Danny Rose

Surely someone has cunted Danny Rose?
He cant wait to see the back of football because of racism.

I know fuck all about the game except that it is infested with flash, arrogant, thick cunts like this fucker.

Upset by racism? Pack it in now then you over-indulged fucking wanker. Turn your back on however many £1000s a week you get for doing fuck all. Spare a thought for the black players of old who really had to put up with racism, and didn’t get paid such obscene amounts.

Get a proper job and see how you go on.

Utter, entitled cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

54 thoughts on “Danny Rose

  1. What Danny said was once he was shit and past it he would leave football behind because of the racism. He ain’t leaving the game now and turning his back on all the wonga, no no no.

    So basically all Danny has said is he will retire from football once he is too old or shit to make a living from it, Danny is going to get too old to play football to teach them racists a lesson.

    Danny plays for Spurs and has a lot of bottle.

  2. Some cunt just chose dropzone 3 when it was obvious he should have chosen 1

    • Fucking hell, what a cunt. Always dropzone 1 or 4. It’s logic you fucking idiots.

  3. According to the Internet Rose is earning £60,000 a week. That’s £3,120,000 a year. Over 3 million a year and he is whining. What an utter fucking cunt.

    He should try living on less than £60,000 a year, like most other people have to.

    Pay me a few mill a year and you can abuse me any which way you like. But then, hey, I’m not some entitled, talentless wanker.

        • As someone with Thailand on my bucket list RTC, could you be more specific on how much I will pay?

          • Now that depends on which kind of “service” you require. If you chance on an extremely foul looking woman with a face full of zits looking like she got battered by Mike Tyson it will cost you a few hundred baht. However, if you come across a gorgeous slim looking thing with tits and an arse like a 10 year old boy scout it is likely to be a Lady boy or a kathoey. Much cheaper and if you can ignore the meat and two veg 😉 BTW – DO NOT go looking for something “off the menu” – you are likely to get jailed and expelled from the country forever. As an ex Navy man – I didnt participate in kathoey but I knew a few who did 😉

          • Thanks Cunto, I’ll be staying on the menu but avoiding meat and veg. To the best of my ability.

          • Sadly I have no personal experience of Thailand YCD, but my next door neighbour has a friend who goes there once a year to “flush out his tubes”. I understand he gets good value for money, though the cost has not been mentioned… probably not much more than a decent holiday… something else I haven’t experienced since 1983…

            @ Cunto – think you’ve sold me on the ladyboys. Btw, what the fuck has Kate Hoey got to do with all this?

  4. All fellow cunters, enjoy these last few months as maybot and co are shutting down what the consider offensive sites and comments just to ensure the snowflakes the peacfuls the dark keys and of course the arse bandits can get about life in a normal way FFS enjoy what’s left of freedom of speaking as it over

    • We haven’t had true freedom of speech for a long time. If anybody takes “offence” at what you say you can be arrested.

      We also don’t have true democracy in this country. Anybody who thinks we do is deluding themselves.

      This country is utterly, utterly fucked, and there is rarely a day goes by that I am not ashamed to be British. And it is all the fault of our government. The current one. And the one before that. And the one before that etc etc etc. Absolute cunts, the lot of them.

      • Never be ashamed to be British, I ain’t British I’m pure white English man and I never ever feel ashamed. From Northumberland and family traced back to 1710 not a bit of peaceful or dark key in my blood

        • Fair point. Whenever I fly to Bongo-Bongo land on holiday and I have to fill in a landing card, where it asks for my nationality I ALWAYS write “ENGLISH”. Confuses the hell out of immigration officers!

        • Sorry Harry, the origins of all people living today go back to Africa over 200,000 years ago. This means that your great great great great great great(ad nauseam) grandad was probably a Kalahari bushman with a ring through his nose. There was a second migration of farmers from Turkey and Greece 9000 years ago so even Dick Fiddler’s ancestors arrived by boat on the Northumbrian coast looking rather sheepish.

      • You don’t even have to offend some cunt to be arrested. If some cunt thinks some other cunt MIGHT be offended, you can get arrested.
        Get fucked.

    • Surely we have the dark web, whatever that is. Never been there but apparently you can get anything.

    • The EU recently passed Article 13 regarding copyright and website liability. Similar stuff was being worked in the USA.

      It’s either to ‘protect the children’ who shouldn’t be on the internet anyway, or protect the profits of big multimedia corporations. Cunts the lot of them.

  5. They nicked England long ago. All it needs now is snowflakes hero Jeremy to turn us into Venuzuela and its job done. Can’t see a way back from this shite as lefties have all the school/yuni/ public ‘services etc.

    • Take a look TURNING POINT USA ….
      Formed back in 2012 it’s a non profit student organisation which is geared towards fighting leftie/ liberal indoctrination at College/ university
      Apparently it’s doing really well ,I particularly like their “ professor watch”
      Which list cunts who teach ( preach) anti American values and ideals! At present there 250 on the list, it’s brilliant as these brainwashing cunts now know they are being closely monitored and can’t peddle their completely unbalanced views on the young and impressionable…..
      TP also are trying to get more educational balance onto American campuses……..

  6. Jumping on the bandwagon now that its back in the headlines.

    “oh woe is me!”, moans Rose. I am so upset that I simply cannot play football anymore (well actually, not just yet because I’m earning a good wedge for being shit. But give it another 5 years when I’m fucked and then I’ll call it a day because of all the racism!)

    Another #metoo cunt that needs a good stabbing to make him see how the rest of us live, and not just having to put up with racism but also poverty, discrimination (white men usually on the end of it); and trying to make ends meet.

    So go fuck yourself, you two-faced cunt!

    • Pound $terling is on TV now bemoaning his woes of being singled out for his race. A full 5 minute article on a match in which a linesman was alleged to have caused offence to some Ni**rian born football player in a minor league involving Wythenshawe in Manchester. The club director pointed out he had never heard racist language on the pitch or off it by anyone. For those of you that dont know even the stabby cunts go around in pairs in Wythenshawe, its a shithole thats on a par with Londonistans worst bits. If you grew up on or around the mean streets of Wythenshawe and have never been racially or physically abused you are either deaf or deaf and agoraphobic. Rose and Pound $terling are having it large parading their grief and ire at every opportunity. Who really gives a fuck when the pair of them will have far more racist music on their expensive fucking headphones they seem to wear constantly?

  7. Fucking hell admin, you approve a fucking Tottenham nomination!!??
    They are the dogs of the animal world.
    The Green Bay of NFL world.
    The Strictly of the TV world.
    The post Peter Gabriel Genesis of music world.
    The Muslims of religion world.
    The cunts of the body world.
    This is the most damaging nomination and threatens the entire integrity of ISAC.

    Aubameyang is my Dad

  8. How can it ever be a, crime to “offend” Someone.. What you find “offensive” Depends on your social conditioning, your background, your beliefs.. Etc.. Etc..
    What “offends” You might not “offend” Me.. It’s utter utter nonsense.. It seems just about everyone is looking for any excuse to be “offended” And vent their outrage toward the offender..
    It seems everyday there’s some bullshit story in the MSM that makes my pissboil in disbelief.. Feckless cunts looking for any reason to get their knickers in a twist over summat and fuck all..

  9. I’m very proud to be British born’bred. Even more so now, with all the bitter & spurious rants being spat out daily like a broken record. Unentitled pricks that they are, all with big chips on their shoulders.

  10. If offending someone becomes a hate crime, then Comrade Davros Corbyn, Sir Senile Cable, the Maybot, Krankie Sturgeon, Suckdick Khant to name but a few have offended me.

  11. I haven’t been to a live match for years, is it still ok to question the ref about his parents, are players still abused regarding their football skills compared to masturbation and in the case of Becks if his wife ‘takes it up the arsenal ‘

    All good fun….

    Now Rose will a snivelling little turd.

  12. Why do black people insist on having tattoos? It just looks like a nasty and disfiguring skin disease. However, in the interests of racial equality I don’t suppose the tattooist can say “are you sure you want to look like a fucking leper mate?”

    • You mean like Raheem Sterling’s gun tattoo in memory of his dads death by gunshot?

      Wonder what if his dad had died of AIDS?

      • Exactly. Another lying cunt. He is a young black man, and young black men seem to think guns are cool.

        Would he have had a picture of a bottle of arsenic tattood on his leg if his mum had poisoned his dad? Of course not, the lying cunt.

        Doesn’t help that he was by far the shittest player to have played in the last world cup. Completely forgot what the goal looks like. Useless cunt too.

    • And if you ever see one flashing at a cash point, don’t worry. He’s just reading his pin number tattooed on his balls.

    • Er why does anyone insist on tats? I think they’re awful on anyone, white, black etc. Don’t see yer point.

  13. Apart from being mistaken for a Green Bay fan I honestly can’t think of anything anyone said to me that would cause me offence. It’s fucking ridiculous. You can’t even hold a door open for a pretty lady or youll be accused of rape. I like pretty ladies and in another life i might have shagged one.

  14. Can’t stand football, too tribal and adored by yobs.

    I don’t see why anyone should put up with abuse, at any price.

    If I ruled the world I’d have people paid to shout ‘common as muck’ at any footballer touching a ball.

    BTW I have no idea why footballers get paid more than big company ceos. Is it ok to shout abuse at say, er, head of EDF because s/he gets paid a lot of money?

  15. Danny Rose is a steaming sack of shit… The clueless entitled little turd doesn’t know he is fucking born… I recall the racist dogs abuse Paul Cannoville got from his own fans at Chelsea… I also remember the ‘Chicken George is back’ chants aimed at Luther Blissett… Paul Parker had it right when he got the ‘Trigger Trigger Trigger’ song aimed at him… H e turned to the crowd and did a gun to his head gesture with his hand…. But they were men and proper players… Not softarsed fannies like Rose and Sterling… Cunts and mardarses…

  16. Black or white matters not a jot.
    This cunt is Spurs, that marks him as a cunt.
    End of.

  17. He needs to fuck off back to the plantation. The cotton is not going to pick itself.

  18. This problem always seems to occur when a nation with a colonial past (England, France, Belgium etc) travels to eastern and southern Europe.
    Plenty of hand-wringing on the beeb about it all – ‘we need to educate people’ – but why are we being told? We’ve seen campaign after campaign, such as Kick It Out. Tell it to the Montenegrins, Slovakians, Poles and Serbs.

    As for Rose, his complaint sounds very hollow – ‘i really hate racism but for 60 grand a week i’ll stick with it’.

  19. Having stomped the ground down there myself as a wasp I got used to some of the local shit “Ne pravi se Englez” This means don’t pretend your english, used to describe aloofness, also got a load of shit for not being a catholic.
    Now if I had have been there I would have just wound them up further by saying “Tko jebe, banda mujmun ti pobjede” which means who gives a fuck, a bunch of monkeys beat you. (which really would have pissed them off with their racial superiority complex) and not gone home and sulked/behaved like a spoilt cunt.

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