, but with the fine result that a beastly and hideous pushy old harridan of Bangla extraction looks likely to be prosecuted (she has form, as I found).

    I’ll keep you posted; this could be ongoing entertainment for cunters far and wide.

      • Enormously pleased to see we’ve buried the hatchet, K!

        The woman will most likely be given another “binding over order”, as it used to be called. I shall over-egg her infractions today in order to secure a five month custodial sentence, which is the maximum without “naughty” intervention.

        I really am the most charitable cunt on here…

        • The cow will end up being awarded a hundred grand compo.

          I’d flee the country while you still can CS.


          • Good evening RTC.
            No, she will end up in Styal for six weeks. There’ll be no compensation, she is a serial offender.
            Smelly unpleasant beast, probably thrives on brief straightening periods inside.
            Not unusual

  12. Dioclese gives the perfect example of politico speech. Saying the opposite to what they mean. Many of these cunts are lawyers and they are surrounded by lawyers.

    Lawyers are cunts, what a word means in common English has a whole different definition in law. Cunts like May have refined the art of speaking legalise, looks like English, sounds like English but means something entirely different when spoken by a politician than when it’s heard by us plebs.

    Theresa is a fucking professor of it.

    “Brexit means Brexit” if only someone had asked her what her definition of Brexit is.

    “No deal is better than a bad deal” I’d love to know what her definition of a bad deal is given the “Best possible deal” she’s brought back from the “Deals so shit, no cunt would sign up for it” pile of shit deals.

    They really think we are all endowed with minuscule IQ,s.

    • Well the hunchbacked bitch has now promised to start sucking stinking old comrade Corbynski’s balls now to see if she can get a result out of old stones.

  13. “Well all right. Well ALL RIGHT!!!!!!”. Kinnock, Sheffield, priceless.

  14. This is what you pay good speech writers for. Worth their weight in gold to a lying , scumbag politician.

    “People hear the music, they don’t listen to the words.” as some cunt once said.

  15. Doesn’t take a genius

    Next Barnier & co agree to UK request for further extension to article 50. End of June probably.
    Comrade Corbyn and Mein Fuhrer May spend another 3 months playing footsie under the Cabinet table without coming to an agreement.
    Article 50 is unilaterally withdrawn after Parliament decide that it is in the best interests of the British people.
    The British sheeple dumbly accept EU enslavement.

    • Where are our yellow jacket rioters? Really do think we’ve reached that point now, May and Co are taking the biscuit, and if we accept this lying down then we will accept anything.

  16. What a joke…..and a bad one at that.

    Talk about flogging a dead horse. Not only is she flogging it, but she has bought it a brand new saddle and is getting it trained up for the Grand National, decomposing or not.

    What more can be achieved by extending this fucking useless talk and negotiation when it has all been said and done already? It is like they are in the perpetual ‘not ripping off a plaster’ cycle with all of this fucking issue-dodging and obstinacy. For the sake of fuck!!!

    Weeks ago she made mention of needing to ‘deliver what the British people voted for’ and yet here we are, our so-called ‘representatives’ still fucking around and doing anything but.

    Sick of this shitfest cuntery.

    • Mentioning Treesa and horses puts me in mind of Derek & Clive – Racing from Newmarket.

  17. She can’t pass it with Tory votes, so she’ll do it with labour votes.
    I’ve finished work 1 hour ago, it’s a big firm, real anger with the lads I work with. Not all aimed at that hunchback cunt, plenty for catweazle.
    At last they realise there party is complicity in it.

  18. Is it enough just to vote the MP cunts out of office at the next election….whose place will be taken by someone that we may feel we trust and will fight for their constituents corner, only to find that they are also become a selfish cunt.
    I don’t believe at this moment in time, regardless of which party we talk about I trust any of them. I guess my vote, if I can be bothered will go to the lesser of the evils.
    If I behaved in my job just like these cretins have shamefully behaved in the commons I would have received my P45 in the post.
    What happens next? When May turns round and says, as other cunters have posted, “In the best interest of the country we will remain in the EU”
    I suppose we will accept it and carry on as nothing has happened.
    Is violence an answer…anarchy….not sure I would like to see that, but the frustrations of people as we know may send a few over the edge.
    Politics and politicians in this country is at an all time low, fuck knows how it will end up.
    As for the use of the word Honourable that the speaker of the house uses to identify a speaker, fucking laughable as we can clearly see there is nothing honourable at all about the cunts.

  19. How about:

    “For the many not the few.” (Liebour)


    “I have secured a Brexit deal that delivers on the result of the referendum, delivering the Brexit people voted for, building a country that works for everyone, taking back control of our borders, laws and money, but protecting jobs, our security and our precious union…”

    Big Brother in a skirt. Orwell would be so proud.

    • As I put earlier RTC, traditional labour voters I know are not happy catweazle might fraternise with the hunchback. I’m just surprised it’s taken them so long to see what he his.
      The labour my Dad supported probably finished with Jim Callaghan, but where I live some people are still under the illusion, they’re something like that.
      Party of the working man bollocks

      • And I believe a High Court Action is now in progress, as the Act ( as passed into law ) for leaving on the 29th March, was overlooked, and has never been repealed. Government are now in danger of breaking their own laws, and hopefully being stopped in their tracks.

    • “For the many not the few”

      Corbyn’s slogan. Perhaps. But the Tony Blair Institute for Tony Blair also flies it from its mast:

      The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making globalisation work for the many, not the few. (header on TBIfGC website, since Tony dismantled his dodgy charity structure in 2017)

      Cunts, again and again.

      (Tony Blair is currently in Africa, passionate little European that he is,
      checking that his global ™ government-outsourcing business is still coining it ok. Monday, Senegal, yesterday, Ivory Coast)

        • Originally adapted from a line in ‘The Mask of Anarchy’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1819.

          “For The Many, Not The Few” was also the sub-title to Robert Reich’s 2016 book, ‘Saving Capitalism’

  20. I’m not clued up on legal matters about Brexit, I know to leave we had to give them notice and invoke article 50.
    If they stitch us up this time as looks likely, could we at some point in future, with a government serious about leaving. Invoke it again and then leave ?

    • I wonder in years to come if there will be compo for this. A bit like a claim line for disappointment !

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